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December 31st
A very happy and prosperous New Year to one and all !

The annual Review of the Year is now online.

Some Pirates news to end the year:
- Pirates DMC will premiere on Sky Box Office in the UK on January 24th.
- Filming officially ended on Pirates AWE on December 12th. Thanks Vini
- Pirates DMC contributed to a rise in takings in many countries' annual box office charts for 2006. Of the figures published so far, it was No.1 in the UK, Hong Kong, The Netherlands and Japan, and No.2 in Germany, Italy, South Korea and Russia.

Finally, a huge thank you to all contributors to this site over the last twelve months. To everyone below, and those I've inadvertently missed. Thank you.
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December 27th
Keira has been voted in the Top 5 British actresses in a new poll by, in a survey to find the greatest things in the UK. Article.

Pirates CBP was the third most watched programme on UK TV this Christmas, with 10.1 million viewers. It also came in fourth in the US. TV ratings: UK - US

December 24th

A very HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all visitors to KeiraWeb !!

Having taken advantage of the pre-Christmas sales I've bought a DVD/VCR Recorder, so I can transfer all my old VHS tapes onto disc for prosperity. One of the tests I did was with a segment of MTV UK's Screenplay show which was shown in August 2003, during the Pirates CBP promotions. It's a countdown of Keira's Top 5 Swashbuckler Movies, and it was never repeated. There's a bit of hiss as I've had to boost the audio due to the deteriorating quality of the tape (a justification, if any were needed, for buying the machine in the first place!), and I've taken out most of the movie footage shown, but the image size is three times larger than my normal clips. It's Keira's very first stint at presenting, a full two years before the Comic Relief show. Watch (9Mb).

December 23rd
Here's another new pic from Atonement, featured in the new issue of Empire film magazine, together with a few quotes from cast and crew. More importantly, there's a UK release date: September 14th. This is a good omen as it's the same week Pride & Prejudice opened.
Thanks 'painfullyuncool'

December 22nd
Keira has won Best Actress in The Sun readers' poll for 2006. Article.
Thanks Angel

And she has risen two places on the annual IMDb StarMeter Top 25 of aggregated people searches at the movie database. She climbs from no.8 to no.6, while Johnny Depp remains in the top spot. Article.

Today's Daily Mail has a short article about Atonement, with a new pic of Keira and Saoirse Ronan. (As I guess we'll be reading her name quite often next year, I've discovered that Saoirse is pronounced 'seer-sha'). Article.
Thanks Tamise

December 20th
Keira's popularity as a name for baby girls continued to rise throughout 2006, to No.33 from last year's 51. Article.
Thanks Amo

Pirates DMC was the biggest film of the year at the UK box office, taking £52m. Article.

December 18th
More YouTube clips uploaded. See middle column >>

Keira's dental rendition of 'Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head' on The Ellen Degeneres Show was No.6 in the 2006 Top 10 viral downloads (ie. the kind of stuff your friends say "you must see this"). You can read about the Top 10 here, or watch the clip here. Funny how Keira's was the only one that actually involved some talent.

And here's a camcorder clip taken by soemone on the beaches of Redcar during Atonement filming. Keira wasn't there of course but it's the most open 'closed set' you're likely to see for a long time !
Thanks KDA

ILM's work on Pirates DMC has been shortlisted for the Visual Effects Award at February's Oscars, Variety anounced Friday.

December 17th
Plenty of Keira on UK TV this Christmas. The TV Guide is now up-to-date for the festive season.

The Pirates DMC DVD sold 10.5m units in its first week in the US, and looks set to beat the current bestselling DVD of 2006, The Chronicles of Narnia. A re-release of Pirates CBP in the US this week has also come in at No.9.  It has repeated its British record-breaking performance in Japan where it has become the biggest selling DVD of all time. Meanwhile, Pirates DMC has greatly contributed to a successful box office year in US cinemas, with admissions forecast to be 2.6% up on last year. 2005 was 8% down on 2004.

December 14th
Unlike last year, there was no car waiting to whisk Keira off to a Golden Globe nominee press call today, although Johnny's Jack Sparrow is up for Best Actor in a Motion Picture: Musical or Comedy. Full list of nominations.

December 11th
Well done to 'mandyromance' who won the Keira's hat auction on eBay. Final price was £695 ($1,360) !

December 9th
Disney appear to be pushing Keira for the Best Actress category at the Golden Globes, rather than Supporting Actress. There was a full page ad in the LA-area Backstage West magazine this week. Nominations announced Thursday 14th. See scan.
Thanks AF, JDR

Meanwhile, here's the first poster artwork for Pirates AWE.

December 7th
Here is the segment from tonight's documentary 'Extreme: Skinny Celebrities 2' on LivingTV. Despite showing footage from Bend It Like Beckham (when she was the same size and frame as she is now) they still insisted that she's lost huge amounts of weight since 'moving to LA' (when did that happen ?!). They focus, of course, on the Pirates premiere Gucci dress and the comments about her family history of anorexia at the press conference next day, both bad moves on Keira's part IMO, as I said at the time. 6.7Mb

Pirates writers Ted and Terry have given a new interview to mark the release of the DMC DVD, and it sounds like the trilogy is pretty final.

Today's rare British tornado which ripped through North London touched down just a few miles from Keira's house. Luckily no-one was killed in the incident. Article.

December 6th
Here's an interview with Keira, amongst others, from the 2005 BIFA Awards in London, when Keira received the Variety Personality of the Year award. View the full file online. I've also ripped the file and edited the Keira-only footage here.
Thanks Amo

The DVD of Pirates DMC has sold nearly 5 million copies on its first DAY of release in North America, according to this article, becoming a hot contender for the biggest selling live-action DVD of all time.

I've uploaded some more clips to YouTube, including Oscars arrivals, Love Actually interview, Thunderpants, Treasure Seekers, and Star Wars.

December 5th
Remember Keira in this hat ? Well now you can own it. Keira has donated the green beanie hat to the charity WOW - Wellbeing Of Women, as part of their 'Bids On Lids' celebrity hat auction. WOW raises money to fund research and awareness into miscarriages and support for those who have suffered them. Also included in the auction is a handwritten note from Keira as provenance (for collectors in the fledgling area of 'Knightleyana' this is a rare document, and will be far more collectable than the hat itself). You can place a bid here.

Geoffrey Rush talks a little about Pirates AWE here in a new interview.

