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- Following a dreadful start to the year with a legal case over anorexia allegations, Keira's 2007 ended on a positive note, with an award win and two more nominations for her role in Atonement. Filming only two movies this year - The Edge of Love and The Duchess - Keira kept to her word and had a well-earned break, visiting Austria and touring Asia. There was no let-up in the media interest surrounding Keira, but many stories were unfounded. Print media continues to love Keira, appearing on possibly more magazine covers than in any other year. With Atonement widely confirming Keira as a serious, adult actress, and with two more adult-themed movies set for release in 2008 (and with the Disney years hopefully behind her), Keira is now becoming recognised worldwide as a mature, hugely-talented, great British actress.


- Keira started the year with a working holiday in Hawaii, where she did some reshoots on the final Pirates of the Caribbean movie. 
- The photos of Keira and Rupert, happy and relaxed in the sea, belied what was to come when those photos reached the world's press. This article in The Daily Mail in particular, (originally using one of the above bikini shots, thought the article no longer appears online at the newspaper's web site), was to launch Keira's first litigation of her professional career. After consulting with her lawyers, she launched a legal campaign against the implications of the article on January 22nd. Her lawyer said: "Ms Knightley will argue that the Mail's article suggests that she has dishonestly sought to mislead the public about whether she has anorexia or similar eating disorder and will show that she does not have anorexia; and further will challenge the suggestion that she is responsible and to blame for the tragic death of the teenage girl by setting a bad example." Over 100 messages of support were received by KeiraWeb and were passed on to Keira's legal team.
- Keira and Johnny Depp won Best On-Screen Match-Up (for Pirates DMC) at the People's Choice Awards.
- Pictures, artwork and clips continue to surface for the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie, At World's End.


- Rumours abound of not one but three Dylan Thomas movies to be made in 2007, include The Best Time Of Our Lives, starring Keira and Lindsay Lohan, and scripted by Keira's mother.
- Keira and Rupert take a break outside of paparazzos' influence when they visit Bhutan and Thailand.
- The Pirates franchise wins its first Academy Award as DMC wins Best Visual Effects.
- A previously unknown Keira production came to light at the end of February. She recorded a radio version of Richard Hughes' novel A High Wind In Jamaica for BBC Radio, in which her character and her family are kidnapped by pirates. It was broadcast in 2000.


- Keira and James McAvoy record an extra scene for Atonement on a beach near Dover, Kent.
- Matthew Rhys and Cillian Murphy are confirmed for The Best Time Of Our Lives, but many fans are still anxious that Lindsay Lohan is to play the other lead female. Much is made in the gossip press of Matthew's 'three in a bed romp' comments in an interview, but later admits he was only joking !
- Keira records the first TV commercial for Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle fragrance, in Paris.
- A rumour (later proved to be incorrect) states that Keira is to star in '1.30 Train' for director Joel Schumacher.
- Keira kickstarts the craze for environmental handbags when she's snapped out with her 'I'm Not A Plastic Bag' bag.
- UK fans are left disappointed when it is revealed there is to be no London premiere for Pirates AWE, only LA, Paris and Tokyo.
- Keira and Rupert holiday in Austria, where Keira learns to ski.


- A louis Vuitton bag, signed by Keira and auctioned for Comic Relief, reaches £1,500 ($3,000) on eBay. Other items signed included a T-shirt and a bottle of champagne.
- Keira fans breathe a collective sigh of relief on the 18th when it is announced that Linsday Lohan has pulled out of The Best Time Of Our Lives, albeit just a week before filming starts. On the 23rd, Keira's friend Sienna Miller is confirmed as the last minute replacement.
- Keira is one of many celebs who lip-synched to The Bee Gee's 'Stayin Alive' in an American Idol charity special. Bend It Like Beckham co-star Parminder Nagra also appeared.
- Keira is No.12 in FHM magazine's annual Sexiest Women poll.


- The world's press are full of the story that Keira is to quit acting, a complete misquote from an interview published in the new issue of Elle magazine.
- Filming of the Dylan Thomas movie The Best Time Of Our Lives begins in West Wales on the 7th. It now carries a new title - The Edge Of Love.
- A charity gala performance of Swan Lake is held in London, attended by Keira and her Pride & Prejudice co-stars Ros Pike and Tom Hollander among others.
- Pirates AWE cast promotions was pretty low-key compared to the previous movies, with Keira being interviewed on Blue Peter, GMTV, Radio 1 and hosting her second GCap radio network DJ hour. She did not attend the LA premiere.
- On the 24th, Keira won her legal battle with the Daily Mail over the anorexia implications in the January article. The paper was fined £3,000 ($6,000), which Keira matched and donated the full £6,000 to the eating disorder charity b-eat.


