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March 18th

Keira has been confirmed in the lead role of Anna Karenina, for Working Title. The movie will shoot this Autumn and will be produced by Tim Bevan from a script by Tom Stoppard. Joe Wright will direct the film, his fifth collaboration with Keira (including Chanel commercials). Jude Law is in talks to join the cast.
Article - Storyline (spoilers) - Read the book

March 14th
Keira's new Chanel film for Coco Mademoiselle, 3m 20s in length, will premiere on Chanel's Youtube and Facebook page on March 21st. A new short teaser can be seen here. Another teaser will appear on Thursday 17th.
Thanks Chanel

- Last Night has been announced as part of the line-up for the Tribeca Film Festival, which runs from April 20th to May 1st in Lower Manhattan, New York. It's due for a limited North American cinema release shortly afterwards.
- BoxOfficeMojo has a guide to the film's takings around the world.

March 11th
Keira gives Coco Mademoiselle the hard sell in a couple more videos from Chanel.

March 10th

Keira will provide the voice for Tinker Bell the fairy in a Syfy Channel production of NeverLand, a prequel to Peter Pan, directed by Nick Willing. Sky Movies will broadcast the 4-hour film as a two-parter later this year. Press Release - Article.

Marie Claire has a teaser for the new Chanel ad at this page, with a commentary by Keira. Describing it as a mini-film, the footage here certainly doesn't give much away! Downloadable: 3Mb (not my upload).

Keira will be featured in Celebrity Naked Ambition on Channel 4 this Saturday, basically a countdown of actress nudity clips. There's no shortage of clips they can use, from her 15-year-old scenes in The Hole* through to Never Let Me Go.
* Filmed in September 2000, Keira wasn't 16 until March 2001.

March 8th
This site has bigger versions of the new Chanel promo pics, plus original artwork sketches.

Keira's A Dangerous Method co-star Michael Fassbender has good things to say about his co-star in this interview.

March 3rd
Some more images from Keira's new Chanel shoot have appeared here.

The Edge Of Love gets its UK terrestrial premiere on Saturday March 12th at 9pm on BBC2, presumably as part of their ongoing Books season. The film was co-produced by BBC Films.

March 1st
The new Chanel commercial will premiere on French TV channels TF1 and Canal+ on March 23rd, according to a French article today. Uncle Google has this as a translation:
Chanel will unveil its new advertising campaign for Coco Mademoiselle March 23 next on TV channels TF1 and Canal +, today announced the French luxury brand. Range for more than three minutes by British actress Keira Knightley, advertising will offer "a fantastic ride into Paris, as impertinent and audacious." This new campaign staged by British director Joe Wright ( PRIDE and Prejudice ) will accompany the release of the edition ephemeral Coco Mademoiselle in a bottle of perfume and 200ml of its rechargeable 50ml spray on 1 April . Light and fresh, the fragrance will scent of orange and pink raised by the smell of bergamot, jasmine, patchouli, vanilla bourbon, white musk and vetiver Haiti. Chanel this year celebrate ten years of its Coco Mademoiselle perfume was launched in 2001 with Kate Moss for muse. The ephemeral edition will be sold at a price of 166 euros and its recharge will be available at 78 euros.

On the subject of Joe Wright, a new interview reignites the possibility that Keira may sign on for his next project Anna Karenina.

February 28th
Never Let Me Go is at No.12 in the UK box office, taking another £336,000 ($547,000) for a total of £1.5m ($2.4m) in two weeks.

Keira has been nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress in Never Let Me Go.

Keira's Comic Relief sketch will premiere on the charity BBC telethon on March 18th, followed by download availability on iTunes shortly after. She co-stars with Paul McCartney, David Beckham and more in a discussion about who should go to Africa to report on how the charity's money is spent. In reality, Keira went to Ethiopia for Comic Relief in 2005. Pics 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

February 19th
In its first weekend in UK release, Never Let Me Go took £625,000 across 265 screens, making its debut in the chart at No.9 in a week when The King's Speech, Tangled and True Grit were also new entries or still strong pullers.

The first pics from Keira's new Chanel promotion have again premiered in a French magazine. The ad is due to hit our screens in April.

