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This year has been called by some fans 'a Keira drought' due to the lack of personal appearances for the promotions of Never Let Me Go at Toronto and London Boulevard in the UK, but this is clearly not the case as you will read below. Although she only recorded one full-length movie, A Dangerous Method, she was frequently on the public stage at both London and Rome Film Festivals, the Paris Fashion Show, plus Chanel, Elle and Vogue photo and video shoots. More smaller projects were recorded, including Maze and Steve, and more charity contributions than ever received Keira's participation this year: Amnesty's childbirth campaign, The People Speak, MySafePlace, Healed With A Kiss, The Starlight Foundation, and she became a patron of the spinal muscular atrophy charity The SMA Trust. She continued to receive nominations for her performances (The Misanthrope and Never Let Me Go) and continues to be one of the most in-demand and A-List consideration actresses of our time. One of the world's most respected directors David Cronenberg said of her this year: "Keira is a brilliant actress. She blew everyone away. Im telling you, shes as good as anyone Ive worked with, including Miranda Richardson and Lynn Redgrave..." The whirlwind years of 2003-2008 are behind her and she is now finding a balance of choosing projects that fascinate her and challenge her as an actress. While that may not result in a Hollywood blockbuster (and consequently may not be seen by all her fans, although there's always the DVD), it shows that she continues to be driven to prove herself as an actress and continue to learn and better herself.


- The short film The Suicide Brothers screens at the London Short Film Festival on the 9th.
- Keira attends the opening night of Rupert Friend's play The Little Dog Laughed in London.
- The first public evidence of a one-to-one fan meeting appears, as Keira visits a cerebral palsy sufferer as an ambassador of The Starlight Foundation.
- On the 28th, the release of Last Night is put in doubt as Disney announce they will close Miramax Pictures, leaving the movie and five others in limbo.


- A fan was arrested for harrassment after a complaint by Keira when arriving and leaving The Comedy Theatre in London for her Misanthrope performances over several days.
- Keira gets a Best Supporting Actress nomination for her role in The Misanthrope at the Laurence Olivier Awards. It also gets a Best Production Revival and Best Costume nomination.
- Keira lends her lips to a glass plaque for charity auction on behalf of Healed With A Kiss, and lends her voice to a phone app Valentine's Day recording of a love poem. She is also third in a poll to find the perfect celebrity date.


- Keira attends the Olivier Awards Nominees' Luncheon in London.
- She is cover girl for the March issue of Elle US.
- Among celebrities including Annie Lennox, Jonathan Pryce and Beverley Knight, Keira is part of a film made by Amnesty International to highlight the number of women still dying in childbirth in the Third World.
- Movie rumours continue unabated, with Tender Is The Night, The Emperor's Children and Captain America the latest three.


- Keira has recorded a short film for her artist friend Stuart Pearson Wright called Maze. It will form part of an installation at his forthcoming art exhibition at London's Riflemaker Gallery. It features the two of them in Elizabethan costumes trying to find each other through a hedge maze, with each person being shown separately on two screens at opposite ends of the gallery.
- The Sunday Times' Under-30s Rich List places Keira at joint seventh place alongside Kiera Chaplin and Princes William and Harry!


- Max Factor cosmetics buyers vote Keira sixth in a poll to find the world's most glamorous woman.
- Keira starts filming A Dangerous Method (formerly titled The Talking Cure) in Germany. Directed by David Cronenberg, it becomes her only movie recording project of the year.


- Stories and rumours continue to circulate about the fate of Last Night, while Oscar buzz starts early for Never Let Me Go.
- On the 27th, German filming of A Dangerous Method wraps, and the production moves on to Austria.


- In an interview, Keira's Last Night co-star Eva Mendes says the film will screen at the Rome Film Festival in October, the first definite proof that a distribution deal might yet result in a release. The Miramax sale had only recently been completed, but no news emerged on the fate of the unreleased movies.
- On the 23rd, A Dangerous Method wraps filming on Lake Constance.
- Promotional material for Never Let Me Go appears online, including the official site, suggesting a festival screening may be in the pipeline. This is confirmed on the 27th when it is announced it will be the Gala Screening presentation at Toronto.
- Last Night co-star Sam Worthington says in an interview that Last Night will also screen at the Toronto Film Festival.
- A press release on the 31st reveals another charity contribution by Keira, namely a photoshoot by Nick Haddow for the Emma Thompson-inspired project MySafePlace, which aims to highlight survivors of human rights violations.


