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December 30th
The KeiraWeb Review of the Year for 2008 is now online.

May I wish you all a very Happy New Year, and thank you to all visitors to, new and old. Particular thanks to all who donated to its upkeep and contributed news and information that allows KeiraWeb to continue to be the first port of call for Keira Knightley career news. If other commitments allow, there are big changes coming to the site in 2009. Thank you all who are listed below, and anyone I've missed out.
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December 21st
The LA Times' Scott Feinberg laments Keira's so-far no-show in the 2008 award stakes. Article.

USAToday has a short chat with Eva Mendes about Last Night, notably stating a 'late 2009' release - the only '09 release for a Keira movie (so far). King Lear and The Beautiful & The Damned are both in 2010's schedule.

The Duchess has now closed in US cinemas, amassing $13.8m, plus another $20.2m worldwide, with some big markets such as Italy and The Netherlands still to open in the next few weeks.

December 17th
It's another Keira Christmas on the box here in the UK. Bend It Like Beckham is on Christmas Day at 11.45pm, with the premiere of Pirates Dead Man's Chest on Boxing Day at 8.30pm. And there's also plenty more over the festive season:
The Edge Of Love, Sky Box Office multiplay
Oliver Twist, Sky Arts 2, 17th to 19th
Atonement, Sky Movies, 20th, 25th, 26th
Pirates AWE, Sky Movies, 20th, 25th, 28th
Love Actually, ITV2, 22nd
Bend It Like Beckham, BBC1, 25th
Pirates Dead Man's Chest, BBC1, 26th
Doctor Zhivago, ITV3, 29th
America gets a similar Keira selection box, plus The Jacket, P&P and Silk: US schedule.

December 11th
The Golden Globe nominations today turned up only one nomination for Keira-related films: Best Supporting Actor for Ralph Fiennes for The Duchess. Better luck with the BAFTA noms, out on January 15th.

The one fact about Keira's career that amazes people more than any other is that she was in a Star Wars film. She was, of course, in the first prequel Episode I: The Phantom Menace, as Sabe Maberrie, loyal bodyguard and decoy to Queen Amidala of the Naboo. Now re-made in high resolution, here is my compilation of Keira's scenes: 18Mb. She has the white face in all but the last scene, where she can be seen in a green cowl standing behind Anakin. Keira was just 12 years old at the time of filming.

December 10th
Today marks the 60th anniversary of the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Keira is among celebrities who have recorded visual or narrative parts in short films calling on the true meaning of "human rights" to be acknowledged. The 22 films will premiere at Human Rights Day events around the world today. Read the full press release.

Recent news reports such as this one have resurrected the story from earlier this year that Emma Watson has replaced Keira as the face of Chanel's fragrance Coco Mademoiselle. I can confirm from official sources in the last 24 hours that this is NOT the case. Keira is still contracted to Chanel, Emma is not.

The full video of Keira's underwater photoshoot for WaterAid is online here. This was recorded in December 2005 and I'm not sure how long the full vid's been online, but it's the first time I've seen it since bits of it appeared on YouTube.

Keira is No.8 on IMDb's annual StarMeter Top 25 Under-25s chart, which ranks celebs by the number of views per year of their filmography. The press release always makes interesting reading, as it shows the true popularity of Keira vs. her contemporaries (provided they all have movies out in the same year of course).

Keira gets another Oscar mention in AP's preview rundown. Golden Globe noms are out tomorrow.

December 5th
Last Night appears to have wrapped, as Eva Mendes talks about her role, and of co-starring with Keira, in this article. Eva and Keira only appear together in one scene.

The annual Forbes Young Rich List is out, with Keira leading the UK stars' field with £22m, although she always disputes such figures, and it's never clear what factors produce the figure anyway.

A poll by visitors want Keira in the next Batman movie.

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December 2nd
Here is the Keira-Doctor Zhivago segment from The Story Of The Costume Drama, featuring tributes from the producer, critics, Hans Matheson and John Hurt among others. Hi-Res 28Mb

December 1st
Here's a quick clip of Kei & Si from the BIFAs: 3Mb

November 30th
Keira attended the BIFAs in London tonight, but lost out to Vera Farmiga for Best Actress. The Duchess did not win in its other three nominated categories (Best Supporting Actor and Actress, Best Costume). Winners - Pics & more pics

Congratulations to Keira's Bend It Like Beckham co-star Parminder Nagra, who is expecting her first child. Aww, a mini-Mindi ! Article.

November 27th
The Edge Of Love gets its UK premiere on Sky Box Office multiplay on Tuesday 9th. Before that, The Hole is on E4 on the 1st, and Pride & Prejudice on ITV3 on the 2nd. Pirates DMC will get its terrestrial premiere on BBC1 this Christmas.

Watch out, it's She-Ra Knightley! Keira's one of the celebs photoshopped as bodybuilders.

November 24th
Keira can rest easy if she gets a flat while driving - she's topped a poll to find which female celeb men would most likely stop for to help change a tyre (or tire in the US). Ironically, the BBC's motoring expert Richard Hammond topped the male celeb poll - probably the one person who wouldn't need any help :)

November 18th
Amazon UK has a Duchess DVD release date of March 16th next year, however Amazon US is listing the DVD and Blu-Ray for a December 27th release. Extras details here.

November 16th
Here's an Emiri interview with Keira ahead of The Duchess release there.

November 14th
The Duchess has now topped $13m in the US, and $17m worldwide, including nearly $12m from the UK. It continues to open around the world, with South America this weekend, Italy at Christmas, then Singapore, Germany, Finland and Belgium in the New Year.

A couple of articles this week on the 'maturing' of roles of Hollywood's starlets: Variety - LA Times
And a 'BAFTA potential' run-down article, with Keira and Duchess mentions. BAFTA noms are out on January 15th, a week before the Oscar noms. Golden Globes noms are out first, on December 11th.

November 10th
Voting is now open for this year's People's Choice Awards. Keira is up against Angelina Jolie and Reece Witherspoon for Favorite Female Movie Star, and The Duchess is up for Favorite Indie Movie. Vote now.

Keira's role as Zelda Sayre in The Beautiful and The Damned appears to be confirmed judging by the preliminary artwork on the producer's web site. There's been nothing in the press since the "in talks" news story back in September. Filming is set for Spring next year, after Keira completes King Lear, the exterior scenes of which will be filmed in Scotland, according to this article in Variety.

November 8th
Keira's mum Sharman Macdonald is interviewed in today's Independent.

Check out the brand new, expanded KeiraWeb Store for all your Keira needs and Christmas present ideas.

November 4th
Thanks to my Hollywood contact, I spent a pleasant afternoon today reading the script for Last Night. As we know already, a married couple living in Soho NYC are separated for a night. The husband, Michael, is away on business in Philadelphia with a female colleague, Laura, who is clearly attracted to him, while the married woman, Joanna, bumps into an old flame Alex and spends the rest of the day, and night, with him. No spoilers there I don't think. It's certainly an emotionally-charged movie for all the main cast, and consequently the type of role (Atonement, Edge Of Love) that Keira is increasingly good at portraying. What KeiraWeb can exclusively reveal of course is the cast of characters, which has so far not been published (I've submitted this to IMDb):
Keira Knightley - Joanna Reed
Sam Worthington - Michael Reed
Guillaume Canet - Alex Mann
Eva Mendes - Laura

November 3rd
Miramax has signed a distribution deal for Last Night, which will ensure a release in North America, UK, Australia and Latin America. Article.