The Arts Show interview with The Children's Hour director Ian Rickson and actress Carol Kane is now online (65mins in).

February 17th
A Dangerous Method rumour says it's still in post-production so won't be ready for the Berlin Film Festival, but possibly Cannes (a similar report here). However, another article says distribution deals have been done for the film at Berlin. This site has got an October 5th release date from somewhere.

The New York Post has an article on the possible Broadway transfer of The Children's Hour, while the Evening Standard has an interview with Keira's co-star Tobias Menzies.

February 14th
- Tonight's performance of The Children's Hour has been cancelled due to "emergency building repairs". That'll be Keira 'bringing the house down', I bet :)
- The good news is the production has been extended by a week to May 7th. Great, perhaps, if you're coming over for the Royal Wedding on April 29th and are planning to stay a few days.
- Reviews in so far are on the Reviews & Praise page.
- Baz at The Mail speculates on the likelihood of the play transferring to Broadway and says that it took £1.8m at the London box office, although he doesn't say over what timeframe that is.

The same article comments on the scramble for film festivals to premiere A Dangerous Method. This film is brewing to be as huge as Pride & Prejudice and Atonement for Keira. Let's hope the distribution deals do it justice.

February 11th
The Telegraph has a Keira video interview re NLMG, and tonight's Film Programme interview with Keira on BBC Radio 4 is online now (10min in). The Mirror has a text interview here, while the two actresses who play Keira and Carey's younger selves talk about working with the former here and here.

February 10th
- Last night was the Press Night for The Children's Hour, attended by Gurinder Chadha and Danny DeVito among others (see pics from the after-party).
- Reviews for Keira have been very good indeed, many stating that her debut in The Misanthrope was not just a fluke. Here's a selection: BBC - Telegraph - Guardian - The Stage - Evening Standard - Independent - Movietone - FT
- Tickets for the play have apparently been selling for £1000 ($1600), more than 10 times face value. See how much this pair went for on eBay ! Official tickets are still available at normal prices by clicking the photo on the left.

Many reviews for Never Let Me Go will be coming in ahead of its UK release on Friday. You can keep up to date with those here, and I'll be updating the Reviews & Praise page when they're all in. I did capture last night's BBC Film2011 feature and review which had interviews with cast and crew.

Keira's agent has confirmed she will not be starring in Cosmopolis with Robert Pattinson.

February 9th
As with The Misanthrope, the Daily Mail's Quentin Letts' review of The Children's Hour concentrates on "Hollywood star" Keira (and hardly anything else) and again is less than sparkling, knowing the first press review from tonight's Press Night is the one that gets picked up by the newswires. If the Daily Fail was a play, it would be cheesy, badly produced and entirely predictable.

Here's more promotions for Never Let Me Go: 9 video clips - Keira text interview- Keira video interview - BBC London report on filming at Ham House (used as Hailsham).

February 8th
There's some new Children's Hour pics here and here. And there's an interview with Elisabeth Moss here.

Never Let Me Go director Mark Romanek talks about Keira & co. here.

Keira's doorstep sign-card scene with Andrew Lincoln in Love Actually has been voted second most romantic moment of all-time in a new poll.

February 7th
Never Let Me Go scooped a huge media coup at the Evening Standard Awards tonight when Andrew Garfield beat the odds-on favourite Colin Firth to the Best Actor Award !! And BBC Radio 3's Night Waves programme gave the film a great review. Listen here soon (15m in).

There's a retrospective of Keira's movie hairstyles in this FemaleFirst article.

And here's an interview from the UK's Channel Five in which she talks about Never Let Me Go... and hairstyles. Women!

February 6th
Here is my upload of the short interview with Keira from Film4 tonight.

February 5th
It's going to be reminiscent of Keira's 'manic period' this week with two projects hitting the media machine, although most of Keira's promotions have already been pre-recorded. The Children's Hour gets its press night on Wednesday 9th (here's an interview from today's Telegraph), then Never Let Me Go gets a (hopefully wide) UK cinema release on Friday 11th. Keep up to date in this column and the Diary on the right.

February 3rd
Tom Ford's company has denied Keira is to be their new face - it seems Tom's quotes in the Elle interview were misinterpreted. I thought it was strange there was no media fanfare, or a press release at least.