December 3rd
As mentioned a few days ago there are some new pics from Pirates AWE on the Net. A couple of the Johnny ones you may have seen before but there's the big version of the Johnny, Keira, Geoffrey pic I linked to earlier. I love Keira's costume in that pic (as a fan of all cultural things Oriental), so I've made it my title pic. There's also a couple of poorer-quality pics of Keira, which have apparently come from the back of a Pirates 3 action figure (yes, they're out already!) See them all, starting here before Disney get them removed ! Oh, and IESB have the news that a junior Jack Sparrow will feature in AWE.

KeiraSeduction has uncovered a slightly larger version of the Atonement pic I posted a few days ago.

Regarding the Variety feature on Golden Globe hopefuls, the feature inside had this to say about Pirates DMC:
- Why it will be nominated: It's no stretch to imagine Globes will be in the same boat as the millions who made the pic the year's top grosser. As one of the rare mega-franchises to compete in this category, it has an advantage with profile and excitement that few competitors can match.
- Why it won't: Despite its financial success, the charm and nimbleness of the original may have dimmed too much between installments. With the original pic failing to earn a nom, it's unlikely the sequel will fare better.

Today's Wales On Sunday has a long article on the two impending Dylan Thomas films, with Best Time's write-up unfortunately focussing on the 'lesbian romp' story, thanks to you-know-who. Worse news is that the wonderful Rosamund Pike has been cast as Caitlin in the OTHER Dylan movie. Arrghhh!!! Now why oh why couldn't Ros have come on board to star opposite Keira again, instead of that Lohan woman ? Still, what's done is done. Imagine how different the reaction would have been though. In the meantime, Lindsay's publicist and mother have both confirmed the rumours about her checking into Alcoholics Anonymous are true. I think she should have a couple of years off to fully recover ;-)

December 2nd
It's time to dig out the old awards icon again, although it won't be used quite as often as I did this time last year, sadly. However, Disney are pushing Keira, Johnny and Orlando for Golden Globe nominations for Pirates DMC right now, and Johnny was on the cover of Variety this week, in an attempt to catch the eye of the voting panel (what they call 'For Your Consideration'). 'Best Actress In A Supporting Role' would be a nice addition to the CV/resume for Dame Keira, though, don't you think ? Nominees will be announced on December 14th, with the ceremony on January 15th.
Thanks AF, JDR

November 30th
Here we go with one more try at uploading to YouTube. I've recently had one entire account deleted due to copyright infringement despite me clearly stating copyright ownership and the clips being seen by 50,000 people. Oh well, let's see how long these last. I've uploaded New Year's Eve, Comic Relief, a Doctor Zhivago blooper, and a post-Oscars clip. I'll update the Video Gallery page if the clips don't get removed within a couple of weeks.  Watch.

November 28th
On the right is what I believe to be the first official still to emerge from Atonement (as opposed to pap snaps from the set). Obviously there must be bigger versions just released, and usually about half a dozen or so. No doubt they'll surface shortly.
Thanks Amo

Pirates DMC has become the biggest-selling DVD in the UK ever. It's sold 1.5m since going on sale November 20th, that's a quarter of all the DVDs sold during that time. Article.

Atonement author Ian McEwan has been accused of plagiarising a war memoir autobiography by Lucilla Andrews for his bestselling novel. McEwan has denied the allegations. Article.

Here's a pic of Elizabeth, Jack... and Barbossa from Pirates AWE.
Thanks Amo

November 27th
The same source I referred to yesterday is also friends with the '3am Girls' at the Daily Mirror, and met up with them yesterday to give a more accurate account of what's going on with K & R. The resulting article, somewhat sensationalised (hey, this is a tabloid we're talking about) was published today: Article.

Capitol Films, producers of The Best Time Of Our Lives, have put on their web site the first detailed synopsis of the movie. Read it here.

November 26th
EXCLUSIVE: The girlfriend of one of Rupert's close friends has contacted me to let me know the truth about the engagement story. They were with Keira and Rupert at The Paper Club in London on the night the story emerged. They are NOT engaged, she tells me, but are angry, not just by the story itself, but by the reports of their behaviour towards each other and staff during their apparently 'celebratory mood'. The story was made up by the company who organised the party on behalf of Lindsay Lohan, who promised a London media company a 'good story' from the party in exchange for a mention of their party company in the 'showbiz gossip' releases the media company feeds to the UK newspapers and magazines. The party organisers were apparently keen to kill the 'Lindsay snubs Keira' story which emerged the day after the party (the Saturday) by inventing a more sensational one (the engagement story) to catch the attention of the media instead. Only the News of the World ran with the engagement story on the Sunday, but sadly that's the kind of thing the world's media pick up on from the newswires, which is why it's still gaining coverage a week on. Incidentally, the media company involved is the same one that ran the engagement story back in August. For potentially legal consequences I am deliberately not naming the companies involved, although the email's author did so. I'm sure the media don't care about printing false stories but this site has always tried to give Keira's fans the truth, and with a story as significant as this I'm grateful to the contact for her information.

Playback magazine has an interview with Silk's DOP (director of photography). It's a subscription magazine but you can read the article in full on the Newsletter.

Today's Observer newspaper has an article on the two Dylan Thomas films about to go into production, Caitlin and The Best Time Of Our Lives. It suggests Dougray Scott may be in the running for Best Time's Dylan Thomas role. Article.

Meanwhile The Independent hauls Keira over the coals because of a fur stole she wore for a few hours twelve months ago ! Article.

With this weekend marking the end of the fiscal year in the US movie busines, Pirates DMC came out as the top-grossing film of 2006. Article.

Love Actually gets its UK terrestrial premiere on December 6th on ITV1 at 9pm (11pm in some regions).

November 22nd
The BBC have unveiled their Christmas TV package today, which includes Pirates CBP on Christmas Day on BBC1. They bought terrestrial rights way back in October 2003 but have had to wait for broadcast seasons on both the Disney Channel, and Sky Box Office/Sky Movies before they could air it. Article.

Here'a an article on Zizzle's lucrative tie-in with Disney to sell Pirates DMC merchandise this year.