Keira is one of the world's three "most sophisticated women", according to a survey by the High Society Secrets finishing school (maybe she can get some tips from them for Eliza!). Article.

November 18th
Amazon UK has a Duchess DVD release date of March 16th next year, however Amazon US is listing the DVD and Blu-Ray for a December 27th release. Extras details here.

November 16th
Here's an Emiri interview with Keira ahead of The Duchess release there.

November 14th
The Duchess has now topped $13m in the US, and $17m worldwide, including nearly $12m from the UK. It continues to open around the world, with South America this weekend, Italy at Christmas, then Singapore, Germany, Finland and Belgium in the New Year.

A couple of articles this week on the 'maturing' of roles of Hollywood's starlets: Variety - LA Times
And a 'BAFTA potential' run-down article, with Keira and Duchess mentions. BAFTA noms are out on January 15th, a week before the Oscar noms. Golden Globes noms are out first, on December 11th.

November 10th
Voting is now open for this year's People's Choice Awards. Keira is up against Angelina Jolie and Reece Witherspoon for Favorite Female Movie Star, and The Duchess is up for Favorite Indie Movie. Vote now.

October 28th
Keira has received a Best Actress nomination at the BIFAs, the British Independent Film Awards, one of four for The Duchess. The ceremony will take place on November 30th in London. Keira received the Variety Personality Of The Year award at the 2005 BIFAs, donating the $10,000 prize to Comic Relief.
- Best Actress - Keira Knightley
- Best Supporting Actor - Ralph Fiennes
- Best Supporting Actress - Hayley Attwell
- Best Technical Achievement - Michael O'Connor (Costume)
- Full list

October 27th
A collection of praise for Keira's role in The Duchess is now online.

The Duchess took another $1.2m at the US box office, taking its US toll to $11.2m, and over $26m worldwide.

Keira is one of the actors featured in 'The Bill Made Me Famous', the rather presumptuous title of a show celebrating some of the stars that have appeared in the UK police drama in its 25 years on TV (Wed., Nov. 5th at 9pm on ITV1). Part of 10-year old Keira's appearance can be seen here.

October 24th
The Edge Of Love is out on DVD in the UK on Monday 27th. Order at Amazonor Play, both have free shipping.

There's no shortage of pap pics from the filming of Last Night, even if the streets of NYC are closed for the duration. See here and here.

October 20th
Keira has been snapped around the New York set of Last Night.
Thanks Harriet

And her Prada bag went for £440 at the charity eBay auction.

October 15th
The Duchess expanded to 1,207 cinemas in the US at the weekend, resulting in a further $3.3m. The movie is now No.9 at the US box office and has taken over $6m total. The latest worldwide tally is now $16.5m.

In a UK TV interview this week, Eva Mendes said the cast of Last Night are in New York rehearsing, including Keira, with filming due to start by the end of this month.
Thanks Harriet

Following an enquiry by a regular KeiraWeb contributor today I can confirm that Keira will NOT be attending the Rome Film Festival, quite possibly because it clashes with filming of the above.

October 12th
The Daily Mail's only reliable journalist Baz Bamigboye writes in his column this week that Keira has met up with a singing coach ready for My Fair Lady and that extensive training will begin later next year. He admits that Keira has not yet signed for the role, but goes on to say that Sony are "not looking for anyone else to play Eliza". So unless something drastic happens I think it's fair to say "By George, she's got it!" Article.

October 8th
As you can see here, Keira has proudly sported a Tickled Pink T-Shirt for the breast cancer awareness campaign of the same name run by the WalMart-owned UK store chain ASDA. Click to buy one like Keira's, and help raise money for the charity.
Thanks Charlotte

New Zealand's 3News has a video profile and interview with Keira.

Nearly a third of British men prefer a bust size such as that of Keira, rather than 'bigger' girls, according to a survey by dating site Parship.

October 7th
The Duchess has amassed another impressive debut, this time at the Australian box office, taking A$1.1m on just 190 screens, that's A$5,800 per screen. In the US, the film added another $894,000 on 127 screens for a new total of $1.95m at No.20 (that's $7,039 per screen, this week's second highest average in the Top 20). The UK tally is now £6.36m and is still at No.13 in its fifth week of release.

October 3rd
Keira is on the cover of November's US Glamour, and a great - and just for a change, fun - photoshoot inside.
Thanks lyrasong

Here's the original, full-size one-sheet for The Duchess (3.5Mb), courtesy of the distributors Paramount Vantage.

October 1st
The official programme for the Rome Film Festival confirms The Duchess in competition. Media is convinced Keira will be there, and even Variety says the film will see "Keira Knightley in tow", so she may well be Italy-bound come October 22nd.

Duchess box office update. Now at No.8 in the UK, taking £5.7m in its fourth week. In the US, it has expanded to 55 screens in its second week, with a total of $830,000.

September 26th
Keira speaks to in Australia. Listen here.

September 25th
Keira will be interviewed on Australia's Channel 9 show 60 Minutes this Sunday. It should appear online soon after. The Duchess opens October 2nd in Australia.
Thanks Jake, Harriet, Natalie

Despite the continued strong box office performance of Mamma Mia! and a new entry from Tropic Thunder, The Duchess has stayed at No.5 in the UK in its third week, with a total box office now of £4.8m.

Keira has made her second appearance on Moviefone's Top 25 Under-25s list.
Thanks Andie

Both George Clooney and Brad Pitt are apparently vying for the role of Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady 'opposite Keira', who's role isn't even confirmed yet anyway.

Meanwhile Keira's 'Last Night' co-star Eva Mendes has admitted to a crush on Keira. I can see that story popping up again at promo time!

Disney today announced plans for a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but Keira has already ruled out a role.

September 23rd
Keira is in negotiations to play Zelda Sayre, wife of US author F. Scott Fitzgerald (author of The Great Gatsby and Tender Is The Night) in a movie called The Beautiful And Damned, to be directed by Nick Cassavetes. The Hollywood Reporter states the film will tell the "untold story" of their tumultuous relationship, although it has formed the basis of many previous productions on stage and screen, most notably the Emmy-winning 1993 TV drama starring Natasha Richardson. Article.

Keira's interview for CBS' The Early Show is now online.
Thanks Jaimie

September 21st
The Duchess has opened strongly in the US. Although showing on just seven screens, it has taken $202,527, an impressive $28,932 per screen. It opens wider next Friday.

Several interviews in the North American press this weekend:
Newsweek - Boston Herald - Toronto Globe - CelebrityCafe - LA Times
And a refreshingly intelligent video interview from Charlie Rose.

September 18th


Just as I was looking forward to putting my fingers in a glass of cold water after a frantic last few weeks, Dame Keira whips me away to announce another new project. Thankfully it's the former of the two rumours I mentioned yesterday - Last Night. It will co-star Eva Mendes, Guillaume Canet and Sam Worthington. Variety officially announce it today in this article. Pap journalists will be pleased to tell the world that it's NOT a period costume drama. It will be the first time Keira has had a female film director - Massy Tadjedin - since Bend It Like Beckham, although it's not yet clear which of the two female roles Keira will play.