There's a printed Never Let Me Go interview with Keira at Instyle, and AP have a video interview too.

February 2nd
Last Night has secured a Norh American distribution deal and will be released there in the Spring. Article.

Keira has apparently signed a six-year deal to be the 'face' of Tom Ford's womenswear range. Article.

February 1st
The first on-stage pics from The Children's Hour have appeared here or here.

Keira's Elle UK photoshoot video is now online.

January 30th
Today's Observer has a Never Let Me Go promo interview with Keira, conducted at the London Film Festival in October, including crucial information about her favourite biscuit. I can sleep now.

January 29th
The scans of the interview in Elle UK March have been posted here. Interesting she says she learns history while researching for a role, and she's currently reading about The Depression (presumably 1930s). Hmm... A behind-the-scenes photoshoot video will be online at ElleUK.com soon.

The distributor of A Dangerous Method, Hanway Films, has a page online for the movie. Not a huge amount of detail, but it's the first time we've seen the official synopsis.

Someone gave Keira a note outside the theatre yesterday saying "I'm Not Mental..." with an invitation to read a message inside. Well, you don't have to be mental to be a Keira fan, but it helps :) So if it was *you*, drop me a line - I'm nosey like that!

Love Actually 2, anyone? The Daily Mirror reports a sequel is in the pipeline, with many of the original cast expected to return.

January 28th
Keira is cover girl of the March issue of Elle UK, with an interview and couture by Tom Ford (the guy from THAT Vanity Fair cover). As March magazines always come out in the first week of February, the promotional tie-in is presumably for the Feb 11th cinema release of Never Let Me Go in the UK (more promos have been added to the Diary on the right).
See the photoshoot here. Soundbite articles here and here.
Two covers are available: Store and Subscribers.

North American residents get Never Let Me Go on DVD next Tuesday, February 1st. Extras include a making-of featurette, plus a Mark Romanek photo gallery and the trailer.

Elisabeth Moss is interviewed by gay lifestyle site afterellen.com about the themes of The Children's Hour.

The short film 'Steve' by Rupert Friend and starring Keira and Colin Firth will be shown at the Santa Barbara Film Festival next weekend, Feb 5-6 according to the film's Twitter page.

Apologies for the malware warning lately - a piece of code which has since been removed made it onto one of my other sites and blocked them all. Once Uncle Google has re-indexed them you should no longer get the advisory.

January 27th
Keira will once again be part of Comic Relief's 2011 Red Nose Day and has already recorded a sketch along with Sir Paul McCartney, David Beckham and George Michael among others. The storyline is a meeting to decide who will make the charity trip to Africa this year. Keira is ruled out as being "too gorgeous". Keira went to Africa with Richard Curtis in 2005 for the charity. Article.

January 26th
An article pertaining to three different projects today:
Never Let Me Go - Chanel - Children's Hour

January 25th
"Talk of the devil and he shall appear"... Only yesterday I was lamenting the lack of Children's Hour pics... and voila! And here's the first pics of Keira leaving the theatre, albeit with the wrong play mentioned in the text. So much for being gossip web sites - don't believe all the gossip you read online!

January 24th
Here's another Elisabeth Moss article. Funny there's been no official shots or even rehearsal pics for this production. Looking at The Misanthrope history, such pics were out six weeks before the start of that play, and a full two months before the press night.

January 23rd
There's no media reviews from last night's opening performance of The Children's Hour, but there's plenty of citizen reviews on Twitter. Read a growing collection here.
Thanks Danielle

Elisabeth Moss was interviewed by The Guardian before curtain up yesterday.

January 21st
Keira's agent has told Entertainment Weekly, in response to an enquiry re: the Cosmopolis rumours, that it is "not confirmed", which usually means she is in negotiations. This is an update to the story below following her name appearing on the production company's site, which was later removed.

There's a few more production stills from A Dangerous Method on this page.

January 19th
According to the production company's web site, Keira will co-star with Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis (based on Don DeLillo's novel) as his wife, replacing the pregnant Marion Cotillard. Filming starts in May in Toronto and New York. It will be the second consecutive film of Keira's to be directed by David Cronenberg. Pattinson himself replaces Colin Farrell who was originally set to star. Paul Giamatti co-stars. Confirmation awaits...
Thanks sweet-keira

Keira's short film Maze for Stuart Pearson Wright will be shown on the London Underground (subway train system) as part of 36 films in London's first Underground film festival. Article.

