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December 30th
The KeiraWeb review of Keira's 2007 is now online.

After starting the year with a legal battle over anorexia claims, Keira's year has been rounded off by being voted the Number 1 Women's Beauty Icon of 2007. The poll was conducted among female shoppers at the cosmetics and pharmacy chain Superdrug. Article.

Keira is one of advertising trendspotter JWT's 'Things to Watch in 2008'. Article.

The Daily Telegraph has some glowing mentions for Keira in its Style Awards for 2007. Article.

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December 28th
Here's my edit of Robbie The Reindeer: 7Mb. The sound's not perfect and it's only Keira's character's scenes, but then the whole point of making the programme was that you'll rush out and buy the DVD to raise money for Comic Relief... Keira played Em, sister of the bride Donna, who also happens to be a secret government agent called M, on the lookout for aliens amongst us a la Men In Black.

December 27th
The first teaser for The Duchess is online here (or if you have access problems as I did, it's on YouTube here).
Thanks Harriet

December 23rd
The interview I referred to on November 28th, where Keira and James McAvoy would ask each other questions submitted by you, can now be viewed online here.
Thanks Amy

And Robbie The Reindeer talks about Keira in this interview with The Times.

The Screen Actors Guild have once again ignored Keira and her projects, with no nominations for Atonement's cast, crew or the production itself. The press are concluding that this will be reflected in the Oscar nominations, but it obviously didn't for Pride & Prejudice.

Atonement is now playing on nearly 300 screens in the US, wit a tally up to Friday of $4.3m. It was No.9 on last week's US box office chart, despite playing on only 3% of the cinema count typical of a wide release.

December 19th
MTV have a good interview with Keira here.

And the Daily Mirror has the first glimpse of Keira's reindeer character.

Bend It Like Beckham director Gurinder Chadha has nice things to say about Keira in this interview.

December 18th
The link I posted yesterday to The Sun's photo of Keira recording Robbie the Reindeer now has a video from behind the scenes (unless it was there yesterday and I never noticed it !). If you can't play it (it's an flv file, like YouTube vids), I've turned it into a wmv and uploaded it here (3.8Mb).

Amazon UK is listing February 4th as the release date of Atonement on DVD, and March 3rd for Silk. The site is now taking pre-orders.
There's also a new Stephen Mangan DVD out called Someone Else which features New Year's Eve as an 'extra' (Keira and Stephen were the main actors in NYE).

December 17th
Today's Sun has a pic of Keira recording voices for the new Christmas Day Robbie The Reindeer.

Keira was featured on the CBS show 'Sunday Morning' on, er..., Sunday morning. The video is now online.
Thanks Anne

Atonement widened to 117 cinemas across the US last week, taking in a further $1.85m giving a new US total of $2.9m and a global tally of just under $35m. It will expand further across the US over the next three weeks.

You will soon be able to get your hands on Keira's green dress from Atonement as fashion house Faviana are to make a line of cheap copies, launching in the US in January. Article.
Thanks Sal

The Chanel commercial featuring Keira premiered in Australia and New Zealand over the weekend. Article.

And talking of Australia I've now added an eBay Australia live banner to the 'Keira stuff' column on the right.

December 14th
More Globes reaction from the ladies...
Keira: ''I was sitting in my living room actually nursing a hangover when my agent sent a text saying congratulations.''
Saoirse: ''We're all jumping around at the moment. It's just fantastic. I'm working today, so I don't know whether I'll be able to celebrate, but we'll probably have a nice dinner when we get home from work.''

Atonement has now widened to 117 theaters in the US, hardly enough for people to see what all the Globes fuss was about. Australia is the next big market, opening there on the 26th. It's still to open in many European countries throughout January, and has recently recouped its budget of $30m.

December 13th
Keira has been nominated for her second Golden Globe Award, for her role of Cecilia Tallis in Atonement. The film has been nominated in ALL the important categories and has more nominations - seven - than any other film.
Best Actress - Keira Knightley
Best Actor - James Macavoy
Best Supporting Actress - Saoirse Ronan
Best Director - Joe Wright
Best Screenplay - Christopher Hampton
Best Original Score - Dario Marionelli
Best Film Drama
For the full nominations in these categories, see the blog. The ceremony will take place in Los Angeles on January 13th.

Keira: "I'm absolutely thrilled, and it's so wonderful that the film has been nominated in so many categories. I adored making it, and am delighted for Joe, James, Saoirse and everyone involved."

James: "It is a great honour to have been nominated for a Golden Globe among such illustrious company".

Saoirse: "I loved playing Briony, so this is incredibly exciting for myself and my families - my family at home and my Atonement family. I am so happy that they were recognised for their achievements. Go Raibh Mile Maith Agaibh - that means 'thank you very much' in Irish."

The London Film Critics Awards have also announced their nominations today, with virtually the same noms as the Golden Globes:
British Actress - Keira Knightley
British Director - Joe Wright
British Actor - James Macavoy
British Supporting Actress - Saoirse Ronan
British Breakthrough - Saoirse Ronan
Screenplay - Christopher Hampton
For the full nominations in these categories, click here. The ceremony will take place in London on February 8th.
Thanks Caladonia

December 9th
Early estimates have a debut box office of $817,000 for Atonement in the US this weekend. Considering it's only on 32 screens in its first week, that's a very respectable $25,500 per screen. It opens wider next week.

FadingAtonement has a nice collection of Atonement 'For Your Consideration' promotions in the US movie industry press, published to catch the eye of the Oscar voting committee.

December 8th
This week's Ellen interview can be seen here.

There's another interview in MoviesOnline, and one on, plus Variety's 'Eye on the Oscars' series has a Keira feature.

December 7th
Keira matched her Grecian look at the UK premiere of Atonement in September with a similar look last night at the LA prem. Pics here and here. A video from the LA Times here.

Many of the UK papers are carrying the Interview magazine pics today, and even the Daily Mail are quite complimentary.

More interviews and articles today: Dallas Morning News - USAToday - CinemaBlend - - Ledger
Thanks Troy

TMZ have a pap vid of Keira and Rupert leaving JFK for LAX.

December 6th
Keira has the big interview in this month's Backstage movie industry journal, certain to be read by the Oscar voting committee (incidentally, Academy Award nominations will be announced on January 22nd. The ceremony will be on February 24th). The scans are on the Magazines page. It's an oversize publication so the interview is scanned in separate parts.
Thanks Rachel and AF

Keira has come in at No.9 in the annual Empire magazine's 100 Sexiest Movie Stars poll.

There's a (what seems to be becoming obligatory) behind-the-scenes video from the recent Elle shoot here.
Thanks Angel

December 5th
There are more pics from the New York Atonement screening here.

Keira is No.10 in Forbes' magazine's 'Top 20 Under 25s' feature.
Thanks Richard

There's a fab new photoshoot and interview in the new issue of Interview magazine. KeiraDaily has the scans. Read the interview on the mag site.

And she's once again cover girl on the January 08 issue of Elle UK, with an interview inside. has the scans.
Thanks David, Nicky also have HQ versions of the GMA and Regis interviews.
Thanks Nicky

There'll be a 'premiere' for the new Robbie The Reindeer animation, for which Keira has recorded character voices, at the Odeon in London's Leicester Square on December 16th. Not sure if Keira's going, but it's all in aid of Comic Relief so it's possible. The new episode is called Close Encounters Of The Herd Kind, and will air at 2.30pm on Christmas Day. Follow that, your majesty! (The Queen's Christmas broadcast is on after it at 3pm). King Arthur will also premiere on UK terrestrial this Christmas (about time!).
Thanks Amo

December 4th
Here's the full set of the photoshoot I linked to earlier, and some pics from the Cinema Society screening of Atonement in NYC.

Here's the Regis & Kelly interview and the Good Morning America interview, both from Monday.
Thanks to the YouTubers who posted them.

December 2nd
Keira and Joe Wright will attend a special screening of Atonement in New York on Monday night, sponsored by Chanel, and part of Andrew Saffir's Cinema Society season. Article.
Thanks Fliss

Plenty of Keira interviews in the North American press this weekend, and Oscar talk in the Times of London:
NYPost - Twin Cities - Boston Globe - Jam! - StarTelegram - Toronto Star - Sunday Times

And here's an interview with Joe Wright. And here he is being pinned down by two brutes in a hotel room.

Site news: I'm 'beta-testing' the new KeiraWeb blog, so head on over and take a peek. My other blog has seen posts appearing on Page 1, Position 1 of Google (the Holy Grail for webmasters) so I'm giving this a go, too. Plus, it would come in handy for those of you into RSS Readers (where you can read the latest news from your favourite sites without having to go to those sites), and there's plenty of Digg and other social networking buttons there to spread the word. If it does well, I may make it the front page of the site, as it's pretty much blog format anyway.

December 1st
Keira has received her first Best Actress nomination for Cecilia Tallis in Atonement, from the International Press Academy Satellite Awards. Saoirse Ronan has also been nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category for her role as Briony. The ceremony will be held on December 16th. Full list of nominees.

Keira has arrived in New York ahead of this week's Atonement promotions. See pap snaps. She landed in New York instead of LA because she is due to appear not only on Regis & Kelly but also on Good Morning America on Monday 3rd. To recap the promos so far:
3rd - Good Morning America; Live With Regis & Kelly
6th - Ellen Degeneres Show (Note: Ellen's official site is not listing Keira's appearance at all this week?); Atonement prem, Goldwyn Theater, Beverly Hills, LA

November 30th
Keira will pay her second visit to The Ellen Degeneres Show on Thursday 6th.  It has not been announced which part of her body she will be playing a tune on this year.

Boston Now has a short interview with Keira.

Focus Features is now pushing for Atonement Oscar attention in the Hollywood industry press, as can be seen by these spreads currently on eBay.