Here's the diary of one of Keira's body-doubles on The Duchess, plus a video interview with Keira later on.

September 17th
Premiere Magazine has an interview with Keira and The Duchess cast and crew.
Thanks Jenni at Premiere

Here is an in-depth audio interview with The Duchess director Saul Dibb conducted by Jim Rohner of
Thanks Jim Rohner

And another interview at ReelzChannel.

A couple of rumours doing the rounds right now: Keira to star with Sam Worthington in Last Night, written by The Jacket's writer Massy Tadjedin, and (gasp!) Keira to star with Orlando Bloom in a remake of Saturday Night Fever. Is it April 1st today ?
Thanks Cissa

September 15th
Keira has reportedly said she's about to hibernate and catch up on some reading! The newswires are citing the Daily Star as the source, which seems unlikely, plus the fact that they're not screaming Exclusive about the story on their site, which they certainly would be if it was. If true, however, it means there'll be nothing new from Keira for the rest of this year. King Lear is due to start in January, and that won't take long as although Cordelia is central to the plot, she's not actually present for much of the story. And that's it until a new project is announced.

Paramount Vantage have confirmed that after this Friday's release of The Duchess in North America, it will expand to more screens on the 26th and again on October 3rd.

September 13th
Sky Movies had a nice Keira-focussed profile of The Duchess. Keira edit: 25Mb

The New York Post forecast a Keira v Anne Hathaway battle at the Oscars next year.

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Thanks to Samantha at KeiraZone

September 12th
Viewers in Europe can see Keira's chat to Conan O'Brien on CNBC Europe, Saturday night at 8.45pm (Sky 505 in the UK).

The Duchess press conference at TIFF can be seen here. Warning: It's over 30mins long and not terribly interesting!
Thanks Andrea

September 11th
The Duchess has debuted at No.1 after its first full week in the UK, taking £2.29m, overtaking RocknRolla which topped the 3-day weekend chart. By contrast, Atonement debuted at No.2 with £1.63m on the same number of screens and in the same calendar week.
Thanks Harriet

Keira attended the US premiere of The Duchess last night at The Public Theater in New York. Pics and pics.

Tuesday's Duchess Fashion Week party was cancelled, but she did attend the Rodarte 2009 Spring Collection launch party.

September 10th
E! News' Ben Lyons spoke to Keira at TIFF.

Keira has donated a Prada handbag to Cancer Research UK and's charity appeal. It will be put up for auction on eBay from October 3rd.

September 9th
Some US TV promotions -
David Letterman: Online | Download (21MB flv)
Today Show: Online | Download (17Mb flv)
AMC The Shootout 1: Online | Download (25Mb flv)
AMC The Shootout 2: Online | Download (25Mb flv)

The Duchess will get a French premiere at the Dinard Festival Of British Film, which runs October 2nd to 5th. Article.

The Duchess has debuted at No.3 in the UK Box Office, taking £1,402,200 on 426 screens since Friday. Article.

September 8th
Better late than never, but a North American distribution deal was announced at TIFF today for The Edge Of Love, with a release planned before March '09.                         Thanks Harriet

- Keira attended the TIFF premiere of The Duchess last night. Pics, pics and more pics.
- And a portrait set from TIFF can be seen here, here and here .
- Some great shots from the press conference here and here, with a different set here, here and here.
- Ed.: Is it just me, or do some of the most wonderful images of Keira come from press calls, and not from magazine shoots lately ? I wonder why that is ? Perhaps Annie and Mario should go back to basics and just photograph people instead of creating megabucks movie-style scenarios to shoot them in. The latter may be responsible for the mags clearly not translating into news-stand sales recently, or positive criticism.

September 7th
Keira has arrived in Toronto for the TIFF premiere of The Duchess. She attended a press conference with cast and director earlier today.

The Independent had an updated profileof Keira on Saturday.

September 5th
Keira was interviewed on my local news this evening, as Duchess locations Chatsworth House and Kedleston Hall are in the region. Some new behind the scenes footage included: 17Mb

Keira has revealed she is a huge fan of US drama The Wire, and that she hates TV commercials (that makes two of us!).

She has also been talking of the time, apparently, when someone verbally abused her in the street. Some media even report it was a 'fan'. Well if you have fans like that, who needs enemies ? Of course, to be so judgemental about someone you don't know is ridiculous, which comes back, once again, to the fault of the British media for creating a persona about Keira that simply doesn't exist.

September 4th
Here are some vids from the London premiere - including copies of mine already! And more on the dress & designer.

Another interview at Sky and EntertainmentWise.

September 3rd
Keira has attended the UK premiere of The Duchess in London's Leicester Square. She wore a blue strapless dress by Alexis Mabille.
- UK premiere & pics: Daily Mail - BBC - KKFan - SweetKeira - SP
- UK premiere TV coverage: BBC (18Mb) - ITV London (22Mb)
- Were you at the prem tonight? Upload your movies to for free and send me the links which will appear here! Same goes for those of you attending Toronto or NYC prems next week.

Today's breakfast show interview: GMTV
Radio 1: Sara Cox - Radio 5: Simon Mayo - Radio 4: Woman's Hour
Thanks Jeb, Karen, Amy

Keira has topped a poll of 3,000 women to find the world's best pout, beating even Angelina Jolie.

Pirates AWE premieres on Sky Movies Premiere on Saturday 13th September.

September 2nd
ITN have a number of cast interviews.
Look out for a TimeOut London interview re: these pics.

September 1st
Two UK TV news interviews: Channel 4 - ITN
Reviews: Reuters - DS
Interview: PopSugar - FemaleFirst
Articles: ITN - PA

August 31st
Keira gave this interview to the Canadian press ahead of Toronto, and gave as good as she got to this Guardian journalist. Another article in the Daily Mail too. The marketing is certainly shaping up the way P&P and Atonement did. Scotland On Sunday have it as their film of the week.

Some UK promos:
GMTV, ITV1, Wed. 3rd (Keira's in the studio)
ITV At The Movies, ITV2, Fri 5th at 12.30pm & Sat 6th at 4pm (feature)
Film Programme, Radio 4, Fri 5th, 4.30pm (Fiennes interview)
Also keep an eye on the usual news programmes on 4, five, Sky etc.

The Keira-featured Duchess book and soundtrack tie-ins are available now or soon (the US and UK book covers have different images). See the links on the right. Oh, and do feel free to buy, of course!

August 28th
Keira will be a guest of David Letterman on Monday September 8th AND Regis & Kelly on Tuesday 9th AND Conan O'Brien on Tuesday 9th.

The Belfast Telegraph has a new interview here and The Daily Mail here.

August 26th
So it would appear the 'controversy' of the Princess Diana parallels is going to be the Big Sell for The Duchess. It's all over the press that Keira has slammed the move by the marketing people, which of course she's done no such thing, merely commenting that she was aware of Georgiana's distant ancestry to Diana but that she didn't know they'd make such a fuss about it (quite probably the marketers' intention anyway). Ah well, all publicity's good publicity - I'm sure I've said that before at promo time.

