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Keira's 2009 started with three films in the pipeline, and yet none of them came to fruition. King Lear was cancelled, The Beautiful & The Damned was delayed and My Fair Lady was confirmed then not confirmed more times than we care to remember. In addition, she recorded a charity TV commercial which was never seen by its intended audience. However, two highly-anticipated movies were recorded throughout the year - London Boulevard and Never Let Me Go, the discovery a new short film shot in 2008, and a brand new change in direction for Keira's career, and her fans - theatre.


- The Duchess makes nine of the longlists for the BAFTAs, including Best Actress for Keira.
- The 22nd sees the announcement that Keira will star with Colin Farrell in an adaptation of Ken Bruen's novel London Boulevard, about a reclusive actress and an ex-con who becomes her housekeeper and guardian.
- As one of its celebrity faces, Keira attended Chanel's Haute Couture fashion show in Paris on the 27th.


- Keira continues her relationship with Comic Relief by donning red noses and Eric Morecambe-style spectacles for a photoshoot to promote the charity's new range of T-Shirts, designed by Stella McCartney and sold through T K Maxx. The campaign goes on to make more than £2m for the charity.
- Michael O'Connor wins the Best Costume Design BAFTA for The Duchess on the 8th, and pays tribute to Keira. Michael tops this with an Academy Award on the 23rd, calling Keira "one classy lady".
- Keira attends the Berlin Film Festival with boyfriend Rupert Friend, where he is promoting his movie Cheri.
- Via her agent, KeiraWeb announces that King Lear has been cancelled.


- On the 2nd, Keira is announced among the cast to star in another novel adaptation, the award-winning Never Let Me Go, by Kazuo Ishiguro. She will reunite with her Pride & Prejudice co-star (and personal friend) Carey Mulligan.
- Keira attends the after-premiere party for Rupert's new film The Young Victoria in London on the 3rd.
- Litle-known magazine Lula makes big news in Keira fandom with its publication of a number of photographs from a short film called The Continuing and Lamentable Saga of The Suicide Brothers. It is written by and stars Rupert Friend and Tom Mison, with Keira playing a fairy. Costume design is by Michael O'Connor. It was filmed in early 2008 in London.
- Promotions of The Edge Of Love appear in the US, although it is only set for a release there on a very few screens.


- The charity Womens Aid announce a new awareness campaign for domestic violence against women, featuring a 5-minute commercial called Cut, starring Keira and directed by Joe Wright. The film is intended to be seen on post-watershed TV in the UK and before 15-rated movies in cinemas, but the UK censors refuse to show it unless scenes of brutality are edited out. The charity rightly refuses, and the commercial remains unseen except online, and its message therefore unheard.
- Keira begins filming Never Let Me Go in the second week of April, in London and Norfolk. Carey Mulligan is revealed to be the star turn as Kathy, with Keira as her friend Ruth. Filming moves on to Weston-super-Mare and Clevedon in Somerset at the end of the month, with TV crews in attendance to catch the filming.


- Never Let Me Go completes filming.
- Keira is among the contributors to a charity auction of celebrity items by Bonhams, to be held in Los Angeles on the 28th.
- Keira's mother Sharman Macdonald wins Film-maker of the Year for The Edge Of Love at the Glamour magazine awards.


- A tantalising behind-the-scenes video of The Suicide Brothers appears online on the 8th.
- London Boulevard starts principal photography on the 9th in London. Anna Friel and her husband David Thewliss are in the cast, as is Keira's King Arthur co-star Ray Winstone.
- Mid-month, new Chanel magazine ads for Coco Mademoiselle appear in Japan and elsewhere, featuring Keira in an open blouse and braces.


- Keira continues to feature in polls and surveys, including No.36 of FHM's Sexiest Women poll, No.4 on Movie Fanatic's Top 50 Hottest Young Actresses, No.24 on Premiere magazine's Most Beautiful Hollywood Women and No.5 on's poll to find the Top 10 Celebrity Fantasy Cheerleaders!
- Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is greenlit, although Keira, Orlando and Gore Verbinski have all ruled themsleves out of continuing high seas adventures.
- The Suicide Brothers has been accepted for the London Film Festival where it will screen throughout the October event.


- KeiraWeb receives good news from The Film Department that its project The Beautiful & The Damned is still active and should start filming towards the end of the year. Keira is still attached to star as Zelda Sayre, wife of US novelist F Scott Fitzgerald.
- London Boulevard completes filming on the 16th. Its London setting ensures many paparazzi photographs of the cast in action are seen in the press, ironic given the film's storyline. One scene features Keira's character being hounded by the paps, behind which could be seen a number of real paps taking photographs of it!
- An article by My Fair Lady producer Sir Cameron Mackintosh on the 26th excites Keira fans in its revelation that the shortlist for the role of Eliza Doolittle features one British and one American actress. Subsequent reports appear to name them as Keira and Scarlett Johansson.


- The Daily Mail keeps the My Fair Lady rumours going with 'insider' news that Sony film-makers regarded Keira's audition as by far the best for Eliza, but that filming would not start until late 2010.
- New images from Last Night appear, ahead of a supposed March release.


- A new direction for Keira is revealed on the 9th when it is announced that Keira will appear in a theatre production in London's West End. She will co-star alongside Damian Lewis in the title role of The Misanthrope, a retelling of Moliere's comedy of manners from 1666. Keira will play a flirtatious American film star, Jennifer, who seduces the leading man, Alceste. Within four days of the announcement, the production takes £1m ($1.6m) in ticket sales, despite no official promotion whatsoever.
- Danny Boyle becomes the latest in an increasing line of directors who either deny involvement or turn down the chance to direct My Fair Lady.
- The Suicide Brothers wins Best Comedy Short at the New Hampshire Film Festival.
- Keira's name continues to be linked with projects - none of which will probably happen - including Dusty (a biopic of Dusty Springfield), explorer Piri Reis and a martial arts heroine in Kung-Fu Xia.
- Keira accompanies Rupert to Tbilisi in Georgia where he is to film a movie about the Russian conflict with the former Soviet Republic.


- With its premiere still over a month away, The Misanthrope gets huge press attention, helped by a set of promotional photographs, and includes becoming one The Times' Ten Hot Tickets, and providing a slew of Hollywood-to-stage actress articles. Towards the end of the month interviews with director Thea Sharrock, the play's star Damian Lewis and other cast members appear. Rehearsals begin ahead of its previews on December 5th.
- The Suicide Brothers is accepted for January's London Short Film Festival, as well as this month's Foyle Film Festival in Derry.


- John Madden is the latest to emerge as director of My Fair Lady, with Keira's role STILL not confirmed.
- London's National Portrait Gallery has Michael Thompson's portrait of Keira as its Photograph of the Month for December.
- Previews of The Misanthrope begin on the 5th, with largely positive reviews and surprises from audience members who were unsure how Keira would fare. Widespread publication of pap snaps of Keira signing autographs at the Stage Door ensure the public are reminded of Keira's continued pulling power to any project. Professional criticism following Press Night on the 17th saw positive reviews from the vast majority of critics.
- On the 23rd it was reported that Keira is to play Sabina Spielrein in a movie version of Christopher Hampton's 2002 play about psychoanalysts Jung and Freud entitled The Talking Cure.
- Keira is voted No.7 in a poll to find the Beauty Icon Of The Decade.









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