November 28th
Would you like to ask Keira a question ? And for that question to be asked by James MacAvoy ? Well now you can, thanks to AOL Moviefone's Unscripted series. Keira and James will be asking each other questions set by you, so submit your questions now! More info
Thanks Andie

For the first time since Gaijin, Keira has provided the voice for animated characters, this time in a third adventure of Robbie The Reindeer, to be broadcast on Christmas day in the UK. It's a production written by Richard Curtis, with merchandise proceeds going to Comic Relief.
Thanks Cassie

Keira memorabilia collectors may like to know that the eBay banners on the right of this page not only give live listings and bid prices but I've now also set them up to pick out just the most watched items, (ie. the items that most people have added to their 'watchlist' in the MyEbay section of their account). This should sort the 'wheat from the chaff' and pull out more rarities.

November 26th
There's a Keira interview in the latest issue of Time Out for the Chicago region (and probably others too). Scans are on the Magazines page.
Thanks Andrew

I'm not usually a fan of such things but this is funny - wait for it to load. I hate to say it, but her face really fits the bodies :)
Thanks Sal

November 25th
Here is Keira's speech from the Variety Club of Great Britain ShowBiz Awards (after actor Charlie Cox bumbles his way through the introduction). I've left in the last part of Jerry Springer's acceptance speech too as he gets a little starstruck when he spots Keira at the front table !: 3Mb

November 23rd
Keira will be a guest of Regis and Kelly on Monday December 3rd in the US.

Figures I came across yesterday stated that Silk has been showing in the UK on just 24 screens. Was there any point in making this movie ? Keira's films will be going straight to DVD at this rate !

The Daily Mail have got their 'Keira fan' head on again today, with an interview from the set of The Duchess, and some new pics. They'll now need to slag her off within the week, just to balance it out.

November 21st has Keira among its Oscar contenders feature, as does Variety.
Thanks Thais

The US premiere of Atonement will be held at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills on Thursday 6th, with arrivals from 6pm. Keira is due to be in the US all that week for promotions. If the writers' strike continues it may jeopardise any talk shows that have been planned so keep an ear to the ground for any short-notice 'replacement' promotions.

November 19th
Congrats to Keira who won Best Film Actress for Atonement at last night's Variety Club of Great Britain Showbusiness Awards. UK viewers can see the ceremony next Saturday on Sky Three at 8pm, repeated on Sky One at 3pm on Sunday.
Articles: Daily Mail - Sky - BBC - Telegraph

November 18th
The North American DVD of Silk will be released on February 26th.

There's an Atonement feature in December's Vanity Fair, as this scan shows.
Thanks Kylen

The new single by London band Good Shoes, entitled 'Small Town Girl' may be about someone familiar. It's about a girl from humble beginnings who made it big in Hollywood. One of the band members was at school with a certain Keira Knightley.

November 16th
There's some new Duchess pap snaps here.
Thanks Jules

Keira is nominated for Favorite Female Action Star at the People's Choice Awards. Vote here, although you have to register first, for some stupid reason.
Thanks Stella

November 13th
You can vote for Keira in Empire magazine's 100 Sexiest Movie Stars poll. Keira was No.1 last year, so make sure you vote !
Thanks Sal

British-made films accounted for more than a quarter of UK box office figures this year, a new report reveals. Movies including Atonement made up 27%, up a whopping 19% on the whole of last year. Article.

This week's Entertainment Weekly has a couple of features on Atonement, one on the costumes and one in its 'Oscar contenders' feature. Scan 1 - 2
Thanks Rachel

November 9th
Silk opened in the UK today. Not that you'd notice - no premiere, no promotions of any kind. And the few reviews I've read have been atrocious to say the least. The Daily Mail gave it a grand total of 0 out of 5 stars, with most criticism levelled at the 'listless' Michael Pitt and the general feeling (a concern I voiced when the project was announced) that there's just not enough in the book to make it an interesting movie.

If you'd rather have some Keira retail therapy instead, you certainly can over the next couple of weeks. Love Actually is being re-released on Monday 12th in a twin pack with the Winslet/Diaz starrer The Holiday. Then, on the 19th, Pirates AWE is out on DVD, as is a box set of all the POTC movies. Bend It Like Beckham is also being re-released on the 19th. Click here to buy.

November 7th
Remember the celebrity handprints charity that Keira contributed to a year or two ago ? Well now all of the prints have been published in a book to benefit charity. You can pre-order a copy from Amazon UK . Press release.

Keira is at No.21 in Harper's Bazaar's annual Best Dressed Women poll. Article.
Thanks Harriet

November 6th
Keira is on and inside the new issue of Elle US. KeiraDaily has the scans. The Elle site also has a video of the shoot.
Thanks Fliss, Lisa

Here's a few morphing attempts from Keira into Audrey Hepburn.

November 3rd
Silk debuted at No.8 in the Italian box office, taking $512,000 on 197 screens. Not fabulous, then, but still already halfway to the US total, as it only opened on 122 screens in the US and has now tallied $1,089,000 after seven weeks. Look out for a UK review on Film 2007 Tuesday night on BBC1.

October 28th
Nothing newsworthy for over a week - I think that's a first!

The UK terrestrial TV premiere of Pure is on November 5th on BBC1 at 11.55pm.

October 20th
On Wednesday of this week the Daily Mail reported on Keira's swearing outburst as she fluffed her lines during filming on The Duchess. Hardly newsworthy, but it gave them a hook to print more pap snaps. Now, however, we have the video of it too. A new nightmare for the film companies - paparazzi video - but a new format for fans to see a film in the making before the promotional making-of films hit the TV prior to release.
Thanks Harriet, Douglas

October 18th
Some more pap snaps from the set of The Duchess have appeared here and here.

And two more stills from Silk.

October 14th
Keira may be heading to Australia to promote Atonement in December. This will be the farthest she's gone to promote a movie since the Tokyo visit for Love Actually in 2003. Article.

October 5th
Bend It Like Beckham is the subject of next Monday's "Movie Connections" documentary series on BBC1 at 10.35pm. The history of a cult British film is examined each week, how the cast and crew came to be involved, and what became of them afterwards. No mention in the TV listings of Keira being interviewed, but Parminder will be. She was the lead, after all.

Silk is now playing at just 83 cinemas across the US and has a total tally of just under $700,000. It should fare much better in Japan, where it will premiere as part of the Tokyo Film Festival on October 28th. No sign of a UK premiere in Leicester Square's calendar, but the movie opens here on November 9th.

October 3rd
The LA Times has an Atonement audio interview with Keira here.

Keira has made MovieFone's Top 25 Under 25 list, drawn from a panel including Michael Douglas. Article.
Thanks Andie

October 1st
Hundreds of extras are required for The Duchess. A casting call to star alongside Keira takes place on Saturday. Article.

Here's a Silk article featuring interviews with Keira and Francois Girard.

The man you saw in the Chanel behind the scenes films died today. Chanel's artistic director Jacques Helleu was 69. Article.

September 28th
Keira is due to attend the Rome Film Festival next month to promote Silk. Article.

Atonement and Keira are already top of the polls for Oscar predictions, according to this table.
Thanks Drew

Atonement climbed back up one place to No.2 at the UK box office last weekend, taking another £1.16m.

September 25th
KKDaily has more pics from the set of The Duchess.
Thanks Fliss

September 24th
The split personality that is The Daily Mail today has the first filming photos from The Duchess, then slags Keira off about her comments in the current Allure magazine.
Thanks Harriet, Renate

There's a 12-page feature on Keira in the new issue of Lula magazine (Kirsten Dunst cover), with apparently a new photoshoot. Scans gratefully received. Review here.
Thanks Kira

September 21st
There's crisis at Keira's agency PFD right now with many of the top agents resigning and working their notice until the end of this month following a row over an offer to buy the company. Keira's lifelong agent Lindy King is one of those who has resigned. Article.
Thanks George

Here's an interesting article on Stokesay Court, one of the major locations used for Atonement.
Thanks Tim

September 20th
The Daily Mirror had an interview with Keira today.

Atonement slipped one place to No.3 in the UK Box Office over the weekend, now totalling $8.8m after just 10 days.

All of the Chanel behind-the-scenes vids can be seen here.
Thanks Georges

Keira will be cover girl on the next issue of Allure magazine.
Thanks Harriet

September 18th
Keira, James and Joe were interviewed in an hour long programme on E4 this morning, but mostly consisting of music videos. Here's the Keira edit (7Mb). You'd think caption writers would know how to spell her name by now.

September 15th
The Daily Mail, when it's not slagging her off, sometimes has useful info on Keira's projects. This 'Watch out for...' article says The Duchess starts principal photography on Monday, with Keira due on set for nearly all the scenes. The City of Bath is among external locations.
Thanks Tamise

The Sunday Times has a few nice words in its Muse section of its Style supplement.

Silk's Friday debut in the US took in $388,000, Variety reports. It's only on 122 screens at present but it's still a poor $311 per screen. Eek.

September 14th
Well, Silk opened in the US today... to abysmal reviews. has only 12% positive reviews, compared with an unbeatable 100% positive reviews for Atonement. Even Roger Ebert, who predicted the Oscar nom for Keira's Lizzie Bennet describes Silk as "...languid, too languid...". They liked the scenery though. American citizens, do Keira the honour this weekend of going to see it ! It opens in the UK on November 9th.

September 12th
Another day, another premiere. Keira attended the world premiere of Silk at the same venue as the Atonement prem the previous day in Toronto. Co-stars Michael Pitt and Sei Ashina also attended. Pics here and here.

Entertainment Weekly have a long interview re: Atonement.
Thanks Caitlin

And a Silk interview from The Toronto Star.
Thanks Cassie

The official press release announcing the Chanel 'film' can be read here, with links to official multimedia.

Oh, and The Daily Mail have trotted out yet another 'Keira's too thin' article. What IS their problem ?

September 11th
Atonement took £1.6m at the UK box office in its opening weekend, but was kept off the top spot by Simon Pegg's comedy Run, Fat Boy, Run.

Keira attended the North American premiere of Atonement at the Toronto Film Festival yesterday. See pics here and here.