Don't forget it's Duchess Premiere Wednesdays for the next two weeks: London Leicester Square on the 3rd , New York Plaza on the 10th, with Toronto TIFF inbetween on the 7th. Italy will see the movie out on December 23rd, and the Australian release has been pulled forward to October 2nd (see under the pic for known dates so far).
Thanks Amy

There's a new interview with Keira at MTV and a good one at the Glasgow Sunday Herald

Silk premieres in the US on MOMAXe at midnight on the 3rd.

August 20th
The Duchess news round-up:
- The Duchess will form part of the Rome Film Festival, and Variety reports Keira is expected to attend.
- Channel 4 News had a report this evening on the film, and the marketers' decision to draw parallels with Diana. Keira is interviewed. Daily Mail's take on the story here.
- TimeOut has an interview with directorSaul Dibb, as does The Independent.
- US/Canada competition to win a Duchess trip to England and visit Chatsworth.
- Tourism tie-in articles: Kedleston HallClandon Park - Derby Cathedral.

August 16th
IMDb have published my updated biography of Keira.

Althorp House, childhood home of Princess Diana and now her burial place, is to host a Georgiana Weekend in September, to tie in with the release of The Duchess. More details.

Two major Duchess features in today's British press: Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph, the latter with links to two photo galleries.

The Duchess will get a New York premiere on September 10th, with Keira in attendance.

Paramount Vantage will hold a Duchess Party at The Plaza in New York on September 9th, to coincide with New York Fashion Week (as Georgiana was the setter of trends and styles among her followers, which is the general purpose of fashion shows I guess). Article.

August 14th
Borders have a video of Keira's Vogue photoshoot, or I've upped a downloadable version here (15Mb).
Thanks Lisa, Karen, Harriet

And The Sun have a bed scene here or here (3Mb).

August 11th have the Glamour and Tatler scans up. And here's the Vogue cover.
Thanks Nicky, Harriet

Josh Stern announces a New Year start for filming of King Lear.

Site news: This interesting link dropped into my Inbox today. Move the decimal one place to the right and it's yours! Not bad to say I don't do any marketing of it. Incidentally, I'm open to serious offers on my other domains, too. All blank cheques gratefully received ;)

August 10th
The paps have finally tracked down Keira and Rupert on their hols in Indonesia (or maybe it was tourists with camera-phones, you can never tell these days). A couple of pics in the Mirror and NOTW today.
Thanks Harriet

BoxOfficeProphets foresees a bright future for The Duchess.

August 5th
Here's a quick look at Keira's Glamour and Tatler covers, and an inside Glamour pic.

The Edge Of Love will be out on DVD in the UK on October 27th. Pre-order here. Still no news on a North American theatrical release.

A JoBlo columnist has a pro-Keira reaction to her "hands off my boobs" stance.

August 4th
Keira won Best Actress in a Drama at last night's Teen Choice Awards. Her role in Atonement garnered her seventh surfboard from ten nominations in the last four years. See her full list of nominations here. (See the TCA 2008 winners list).

Keira is second in a poll by beauty products firm Sanex to find 'The Ultimate Natural Beauty'. The omnipresent (but admittedly gorgeous) Myleene Klass topped the poll.

The UK official site for The Duchess is now online, and very nice it looks too.

Keira's mum Sharman Macdonald is to write the screenplay for a biopic of war correspondent Martha Gellhorn. Gillian Anderson is set to star. Article.

Atonement premieres on Sky Movies Premiere on Saturday August 16th in the UK.

A rare rant: Given that top UK politicians are this week questioning Britain's film classification system, I'm surprised to notice today that The Duchess will be rated 12A in the UK. What ?!! I realise the success or failure of a movie depends on bums-on-seats, and the lower the rating the more bums you get, but surely the very plot of The Duchess and the nature of the scenes we've heard about thus far (plus the fact I've read the script) suggests at least a 15 rating, unless it's being edited to shreds as a sales push for the scenes in question being restored on the DVD. I was shocked that Domino was a 15, but this is even more ridiculous! Maybe I'm just getting old but I wouldn't want any 12 year old of mine to see this film if it's as per the script.

August 3rd
Another magazine heads-up: Keira is interviewed in September's Glamour mag, according to this article.
Thanks Tamise

August 1st
A new Duchess making-of video is online, with a short chat with Keira. It's the first in-costume interview she's done since King Arthur I think.

There's a brief interview in today's Telegraph, including the news that Keira will be in the September issue of Tatler UK, in shops Thursday 7th.

Keira's tum is the second most sexiest, a survey by stomach-flattening pill company AntiBloat has found. No.1 was Rihanna. And she also makes it into LesbiaNation's Top 10 Smokin Brits & Aussies.

July 28th
Keira is apparently preventing studio bosses from "doing a King Arthur" on her cleavage, on the publicity shots for The Duchess. You'll remember they enhanced Guinevere's bustline for the posters. Article.

July 23rd
The Duchess will get its UK premiere at The Odeon in Leicester Square, London on Wednesday September 3rd.
A new trailer has also appeared - watch it here.

Keira reportedly took home $32m (£16m) last year, thanks to Pirates and Atonement, according to business magazine Forbes. She was the second-highest female actress after Cameron Diaz. Keira has often disputed such figures. Article.

The Edge Of Love has now totalled £1,127,000 after five weeks at the UK box office.

July 21st
Keira's Duchess co-star Hayley Atwell reveals in an interview that Keira had a wig-rest on set to take the weight off her neck from her high wig!

UK films including Atonement reaped in £1.65bn for the British film industry at the global box office last year. Article.

July 15th
ComingSoon have a one-sheet for The Duchess.

The Edge Of Love has now dipped to less than 60 screens in the UK, taking another £54,000 last weekend. Total is now £1,042,000 and looks set to be only slightly more successful than Silk, figures-wise (also £1,042,000 at close of play). And there's still no sign of a distributor for the film in North America.

July 11th
The 2009 Keira calendar is now available. Get one with her name spelled wrong and it might be a future collectable! Not quite a Revenge Of The Jedi poster, but you never know :) Order now from Amazon UK | US

The Edge Of Love has now reduced to less than a hundred screens, as Hancock and Kung Fu Panda debuts. In its third week it's at No.10 in the UK chart, taking £877,000 (about $1.6m).

July 10th
The Duchess has been confirmed for its North American premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. Keira should be in attendance. Article.

Here's the Keira edit from a Film24 programme on The Edge Of Love, my first with new improved video editing software !:
18Mb: On-site | RapidShare

July 6th
Keira will be on and in September's US Vogue, according to this feature on Mario Testino. The mag will be out in August, to coincide with The Duchess promotions.

The Edge Of Love took $1.1m on 177 screens in its first 10 days (June 20th-30th).

Keira's emerald Atonement dress is among props and costumes at Universal Studios Hollywood's new exhibit. Article.

June 29th
A couple more interviews: DigitalSpy - RTE

June 25th
The Edge Of Love has entered the UK box office at No.9, taking £181,000, which bodes well considering it only opened across London. It opens nationwide this Friday the 27th. Article.

The Guardian have a positive blog article about Keira.

The Sun have an article on The Duchess - from their usual newsworthy angle.

June 23rd
Following correspondence today, Keira's agent Lindy King tells me that My Fair Lady is still in "very early stages", so it's far from a done deal, or even 'final negotiations'. It's looking good though. Talking of Lindy, she's No.7 in The Observer's list of most powerful people in showbiz. Quite right too.