November 19th
Today brings two different stories from the British tabloids. First up is that Keira has publicly announced her engagement to Rupert Friend at a party within the last few days and that they will marry in a Tom & Katie-style Italian castle next year. The News of the World says Rupert proposed in Paris in September. The other story comes from the Sunday Mirror which claims that at possibly the same party, apparently held by Lindsay Lohan, Li-Lo insisted on knowing what Keira was wearing, summoned her over by text and then virtually deafed her out when Keira spoke to her for the first time. I'm not even going to speculate on which of the above are facts - I'm getting kind of tired of doing so to be honest - but I could imagine the Diva Lohan story as being quite accurate. The 'Keira gets engaged' story was already offered by The Sun on August 21st. I guess if they trot it out often enough it'll be true one day.
The stories: Engagement - Lindsay

Domino premieres on UK TV on December 1st. See the TV Guide.

November 17th
A survey of new baby names in the UK has found 8,716 little Keiras born in the last five years, in an obvious parallel with the rise to fame of a certain actress. Article.

Ladies, here's more details on the must-have leather jacket seen being worn by Keira earlier this week. Article.

The Times has a competition to win a day filming at the Pinewood Studios 'paddock tank' where the frozen lake sequence in King Arthur was filmed, as well as Keira's underwater photo session for WaterAid.
Thanks Amo

November 14th
Keira is now back in the UK and was snapped out and about today. Pics.
I wonder if Lindsay will be popping round for tea while she's in town to present the World Music Awards tomorrow ?

Disney has reported a doubling of profits for its last fiscal quarter (July-August 06), thanks mainly to its studio entertainment section, including box office hits cars and of course Pirates DMC. Article.
And Disney has recently made available Pirates DMC for iPod download from Apple's iTunes store. Article. You can download it directly from this link (US iTunes store required).

In an interview for French magazine Figaro, Atonement author Ian McEwan says he's seen a rough-cut of the movie and has described Keira's performance as 'great'. Google translated version here. Original here.

November 11th
Pirates writers Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio have said today on their message boards that Keira has said no such thing about not wanting to be a part of future POTC movies, and that filming has far from wrapped. I have left a comment for the writer of the Daily Mail article that maybe he should have put a question mark on the end of his headline 'Swann song from Pirates maid Keira'. All comments are vetted so I doubt if it will appear on the article page (linked to yesterday, see below). I suggest you submit your own voice of disapproval until he can start writing facts which are actually that - facts.

November 10th
Keira wraps filming on Pirates AWE today, and has told producers it is to be her last Pirates film. While this does not necessarily cast doubt on a fourth POTC, the initial reaction from fans is that they don't want to see a POTC4 without Keira. The bulk of the reaction to today's news is positive in Keira's favour - they are glad she's jumped ship when she has, and are looking forward to more adult, more fulfilling roles to come. I second that. Article. IMDb boards: Keira - POTC AWE

November 9th
Disney is looking for another cast member for Pirates AWE. Auditions will be held in London on November 16th. Just one small point - you need to be a parrot. Article.

November 8th
What appears to be the 'blooper reel' feature from the Pirates DMC DVD has appeared on YouTube. Watch.

November 7th
Keira and Johnny are up for Best Match-Up at the People's Choice Awards. The ceremony will be on January 9th. Article. Vote here.

November 4th
London-based Capitol Films have announced they will finance The Best Time Of Our Lives. The full announcement can be read on the Newsletter, but says in part "We have a wonderful script with two of the hottest young actresses in cinema today and I am confident that the film will be amongst the most sought after new properties at the market."
Capitol had a two-page ad in Variety this week promoting their current and upcoming projects (due to the AFM movie trade fair in LA this week). The part of the ad mentioning Best Time can be seen here, confirming both Lohan's and Maybury's attachments.
Thanks to AF for the scan

October 31st
Happy Halloween to all. Trick or treat ? Well, you decide - Variety has the confirmation today of Li-Lo's casting in Best Time. It said:
Lindsay Lohan is joining Keira Knightley in the "The Best Time of Our Lives," which John Maybury is in negotiations to direct for U.K.-based Sarah Radclyffe Prods. Lensing is skedded to begin in April. Script by Knightley's mother, playwright Sharman Macdonald... Rebekah Gilbertson, who is producing with Radclyffe, originated the project. Gilbertson is the granddaughter of Phillips and Killick. Radclyffe co-founded Working Title with Tim Bevan in 1984 but left the company after Polygram took it over. Maybury directed Knightley in Warner Independent Pictures' "The Jacket."

October 30th
Here's a couple of snippets of Pirates news: Niagara Falls filming - JB interview

October 27th
IMDb have finally taken notice of my numerous submissions and removed ye olde Jurassic Park IV rumour. And about time too. Oh, and they've added La Lohan to the Best Time cast - I'm not guilty of that one. Last week Miss Lohan was awarded the same Breakthrough Female Award from the Hollywood Film Festival that Keira received in 2004. No, I can't work that one out, either.

Need to have a rethink on the YouTube plans. I uploaded the three Jay Leno interviews to start with, but NBC ordered them removed the next day! So that was a great start. Not.

October 26th
Congrats to Keira, who has made it into DeBrett's new publication People Of The Year 2006. A spokesman said: "The people in the book have all shaped something this year, or done something particularly interesting. This is a celebration of our meritocratic society." Article.

October 24th
L*****y L***n is worried about her British accent when she starts filming Best Time, according to The Sun. Meanwhile, the rest of those involved in the movie should be worrying about the box office. Still, at least she's going to try. That's more than can be said for Kirsten Dunst and her American-accented Marie Antoinette. Hilarious.

James McAvoy will be interviewed on next Monday's Film2006 on BBC1. He'll be talking about Starter For Ten, but there may be the first on-set footage of Atonement if we're lucky. The same programme provided the first on-set footage of P&P a couple of years ago, which went on to be my most downloaded clip ever. Watch this space...

Pirates DMC has been nominated for Best Feature Film and the Public Award at the Children's BAFTAs. The ceremony will be on November 26th in London. Article.

October 22nd
Joe Wright talks about Atonement in tomorrow's edition of Variety. The article in full is on the Newsletter right now. It says that the novel's author Ian McEwan "was 'very constructively involved' in reviewing drafts of the script", but also states that "a demanding post-production schedule is not expected to yield a rough cut until April." Release is set for September.

Meanwhile, Rupert Friend has given his first interview, about his movie Mr Palfrey At The Claremont, released recently in Australia.