September 10th
Chanel today gave me exclusive access to the final cut of the Coco Mademoiselle commercial, and it really is superb. Seeing it on TV won't do it justice - I hope people will get to see it in cinemas too. I've also seen many more documentaries about the making of the film and the Chanel house and products. The commercial can be seen from the 12th worldwide in most countries I believe - Liz from Malaysia was surprised to learn it will be shown there. You can still see the making-of video here (4Mb).
Thanks Vicky at Chanel

The 2008 Keira Knightley calendar is now available from here.
Thanks Sal

The Daily Mail have picked up on Keira's first role in A Royal Celebration, after a clip was shown on Jonathan Ross last Friday.
Thanks Harriet

September 7th
Keira's interview with Jonathan Ross can be downloaded from here (31Mb). As her biggest-audience UK interview to date it wasn't bad at all, although as ever you can only be as good with your answers as the questions you get asked, which weren't exactly new. However, we do get to see a clip from Keira's first ever TV appearance, in A Royal Celebration when she was seven.

Keira is cover girl and interviewed in October's Vogue UK. Scans.

Review site RottenTomatoes has an interview with Keira.

And the house from Atonement, Stokesay Court, comes under the spotlight in this article. The Shropshire pile will be opening its doors to the public while the film is at cinemas.
Thanks Lily

The full-size scans from Elle can be seen here at, and also the new Marie Clare interview scans here.
Thanks Nicky

September 6th
Here's today's two interviews from ITV. Apologies for the sound quality: GMTV (16Mb) - ITV This Morning (11Mb)

Keira is interviewed in The Times today.

And she is featured in the October issue of Elle UK. See scans.
Thanks Georges

September 5th
Here is Sky Movies' 25 minute behind the scenes special on Atonement, in 3 parts (each 13Mb): One - Two - Three

And the BBC's interview with Keira from the prem (1Mb).

September 4th
Keira attended the UK premiere of Atonement in London's Leicester Square this evening. Crowds were down on previous prems due to a London tube (subway) strike. Here's a few vids I grabbed earlier tonight:
ITV London (6Mb) - Sky (6Mb) - Sky interview (1.5Mb)

Keira and James were interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live this afternoon. See the Listen Again section on this page.

September 3rd
If you've seen since the beginning of the month you'll know about the movie projections of Keira onto blank walls around the world - an effective and original idea for marketing a product! If you're near London, you can see Keira's light projection show from 9pm till midnight this Thursday at Chanel's boutique on the Brompton Road in Knightsbridge, SW3.
Thanks Chanel

Here are the two new pics featured in yesterday's Sunday Telegraph Stella magazine interview. Cover - article.
The interview is online here.
Thanks David for the scans

September 2nd
Belgian TV showed a two minute interview with Keira from Venice (4.4Mb)
Thanks Pieter

And here's a high-quality version of the Keira profile from the Chanel CD.

Today's Sunday Telegraph magazine has an in-depth interview with Keira.
Thanks David

And there was long article on Atonement in The Times on Saturday.

Vote for Keira as 'Talented Young Person Of The Month'.
Thanks Adam

August 31st
Plenty of article coverage from Venice, or just about Keira in general. Here's a 'pin-up or put down' article from today's Telegraph. And there's tons more here, here and here.
Thanks Lily, David, Dan and others

Keira will be interviewed on Thursday 6th's GMTV on ITV1.

August 30th
Today's Independent newspaper has a very nice profile of Keira.

Most of today's news programmes are covering tomorrow's Diana anniversary, but Sky News had a decent clip from Venice (2.6Mb).

August 29th
Keira and the rest of the Atonement cast are in Venice today where the movie opens the Venice Film Festival. Lots of lovely pics here, here, here and here. At a press conference this afternoon the Daily Mail - who else ? - asked Keira about her figure and airbrushing of the Chanel image, which she denied. But that didn't stop them publishing this typically tabloid titled article shortly afterwards.
Not a lot of TV footage at the moment, just this (1Mb) from EuroNews. More tomorrow when GMTV and E! News catch up.

Here's another exclusive clip from Atonement, over at Sky Movies.
Thanks Eugenia

August 28th
The nice people at Chanel have today sent me a promotional gift box for Coco Mademoiselle containing the perfume, a booklet and a CD on the making of the commercial. The new campaign launches on September 1st and the ad should be available from this web site, as well as on TV and cinema screens.

EXCLUSIVE: The CD also included a feature on Keira which I have uploaded here (4Mb). I'm sure Chanel would not want me to upload the main feature but as this is a Keira site I hope they'll forgive me for putting the Keira film online. (Watch it now just in case!). It may appear on the above site after September 1st so please respect my adherence to copyright issues and don't upload it to YouTube before then.
Thanks Valerie and Vicky at Chanel - Video clip (c) Chanel Corp.

Keira's first interview for Atonement was broadcast today on BBC Breakfast show. Watchor read. Nothing new really.

Keira has arrived in Venice for tomorrow's festival-opening premiere of Atonement.
Thanks Serena

August 27th
Yesterday's Glasgow Sunday Mail has the story that Keira has won the role of Coco Chanel in a movie biopic of the fashion icon. More soon. Article.
Thanks Harriet

Amazon (strangely) has the US, and different, version of the Atonement trailer.
Thanks Caladonia

Keira has won Choice Movie Actress: Action/Adventure at the Teen Choice Awards. Pirates AWE and other cast won many awards too. Full list.
Thanks Harriet

And she is third 'Hottest movie actress' in a poll by teen site eCrush.

August 24th
Canadian entertainment show eTalk Daily have confirmed Keira's attendance at the Toronto Film Festival next month as they will have a special feature spending the day with her as she attends the Atonement premiere next month.
Thanks Martin

The Daily Mail has the news today that Ralph Fiennes and Hayley Atwell will be Keira's co-stars in The Duchess.

And here's the Daily Mail's latest weekly push for Atonement. Today's Telegraph also has an interview with Joe Wright.

Check the TV Guide for the first batch of Atonement promo shows in the UK. TV ads have now started appearing in the UK and many cinemas are having early preview screenings.

Don't forget the Stories Of Lost Souls DVD is due out on Monday in the uK. Order here.

August 23rd
The new photoshoot in Flare magazine are now online at KeiraSeduction.
Thanks Serena

And Keira is at No.10 in Premiere magazine's '100 Women' feature.
Thanks Serena

August 22nd
Keira has conducted an interview for the RadioTimes TV listings mag, but once again the soundbites from it which the media have picked up on have cast her in a light of hypocrisy, perpetual moaning and feeling sorry for herself over the priveleged position she is in. This happens every time - she should just stick to talking about the movie and not about her life. The press will always make something of personal comments, but for Keira they always end up inducing scorn.

The Silk official site is now partly online.
Thanks Adam Reed

August 20th
Well now my YouTube page has been deleted altogether. I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted. I'd need 100s of Terabytes of bandwidth to put all my clips on a server and keep it online all month (and about as many pounds), so I'm not sure where to go from here.

Vote for Keira in the first National Movie Awards, being run and broadcast by ITV in the UK.
Thanks Serina, Eline

August 19th
Despite my comments below about the Atonement clips being among YouTube's most-viewed clips of the week, YouTube have now removed many of them at the request of Universal Pictures due to copyright infringement. I am well aware of copyright law but if Universal don't want me to help promote their movies, then I won't. Their loss.

The full Silk trailer has now been posted at Yahoo! Movies, but you'll just have to struggle with it in QuickTime on the site. I won't be ripping it for YouTube.
Thanks Caladonia

The Daily Mail has yet another Keira/Atonement feature.

The Elizabeth-Will Turner romance in POTC has been voted third worst in a poll by cinema company Pearl & Dean.

August 17th
In response to several requests - and cursings of QuickTime - I have ripped and uploaded the six Atonement featurettes from the Working Title site to my YouTube page. (All of the clips I have uploaded this week have entered the daily Honours of Top100 watched clips on YouTube).

Keira is featured in the new Dutch edition of Elle magazine.
Thanks Georges

Pirates DMC premieres on Sky Movies on August 25th. And Keira will be a guest of Jonathan Ross on the first episode of his new BBC1 series on September 7th, the day of release for Atonement in the UK. I guess this is the highest-profile talk show now on British telly, since Parkinson called it a day. Article.

August 16th
Here is the first clip from Silk, courtesy of iVillage. View it on-site or on my YouTube page. Keira's character Helene has an American (or Canadian) accent, strangely. I rather imagined her accent to be, well, French.

And here are two variations on the poster for Silk: English - French-Canadian.
Thanks Caladonia

Working Title now have six featurettes online for Atonement, which can be viewed here.

Keira is cover girl on the September issue of Canadian magazine Flare.
Thanks Trisha

August 15th
Here is the fountain-dipping scene from Atonement. Online at GQ Italy or full-screen playable on my YouTube page.
Thanks Harriet

August 14th
Elle France have a special feature on Keira's Chanel campaign. See the scans at knightley-infos.
Thanks Harriet

August 13th
What appears to be the full compliment of promotional and on-set Atonement photos have been posted here.
Thanks Harriet, Mandy, Monika

August 12th
The UK Film Council has published its list of top British earners based on movie grosses. Keira is at No.7. Article.

Here's the latest in the Daily Mail's almost-daily series of Atonement articles.
Thanks Tamise

The Daily Telegraph has the first behind-the-scenes video from the set of Atonement, featuring interviews with cast and author. Watch it on-site here, but I've also ripped it and uploaded it to YouTube so you can watch it full-screen here.
Thanks Tamise

The new issue of GQ magazine has a 5-page spread on Atonement.
Thanks Harriet

You can see a super-sized version of the first Chanel image here. These are now starting to appear in the press, including the rear cover of the current Elle.

Silk will be screened at the Tokyo Film Festival, taking place between October 20th and 28th. It was part-produced and filmed in Japan. A Canadian release has been set for September 21st, following a Special Presentation at the Toronto Film Festival. (Atonement will also be shown at Toronto). US release is still set for September 14th in limited release, opening wider in the following weeks. UK release is currently listed as November 9th. See the section on the left for the current release calendar. All dates are subject to change.

August 9th
The Guardian film critic says good things about Atonement in his blog, and interviews Joe Wright (mp3 download).
Thanks Caladonia

August 8th
Here is an article about a screening (believe it or not) of the new Chanel ad.