Empire, never ones to do normal promos, have a Keira v Sienna video quiz online. See how well you do.

Although Gwyneth is not yet confirmed for Regan in King Lear, rumour has it Naomi Watts will be the third sister Goneril, alongside Keira's Cordelia.

CapitalFM have a video interview. Strange for a radio station, but there you go...
Thanks Eline

RT have a Keira interview., as do the Dublin Herald.

June 19th
A couple more videos from today:
Edinburgh premiere (Sky News) - 2Mb
Richard & Judy interview (Channel 4) - 23Mb

In the R&J interview above, Keira doesn't deny being approached regarding My Fair Lady, but says she hasn't signed. However, Baz at the Daily Mail (the only reliable source of info at the paper) writes today as though it's a done deal.

It appears there WAS a London premiere for The Edge Of Love after all, but in Mayfair not Leicester Square. There's an article and pics here - ignore the text, it's The Daily Mail.

The Independent has an in-depth interview with Keira today.

Chanel deny Emma Watson is replacing Keira in their Coco Mademoiselle promotions. So The Daily Mail was wrong again. Article.

June 18th
Keira and the cast of The Edge Of Love, plus John Maybury and Sharman Macdonald attended the opening of the Edinburgh Film Festival this evening, at which the movie was the gala premiere.
Scottish TV interview: 8Mb
BBC Radio2 (click Wednesday, Fast Forward to 2'35")

June 17th
More interviews online today:
BBC News (x3) - BBC Breakfast - GMTV - BBC Radio1
BBC Radio 4 Front Row (click Monday) << an intelligent interview for a change. Most of the questions this week have been very shallow, I think you'll agree.
Thanks Amo, Harriet

June 16th
Several of the UK news programmes carried interviews tonight:
Channel 4 - ITV London - five News

June 15th
The Mail on Sunday reports Chanel has further plans for Keira after her promotions for Coco Mademoiselle are handed over to Emma Watson this summer.

Sharman Macdonald is interviewed in The Sunday Times today, and elsewhere comments on the 'bullying' of the press regarding Keira's weight and the persistant anorexia rumours.

June 13th
The John Maybury interview on this week's Film Programme is now online here (see Listen Again). John talks about the paparazzi  presence during the first day's filming of The Edge Of Love, and the fact that it was on YouTube the same day. Now what naughty person captured that footage from ITV Wales and put it online, then ?... Oh yeah, it was me :)

The Daily Mail's one decent columnist, Baz Bamigboye, has more good things to say about Keira's Duchess.

- Matthew Rhys talksto The Times about The Edge Of Love, and there's also a travel article on Thomas' Wales.
- icWales has a review, and an interview with Dylan's daughter.

June 12th
Keira has risen sharply on this year's Forbes Power List, from No.71 last year to No.37 this. Article.

- Matthew Rhys will attend a Swansea premiere of The Edge Of Love on June 20th. Article.
- Cillian Murphy admires Keira's resolve in front of the paps, in an interview with Harper's Bazaar.

Keira's 1999 radio role as Polly in Charlotte Bronte's Villette gets a repeat on BBC7 on June 25th. The KeiraWeb Archive has a Keira edit of it here.

June 11th
Here's Keira's footage from Annie Liebowitz: Life Thru A Lens, shown on BBC1 last night. Annie is one of the world's top photographers and has snapped Keira several times. The footage here is from last year's Wizard Of Oz shoot for Vogue. 2Mb wmv

The London premiere of The Edge Of Love vanished from the calendar a couple of weeks ago, and now two emails today appear to confirm that it's no longer happening. So it's Edinburgh or nothing if you want to see Kei and Si !
Sienna will be on Jonathan Ross on Friday 20th, BBC1.
Thanks Brian, Harriet

Here's the artwork for The Duchess.
Thanks Mike

June 9th
- Costumes and more from The Edge Of Love are now on show at the Dylan Thomas Centre in Swansea. Article.
- John Maybury talks about the casting in this article.
- An interview with Edge's producer Rebekah Gilbertson (the Killicks' real granddaughter).
- The Edinburgh Evening News confirms Keira and Sharman's appearance at the Edge of Love Festival premiere on June 18th.

A second trailer for The Duchess is now available.

June 7th
Here's a different clip of Keira's dulcet tones from The Edge Of Love, courtesy of The Guardian. Or download my rip of it here (2Mb).
There's also a bunch of clips from the film on this YouTube account.
Thanks Alex, Eduardo

The first couple of UK Edge Of Love promos are starting to be scheduled:
- Caitlin & Dylan (biog but includes clips from the film), June 16th at 10.35pm on BBC1Wales (nationally on Sky channel 972). Repeated on June 19th at 9.45pm on BBC2W (Sky 991).
- The Film Programme (John Maybury interview), June 20th, BBC Radio4, 4.30pm. Listen here.

June 6th
It's been two years on the rumour mill in one medium or another (see this 2006 article), but now it appears to be nearing confirmation. Variety reports today that Keira is in negotiations to play Eliza Dolittle in a remake of the 1964 musical version of My Fair Lady, based on George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion. It will be produced for Columbia by West End mogul Sir Cameron Mackintosh and Love Actually's Duncan Kenworthy. The project is set for a 2010 release so a lot can change before then, and the studio have not even confirmed that Keira is on the shortlist for Eliza. As a huge Audrey Hepburn fan I welcome this cautiously, but I'm more happy that they're talking about pulling more from the original play, much of which was left out of the MGM film, and filming on location rather than in studios.

Scottish magazine The List has an exclusive interview with Keira's mum Sharman Macdonald.

There's a new Mario Testino Vogue UK feature on the way, according to this story.

June 4th
The UK Duchess site is online-ish. The tagline "There Are Three People In Her Marriage" clearly alludes to Princess Diana's identical comments during a 1995 BBC interview, when referring to Charles' extra-marital relationship with Camilla. Georgiana is a distant relative of Diana's family, the Spencers, so it's no coincidence.

Empire has a so-so first review of The Edge Of Love.

May 30th
Keira has topped a poll to find the favourite 'new idol' in a survey conducted by celebrity pollsters xRank. 38% of 36,000 voters put Keira at No.1, followed by Emma Watson (even if she does wear see-through knickers - dirty cat! You wouldn't see Dame Keira flashing her shrubbery like that... see?).

May 29th
- The first clip of Keira singing 'Blue Tahitian Moon' in The Edge Of Love has appeared. This is my edit from the weekly Orange Film Review. She's singing live on set, not miming to a pre-recorded track.
- The official web site for The Edge Of Love is online now.
- A tie-in book will be available from June 12th.
- The soundtrack CD is out on the 16th.
- The theatre poster can be seen here.
Thanks Harriet, Mike, Drew

May 27th
Keira has made it onto the Box Office Power Top 25 at No.25. See the list.

Keira will be featured in a major new photographic exhibition from Getty Images celebrating 50 years of London's Pinewood, Shepperton and Teddington studios. The images capture the cream of Hollywood behind-the-scenes on set. The exhibition starts in London on July 4th at the Getty Images Gallery (Eastcastle St., London W1), before touring to New York in September and LA in November. More details.

Keira is "the most beautiful woman in the world", so says Sienna Miller in a new interview for Elle.