October 20th
The reliable Daily Mail Hollywood columnist today has this to say about the Lohan casting: "I'm told the script contains a "flavour" about how close Caitlin and Vera became, but there'll be no lesbian romp." Well that's a bit of a relief, but I'm still thinking 'Of all the actresses...'  Still, at least it means no more tabloid nonsense like this. Li-Lo's all over the papers today wearing a coat made of real fur. Silly girl. Ah well, it makes a change from her other bits of fur she keeps showing people.

IMDb now lists late August to mid-September for Atonement's release in principal countries, thus running into October for most other countries. But with Silk also pencilled in for October I can smell another P&P/Domino schedule shuffle in the offing.

The first new snaps of Keira in quite a while have appeared. Cute specs!

October 18th
Local Santa Barbara news channel KEYT reports that Pirates AWE has today started filming at the Guadeloupe Dunes Park in California. No word on which of the cast, if any, will be present, but congratulations to them for managing to spell both of Keira's names wrong on their web site.

The L*****y L***n interview on E! News turned out to be one of InStyle magazine's press officers selling the current issue which features Li-Lo inside and on the cover, so no word on the recent cast announcement as the interview could have been conducted months ago. Apparently she wants to win an Oscar before she's 30....

....Now onto news about something that WILL happen: Keira's first Chanel commercial. FemaleFirst are reporting that Joe Wright will be directing Keira in her first 'short film' for the company, due out in early 2007. Not sure if they have their wires crossed here, but Joe doesn't seem arty-farty enough for Chanel's ads, from what I remember of them. Perhaps they've realised they may sell more goodies if people can actually understand what their ads are about.

October 17th
The Ryan Seacrest Show, still officially known as E! News, otherwise known as The Paris Hilton Daily News Show (remind me again who paid the bargain basement price for the next series of The Simple Life? Oh yeah: E!) will have an exclusive interview with Skanky Lohan tomorrow, so I guess we'll find out if our nightmares will come true about this role or if she's just been having a big joke with us Keira fans. You won't be surprised to learn that the global media have picked up on that small word 'lesbian' which Li-Lo mentioned in that article last weekend. So now the whole world is vomiting in unison. By the way, this picture is genuine, untouched by computer. Bucket please.

October 15th
Canadian cinema production newswire Playback have announced that Rhombus Media are now officially in post-production on Silk, and hope to have a final cut available by March. Clips and official shots should start appearing shortly after, to whet our appetites through the summer until its autumn release.

We don't get many Keira role rumours nowadays, but the one in today's People made me laugh. Apparently she's top choice to play head girl Virginia in a planned remake of the St. Trinians naughty schoolgirl romps. Somehow I can't see Keira in that role. Miss Lohan, perhaps ? :) Story.

BBC's The Culture Show is looking for nominations for their Greatest Living Icon poll. She fits their criteria (which can be read on the FAQ page), and as they're giving Liam Gallagher and Kate Moss as examples, I see no reason why Keira shouldn't get at least some votes. See the site to read and vote.

Pirates DMC has finally lost the top spot in its final market Italy, but not before taking $22m there. Around the world last week it brought in a further $2.6m. Global box office is now $1.056bn, of which $636m is non-US box office.
Source: Variety

October 14th
MTV is reporting that Lindsay Lohan announced on Thursday she is to star alongside Keira in The Best Time Of Our Lives.
This news has been greeted with universal condemnation by Keira's fans, and while it's more shock than anything for now, my own knee-jerk reaction is the same at the moment. Maybe it will change (if it's true) but I can't help thinking 'Of all the actresses in the world...'  In fact, of all the actresses in the world right now, if there's one who can kill the enthusiasm a fan has for a forthcoming movie by suddenly proclaiming she's attached to it, it's Miss Lindsay Lohan. And who's fault is that ?
All British-made films with US backing have a 'token American' to help it sell at the US Box Office (the only one that matters, apparently - think of all of Working Title's movies and you'll see what I mean: Renee, Julia etc.) but why Lohan ? I don't blame her for wanting to finally move away from the instantly forgettable tweenie crap she's been churning out for years, but if she wants to get her teeth into more serious, memorable movie roles, why does it have to be this one ?
Lindsay said of the role: "[Keira] is older than me, but she kind of has a mysterious relationship with my lover... And then there's somewhat of a lesbian undertone." Do you mind, Lohan ? I've just eaten. Hopefully she'll build on her recent reputation and just not turn up. Story - IMDb Message Boards: Keira - Best Time... - Take the poll

October 12th
Announcement: Please see the latest blog entry for news on the future development of this site.

As expected, Disney have denied they're going to kill off Will Turner in any Pirates 4 movie. With DMC's billion dollar box office being down to three massive fanbases, they're hardly likely to eliminate a third of that for no real reason. Article.

October 8th
UK TV: Next Sunday will be Keira Night on Sky Movies! Either deliberately or by accident, the 8pm premiere of Pride & Prejudice on SM1 (or SM3 if you want the director's commentary) will be followed by a choice of viewing: King Arthur on SM1 or The Jacket on SM2. The making of programme, the P&P Diaries is on SM3 at 10.10pm. Looking ahead, Domino is likely to follow in November or December, together with both the expected BBC1 premiere of Pirates CBP and the terrestrial premiere of Love Actually over Christmas. Oh, and Oliver Twist is out on DVD next Monday too :)

Pirates AWE has won its first award already: Most Anticipated Film, at the Scream Awards, organised by the Spike TV channel in the US. Pirates DMC also won an armful of awards. Press release.

The not-very-reliable Daily Star newspaper has the story that Orlando Bloom will not be in Pirates 4 due to cost-cutting, but Keira and Johnny will. Funny that they know such details, considering the movie's not even beyond the 'possibility' stage yet. Article.

In response to several enquiries I can clear up some confusion over the hearsay that Keira is pregnant. She's not (as far as I know) but, and perhaps even more shockingly, it's the 16-year old star of Whale Rider, Keisha Castle-Hughes, who IS pregnant. Both actress and whale are said to be thrilled at the news (sorry!). Story.

October 3rd
Keira is nominated by the Hollywood Film Festival this year in their annual awards ceremony in the category Hollywood Female Star Of The Year. You can vote here.
Thanks AF

September 29th
The usually-reliable Daily Mail showbiz reporter Baz Bamigboye states in his column today that Keira is confirmed for the role of Vera Phillips, friend of poet Dylan Thomas, in The Best Time Of Our Lives, and that filming will start in April, rather than January as originally reported. This means the first three months of 2007 are as yet unconfirmed for Keira - another movie maybe ? Or perhaps Rupert's rumoured booze cruise is about to take place! The director Mike Radford is also apparently out, replaced by John Maybury, who directed Keira in The Jacket. The screenplay is by Keira's mum Sharman Macdonald, and tells the story of the events leading up to a shooting and threatened grenade attack on the Thomas home by family friend William Killick. More on the incident here (2/3 down the page) - Daily Mail article - Keira's movie news archive.