Shropshire Atonement filming location Stokesay Court has launched a web site ahead of it becoming a tourist trap once the movie opens. Check the site for details.
Thanks Tim

The Daily Mail continues to scrape along the bottom of the journalistic barrel by stirring rumours of Keira kissing a 'mystery man' in a London shop. The photo in question clearly shows her giving him just a greeting peck on the cheek, and the man is Nick Saunders, a friend from many years ago.

August 5th
Keira makes the cover of The Sunday Times Culture magazine today, with a great article on the page-to-screen adaptation of Atonement. Article.
Thanks Tamise, Caladonia

Would any kind soul out there be prepared to give me their access details for photo agency sites please for access to full-size pics ? I want to have a look at several of them and see how they match up. Preferably UK ones, but any will do - Getty, Rex, Isifa, Splash, Globe, LFI, WireImage etc. Thanks in advance if you can help.

August 4th
Lindsay Low-life has apparently slagged off to her friends at a party about her contemporaries, including Keira. I will refrain from commenting as KeiraWeb is sometimes read by Lindsay's fans. Both of them. Article.

Today's Daily Mail has a smug article delving into Keira's family history, revealing marriages which turned out to be bigamous and forgotten-about living relatives. It is the nadir of sensationalist journalism and serves no purpose whatsoever. KeiraWeb has never been about Keira's private life, and I'm not about to do the tabloid rag a favour by linking to it. And to think their showbiz journalist is the biggest friend Keira's fanbase could have, providing us with the scoops about her new projects and glowing reviews of her performances.

July 30th
Keira is up for Best Movie Actress in the first Nickelodeon UK Kids Choice Awards. Nominees.

Here is the first full review of Atonement, and a taste of things to come I think.
Thanks Caladonia

And here is a full-size Atonement poster.
Thanks Eugenia

July 28th
Atonement will be one of 22 movies shortlisted for the coveted Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival. Full line-up.

Pirates AWE will hit DVD and Blu-Ray on December 4th. Full details here.

July 27th
Keira has signed to play the lead role in The Duchess, a biopic of the Duchess of Devonshire, Lady Georgiana Spencer, based on the award-winning book by Amanda Foreman. Filming will start in October, directed by Saul Dibbs. Article.
More on the woman and book: Wikipedia - Book reviews.
Thanks Amo, Caladonia and others

And Atonement will also be part of the selection at the Toronto Film Festival in September, it has been confirmed.
Thanks Cassie, Caladonia

July 26th
The full Atonement trailer is now available, ending with a new release date for the UK: September 7th - one week earlier than planned. Watch - Download
Thanks Fliss, Troy, Caladonia

July 24th
The official Atonement site is online now.
Thanks Caladonia

July 20th
- It's a commonly-asked question here at KeiraWeb Towers - Has Keira ever done theatre? Well in a new interview today, her mother Sharman Macdonald reveals that she did in fact play Rosaline in her own play After Juliet. Keira was 14 when the play premiered at The Young Vic theatre in London. Sharman also talks about being "beyond proud" of her daughter after seeing Atonement. Interview.
- Here's an interview with Sharman from around the time the play was first performed, in late 1999.

The Daily Mail's showbiz editor also gives another glowing review of Atonement in his column today. Article.

July 17th
Atonement's UK premiere will be on Tuesday September 4th at the Odeon cinema in London's Leicester Square.
This will be six days after its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival. Keira's agent has confirmed to me today that Keira WILL be in Venice for the premiere on August 29th.
And Silk has today been confirmed for the Toronto Film Festival, which takes place between September 6th and 15th.

July 15th
The UK film censors have rated Atonement a '15' for "very strong language, moderate sex and bloody injuries" (not in the same scene, I hope!). A running time of 122mins has also been revealed. Thanks Henrique

Keira still makes the annual Tatler Top 100 'most wanted' list. Article. Thanks Harriet

Pirates AWE is now the fifth biggest movie of all time, with latest figures of $928m putting it just $48m short of a fourth place. With Star Wars and Pirates DMC, this means Keira now has three of the all-time Top 10 movies in her filmography, two of them in the Top 5.

The Mail On Sunday have got around to publishing an article on the Chanel pics. Keep up, lads. Article.

Sienna Miller dismisses The Edge Of Love three-in-a-bed rumours, but does admit to a two-in-a-bath scene. Interview.

July 9th
More Chanel pics have leaked out. See them here. I am informed by Chanel PR that none of the pics seen so far should be out yet - oops!
Thanks Harriet, Georges

July 7th
Here's the first in-depth article on the Chanel commercial, from French cinema site allocine, with a couple of new pics too.
Thanks Marianna

July 3rd
Some more Atonement stills have appeared and can be seen here.
Thanks Harriet

And more from Silk too - see here.
Thanks Fliss

Pirates AWE has now taken $295.8m in the US, making it the No.25 biggest film ever in the US, just behind Pirates CBP - for now. Around the world AWE has now racked up $608.9m, giving a global total of $904.7m. This steals Spider-Man 3's record for the top grossing movie of 2007, and is only the ninth movie ever to pass $900m at the box office.

June 30th
knightley-infos has a scan of a French article with the first image of Keira in the Chanel commercial, looking not unlike a younger version of Mademoiselle Coco Chanel herself - which may be the intended homage as the perfume is called Coco Mademoiselle.
Thanks Fliss, knightley-infos. Thanks Anna for the translation.

June 29th
In a TV interview tonight Matthew Rhys said that filming on The Edge Of Love wraps tomorrow.

Here's a billboard poster for Atonement.
Thanks Harriet

The increasingly stunning Emma Watson has beaten Keira into second place in a poll to find Britain's greatest ambassador for Britain. Article.

Meanwhile Keira's face has been chosen as part of the ultimate fantasy babe in a survey by The Sun. Not sure about the final mock-up pic though !

June 27th
French fan site knightley-infos has some details of the forthcoming Chanel commercial starring Keira and directed by Joe Wright. It states that Keira will be seen in front of the Eiffel Tower and Vendome Place pillar wearing a red silk dress designed by Karl Lagerfeld.
Thanks Harriet

More glowing praise for Atonement, this time from The Observer.

June 24th
Keira has apparently said she hates her phone, which is strange as it's never out of her hand in every pap snap. Article.
Thanks Harriet

Off-Topic: If you have a MySpace page, please consider Adding my tickets site page as your Friend. If you know anyone with a music-related page, even better, but I'm not fussy :)

June 22nd
The Daily Mail seems to be engaged in its own atonement since Keira's legal challenge with the tabloid earlier in the year, as it seems to mention Atonement every week lately. Today, the showbiz editor provides a glowing review of the movie following a press screening at the Soho Hotel in West London on Monday. It also confirms the re-pairing of Dario Marinelli and Jean-Yves Thibaudet to provide the score, as they did so beautifully for P&P.  Article.

And the Irish press are falling over themselves to trumpet the 'new Keira Knightley' in the form of Saoirse Ronan, who plays Young Briony in the movie, and has several more movies out this year. Articles here and here.

This article in 3:AM magazine (not to be confused with the Daily Mirror's showbiz section 3am) is written by novelist Sophie Parkin who has a bit part in The Edge Of Love. She tells of a quick chat with Keira in which she rubbished the claims of her leaving the industry (which, as usual, were only deliberate misquotes by the press for attention-grabbing soundbites).

Keira is on the cover of Australian teen mag Cleo this month with an interview inside.
Thanks Jake.

June 21st
The Edge Of Love poster art has appeared today, rather early and rather similar to the one for Closer.

Here's an article about the fountain scene in Atonement.

Keira attended the O2 Wireless Festival last week in Hyde Park, just around the corner from her home. She was able to stand at the side of the stage to see a set from one of her fave bands The White Stripes. Pics here and here.

Despite having potentially 'Chinese degrading' scenes cut before release in China, Pirates AWE has broken Chinese box office records, taking nearly $20m since opening.

June 15th
Atonement will open the Venice Film Festival on August 29th, it was announced today, followed by a gala party on the Excelsior beach. This is great publicity for the movie which is already a hot tip for Oscar nominations. Article.
There's a two-page feature on it at the official Venice Festival site.

Keira has made her first appearance on the Forbes 100 'Power List', with a new entry at No.71. Profile.

After her song in Pirates AWE, Keira will be singing again in The Edge Of Love, according to this article.

Pirates AWE has become the fastest movie to pass $500m at the global box office. Article.

June 13th
A new batch of high-resolution Atonement pics featuring Keira exclusively has been released. See them at KeiraDaily.
Thanks Fliss

June 11th
The lady in the Chanel ad is Raquel Zimmerman, apparently. Thanks to all who emailed to clear that up. She's obviously more famous than I thought, even if I've never heard of her!

June 10th
Ocean's 13 has knocked Pirates AWE off the top spot in this weekend's US Box Office, although AWE took another $21.3m. In the UK, AWE has now taken $58.3m after 11 days, $24m more than DMC over the same timeframe. AWE maintained its No.1 position in many countries, including France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Australia and Brazil.

Last Monday's Daily Telegraph had this Chanel ad on its back page. Is it Keira ? It's a bloody awful photograph if it is. I hope they get better than that.
Thanks David

Scans from Empire, Sugar and Mizz are now online on the Magazines page.
Thanks David, Henrique, Harriet

The WT site has some more Atonement filming pics.

BoxOfficeMojo is listing September 14th as the new US release date for Silk, which would make it the same day as Atonement in the UK.

Here's an Irish interview with Keira for Pirates AWE.

June 5th
A new set of Atonement filming pics has been posted at the WT site. And here's an impressive review of Joe Wright's premiere of three new clips at the Hay Literary Festival.
Thanks Harriet, Tim

June 4th
Pirates DMC won Best Movie at the MTV Movie Awards this weekend, and Johnny won Best Performance. Keira was also up for Best Performance. Ah well, at least she isn't in rehab. Or prison.