Australian fans will have to wait another seven weeks for The Duchess. Release date has gone from November 6th to December 26th.
Thanks Amy

(PS: Coldplay UK tour on sale this Friday).

May 22nd
Atonement won Best Film Score at the Ivor Novello Awards last night. Article.

The Hollywood Reporter hints at Keira's return to the Venice Film Festival in August to promote The Duchess.

May 19th


- Keira has signed to play Cordelia in a film version of Shakespeare's King Lear. The project was announced at the Cannes Film Festival today. Sir Anthony Hopkins will play the King while Gwyneth Paltrow will play her sister Regan. The role of the third sister is yet to be cast. The $35m film will feature epic battle scenes a la '300', The Daily Telegraph reports. Joshua Michael Stern has adapted the screenplay and Alison Owen of Ruby Films is in talks to produce.
- Read about King Lear at Wikipedia, the part of Cordelia here and read the play itself here.
- This will be Keira's first major performance of Shakespeare, although she did record The Seasons Alter, featuring text from The Tempest, recorded in 2001 for Futerra while she was still at college. Futerra is a sustainable development organisation of which her mother was a patron.

May 18th
As predicted, the UK release of The Duchess has been pushed back a week to September 5th. US release is now being listed (IMDB, BOMojo) as the week after, September 12th.

Here's a great in-depth article on Dylan Thomas and the events covered in The Edge Of Love.

May 14th
The Edge Of Love soundtrack CD will be out in the UK on June 16th. You can pre-order here.

Keira is one subject in a new photographic exhibition in Bradford exploring the tensions between celebs and the paps. Article.

May 13th
The trailer for The Edge Of Love can be seen full size here, on my server here or on YouTube here.
Thanks Mike

There's a feature on The Edge Of Love, including a new Keira interview, in July's issue of TotalFilm magazine, on sale this Thursday.

May 12th
The Edge Of Love will be shown at the Cannes Film Festival this week, though not in competition. Capitol Films are showcasing two projects, and Edge will be shown on May 15th (8.15pm) & 17th (10am) at Cinema Star 2 (opp. the Riviera), and on the 19th (12noon) at Star 1 Cinema. They're industry/press screenings, not gala events, so I doubt any of the stars will attend.

PS: Madonna's world tour is on sale from this Friday. Check my box office site's blog for dates and venues.

May 10th
Although The Edge Of Love is released first, it's the official web site for The Duchess that's gone online first.
Thanks Mike

The Sunday Telegraph's Stella magazine has an article on Dylan Thomas and The Edge Of Love.

The role of Cathy in Wuthering Heights is available again, as Natalie Portman has apparently quit the movie. This is the second consecutive John Maybury movie in which he's lost his leading lady, following Miss Lohan's departure from The Edge Of Love. The latter was good news for Keira's fans, but will the former ? Will Keira return from self-imposed exile on St. Helena to save the project ?!

May 7th
- Tickets for the Edinburgh Film Festival will be on sale from Friday 9th.  The fest's web site's Edge of Love page is partly online.
- Sunday's Observer interview is now online.
- Meanwhile, The Guardian has an interview with the daughter of Dylan Thomas.

Keira is nominated for Best Female Performance for Pirates AWE at the MTV Movie Awards, to be held on June 1st.

May 3rd
There's a brand new interview with Keira in today's Observer Film Quarterly magazine, the first Edge Of Love interview. She's also the cover girl, featuring one of the Julian Broad shots I mentioned a few days ago. Scans can be seen on the Magazines page.
Thanks Toria for the scans

The Sunday Times has The Duchess among its top picks for the summer.

May 2nd
There will be a UK premiere of The Edge Of Love in London's Leicester Square on June 19th, the day after the 'world premiere' at the Edinburgh Film Festival.

Swansea's Dylan Thomas Centre will stage an exhibition featuring props, costumes and production material from The Edge Of Love starting at the end of this month. Article.

May 1st
Capitol Films have a page of promotional material online for The Edge Of Love, including the Production Notes (with spoilers).

Some new pics by Julian Broad have surfaced at Keira-Central. Julian was the photographer on both Vanity Fair's Hitchcock issue and last September's Italian issue.

Not sure what Battle of the Hollywood Hotties is about on E!, but this week it's Keira versus Bono from U2 ! Air times.

April 24th
The Cannes Festival itinerary is out, and neither of Keira's films are being shown.

Keira is No.10 in the annual FHM Sexiest Women poll. Article.
Thanks Charlotte

April 20th
Saturday's Independent has an article on the perennial interest in Dylan Thomas' life and works.

April 13th
Although KeiraWeb never comments on Keira's personal life, it is of interest to fans (considering the number of 'Where is she?' questions being asked), that I should mention today's Mail On Sunday, which reports Keira to be taking a break to concentrate on her personal life and home issues. As it's the Daily Mail, believe what you will...

April 10th
More pics from The Edge Of Love have trickled out onto KeiraDaily, and The Sun has a typical tabloid take on the two female leads. And there's another positive screening review here.

April 9th
The Edge Of Love will open the Edinburgh International Film Festival on June 18th, Variety announced today, adding that Keira is expected to attend. It also says the June 20th UK release will be London only, with nationwide release on the 27th.

Keira is No.7 on the Independent Critics annual list of 100 Most Beautiful Faces.

April 7th
The Edge of Love will be out in UK cinemas on June 20th. The release calendar now looks like this (subject to change):
The Edge Of Love - June 20th (UK)
The Duchess - August 29th (UK); Sept 12th (US limited): Nov 6th (Australia); Nov 19th (Belgium, France); Dec 11th (Netherlands).

Keira is ninth on Glamour Magazine's annual Britain's Best-Dressed Woman poll. The rarely-seen (thankfully) Kate Moss is No.1.

April 5th
Variety reports The Duchess will get a limited US release from September 12th.

Keira will not be cast in John Maybury's next project Wuthering Heights, according to the Daily Mail. Let's hope Lindsay Lohan gets it then.

There's a photo feature from the set of The Edge of Love in the new issue of Another Man Magazine (Emile Hirsch cover).
Thanks Harriet

April 3rd
High praise for Keira in this screening review of The Edge of Love.
Thanks GingerMan

Hands off Keira's breasts! A new code of practice on airbrushing for magazines is to be debated, citing concerns that wiping inches off celeb photographs makes girls want to look thinner. Conversely, they also use Keira's King Arthur 'enhancement' photograph as an example.

My server hosts crashed yesterday so any emails sent Wednesday or since will have to be re-sent here.

Help my friends save South Of Nowhere from the axe !: 

March 29th
MCN have reignited the rumours about Keira playing Eliza Dolittle in a remake of My Fair Lady. You will remember this story first appeared two years ago, and was later denied by the producer Sir Trevor Nunn. It remains to be seen if this is old news or if Keira's vocal talents in The Edge of Love have urged a rethink ! If there's any truth in it at all, I wouldn't mind seeing Keira in a movie version of the original non-musical play Pygmalion, which hasn't been done on the big screen since 1938.

March 28th
Keira has made the shortlist for Best Female Movie Star at the annual Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards (for Pirates AWE), to be held on March 29th. Pirates also gets a bunch of noms. Full list.