- Never Let Me Go will get its European premiere at the London Film Festival in October, it is announced on the 5th, with it being chosen as the Gala Screening.
- On the 26th, the Rome Film Festival confirm that Last Night will not just screen at the festival, but will be the opening night movie.
- Keira's agent tells KeiraWeb that she will not be promoting either of her two screening movies at Toronto, but will be at the London screening.


- In the first week of the month Keira was in Paris, France, filming a new commercial for Chanel, being the face of their fragrance Coco Mademoiselle. Directed once again by Joe Wright, it features Keira in a very different set up from the first ad - in a catsuit on a Ducatti motorbike!
- A new project for Rupert Friend's production company is announced. Called 'Steve', it stars Keira, Tom Mison and Colin Firth in a 16-minute film about a visit from a neighbour who lives downstairs. It has secured a release at the London Film Festival.
- Many print and video interviews for Never Let Me Go appear online as part of its Toronto Film Festival screening.
- Keira appears on the West End stage as part of Colin Firth's project about speeches from history called The People Speak, a British version of the project recorded in the US last year for The History Channel. Juliet Stevenson, Rachel Weisz, Sir Ben Kingsley, Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart are among the other readers.
- Never Let Me Go's North American release opens strongly, taking over $165,000 on just four screens in five days.
- Keira comes in at No.38 on The Guardian newspaper's Power List of Film, the third highest actress on the list after Angelina Jolie and Kate Winslet. Keira is also No.3 on Glamour magazine's Best Dressed Woman survey.


- Keira makes up for her red carpet absence by conducting a string of video interviews promoting Never Let Me Go, including chats with CBS' Early Show, ET Canada, Fox News, Parade Magazine and many more.
- The 'Keira cut' is the talk of the fashion world on the 5th, as Keira appears at the Paris Fashion Show sporting a new cropped bob.
- On the 13th, Keira makes her first red carpet movie premiere appearance of the year, as Never Let Me Go opens the London Film Festival. At an afternoon press conference, Keira wore a Rodarte outfit, changing to Chanel for the premiere.
- The Daily Mail reignites the three-year-old rumours about Keira about to play Princess Diana in a biopic for Pathe. The film company later dismisses the rumours as 'pure gossip'.
- Evidence appears that the F Scott Fitzgerald biopic The Beautiful & Damned is no longer happening. Following a financial restructuring of the production company The Film Department earlier in the year, it was looking doubtful the movie would ever get made.
- On the 22nd it was announced that Keira will be returning to the London stage in a rare West End revival of Lillian Hellman's play The Children's Hour. Keira will play Karen Wright who, along with her partner (to be played by Elisabeth Moss), run a girls school and are accused of lesbianism. The play will open in January and if successful may transfer to Broadway at the end of 2011.
- Keira attends the Rome Film Festival to promote Last Night, which opened the festival. The red carpet arrivals were marred, however, by striking Italian movie workers, demostrating against funding cuts to the industry.


- Keira is nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the BIFAs (British Independent Film Awards) for her role as Ruth in Never let Me Go. Carey Mulligan gets a Best Actress nomination and Andrew Garfield Best Supporting Actor.
- Slow promotion trickles out for London Boulevard, due out in the UK on the 24th. Colin Farrell takes on most of the TV interviews, with Ray Winstone doing a few. There is no premiere for the movie, and a TV spot spells Keira's name wrong. The movie does debut at No.3, however, taking £577,000 acorss 345 screens in its first weekend.
- Keira is second in an online movie fan survey to find Britain's Sexiest Actress Under 30.
- Keira conducts a photoshoot in Cornwall for an early 2011 issue of Vogue.
- Another casting rumour emerges at the end of the month - Anna Karenina. The only substance to this is that Joe Wright is rumoured to be helming it (although the same was erroneously said about My Fair Lady when Keira was still supposedly attached).
- It is announced that Keira has become a patron of the SMA Trust, a charity raising funds and awareness for spinal muscular atrophy.


- Never Let Me Go's European release slips to mid-February while the North American DVD gets a February 1st release.
- Keira does not attend the BIFAs in London, although she lost out in her category. Carey Mulligan won Best Actress.
- Along with her Children's Hour co-star Elisabeth Moss, Keira visits Brentwood School in Essex for research as rehearsals officially get under way on the 6th.
- In an interview published mid-month for Vogue UK's January issue, Keira gives her most frank interview to date, stating that she actually considered retiring from acting during the hectic years in which she shot to fame, from Pirates to Atonement.

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