This weekend saw Pirates AWE add another $105.4m across 17,500 screens in 103 countries. It's global total is now $408.8m after just 12 days, placing it at No.29 on the all-time box office already ! It's the fastest movie to pass $400m and is already two-thirds of the way to matching DMC's all-time No.3 position. Variety has the following continental breakdown: Europe - $260m (8% up on DMC at this timeframe); $89m in Asia (28% up on DMC); $40m in Latin America (44% up on DMC); $20m in Australia & NZ (2% up on DMC). The UK total is now $59m.

Keira's Oscar red carpet Bulgari jewels are currently on show in Sydney, Australia. Article.
Thanks Jake

June 2nd
Pirates AWE took another $13.3m this Friday in the US, one week after its release. That's now $186.7m in a week, and well over $300m around the world.

Here's some unusual footage - Keira and Sienna going for dinner in London, making a deal with the paps for them to get their pics so that the girls can be left alone. Keira seems to have a greater tolerance level with them than Sienna, but Sienna has suffered far more with the paps when she was with (and then not with) Jude Law. Video.
Thanks Jake

May 24th
Keira has won her legal challenge against the Daily Mail regarding the article which implied she was responsible for the death of a girl from anorexia. A payment of £3,000 ($6,000) was awarded in settlement. Keira has matched this with a £3,000 donation of her own and has donated the total £6,000 to the eating disorder charity b-eat. Good girl, and well done ! And will the gutter press learn a lesson from this ? No, probably not. Article.

Keira and Orlando's pre-recorded interview for BBC Radio 1 was broadcast on Edith Bowman's show this afternoon. To listen to the interview, click here, scroll down to Edith Bowman, select Thursday then fast forward to 1h 40min in.

May 23rd
The European DVD release of Stories Of Lost Souls (featuring Keira in New Year's Eve) has been put back to August 31st.

May 22nd
Advice from those who have seen Pirates AWE already seems to be... stay past the end credits. There's another scene.

Part of Keira's Vogue photoshoot diary is now online.

May 21st
This morning's GMTV interview with Keira can be downloaded here. Nothing very exciting though. If only journalists would ask something interesting, she'd be able to give a worthwhile interview in response. 'Garbage in, garbage out', as the computer nerds would say.

She'll be on Australia's Sunrise show on Channel 7 tomorrow, presumably pre-recorded.
Thanks Jake

May 20th
Here is the first image of Keira in the Chanel Coco Mademoiselle promotional ads.
Thanks Fliss

Keira did not attend the US premiere of Pirates AWE on Saturday. She may attend the Paris or Tokyo premieres this week.

Here's another interview with Matthew Rhys from the set of The Edge Of Love.

Last Saturday, Keira attended a performance of the ballet Swan Lake in London, along with other celebs including her P&P co-stars Ros Pike and Tom Hollander.

May 18th
Keira's interview with Fiona Philips on GMTV will be shown on Monday 21st, starting a Pirates Week on the breakfast show. There's much more Pirates AWE stuff on UK TV over the next week. Check the updated TV Guide.

The new Vogue photoshoot can be seen here. Shot in the Masai Mara region of Kenya, it's one of the best we've seen for a looong time, IMO. Keira kept a diary during her stay in Africa, and those diaries will be published here on Tuesday 22nd.

May 17th
Here is Keira's interview from yesterday's Blue Peter. Watch.

A short-notice heads-up to those in the UK that Keira has recorded another one-hour radio show for broadcast on GCap's stations tomorrow. She did this for Pirates DMC, but this time she'll be joined by Orlando Bloom. Most stations (here's a sample list) will be broadcasting the show at 2pm.

May 16th
Keira is No.20 on this year's Maxim Hot 100. Press release.

Here is the French-Canadian version of the Silk poster.

The Blue Peter interview WAS on tonight's show. I'll have it online tomorrow.

There's not much Pirates presence on the US talk show circuit this time around. Orlando was on Leno last night and is on Ellen next Thursday, while Jerry Bruckheimer is on Carson Daly this Friday and Naomie Harris is on Craig Ferguson next Tuesday. And that's all, folks.

May 15th
Here's some of today's filming footage from The Edge Of Love in New Quay, recorded by me this evening on BBC Wales, including an interview with Matthew Rhys (Dylan Thomas). Watch here.

Keira will be cover girl on June's US Vogue, maybe an interview and photoshoot inside.
Thanks Fliss

Despite the BBC telling me that Keira's Blue Peter appearance would be next Tuesday, the presenter of today's show quickly mentioned that she'll be on tomorrow's show, so don't miss it just in case!

May 14th
The US Starz! channel's behind the scenes Pirates AWE documentary can be downloaded here. See the TV Guide for repeat TV showings.
Thanks Harriet

May 13th
A quick look at the headline of this article, and you'd be forgiven for thinking Keira Knightley has finally acknowledged the existence of her fans for the first time, but no. Sadly not.

The Welsh press today have the story that Keira and Sienna played up to the nonsense rumour of lesbian action in The Edge Of Love when they kissed for the paps while filming last week, but nobody captured it as they'd all gone home ! Article.

And The Independent yesterday had an articleon the truth behind the gunshot episode.

Movie industry journal Playback is suggesting that Silk will be headliner at this year's Toronto Film Festival in September.

Keira is cover girl on the June issue of Eve magazine, with tips inside for getting her 'look'. On the Magazines page now.
Thanks David for the scans

May 9th
In a very rare TV opportunity, ITV Wales tonight showed filming footage from The Edge Of Love, showing a beach scene with Keira and Matthew. No idea if the Unit Publicist gave them permission to film this, but for the time being it's on my YouTube page now. Watch it while you can.

May 8th
Best Time news:
- The Best Time Of Our Lives has been retitled The Edge Of Love, it was announced today. This BBC article mentions the new title, as did ITV Wales Tonight this evening. The article has some different pics to those which appeared yesterday, and the Daily Mail is just one of many British papers carrying the beach scene pics today.
- Both BBC and ITV were in the area today, but filming was not allowed on set. Although Dylan's house is still standing in New Quay, a replica house has been built along the coast for purposes of filming. New Quay filming is set to last for three weeks before moving to Pinewood- Shepperton Studios in London.
- Variety reports today that worldwide distribution for the movie is almost complete, as Lionsgate have acquired UK and Australian distribution deals. Thanks Harriet
- Hollywood gossip says that Lindsay Lohan pulled out of the movie following a refusal to take a mandatory drugs test. Hmmm.

US fans of Pirates AWE can see the movie earlier than planned as Disney have pulled forward the release to May 24th at 8pm, in order to steal a march on Spider-Man 3's record-breaking box office this weekend.

May 7th
Filming started today in Wales on The Best Time Of Our Lives, and here - already - are the first 15 pap snaps.
Thanks Harriet

The Spanish MSN site has a video interview with Keira about Pirates AWE.
Thanks Caroline

I'll try to find out tomorrow if Keira will be at the Cali prem or not (today is a holiday in the UK).

May 6th
Australia's The Age has a new interview with Keira.

May 5th
The press release for the Pirates AWE world premiere has been published, but Keira is not among the names of the attendees ! Shock horror ! Press release
Thanks Kylen

There's an interview with Keira in tomorrow's Observer.

With filming of The Best Time Of Our Lives imminent (it starts this coming week), the Daily Mirror has an informative article on the relationships of the four protagonists and details of the episode on which the movie focuses. Article.

May 2nd
'Keira To Quit Acting' scream today's headlines. Read the interview in this month's Elle (from which the quotes have been taken, or rather spun), and you'll read something different. Keira is also cover girl on the June issue of NewWoman. Both mags can be read on the KeiraWeb Magazines page.
Thanks David for the scans

April 30th
The BBC have kindly informed me that Keira's interview on Blue Peter will be on Tuesday May 22nd at 5pm on BBC1.

Keira has been nominated for Best Performance in Pirates DMC at the MTV Movie Awards, to be held on June 3rd. Voting opens soon here.

April 29th
Keira's mum Sharman Macdonald talks to The Observer in an interview published today.
Thanks Captain Stigmata

April 28th
A couple of Keira magazine covers on sale now: Sugar magazine and Empire (one of three Pirates character covers).
Thanks Harriet

April 27th
Moviefone have online a new Pirates AWE featurette called 'Characters'. Click 'Board the Pirates Ship'. Link

April 26th
Keira's participation in American Idol Gives Back was a lip-synch to The Bee Gees' 'Stayin' Alive' along with other celebs. You can watch it here, but don't blink or you'll miss her ! Good on her for taking part though.
Update: Here's the downloadable version on my server: 4.3Mb
Keira's appearances are at: 0'01, 1'14, 1'17 and 1'57.
Thanks to the uploader on YouTube where I ripped it from :)

Handbags at dawn: There was frenzy in London yesterday when over 400 people queued from 4am to get their hands on one of the 'I'm Not A Plastic Bag', er, bags, which Keira has been seen out and about with. Article.

Keira is placed a respectable No.12 in this year's FHM Sexiest Women poll. Respectable considering all the negative press she's received about her body since last year's poll, which she topped.

April 25th
Talk about 'sex sells'. Today's Sun newspaper has a mock-up photo of the 'threesome' scene from Best Time.., which Matthew Rhys has already dismissed as a joke. It seems to be doing the rounds on the newswires right now though, along with the story that Keira will sing on tonight's American Idol. Just because it's usually a song contest, guys... Please remember we in the UK won't see the show till Saturday, so you might want to head over to YouTube to get Keira clippage first.

Keira now has two movies in the all-time UK Top 10 box office. Figures out this week place Pirates DMC at No.8. The Phantom Menace is at No.10. Article.

April 23rd
Keira's friend Sienna Miller has stepped in to play Caitlin in Best Time Of Our Lives. Today's Variety reports that Lindsay's problem was a financial one. Whatever. She's out. Hopefully, rehearsals and filming is back to its original schedule - the read-through was due today, with rehearsals until filming starts in early May.
Thanks Fliss, Drew, Harriet

April 22nd
Today's Mail on Sunday reports that Keira is 'furious' at Lindsay's backing out of Best Time because she was 'instrumental' in getting her cast for the role of Caitlin. Hands up who believes that ?