Both The Duchess and Edge Of Love are muted as Cannes possibles for this year, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

And here's an in-depth article on the Dukes of Devonshire, of whom the current title-holder still lives at Chatsworth House, used in the film and in P&P.

Keira is eighth in a poll by Look Magazine to find Britain's top fashion role model.

Atonement has now taken $126m around the world (four times its production budget) and is still in the US Top 50 this week - just.

March 27th
Atonement premieres on Sky Box Office multiplay in the UK from April 7th.

Keira is on the cover of the April SkyMag (free to Sky Digital subscribers), with a short interview inside. Nothing new in text or pics.

Keira's most recent appearance on Regis & Kelly is repeated this Friday 28th in the US.

- The Duchess co-producers Pathe have a section on the movie in their web site's Coming Soon section.
- Fellow co-producers BBC Films have a page here.
- And there's a page on the costumes here.
- I was fortunate enough to read the script of The Duchess today. Having not read Amanda Foreman's biography I can't say how much of the screenplay is based on it, but blimey it's saucy ! No wonder it's not getting a summer release - it's far too much a sizzler for that time of year :) But seriously, it's a brilliant role for Keira. She's a girl ahead of her time, with opinions and attitudes 'unbecoming' for the age. Happiness and sadness enter her life in equal measure but there are certain parallels with modern celebrity culture, Keira included, from which you can't help but conclude that Georgiana was indeed the first true 'celebrity'. As with P&P, Keira is in nearly every scene, and there were comparisons, IMO, with Keira's Lara in Doctor Zhivago (still my favourite Keira role to date), so I can't wait to see the finished product.

March 26th

Rejoice ! Rejoice ! Dame Keira Knightley is 23 today !!

March 23rd
The official site for The Edge Of Love will be live soon.
And there's a new still on the web site of one of the filming locations.
Thanks Harriet

March 15th
Pride & Prejudice gets its UK terrestrial premiere on ITV1 next Saturday 22nd at 9.25pm.

Worrying statistics from a survey of UK students conducted by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers finds that more and more pupils think academic studies are unimportant as they are increasingly determined to become famous instead. Keira was the fourth favourite celebrity the 300 polled students wanted to be. Article.

The New York Times has an interesting article on US book publishing, and in particular the appeal of movie tie-in paperbacks, using the Knightley/McAvoy-fronted Atonement tie-in as an example.

March 14th
Silk is out on UK DVD on Monday. Order here.

Keira won Best Actress for Pirates AWE at the Rembrandts, the Dutch movie awards voted for by the public.
Thanks Marten

March 10th
Here's Keira's pre-recorded acceptance speech from the Empires - short but sweet: 400kb
This is her eighth consecutive Empire nomination but her first win - and the only win for this role among the six major nominations (BAFTAs, Globes, Satellites, IFTAs, London Critics, Empires). Pity she wasn't there ! She cited 'filming commitments' for her absence.

Silk won four awards at the Jutra Awards last night, celebrating the best in Quebec cinema (represented by director Francois Girard). It won Best Sound, Cinematography, Costume and Art Direction. Article.

March 9th
Keira won Best Actress at the Empire Film Awards tonight, beating Emma Watson, Cate Blanchett, Angelina Jolie and Katherine Heigl. This is her first win for her role of Cecilia Tallis. The awards are voted for by the British movie-going public. James McAvoy won Best Actor and Atonement won Best British Film, making three wins for the movie out of six nominations. Keira did not attend. The ceremony is on ITV2 in the UK on Monday night. Article.

March 8th
UK release of The Duchess is pencilled in for August 29th. With a likely shuffle to early September this will place it in the same week as the release of Atonement and Pride & Prejudice, raising the likelihood of a November US release in time for Oscar voting.

Keira keeps her place in Tatler's Best Dressed list for 2008. Article.

March 7th
The Daily Mail confirms Keira's songs which we'll hear her singing in The Edge Of Love will appear on the soundtrack. Not surprisingly, the newswires are already full of stupid 'Keira to release an album' headlines. New pic on the article, though.
Still no news on a release date: likely summer, with The Duchess in autumn/fall. I contacted the production company this week - there were plans to have a premiere of The Edge of Love in Laugharne where Dylan Thomas lived and parts of the movie were filmed, but the film company must have said no as it no longer appears on their programme for The Laugharne Weekend over Easter.

March 3rd
The green Atonement dress went for a cool $46,000 !!

Keira admires the styles - or perhaps the courage - of Bjork and Helena Bonham-Carter on the red carpet, according to The Daily Express. Article.

Atonement will be out on DVD in Australia on April 30th.
Thanks Amy

February 29th
Keira graces the cover of two UK mags at the moment, Eve and EasyLiving. Nothing new in either, though.
Thanks Harriet

Atonement will be out on DVD in North America on March 18th
Thanks Jamie and others

Just one day left to bid on Keira's green Atonement dress at clothesoffourback.

The Daily Mail had an article on people sent to work at celebs' homes, including a plumber who tinkered with Keira's pipes. He saw her "eating soup and sandwiches", the newspaper feels it important to tell us.

February 25th
Atonement won just one Academy Award last night: Dario Marionelli won for Best Original Score. Keira did not attend, although James McAvoy and Saoirse Ronan did.

The Telegraph has an article on the upcoming movies all featuring historical female figures from Britain's past. The mention of the 'Sapphic' storyline between Bess and Keira's character Georgiana in The Duchess has not entirely been omitted, according to my 'insider' who has read the script !

February 23rd
Variety have an Atonement 'Awards Showcase' with an exclusive screening interview, plus all of the promo videos. Watch.

BAFTA have a number of video interviews with The Duchess crew, featuring behind the scenes footage galore. Watch.

BBC Films have a page for The Duchess, as it's a co-production of the BBC's film-making company. Looks like being a September release at the moment.

UK satellite channel E4 has an hour of interviews with Keira and James on Monday 25th at 8am. Might be the same prog from around the time of the Atonement release, ie. mostly music videos with bits of interviews slotted inbetween.

February 21st
Fashion 'experts' seem to think Keira will be on Sunday's red carpet, judging by this article. Look out for pap snaps of her at LAX before Saturday if she's changed her mind about not going to the Oscars.
Thanks Harriet, Robert

The LA Times also has an article on Keira and Joe Wright.

Ralph Fiennes talks about The Duchess in this article.

February 19th
A new Edge Of Love pic has surfaced, on a personal finance magazine cover, strangely! KeiraDaily has the pic.

It's just occurred to me who Keira's boyf looks like - Watch (Great band, back on the road later this year).

Variety has some interesting location details on Atonement.

February 15th
Keira will not be attending the Academy Awards this year. She told the Daily Mail's showbiz man that she'll be watching it on telly with the rest of us. I have to say - again - how useful that guy is, compared to the rest of the writers on that paper. Look at how they've angled this article - could it be the small fact of the paparazzi in her face (and knowing that the Daily Mail is exactly the sort of rag to buy such shots) that makes her want to look so glum ?
Thanks Harriet

February 12th
Keira attended the Elle Style Awards this evening, where she picked up the gong for Best Actress. Article. have a slide show on Keira's changing looks over the years.

The Independent had an interesting article on the public and media perception of Keira the actress.