- Keira is cover girl on the June issue of US Vogue, featuring a photoshoot taken in the Masai Mara region of Kenya. Keira kept a diary which was later published on
- Atonement is announced as the launch film for this year's Venice Film Festival, starting August 29th.
- Keira debuts on Forbes magazine's Power List 100, appearing at No.71.
- Pirates AWE opens strongly around the world, even breaking records in China where sensitive scenes were cut before release.
- Keira attended the O2 Wireless music festival in Hyde Park, London and hung out backstage with The White Stripes.
- Superb reviews start to appear from journalists after various rough-cut screenings of Atonement.


- Pirates AWE becomes only the ninth movie ever to pass $900m at the global box office, with the film yet to open in many countries. In the first half of the month it rises to become the fifth biggest movie of all time.
- In an interview with The Scotsman, Keira's mum Sharman Macdonald reveals that Keira made her theatre debut at the age of 14 in a production of her own play After Juliet, which itself was inspired by a comment from Keira.
- On the 27th it is announced that Keira will play lead role in a movie called The Duchess. She will play the Duchess of Devonshire, Lady Georgiana Spencer, and is based on the award-winning book by Amanda Foreman.


- Anticipation of Atonement builds quickly as many more interviews, reviews and multi-page features start to appear in the British press ahead of its September UK release.
- The trailer for Silk appears online and the official site goes live.
- Keira is No.10 in Premiere magazine's '100 Women' feature.
- Keira wins Choice Movie Actress for Pirates DMC at the Teen Choice Awards.
- On the 29th, Keira and the rest of the Atonement cast attend the opening of the Venice Film Festival.


- Promotions of the Chanel 'film' begin with many advertisements in the press and light projection displays at locations around the world.
- The Atonement cast attend the UK premiere of Atonement in London's Leicester Square.
- Keira's highest profile UK interview to date is broadcast, on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross.
- Keira is cover girl on the October issue of Vogue UK.
- Atonement debuts at No.2 in the UK box office, with £1.6m.
- Keira attends the festival premiere of Atonement at the Toronto Film Festival on the 11th. Next day, she attends a screening of Silk at the same venue.
- Silk opened in the US on very few screens and to largely poor reviews.
- Filming started on The Duchess on the 17th.


- Silk opens in limited release in Italy and Japan, two of the countries heavily involved in the movie's production.
- Keira makes Moviefone's 'Top 25 Under 25' list, compiled by industry experts and Hollywood celebrities including Michael Douglas.
- The first paparazzi video from the set of one of Keira's films appears online, as Keira turns the air blue after fluffing her lines on the set of The Duchess.
- Keira is cover girl on the new issue of Elle US.


- Silk opened in the UK to little fanfare, virtually no promotion and no premiere. Showing on just 24 screens, it scraped in at No.31 in its debut week.
- Keira wins Best Film Actress at the Variety Club of Great Britain Showbiz Awards in London.
- Keira has recorded voices for a character in the new Robbie The Reindeer adventure called Close Encounters of The Herd Kind. To be broadcast on Christmas Day in the UK, Keira's character is Em, bridesmaid at Robbie's wedding.


- Keira receives her first Best Actress nomination by US critics for Atonement, from the Satellite Awards, organised by the International Press Academy.
- Keira is in the US to promote Atonement, revisiting Regis & Kelly, Ellen DeGeneres and Good Morning America.
- A charity screening of Atonement is held in New York City on the 3rd, attended by Keira, James and director Joe Wright.
- Keira has the cover in both Elle UK's January issue and Interview magazine, whose cover pic causes quite a stir in the world's press.
- The cast of Atonement attend the US premiere in Beverly Hills, LA.
- Keira is No.9 in Empire magazine's annual '100 Sexiest Movie Star' poll.
- Atonement takes nearly $26,000 per screen in its first weekend. It went on to climb to No.9 in the US box office, despite showing on only 32 screens nationwide.
- On the 13th, Keira receives her second Golden Globe nomination, for her role as Cecilia Tallis in Atonement. She says: "I'm absolutely thrilled, and it's so wonderful that the film has been nominated in so many categories. I adored making it, and am delighted for Joe, James, Saoirse and everyone involved." The movie receives seven nominations, more than any other film.
- Keira is voted Women's Beauty Icon of 2007 in a poll by female cosmetics retailers Superdrug.
- The press reports that Keira is to leave her central London apartment for a house in the country, away from prying camera shutters.


Hawaii, January

A scene from The Edge Of Love

Atonement screening, Venice Film Festival

On the set of The Duchess

Atonement premiere, London

Variety Club of Great Britain Showbiz Awards, London

Atonement premiere, Los Angeles

Interview Magazine cover, December

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