April 21st
The Pirates AWE script is here (however accurate it may be). Oh, and the movie has a running time of 170 minutes apparently.
Thanks Harriet

Silk is now slotted in for an August 3rd release in the US (the same week as Bourne Ultimatum). The UK release should be around the same time, one month before Atonement. So the release calendar now looks like this:
May 25th - Global - Pirates AWE (previews on the 24th)
August 3rd - US & Others - Silk
September 14th - UK - Atonement
December 7th - US - Atonement
Best Time Of Our Lives - God knows, but at least it won't have Lindsay Lowlife :)

Don't forget Keira on American Idol Gives Back this week in the US. UK viewers can see it on ITV2 at 9.30pm on Friday 27th and ITV1 on Sunday 29th at 12.35pm.

April 20th
Well the films for Cannes have been announced and there's no sign of Atonement or Silk....

Finally, the full set of HQ Elizabeth studio pics.
Thanks Fliss

And today's Evening Standard uses the old King Arthur 'enhanced chest' story as an excuse to publish some of the new AWE pics.

April 19th
Here's more Elizabeth pics from AWE, and the full set here (the ImageShack ones I posted yesterday seem to have disappeared).
Thanks Fliss, Harriet, Karen

April 18th
Lindsay has apparently pulled out of Best Time, according to these breaking news reports: LifeStyle Weekly - ContactMusic
They cite an unagreeable contract as the reason, but at such a late stage I find that VERY hard to believe - surely contracts are the FIRST thing to be finalised ? They will need to move really fast now to replace her, or the project will be put back, and that sometimes means years. It's unfortunate for Keira and Sharman - and Capitol Films - but elation for Keira's fans. A dream come true, in fact. Maybe Lindsay's been reading the Keira forums, or perhaps she's seen the KeiraWeb poll results. Hmm, I wonder if Ros Pike is really confirmed for that other Dylan Thomas movie ?

And a different poster Pirates AWE spotted in Spain: Pic
Thanks Harriet, Roque

April 15th
A couple of clips and behind-the-scenes footage from Pirates AWE here, although the interviews were recorded at the time of the DMC interviews. Here and here.
Thanks Harriet, Fliss

Another heads-up article about The Best Time filming from the Welsh press today.

Don't some of the new Halle Berry photoshoot pics remind you of some of Keira from a few years ago ?

April 14th
Today's Daily Mail says that Hurricane Lohan will blow into the UK next weekend, with a Best Time script read-through on the 23rd, followed by rehearsals - not including the romp scene that is mentioned, as Matthew Rhys has already admitted he made that up (even Jay Leno mentioned it this week!) - and that filming commences on May 7th. Article.

Pirates news:
- Tickets for the world premiere of Pirates AWE at Disneyland are available to the public for the first time. They cost $1,500 with proceeds going to the Make A Wish Foundation. Press release.
- The Keira interview for TV3 is back up. Thanks Harriet
- There's some more AWE photos online at Pirates3News.
Thanks Caroline
- And there's a back-to-back POTC Marathon coming up on May 24th in Hollywood. Read details at JDR, and mention them if you call to book. Thanks Karen at JDR

April 13th
The Empire magazine site now has the Atonement teaser in a variety of formats and resolutions. Watch.
Thanks Claire

I have a new Store online, by the way, with a greater choice for your DVDs etc., including Kelkoo where you can compare different stores' prices before you buy, and AllPosters so you can wake up to Keira every morning :-)

April 11th
Today's Sun newspaper is reporting that Keira has told them she is living in fear of FIVE stalkers. Not sure why she'd tell The Sun this, and their reliability factor is not very high either, but we must hope this is not true.

The longer Atonement trailer is now available from here (original widescreen), and is also online at YouTube. There's also footage from Keira's 2005 Candice photoshoot for WaterAid.
Thanks Harriet

Monica Belucci appears to be confirmed for 1.30 Train, now renamed Centricity, according to IMDb. Whether that's the role Keira was up for, we'll have to wait and see.
Thanks Harriet

April 10th
This Singapore newspaper claims that Silk will premiere (or at least be previewed) at Cannes, as well as Atonement. The final selection for this year's festival screenings will be announced around a week from now.

Did anybody rip the TV3 interview I linked to below? It seems to have been removed (all you naughty Keira fans probably crashed the site). If anybody has it I'll try to supersize it and host it.

April 9th
Here's Keira's first video interview for Pirates AWE.
And the first of a set of character-in-costume photoshoot images.
Thanks Harriet

April 7th
There's at least one new studio photo of Keira in the new GQ magazine (Justin Timberlake cover).
Thanks Harriet

GMTV presenter Fiona Phillips has interviewed Keira recently, according to her column in the Daily Mirror.

UGO have rubbished Stuff magazine's recent Sexiest Women poll by doing one of their own, placing Keira at No.3

April 4th
Keira will be one of many celebs taking part in American Idol: Idol Gives Back, a special charity edition of the show on April 25th. Not all guests will be in the studio, however, some will be on tape. The show should be on ITV1 the following Saturday. More here and here.
Thanks AF and others

Keira has shot back up to No.4 on IMDb's popularity ranker StarMeter, from last week's No.31. This is her highest position since last August.

April 3rd
Keira wants your questions! Keira will be chatting to the BBC's flagship children's show Blue Peter about Pirates AWE. Not sure of the broadcast date but I'll try to capture it for the site. You can submit your questions on this page. I expect they want them at least remotely connected to POTC.

Keira's signed Louis Vuitton bag went for £1,500 (nearly $3,000) on the eBay Comic Relief auction specials. Even the t-shirt went for £180 !

Keira is cover girl on the current issue of Cosmo Girl UK. There's a short Q&A and a few pics - nothing new.

Dakota Fanning beat Keira to the Kids Choice Award for Best Movie Female, although Pirates DMC did win Favo(u)rite Movie.

April 1st
I mentioned some weeks ago that Cillian Murphy was in the frame to complete the main four roles in Best Time Of Our Lives, and now Variety confirms he has been cast. Meanwhile, here's the first columnist who's voiced his disapproval of La Lohan's casting choice (adding to millions of Keira fans already).

Here's an interview with cinematographer Seamus McGarvey in which he talks about Atonement.

Keira was No.1 in last year's FHM Sexiest Woman poll and now it's time to vote again. Click here, then follow the links, select K, then use your right arrow key to scroll across the page to Keira (why they couldn't just list the names on a page I've no idea).

There's a very nice fanfiction and information site on P&P here, inspired by the movie rather than the BBC production.
Thanks Sandra

March 31st
There's an extended trailer for Atonement on the DVD of The Holiday - that's the Cameron Diaz movie, not Mr. Bean (although their acting is similar).
Thanks Fliss

And Stories Of Lost Souls comes to UK DVD on June 18th. This is the compilation of short films including New Year's Eve. You can pre-order it now from the Store. In the meantime you can watch Keira's scenes on Page 3 of my YouTube videos.

March 29th
Matthew Rhys talks about his forthcoming role as Dylan Thomas in this article, revealing that another draft of the script has been written, and that his 'three in a bed' comments were a joke !

The LA Times refers to the Oscar-positioning of Atonement here.

Keira will be very happy to know that she has made the Top 10 British Body Idols in a poll conducted by NewWoman Magazine. OK, so she's No.10 but it's a welcome change from the articles about Keira's body we've been bombarded with since last Summer.

In unrelated research, people like Keira are fashion icons that people most like to copy, according to a study by Durham University.

She's also seen an increase in search engine queries, with 'Keira Knightley' up 106% for figures released by Lycos' Top50 searches database.

March 27th
The US release of Atonement has been pushed back to December 7th. As with Pride & Prejudice (distributed in North America by the same company, Focus Features), this may well be to catch the Oscar committee's votes before their submission deadline. P&P was released in the UK in September, but early November in the US, getting a gradually wider release into December.

The official Pirates AWE site is partially live now.

March 26th
Keira has just returned from a week's skiing holiday with Rupert in Vorarlberg, Western Austria, according to this German article. A novice on the slopes, her instructor says she learned in two days techniques which often take two weeks ! Go Keira! It also says that although the residents recognised her, they left her in peace for the entire week.
Thanks Harriet

Keira's agent told me today that she has recorded her first TV commercial for Chanel and, as per the rumours, it has been directed by Joe Wright.
Thanks PFD

Yesterday's Sunday Mirror (ie. believe it if you want to) says that Best Time's producers Capitol Films have lined up 'bonding events' for Keira and Lindsay to get along, including cinema and bowling dates. The paper cites potential friction as they both have Jamie Dornan in their recent histories.
KeiraWeb says: I recommend a few rounds of naked Twister (but only if I can watch) ! If last year's Lohan snub at the London party was true, such nights out might well be needed, but I doubt if the Dornan connection is important.

March 25th

Happy Birthday to Dame Keira Knightley !
22 years old on Monday 26th March

To celebrate, I have uploaded 22 brand new clips to my YouTube page, including the remaining Pure clips, The Bill, Princess Of Thieves, Coming Home, Oliver Twist, a P&P review with interviews and the second of E!'s thirty minute Extreme Close-Up documentaries.

There's some HQ caps from the Pirates AWE trailer here, together with a super Hi Def version of the trailer (63Mb).

March 20th
As if you didn't know already, the Pirates AWE trailer can be viewed here.
Some caps from the trailer here.
And there's a new interview with Keira from the set here.

March 18th
If you can't wait until Monday night, here's the Pirates AWE trailer, albeit in Russian.
And full details of the trailer's distribution this week.
And some more pics.
Thanks Drew, Harriet

March 16th
Keira has signed some more items for Comic Relief. There's a t-shirt and a Louis Vuitton handbag, one of only two in the world according to this article.

March 15th
Here's a couple more of the latest batch of AWE stills.
Thanks Fliss

There will be no UK premiere for Pirates AWE. A member of the WheresTheRum mailing list enquired to the Leicester Square Odeon and received an email reply stating that there will only be a European premiere in Paris (probably at EuroDisney). This confirms the rumours I mentioned on February 11th. So the only premieres will be Disneyland California on May 19th, then Paris, then Tokyo.