February 10th
Atonement won Best Film at the BAFTAs !
The movie also won Best Production Design. Keira correctly predicted that Marion Cotillard would win Best Actress (see Sky News interview below). Keira was wearing a Valentino dress and an Alexander Wang jacket to keep out the chill.

Red carpet: BBC News (5Mb) - Sky News (3Mb) - E! (3Mb)
Best Film acceptance speech: BBC (4Mb)
Keira at post-awards party, Grosvenor Hotel: Sky News (1.7Mb)
Press releases: AFP - UPI- BBC

February 9th
The BAFTAs' sponsor Orange will be streaming red carpet arrival chats live on their site from 4.30pm Sunday (11.30am ET). BBC, Sky News and E! will also have live coverage. The ceremony will be on BBC1 from 9pm.

Keira gave a birthday surprise to a young co-star on the set of The Duchess. Bless.

February 6th
This year's Vanity Fair 'Hollywood Issue' (March) pays homage to Alfred Hitchcock's classic movies, with Keira and Jennifer Jason-Leigh featured in a scene from Rebecca. The mag site has a behind the scenes video and article.

Keira is No.39 on's Top99 Women poll.
Thanks Xan

The Jacket gets its UK terrestrial premiere on the 16th when it airs on ITV1 at 11pm.

February 5th
Atonement is now available on DVD in the UK, and it's currently No.1 on Amazon. They also have a Keira 'In The Spotlight' feature this week.

Helena Bonham-Carter beat Keira to the Evening Standard Awards Best Actress gong last night. Article.

February 4th
Keira is up for one of six nominations for Atonement in the Empire Magazine Film Awards, to be held on March 10th. Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Newcomer, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Director are the categories. This is the seventh consecutive year Keira has been nominated at the Empires, but is yet to win. The first time was Best Newcomer for The Hole back in 2002.

February 2nd
BAFTA chief exec Amanda Berry has confirmed Keira will attend next Sunday's BAFTA Awards in London.

Keira has topped a poll by dating site Gay Parship as the person most lesbians would want to go on a date with. Article.

February 1st
Keira is reportedly on a longlist with Lindsay Lohan to play Cathy in a big-screen adaptation of Emily Bronte's 1847 classic Wuthering Heights. The movie is to be directed by John Maybury, who cast Keira in The Edge Of Love and The Jacket.  Article.
- Maybury comments on the matter of Keira deciding whether to do another period movie. What do you think ? Would you rather see Keira in modern roles for the next few years, or would another period costume drama be just your cup of tea ? Vote now.

January 31st
Atonement won four of six nominations at the inaugural Richard Attenborough Awards in London last night, voted for by UK journalists. Awards won were Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Actor and Best Director. Keira was up for Best Actress but lost out to Cate Blanchett. Article.

Keira's green Atonement dress will be auctioned from tomorrow by ClothesOffOurBack in aid of California children's charity Variety. It is one of several identical dresses made for the movie under supervision of Oscar-nominated costume designer Jacqueline Durran. Article- Auction site.

January 29th
Silk has been nominated for Canadian movie technical awards, the Genies. It's up for Production Design, Costume Design, Sound, Cinematography and Score by Ryuichi Sakamoto. Winners will be announced on March 3rd.
As it virtually by-passed most cinemas, Keira fans will be interested to know that Silk will be out on DVD in North America on February 26th and March 3rd in Europe.

January 28th
The press are making comparisons between 1960s model Twiggy and photos of Keira in the new issue of Canadian magazine Strut. The papers, including The Daily Mail (surprise, surprise) seem to be oblivious to the fact that it's a Roberto D'Este photoshoot from 2003 !

Teachers at Keira's former school have apparently signed a BAFTAs good luck card, as she missed out on an Oscar nomination. Article.

Atonement is now at its widest screening in North America (1,400 theatres), and has now taken nearly $38m there alone. Total global box office should break $100m in the next ten days.

Wow, look at the price of this (as noticed on my own ads :))

January 25th
Keira's cheeks are the most desired by plastic surgery patients, according to the annual Hollywood's Hottest Looks survey of the 'perfect fantasy woman'. Article.

Keira, James, Saoirse and Romola are all up for Evening Standard British Film Award nominations, and Atonement is up for Best Film, Screenplay and Costume. The ceremony will be held in London on February 4th.

January 22nd
Keira has missed out on an Academy Award nomination for Atonement, although the movie did get seven noms overall, including Best Picture and Best Cinematography. See my blog post for the categories and competition. The ceremony will take place (possibly) on February 24th.

To make up for today's disappointment, I have put online a huge collection of praise for Keira's performance in Atonement from critics worldwide. See the Praise page.

Keira's second appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show will premiere in the UK on the 31st at 1.30pm on fiveLife.

The release of Atonement on DVD in the UK on February 4th (HD DVD on March 10th) will have a standard single release and also a double pack release with Pride & Prejudice. Pre-order here.

January 16th
Keira has received her first BAFTA nomination, for Best Actress in Atonement. The film leads the nominees with a total of 14 nominations. Read my blog post for the competitors in each of the categories. This makes amends for BAFTA's snub of Keira in 2006 for her role in Pride & Prejudice. Director Joe Wright had a dig at the organisation during his acceptance speech for Best Director. See it here (1.5Mb) if you haven't seen it. The ceremony will be on February 10th in London.

Keira's The Jacket co-star Brad Renfro was found dead at his home in Los Angeles yesterday. He played The Stranger in the 2005 movie. The cause of death has not yet been determined. Brad Renfro was 25. Here he is interviewed at the US premiere of The Jacket.

January 13th
Atonement won Best Film - Drama at last night's Golden Globe Awards, and Dario Marianelli won for Best Original Score. Article
The BAFTA noms are announced this Wednesday, 16th. Oscar noms are out next Tuesday, 22nd.

January 11th
Keira and James are on the cover of the new issue of Entertainment Weekly. And there's a behind-the-scenes video interview from the shoot at the EW site.
Thanks Roque, Franziska, Louise

They're also on and in the new issue of W Magazine.
Thanks Fliss

January 10th
Keira has won Favorite Female Action star at this year's People's Choice Awards, again a muted affair due to the writers' strike. Article.

January 8th
Due to the ongoing writers' strike in the US, The Golden Globes ceremony has now been reduced to a one-hour press conference at which the winners will be announced. This will take place at 6pm on Sunday PST (2am Monday GMT). More details here.

The New York Times had a profile of Keira on Sunday.
Thanks Troy

January 6th
Members of the Screen Actors Guild, including Keira, have unanimously agreed to boycott next Sunday's Golden Globe Awards unless an agreement is worked out before then regarding the ongoing strike brought by Hollywood writers over royalty payments. The ceremony itself is still due to go ahead at present. Article.

The Duchess is already on the Oscar buzz list for 2009. Article.

Keira is at No.15 on IMDb's aggregated StarMeter list of most searched-for artists on the movie database in 2007.
Thanks Drew

January 2nd
Atonement is now at No.14 in the US charts, having taken $11.2m since opening. Global tally is now just over $47m.

Keira's green Atonement dress has been voted cinema's best ever gown in a poll by Sky Movies and readers of InStyle magazine, who presumably have very short memories.

Meanwhile, in a poll by Fitness magazine, more than half of those surveyed would rather look like Keira than Queen Latifah. You don't say!

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