September 28th
You can see the cover of the Pirates DMC DVD here, and I've just spotted a 2007 calendar too.
Thanks Adam Reed

September 25th
Pride & Prejudice will premiere on Sky Movies in the UK on October 15th. Keira is on the cover of the October Sky magazine and there's an interview inside, but nothing new in the words or pics. The premiere will also be broadcast with the behind-the-scenes programme which you can still see on the P&P Promo Page, and also the option to watch the entire film with Audio Commentary, as per the DVD. See the TV Guide on the right for details.

September 24th
Still quiet on the Keira front, except for an interesting snippet at the bottom of this page. Doesn't quote a source though, as usual.

Pirates DMC is now the fourth biggest movie ever at the International (ie. non-US) box office, with $617.3m, knocking Harry Potter And The Chambr of Secrets down to fourth place. Italy's late release of DMC continues to pull in the crowds as the film had taken $15.5m by last Wednesday. The global figure is now $1.036bn.
Source: Variety

September 21st
Disney have a new site up in anticipation of the DVD release. It's called Dead Man's Mail. Check it out.

September 20th
Pirates producer Jerry Bruckheimer says that the principal actors will have completed their scenes on Pirates AWE by early November. Article.

Keira was in Paris earlier this week for a meeting with people at Chanel, whose main offices are in the French capital. See pics at Keira Seduction. The first TV commercial and print ads for Coco Mademoiselle are due early next year.

For those interested in the evolution of films from page to screen, Variety has an interesting article on the ups and downs of getting Keira's next-but-one release Silk financed and filmed. Variety is subscription only, but you can read the article on the Newsletter.

Both Domino and Pride & Prejudice will be shown on the US channel Cinemax from the end of this month. Check here for dates and times. They should be on Sky Movies too before the end of the year.

September 19th
Here's the official press release announcing the arrival of the Pirates DMC DVD(s) on December 5th.

September 18th
Pirates DMC continues to break records. Its late opening in Italy on Friday saw it break through the $600m threshold at the International box office (non-US), only the sixth film ever to do so. It's total of $612m places it at No.5 on that chart, but is within days of becoming the No.4. Global box office is now $1.03bn. In italy itself, the movie brought in $12.8m in just five days, more than double the performance of Pirates CBP there. It was enough to return DMC to the No.1 movie currently showing at the international box office, a position it lost to Cars last week.
Source: ScreenInternational

September 17th
I have made a one-clip compilation of all Keira's scenes in The Phantom Menace. She wears the black costume in most of the scenes, until the scene in the Naboo forest and the storming of the palace where she is wearing the black and red costume/head-dress. In the final celebration scene, she is standing behind Anakin, wearing the green cowl. 12Mb

Keira has been voted 'Greatest Ever Hollywood Starlet' in a poll by Yahoo! visitors. Something tells me Keira would greet that news with a smile - through gritted teeth. Don't go up to her in the street and call her a starlet - not without having paramedics on standby anyway. Article.
Thanks Sam

September 16th
Pirates DMC is now available for pre-order, and will be out on November 20th. Amazon UK has a limited edition with artwork postcards, and a saving of £11 too. Please click the the link to Pre-order.
Thanks Adam Reed

September 14th
Disney have announced that Pirates AWE will be released globally on May 25th next year, rathr than gradually around the world, ScreenInternational reports. Mark Zoradi, president of the Disney Motion Pictures Group says: ""All we need to do is get the trailer out there, put together a good campaign and I think the audience is going to be with us."
The article also states, intriguingly: "The third film... will conclude the initial Pirates trilogy, though it is unlikely to be the last Pirates sequel."
Read the full article on the Newsletter.

Keira is being mentioned as a potential lead for a proposed movie about Hannah Dustin, the New England woman who killed her Indian captors, and escaped in a canoe. Article.

September 12th
Pirates DMC took a further $7.7m at the international box office this week, giving a new total outside the US of $592.4m. US total is now over $416m, meaning the global total is now 54% higher than the final figure of the first Pirates movie. With Italy still to debut DMC this Friday, it should climb from 6th to 4th most successful movie of all time at the international box office. Britain continues to bring in the highest non-US total, $94.7m, with Japan second on $81m.
Mark Zoradi, president of Disney's Motion Pictures Group, said today: "We feel there are really no bounds for the worldwide appeal of the stars -- Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom -- particularly with the popularity of the first two films."
Source: Variety

Meanwhile Pirates CBP has been voted the favourite pirate movie of all time. Can't imagine there'd be a huge list to choose from there :-) Article.

September 11th
The new issue of the Movie Idols poster mag profiles Keira for the second time. The first was back in 2003. More here.

Kingdom Hearts II will be released across Europe at the end of this month. I think we concluded the POTC cast did not provided the character voices in the Pirates of the Caribbean World. Article.

September 10th


It's official ! Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is now the third biggest movie of all time. Disney made the announcement yesterday. The all-time chart now looks like this.

So what, exactly, has brought in the booty for this movie ? I have my theories. It's not the promotion as that seems to have been spent on action figures, lunch boxes and Kellogg's cereals; it's not the overwhelming praise from the critics because half of them panned it; it's not the special effects or even the continuation of a popular storyline. The reason DMC has become the third biggest movie in cinema history is because of the bringing together of not one but three massive fanbases - star power, but more importantly the supporters of those stars, has made this film the success it is.
Since Black Pearl, Johnny Depp's already large fanbase has likely more than doubled since he gave us Jack Sparrow in 2003. Orlando Bloom's growing fanbase from Lord of the Rings exploded after his appearance as Will Turner, and Black Pearl was truly Keira's breakout movie (Bend It Like Beckham became big worldwide, but only very slowly and only in limited theatres - Pirates CBP put her on the map globally).
I wonder if the cast, crew and companies involved will acknowledge that it's primarily the power of us, the fans, who have made this movie a 10-figure Box Office blockbuster ? Sadly, I think we all know the answer to that question.
Still, we must congratulate Keira on being part of the third biggest movie ever made. It's her second in the Top 10, along with Phantom Menace.