London Boulevard will get an Italian premiere on Jan 27th at the Bari Film Festival. It will also hit cinemas in the Czech Republic on February 10th. Czechs can see Last Night from June 30th.
Thanks Maria, Elsa

January 17th
Never Let Me Go will be one of eight films showing at a British cinema showcase in Dubai until March 15th. Keep an eye on the Diary section on the right for promotions leading up to the Feb 11th UK release.

More input from fans re: Last Night's slow release: it's showing at cinemas in Lithuania (since Dec 10th), and Russia (since Jan 13th).
Thanks Vida, Christine

For reasons known only to themselves, Ticketmaster are now selling official tickets for The Children's Hour once again. My banner above was going to a dead link until I happened to notice, but now they're back. Don't forget - it starts this Saturday!!

I came across this on a celebrity forum. It's a different video of Keira's 'bowler hat' shoot for Chanel: Download (8Mb) | Youtube

January 14th
Thanks to all those who've emailed re: 'the big Keira story' this week. KeiraWeb never comments on her private life as its nobody's business, but an apparently genuine source - her father - has confirmed she has split from her boyfriend of five years Rupert Friend.

What appears to be the official site for The Children's Hour has appeared online. And The Evening Standard has a feature on three of the play's pupil actresses. They're clearly older than in the movie!

There's a kind-of new pic of Keira in A Dangerous Method on this site. Another Austrian filming report is on Youtube here, and there's a clip from a documentary on Keira's character Sabina Spielrein here.

Following my earlier comments about Last Night's release - or lack of - a few have emailed to say where it's currently (or soon to be) playing in their country, including Switzerland (since December 30th) and Norway (out on January 28th).
Thanks Ingrid, Mia

January 10th
The Daily Telegraph seems to have gone Keira mad lately - in both senses of the word. They have an article on her Vogue shoot, an article on the filming of Never Let Me Go and an interview which puts her in a very bad light. No idea if the journalist or Keira were in a bad mood, possibly both. It purports to show a case of a celebrity's 'smiles always on' attitude during interview sessions having slipped - and the sad fact is Keira already has a growing opinion in some people's minds that she's like this in real life - mostly from people who've only ever read articles like this one (thankfully those interviews are a minority, and are usually derived from the fact that she refuses to talk about personal things such as boyfriends and family, as was the case here). Who knows what went on before or during this interview, but the reader is only left with one possible opinion - the one the journalist wants you to have. Contrast this with Elisabeth Moss's comments of working with Keira on The Children's Hour.

January 9th
Fox's UK entertainment channel FX had the first UK promo of Never Let Me Go yesterday, which I captured and uploaded here (34Mb) or see it on the KeiraWeb Youtube channel.

French cinema site Allocine has possibly a new poster for Last Night along with a confirmation of its release there on February 16th. Still no news on other countries.

January 7th
The Children's Hour will now continue at The Comedy Theatre until April 30th, extended from April 2nd. Although tickets are selling well, this is not a "due to demand" extension, as tickets erroneously became available until April 30th when they first went on sale, later corrected to April 2nd, so it's all part of the marketing I guess.

Here are the scans from January's Italian Vogue, which was shot in Cornwall in November.

January 4th
Keira has received a Best Actress nomination on the longlist of the Evening Standard British Film Awards, along with Carey Mulligan, both for their roles in Never Let Me Go. Andrew receives a Best Actor nom, and the film itself is up for Best Film and Best Screenplay. The ceremony is on February 7th in London.

The Children's Hour is getting a good round of must-see previews as one of the highlights of 2011: The Guardian - What's On Stage - Daily Telegraph

January 1st 2011
A very Happy New Year to all visitors and Keira fans!

Bend It Like Beckham has become the first live-action movie from 'The West' to be shown on national television in North Korea (previously only some Disney animations had been screened). In a nation that knows nothing of Shakespeare or Hollywood, the Internet or democracy, the film would have been quite a culture shock. To us, it should serve as a reminder of just how lucky we are. Article.

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