March 14th
I've been informed that there's a test screening of Atonement at the Woodland Hills AMC theater in LA tomorrow (Thursday). Passes can be obtained at the adjacent mall. Map.
If you see any of the execs, tell them KeiraWeb sent you :)
Thanks AF

Here's a couple of articles on Keira's eco-friendly bag she's been seen out and about with lately. Ecorazzi - The Sun.

March 13th
I have now 'supersized' the two Atonement clips, and without pixellation ! :
Clip 4Mb - Teaser 5Mb

A new batch of Pirates AWE pics are out, with two featuring Keira (possible spoilers). One of them is reminiscent of her role as Sabe in The Phantom Menace. See here. And there's one more here.
A report on an early showing of the trailer here - spoilerific, but only for a few more days. Yahoo! have already got the page up where the trailer will appear on the 19th.
Thanks Natalie, Fliss, Harriet

March 12th
EXCLUSIVE: Here is your first look at Atonement, courtesy BBC Film2007. A short sequence of clips was shown during a profile of Working Title Films, followed by what I assume is the teaser trailer. Both segments are in this one clip. Enjoy! 1.5Mb
(c) Working Title Films Credit: BBC

EXCLUSIVE: Keira's agent has kindly informed me today that her role in '1.30 Train' is still under negotiation. So she hasn't signed on - yet.
Thanks PFD

Keira has signed a bottle of Moet et Chandon champagne to raise money for this year's Comic Relief campaign. Bid here. She's also signed the Big Red One autograph album, on which you can bid here.
Keira has always been a huge supporter of Comic Relief:
- In 2004 she travelled to Ethiopia to see how the charity's money was being spent.
- In 2005, she recorded 'When Johnny Met Keira' for that year's telethon (which you can still see on page 2 of my YouTube page).
- The $10,000 prize which accompanied her Variety Personality of the Year award in 2005 was also donated to Comic Relief.

March 10th
Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Keira will star in '1.30 Train' for director Joel Schumacher (Phone Booth, Veronica Guerin) and producer Howard Baldwin (The Patriot, Ray). Not sure how accurate EW's 'Deal Report' section is, so watch this space.
Thanks Drew

Having now seen the adult comic strip I referred to earlier, it's easy to see why Disney is considering legal action. Nothing to do with the cast, more to do with the unauthorised reproduction of the POTC characters and imagery. Disney own the copyright to all the imagery in Pirates, from Davy Jones' tentacles to Jack Sparrow's dreadlocks, and they can all be seen in these illustrations, drawn without permission.
Thanks Geoff, John

The last in the series of the BBC's Film2007 series on Monday will take a look at the 'sequel mania' due in cinemas this summer, including Pirates AWE.

Some nice things said about Keira on this blog entry and its links within.
Thanks Alex

March 8th
According to the Daily Mail, Keira and James McAvoy recorded an extra scene last weekend in Dover (on the Southern coast of England) for Atonement. Article.

James has come to the defence of Keira against the Daily Mail and her legal challenge in a rather cheeky fashion. Read what he says here.

Today's Daily Mail also says that Cillian Murphy is lined up to play Keira's husband William Killick in Best Time, and that filming will begin in May, not April. Article.
This tourist site for New Quay, Wales, also says principal photography will begin in April, and the actors will arrive in May.

Disney have today sent me the press release regarding the 'Pirates Ultimate Fan Event' on March 18th. It's open to US people only, and the press release can be found here.

Disney are considering legal action over an adult comic in which Keira, Johnny and Orlando indulge in a lot more than swashing buckle ! Article.

March 7th
Keira is on the cover of the April issue of TotalFilm magazine, on sale now.

March 6th
According to this article the first, and long overdue, trailer for Pirates AWE will be screened in the US on March 19th during Dancing With The Stars, and will appear online shortly afterwards.

March 5th
IMDb's StarMeter, which measures celebrity popularity based on how many page views their filmographies get at the web site, has placed Keira at No.81 this week, her lowest placement since March 2003 (ie. before she became famous due to Pirates CBP in July). Admittedly, the click-throughs are higher when the celeb has a movie to promote but they're also popular when there's stories and rumours abound, so it's probably a good thing that she's on her way down :-)

Best Time... has been addded to Matthew Rhys' filmography page too. While this may not be confirmed, it does concur with what I wrote on Feb 22nd below.

USA Today mentions Atonement in its Oscars 2008 preview. A bit early but the buzz is better than no buzz. Article.

February 27th
EXCLUSIVE: A regular contributor to KeiraWeb has uncovered another previously unknown radio play in which Keira starred... and it involves a kidnapping by pirates, three years BEFORE Pirates of the Caribbean ! The play, recorded for BBC Radio 4, is an adaptation of Richard Hughes' classic novel A High Wind In Jamaica. It concerns a family of English children evacuated from the Caribbean island due to a hurricane. On thier way back to England they are kidnapped by pirates. Keira's role is not known at present. There were two episodes, first broadcast on May 28th and June 4th 2000. There's a few credit pages here, here and here. Along with Villette produced the year before, this is now two radio plays known to have been recorded by Keira - there may be more !
Well done Amo !!

Some new promo stills from Coming Home have also surfaced recently. Young Jess was played by Alice Connor, who now looks like this.

February 26th
The Pirates franchise won its first Academy Award last night when Pirates DMC won Best Visual Effects. It was nominated in four categories. Pirates CBP was nominated in five categories and won none.

Keira did not attend this year's ceremonies or parties as she and Rupert only flew back from a holiday in Thailand on Saturday.

February 25th
Added a few more clips to YouTube: 3 more clips from Pure and a three part E! profile from 2004.

February 22nd
IMDb has new, earlier dates for the US release of both Silk (August 3rd) and Atonement (August 31st). Subject to change.

The article I linked to on the 19th, below, about the three Dylan Thomas movies, mentioned (and I've only just noticed it) that Matthew Rhys will be playing Dylan in 'Best Time'. This is the first time I've heard his name attached to this movie. He's not a huge star, but he IS Welsh, has experience of Thomas (an adaptation of Under Milk Wood) and does bear quite a resemblance to the man himself.

February 20th
Jim Hill has huge spoilers about the storyline for Pirates AWE. Don't read if you don't want to know ! Article.

February 19th
Keira is 6th in a poll to find the celeb with the 'most natural beauty'. None of the Top 5 would be in my Top 5, but there you go... Article.
Thanks Drew

The Welsh newspapers today confirm that there is indeed THREE Dylan Thomas movies in the pipeline, with 'Dylan' adding to 'Caitlin' and Keira's 'The Best Time Of Our Lives'.
'Dylan' is the one I mentioned on the 7th (see below) supposedly starring Neil 'Bob The Builder' Morrissey in a small role. This might have something to do with the fact that the actor owned the hotel in Laugharne where Dylan made merry every night (when it was a pub), and still owns other Dylan-related properties in the village. 'Dylan' will have P&P's Kelly Reilly in the role of Caitlin. I'd guess there'll be a scramble for post-production and first release when these movies are made, as only the first of similar storyline movies ever gets the press (think of the Truman Capote biopics 'Capote' and, er, the other one which came out a few months ago). It's a great pity this had to happen, and we must hope that the other two are delayed for one reason or another. Article.

A climate change blog has YouTube's copy of The Seasons Alter, if you've yet to see Keira's only foray into Shakespeare, which she recorded for free in January 2002 for sustainable development organisation Futerra (mum Sharman was/still is a patron).

February 18th
KKDaily has a very nice new still from Atonement.
Thanks Rachel

February 15th
Someone, known only as 'a source', has told the press about Keira's nude scenes in Silk. As long as that's not going to be the only selling point of the film, like her bum double in Domino turned out to be. Article.

The article I referred to here yesterday, which may or may not appear in this Sunday's News of the World, is apparently about Keira's relationship with Rupert, which of course KeiraWeb is not concerned with, other than on an official basis.

February 12th
In an interview with Moviehole, co-writer of Pirates Terry Rossio says there will be at least a draft of Pirates 4 before deciding whether they or Disney want to take it further. The rumours about Keira saying "no more Pirates" were unfounded, of course, misinterpreted by (guess who?) The Daily Mail from an interview she gave to them while on location filming Atonement. So Keira may well be back if the screenplay becomes finalised.

February 11th
Here's some more new photos from Pirates AWE. And the US premiere looks set for Disneyland on May 19th, according to this post. Another post here suggests that Japan will be the only other country hosting an AWE premiere - not good news for those looking forward to the London prem. These are just rumours, though, more details will appear nearer the date.
Thanks Vini

Keira and Rupert attended a 'Celebration of Film' dinner hosted by film maker Harvey Weinstein and Tamara Mellon (ex-owner of Jimmy Choo shoes) at Cicconi's Restaurant in Mayfair on Friday night. Pics here and here. The Sunday Mirror has an illustrated report on how glum everybody looked. Maybe it's just because of the paps' cameras in their faces?!

I'm very pleased to announce that the soundtrack for Silk has been composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto, winner of multiple Oscars, BAFTAs, Golden Globes and Grammy Awards, and familiar to me since my, ahem, younger days when he was one third of the Yellow Magic Orchestra and his subsequent work with my all-time fave band Japan and its frontman David Sylvian.

Pirates DMC won one BAFTA tonight, for Visual Effects. Full list.

February 7th
In a rare burst of creativity I thought I'd make this comparison of very similar profile pics of Keira, but taken TEN YEARS apart. On the left is a still I took from the Coming Home DVD (Keira was 12 when she filmed it), while on the right is an extremely close pap snap taken last week. Hard to believe there's almost ten years between them - a decade of such extraordinary events in a young life that most of us could never dream of ! Click the image for a bigger version.