September 9th
Working Title have issued a news update announcing that filming on Atonement has now wrapped. We now have to wait till the end of next summer to see the results.

A Cailfornian boating newspaper has a report on one of the stars of Pirates AWE, The Black Pearl.

September 6th
It's nearly there - Pirates DMC has now totalled $993.7m around the world, just a few days away from being the third biggest movie of all time. The US total is currently $414.2m, providing a non-US total of $579.5m. It is still packing out cinemas in countries where it opened several weeks ago - France $2.4m in this, it's fifth week, and Japan another $1.6m in its seventh week. The UK has the biggest non-US tally for DMC, coming in at $93.9m. It has still to open in Italy next Friday.

September 5th
It's hard to believe it's already a year ago today since I was on the red carpet with Dame Keira Knightley at the London premiere of Pride & Prejudice. It seems like last week.

And it's still being nominated for awards. The European Film Academy (no, I'd never heard of it either) has shortlisted it for its People's Choice Award. Winners will be announced on December 2nd and you can vote here.

It's a further example of how the tiniest snippet about Keira gets picked up, that the newswires are abuzz with the goodie bag tax story (see below), even going so far as to say that Keira was angry to have to pay the bill of $2000. She probably had that much in her purse! Still, it keeps her in the news I guess...

Girls, take the Daily Mail's jewellery quiz to see what kind of style personality you have. If you choose the Bs, you're a Keira clone.

September 3rd
An article here on the new tax laws that have forced celebs to cough up for their freebie giveaways, and focusses on Keira's recent visit to the Silver Spoon pre-Emmys do a couple of weeks ago.

And an interview here with Marc Evans, director of the 'other' forthcoming Dylan Thomas movie, but mentions The Best Time Of Our Lives.

Commercial break: As part of my concert tickets site, I now have stores set up for all your music needs. You can buy CDs, DVDs etc. from here, or official band t-shirts, caps and stuff from here. And now back to your regular programming.

September 2nd
Keira attended a birthday party for her stylist Rachel Zoe at the Social Hollywood club on August 24th, according to this article.

September 1st
Pirates co-writer Terry Rossio has confirmed that the subtitle for Pirates 3 will be At Worlds End. Article.

August 30th
As part of Sky Movies’ Star Wars season in September, which will see the broadcast of all six episodes, there are a galaxy of behind the scenes shows scheduled too. Of potential Keira content, of course, are the Phantom Menace programmes, which are listed here. These may or may not be the extras on the DVD.

Anne Hathaway admits Keira’s Lizzie Bennet provided a daunting prospect for her portrayal of Jane Austen in new movie Becoming Jane. Article.

Here's a new pic of Keira from the Pirates 3 set. Article.

August 28th
- Pirates DMC is now within days of passing Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone to become the third biggest movie ever, and is within seven days of breaking the $1billion global box office figure, only the third movie ever to do so. This week raked in another $17.8m outside of the US, giving a new international total of $554.7m. Added to the US domestic figure, DMC has now achieved $962.3m (Harry Potter peaked at $976.5m).
- In the US, it is the sixth biggest movie ever, and will remain so as the number of theatres now playing the movie decreases, so that figure is unlikely to pass the current No.5 movie, The Phantom Menace. US tally is now $407.6m.
- Internationally, DMC is now the biggest movie this century, due to it being the No.1 movie for eight consecutive weeks. The previous record of seven weeks was the first Pirates movie.
- Around the world this week, DMC debuted in Greece, breaking the Greek box office record for any movie. A $2.6m debut there was 25% above the previous record holder. Even in war-torn Lebanon, where people have more important things on their minds right now, DMC was the year's biggest movie, taking $100,000 on 65 screens. It remained the No.1 film in France and Germany. France took a further $3.2m, Germany $2.3m, Japan $2.2m, Spain $2.1 and the UK $1.1m. British tally is now $91.5m, almost £50m.
Source: Variety

August 27th
Today's News of the World has some snaps of K & R boogieing the night away in LA. Pics.

Atonement completes filming in Redcar today. Article.

August 25th
Keira attended the Silver Spoon Hollywood Buffet on Thursday, held annually at a private residence in Los Angeles. Silver Spoon organise the two-day event ahead of a major celebrity happening in Hollywood to raise money for designated charities. Last year it pre-empted the MTV Movie Awards, and this year it was ahead of Sunday's Emmy Awards. Article. Photos.
Thanks Cassie, Drew

I continue to be astounded by the creativity present on, as these two Pride & Prejudice videos show. The audio is from the two Focus Features trailers, but the video is from, well, elsewhere. Fantastic stuff, here and here.
Thanks Mags at AustenBlog

There's articles and pics from the set of Pirates 3 here and here.

Keira gets third place in this month's Celebrity Look poll by fashion and beauty site, behind Ashley Olsen and Nicole Richie. Press release.

August 23rd
The big numbers keep rolling in for Pirates DMC.
This week alone: $25.5m at 6,222 screens in 51 countries, notably Spain (second week): $5.1m on 758 screens; France (third week): $4.8m on 750 screens; Germany (fourth week): $3.5m on 1,380 screens; Japan (fifth week): $4.1m on 711 screens; UK (seventh week): $4.1m at 711 screens.
Global box office is now $923.8m and Variety says ""Dead Man's Chest" has a decent shot at becoming the third film after "Titanic" (with $1.8 billion) and "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" ($1.1 billion) to gross more than a billion dollars worldwide."
Source: Variety

Comic lovers will want to know that the new issue (No.103) of Archie & Friends is out on August 29th. It features a POTC-inspired story with characters based on Keira, Orlando and Johnny. See exclusive examples of the artwork by Andrew Pepoy here and here. For more info visit
Thanks Andrew, Rik

A woman and shopping are not parted for long. Keira was barely off the plane in LA before she hit the shops. Pics.
And these scans from a French mag would suggest a set of photos taken somewhere on the day of the DMC premiere in London, though I haven't seen any others.

August 21st
Keira's beach tantrum in Pirates DMC won her Choice Hissy Fit at yesterday's Teen Choice Awards, and DMC won seven surfboards in total. Details here.

As expected, Pirates DMC will be out on DVD in December, Buena Vista Home Entertainment confirmed today. Availability and 'featurette' content sounds much the same as CBP, according to this article.