Two's rivalry, three's a crowd. This article has news about another Dylan Thomas biopic, this one starring Neil Morrissey and directed by Mike Davis (Keira's will be directed by John Maybury, and 'Caitlin' by Marc Evans). Surely not three movies ?
Thanks Caladonia

February 6th
There's a Keira interview in the new Hello! magazine (P Diddy cover). From what I've read of it, such as here, it's cobbled together from earlier interviews. It's starting to do the rounds in the world's press as a new story, however... including the Daily Mail.
Thanks Katie

Keira is up for Best Female Movie Star at the annual Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. Voting opens March 5th. Article.
Thanks Drew

February 2nd
Here's Keira tackling an indoor rock climbing wall earlier this week. Maybe she's practising for when she descends on the Daily Mail from a great height !

Lindsay Lohan has pulled out of an upcoming movie so she can concentrate on getting well again. Unfortunately for Keira fans it's a film called 'A Woman Of No Importance'. You could always pull out of one more film, Linds. Go on, you know you want to.

February 1st
British actor Kevin McKidd tells USAToday he's playing Dylan Thomas in a movie that begins shooting in March. While that date doesn't match up with Best Time.. (scheduled for April), could it be that he's been cast for Keira's film or is it the other DT movie about to start production ? Article.
Thanks Drew

January 29th
Many thanks for your messages in support of Keira's legal challenge. I sent them on to her agent this morning.

DVDrama have some more Pirates AWE stills here.

January 28th
The Daily Mail have published another article on the anorexia story, in response to Keira's legal challenge, basically standing their ground. You can add your comments to the article if you like, but I guess the publication of them depends on if they're in the newspaper's favour or not. Article.

January 23rd
Slightly less to report from this year's Academy Award nominations, compared to last year, but Pirates DMC is up for four of the little gold men: Visual Effects; Sound Editing; Sound Mixing; Art Direction.
Thanks Elaine

There's some more Pirates AWE pics here, might be new to some.
And a gallery of Michael Pitt filming Silk in Italy here.
Thanks Rachel

Many thanks for your reaction so far to Keira's legal action. Keep them coming.

January 22nd
Keira has launched legal proceedings against The Daily Mail newspaper following the publication of an article on January 11th (the newspaper have removed it from their server but you can read my copy of it here). The article featured an interview with the mother of a girl who died from anorexia, and blamed the apparent trend for young Hollywood stars to eat less to achieve a better look for inspiring her daughter to do the same. The article singled out Keira as one such Hollywood star, even though she has publicly denied having any form of eating disorder (view TV reports of her denial here and here). They even used an unauthorised paparazzi photograph from the recent Hawaii break, as if to prove a point. Keira's lawyer Simon Smith said, in part: "Ms Knightley will argue that the Mail's article suggests that she has dishonestly sought to mislead the public about whether she has anorexia or similar eating disorder and will show that she does not have anorexia; and further will challenge the suggestion that she is responsible and to blame for the tragic death of the teenage girl by setting a bad example." Article.

While this is certainly not the kind of publicity Keira would want to court, I'm sure you will all agree that such insinuations and allegations must stop. Even if Keira were anorexic, she still should not be blamed for anyone who succumbs to what, after all, is a mental illness that manifests itself physically. Shocking weight loss among young celebrities is increasing, for whatever reason (both Nicole Richie and Mary-Kate Olsen have admitted having eating disorders), but it is only those type of people that the sensationalist media write about and clamour to publish photos of, never the curvier ones. Surely the media plays a major part in putting such waif-like images in front of influential young adults in the first place ? Keira's challenge is totally valid. She is on record as denying her slim figure is anything to do with an illness and refutes being 'grouped in' with the current crop of 'stick thin' celebrities.

I could provide at least a dozen other publications and media companies who have made identical claims and allegations about Keira since the 'Gucci dress episode' kicked it all off at the Pirates DMC London premiere last July. I also have an archive of most media relating to Keira going back to 1999, which features many quotes from Keira regarding her body, health, eating habits etc., numerous comments from Keira's interviews on the 'trend' for waiflike celebs and her responses to the allegations that she's one of them. Some interviews date back to 2003, and Keira has always said the same thing, then as now. This from July 2004:
- Knightley is quick to anger at the suggestion that she would deliberately keep her body that way just to appease fashion. I wondered if she had read the English press who had once suggested she may have some eating concerns.
"It's called being a 16-year-old girl who hasn't got tits yet," she says irately, referring to the past headlines. My dad is tall and thin, so this is my body. I can pretty well eat anything I want, and I don't work out at all because I find it very boring. While I wouldn't ever suggest I was any kind of role model, it's important to be very clear about these things because I do think young girls get influenced by what they read. I think whatever shape you are is absolutely fine and you can't make yourself anything you're not."

I trust that all Keira fans will support her in this legal challenge and hope that justice will be seen to be done.

Anorexia sufferers have emailed me before on this subject. If you, or anyone else, wants to give me their comments and/or support for Keira, I'll try to make sure she gets them. Email.

January 20th
The first teaser trailer for Silk has appeared online. Watch it here embedded (FlashVideo). I've made a downloadable copy in wmv here.
Thanks Elizabeth, Drew

The director Francois Girard talks briefly about Silk here.
Thanks Drew

Joe Wright talks about post-production on Atonement about halfway down this interview with the Working Title Films founders.
Thanks Tamise

The world premiere of Atonement is looking increasingly like the Cannes Film Festival in May, as was rumoured many months ago. Shropshire County Council tried to secure a showing for the Borderlines Film Festival in March (Shropshire's Stokesay Castle was used extensively in the film) but Working Title said they were keeping the premiere for Cannes.
Thanks Tim

January 18th
Check out Keira's assets in the new concept art for Pirates AWE. I've heard of artistic licence, but this is ridiculous ! Article.
Thanks Drew

Also ridiculous are the way UK gossip rags are virtually blaming Keira for people dying of anorexia. See the Magazines page for two examples.
Thanks David

January 14th
Here are some pics from the Molokai filming of a love scene for Pirates AWE.

Pirates DMC premieres on UK pay-per-view next week. Sky Movies Box Office has the first showing on the 19th, with Telewest/NTL on the 24th. Sky Movies also has a behind the scenes film showing at these times and channels.
Keira's 1999 radio drama Villette can also be heard on BBC7 on the 21st at 10am and again at 7pm. Listen live here (times are GMT).

Andrew Davies wrote a piece for the Daily Mail on Saturday about his adaptation of Doctor Zhivago, and about working with a then-unknown Keira Knightley. Part 1 of the DVD is free in next week's Mail On Sunday. Article.
Thanks Tamise

January 12th
Pirates DMC has been nominated for five BAFTAs in the technical categories: Visual Effects, Costume, Hair and Make-Up, Sound and Production Design. Full list.
Thanks David

January 11th
There's some great new Pirates AWE artwork out. Check out Keira's - I think it's far better than any of the King Arthur 'heroine' poses.
Thanks Christina, Fliss

As you will know by now, the new Hawaii pics of Keira have stirred up the 'too skinny', 'definitely has a problem' stories. There's no point in going on about it - Keira says she's fine and is not suffering from any disorder. She takes no notice of the stories, and that's all that matters. The press will always have their 'pound of flesh' (no pun intended). This story is a perfect example, but the readers' comments more than come to the defence of Keira.
Thanks Drew, others.

January 10th
Keira and Johnny won Best On-Screen Match-up for Pirates DMC at the People's Choice Awards. DMC also won Best Movie and Best Film Drama. Full list of winners here.

The Hawaiian island of Molokai is currently being used as a location for Pirates AWE filming, hence Keira's appearance in the island state. More re-shoots will be done in the LA studios later. Article.

January 8th
After speaking with Keira's agents today I can confirm she will NOT be attending the Golden Globe Awards. She is States-side to film some re-shoots for Pirates AWE.
I was also informed there are no projects to follow Best Time... that Keira is currently in final negotiations for.
Thanks PFD

Keira and Rupert are getting some r&r (and, unlike Britain, some sun) in Hawaii at the moment, as these pics show. Also here.
Thanks Fliss/KeiraDaily

Pirates DMC is up for six nominations at the annual VES Awards, from the Visual Effects Society. Full list.

Now I don't want to stir anything but post-hospital Lindsay Lohan was snapped out on the town in a bowler hat over the weekend. There's only one other celeb who's been seen sporting one of those recently. I wonder how many more coincidences of fashion we'll see from these two over the next few months...

January 7th
Keira arrived in Los Angeles on Saturday with Rupert. There is speculation she will attend the Golden Globe Awards on January 15th. However, she has not received a nomination and is not on the official list of presenters for the ceremony, so we'll just have to see. With Keira's known diary empty until April, maybe she's in town to do post-production on Pirates AWE ? There's a lot of work to do which we don't get to see, such as re-dubbing voices, and maybe recording a commentary for the DVD perhaps ?
Thanks Drew

Atonement's cinematographer Seamus McGarvey says of the movie in Thursday's Variety: "I've seen a rough cut, and it's an absolutely extraordinary film."
And Today's Sunday Times looks ahead to this year's movies, stating:
Once the awards season has been stretchlimoed away and the summer sequels are just so much stale popcorn, it will be time for weightier stuff again. One of the autumn’s contenders is Atonement (September 14), based on Ian McEwan’s wartime bestseller. Article.

January 6th
Today's Daily Mirror has this snippet in its gossip column. I can't vouch for its authenticity though.

Cardiff's Western Mail newspaper has this article about Best Time Of Our Lives. Nothing new.

Hey look, I've been Wiki-ed - Wicked !

January 3rd
Daily Telegraph fashion columnist Clare Coulson awards Keira a style winner of 2006 for her Vera Wang Oscars gown. Article.

Keira is the fourth most anticipated actress for 2007, a poll among moviegoers has discovered. Article.

A camcorder copy of a Pirates AWE Disney preview has appeared online. It doesn't show much, but it *is* the first footage of AWE.
Thanks Pieter

January 1st
Ain't that a lovely picture to start the New Year ? It's The Family Knightley out for a walk in London on the 30th. Click for bigger.

Footage from Keira's Wizard Of Oz photoshoot for Vogue will be featured in a documentary about the photographer on US TV on Wednesday. 'Annie Leibowitz: Life Through A Lens' will air on PBS. (If cappers want to send me the Keira segment I will of course put it online). Article.

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