The new issue of More magazine has quotes from "a source" regarding her and Rupert's apparent engagement. I wonder if it's the same non-existent source who said she was besotted with Kaz James when in fact she'd never even met him ? Hmmm. All will be revealed soon, I presume. Article.

August 20th
The first new clip in almost a month: E!'s Sexiest European Stars, broadcast in the UK tonight. Keira was Numero Uno. 5.5Mb

Piraets DMC today becomes the first film this year to pass $400m at the US box office, having taken another $5m this week. It is now at No.8 after seven weeks. Overseas it has taken more than $463m making a global tally of $864m. It has now passed Finding Nemo in the all-time charts to become Disney's biggest ever movie, a No.7 placing, pushing Nemo down to No.8. It only needs another $7m to put it in the all-time Top 10.

August 18th
Keira left London for the sunnier climes of Los Angeles on Thursday.  She is due to spend three months in the US filming internal scenes for Pirates 3, mainly at a disused aircraft hangar outside Palmdale, which Disney has transformed into the required Oriental sets. Fans in North America can write to Keira at a Burbank, California address provded to me by Disney Consumer Relations. See the Fanmail section below for the full address.

August 15th
According to The Sun today, K & R are engaged, having announced it over dinner in LA this week. Funny that, because they're still in London. How does that slogan go ? 'The Sun - We Love It'. Except for accurate news, apparently.

A photographer is putting together a photo study of the Redcar locations for the Atonement filming.

Pirates DMC has already won its first award - The Hollywood Film Festival will award it the Visual Effects trophy at the ceremony on October 23rd.

August 14th
Pirates DMC has now grosssed $855m worldwide, the 12th biggest movie ever made. By the end of August it will become only the seventh movie ever to pass the $900m mark. It debuted in Spain on 980 screens this week, bringing in $11.4m, a new Spanish record. Another $8.5m in France brings its total to £30m in 12 days. In Germany, $5.6m this week makes a total of $45.7m there, and another $2.3m in the UK makes a British total of $85m.
Source: Variety

Meanwhile, Monday's Variety has an article on the race for the box office booty next May when not one but THREE movies, all of them second sequels, will be vying for the big bucks: Pirates 3, Shrek The Third and Spider-Man 3. You can read the full article on the KeiraWeb Newsletter.

August 13th
Keira has fallen victim to phone hackers, according to this exclusive feature in the Independent on Sunday today. This is not the monitoring of voice calls but rather voicemails (see the middle column of this article to understand what goes on). The royal correspondent for the News of the World newspaper was arrested recently following similar apparent interceptions of Prince William's phone messages. Both the prince and TV presenter John Leslie called in police following suspicions of illegal activity with their phones, but it is not clear whether Keira had similar suspicions or whether her name has just been revealed as part of the police widening their investigations into this illegal activity.
The article claims the monitoring of Keira's messages revealed her relationship with Rupert Friend, but if it did, the News of the World did not announce the scoop. Photographs of Keira and Rupert began to circulate in the New Year and several fans emailed me having recognised who he was, but it was celebrity gossip mags Grazia and Heat who were the first to name him as Keira's Pride & Prejudice co-star.
It begs the question why anyone would want to bother doing this to Keira. Unlike some of the other people identified as victims, she doesn't court scandal or have any 'skeletons in the closet'. Perhaps they did it just because they could. Either way, Keira must be devastated at this news. For someone who has publicly - albeit only occasionally - discussed her 'price of fame' concerns, usually regarding covert surveillance by photographers, this revelation must have sent her reeling and we wish her well.

EXCLUSIVE: Having contacted Working Title's publicist for Atonement yesterday, I can confirm that Keira has now wrapped filming all her scenes for the movie and that she will not be involved in the subsequent filming in the Grimsby and Redcar areas in the coming weeks.
Thanks Rachel

August 12th
More on Redcar's transformation here, here and here.

Keira tops next Sunday's 'Sexiest' poll on E! UK at 10pm in their 'Sexiest European Stars' countdown.

August 11th
The latest global figure for DMC is $772m, with forecasts of it beating Finding Nemo to become Disney's biggest ever grossing movie. Its French debut this past week brought in $18m on 700 screens, and a still-impressive $3.4m on 485 UK screens, now in its fifth week in Britain, totalling $80.6m in the UK. In Belgium, ticket sales went UP in its second week, and fell only slightly in Japan, Switzerland, Brazil and Mexico. DMC is now the No.7 biggest film ever in the US, and 19th worldwide (Finding Nemo is currently 11th). It opens in Spain today, another strong market, with Greece (24th) and Italy (September 15th) still to come.
Source: Variety, BoxOfficeMojo

If you've been looking for the SUV that Volvo and Disney buried as part of the Pirates DMC promotions, you can stop looking - somebody's found it. Article.

Filming of Pirates 3 has resumed in California and the desert salt flats of Utah. With the cast and crew of Atonement readying for the Grimsby and Redcar shoots next week, Keira may have wrapped on the latter and is about to fly out to the States ready to don hair extensions and Oriental costumes for Pirates 3. I'm sure the pap snaps from LAX will tell us when she's arrived.

Don't forget that Pure is now on DVD release across North America. The distributors have added the legend 'Academy Award Nominee Keira Knightley' to the cover credits. A great performance from Keira, and also young Harry Eden.
Thanks Adam Reed

August 10th
Here's an article on the connection between celebs and perfume, mentioning Keira and Chanel.

And here's the text of a Disney conference held by the 'top table', in which the success of DMC is spoken of highly.

August 8th
There's some more pics of K & R here, taken yesterday in London. Now, I was reluctant to mention this, but she's wearing the same dress she wore to the launch party of the Irish Film & Television Awards in Dublin on July 30th 2003 ! Reluctant in case it embarrasses Dame Keira (though I'm sure she couldn't care less), but also because it either makes me out to be an uber-fan (which is cool) or creepishly observant and sad (which is not so cool). Nurse?!!! My pills!

On a slightly more sane note, US fans can see a repeat of Keira's appearance on the Ellen Degeneres Show this Friday, in which Keira talks about Pride & Prejudice and plays a merry tune while accompanying herself on her teeth.

August 7th
Here's the first sighting of Keira in Oriental costume for Pirates 3. The external scenes, remember, have already been filmed while Pirates DMC was filmed in the Caribbean. Watch here.
Thanks Gilbert's Girl, Winnie at Johnny Depp Zone

Let's hope Universal get Keira to do the publicity for Atonement if its author Ian McEwan's comments so far are anything to go by (scroll down). Or maybe he was being sarcastic.
There's been a new LiveJournal set up here for the movie.

And here's another one with photos from the DMC premiere in London.

August 6th
Pirates DMC fell to third place at the US box office this weekend, but racked up another $11m in the process. Total US tally is now $380m, making it the No.8 biggest-grossing movie in US box office history. In the UK it is set to top the £50m mark ($93.5m). This week's total outside of the US is $55m, pushing the movie past $300m in foreign markets. The worldwide overall total is now $681m, making it the 23rd biggest grossing movie of all time.
Source: Variety, BoxOfficeMojo

WTR hs a couple of pics apparently from Pirates 3 - here and here.
Thanks Vini

August 4th
As that mad woman from Iceland once sang "It's oh so quiet", at least with Keira news. Here's a nice one-page gallery of more than a thousand Keira pics, and here's some recent pap snaps of K & R in London.

Pirates DMC opened in France on Wednesday to another record-breaking figure. It sold 693,023 tickets for the first day's screenings, beating the previous French record of 641,000 for Star Wars Episode 3. This gives the movie an opening of $4.4m en France.

The recent US InStyle interview and photoshoot is featured in the September UK edition. Or on the Magazinespage if you prefer.
Thanks David

August 1st
Oliver Twist, featuring Keira as Rose Fleming, will be released for the first time on Region 2 (Europe) DVD on October 16th. Here's a few clips to tide you over: One - Two - Three
Thanks Marten

The worldwide box office for Pirates DMC is now in excess of $664m, beating the closing total of the first movie which was $653m, and DMC is yet to open in over a quarter of its countries. Here are the figures from debut countries last weekend: Germany $18.8m on 903 screens; Austria $2.8m on 105 screens; Belgium $2.2m at 125 screens. It raked in another $6.4m in Japan and $4.9m more in the UK, taking Britain's total box office to $72.4m. The movie opens this weekend in France, Hong Kong, South Africa and Colombia.
Source: Variety

July 31st
More pics from the exterior London set of Atonement. The paparazzi must feel like they've won the lottery - Keira Knightley, filming, in public! The shots of her in the nurse's uniform made some of the UK tabloids today, with the predictable headlines about men having their pulses checked and being in need of medical attention, etc. Yes folks, it's Carry On Keira! Ooh, matron.

IMDb seem to be getting less stringent about what they add to their filmographies lately. Ye Olde Jurassic Park rumour has been put back up again. In the summer of 2003 at the POTC press conference in California, a journalist asked if it was true that Steven Spielberg had called Keira regarding her availability for the project, following a recommendation by Jurassic Park star Sam Neill (with whom she'd worked on Doctor Zhivago). Keira said it was true she had spoken to Spielberg, and the rumour started from there. But old guard KeiraWebbers may remember I asked Keira's agent about this and received the response "she is not attached to Jurassic Park in any way". This was back on September 11th 2003.

July 30th
As expected, the resurrected Crockett & Tubbs have defeated Pirates at the US box office this evening, although Johnny & Co. still took another $20.5m, bringing its US takings to a new Disney record of $358.4m. Around the world the film has now passed the $200m mark at non-US box offices, and grossed $60m from 35 countries just last week. It took $17m of business in its opening week in Japan (four times the debut of Black Pearl there). Mexicans flocked to the film to the tune of $5.8m and in Brazil to $3.1m. The UK gross has now topped $62m with $80m expected before it leaves cinemas. German figures are still to come in, and it opens in France next week, with Spain and Italy two more big markets yet to open in August.
Source: Variety

The Keira Knightley 2007 calendar can now be pre-ordered from Amazon UK here. There seems to be another one available for order here. Let's just hope they correct the spelling before that one goes to print.
Thansk Adam Reed

Yet more Atonement pics have appeared of Keira as a nurse in London.

July 27th
Here's another set of Atonement pap snaps, this time from Westminster in central London. Marvel as Keira posts a letter - is there no end to this woman's talents ?

Keira can feel more confident about the legs she hates with the results of a survey by Braun, the makers of hair dryers, shavers, and... women's things. The women polled put Keira's legs as third favourite after Victoria Beckham and Giselle. Article.

This fortnight's Real magazine has a Keira cover, (kind of) interview, and fashion profile. See scans.
Thanks David

July 26th
Atonement shooting in Grimsby will take place August 16th-18th, with an open casting call, according to this article. And here are the high resolution versions of yesterday's pics.

July 25th
KeiraDaily has a new set of pap snaps from the set of Atonement.

Pirates DMC opened in another 11 countries over the weekend, adding another $11m to its total takings, and debuting at No.1 in every country's box office. It took $7m in its third week in the UK, making the British tally now $62m in just 17 days. With the film still to open in major countries like Germany, Spain, Italy and France it looks set to surpass its predecessor in global box office (a target of $653m, DMC currently stands at $540m). At present it's the 37th biggest-grossing movie of all time and may well end up in the Top 20. This would be Keira's second movie to do so, after The Phantom Menace.
Variety, BoxOfficeMojo

July 24th
Atonement filming has now finished in Shropshire and is currently ongoing in Westminster, central London.

Keira was No.6 on E!'s 'Sexiest Action Stars' countdown. 3Mb

Here's one TV presenter's Quest For Keira Knightley on YouTube.
Thanks Drew

July 23rd
EXCLUSIVE: Here are the first two official production stills from the set of Atonement, Stokesay Court in Shropshire. They don't feature any cast but they will form part of Working Title's production gallery nearer the film's release. One - Two.
Thanks Tim (c) Working Title Films

The records continue to fall for Pirates. DMC is now the fastest movie to reach $300m. It's feat in 16 days beats last year's Star Wars Episode III by one day. It has taken another $35m at the US box office this weekend, making a new US total of $321m. Three new releases were expected to make a dent in DMC's takings this weekend, but Johnny and co. fought them all off easily. Worldwide tally is now in excess of $539m.

ComingSoon has a report of the Pirates 3 footage shown at this weekend's ComicCon in San Diego. From other sources it appears that Keira hardly appears in the footage. Oh, and the World's End title wasn't mentioned either. As I may have said once or twice before, that won't be the title because it can't be.

July 22nd
I've waited until now before I updated the Plaudits page with Pirates DMC criticism so as to allow the majority of reviews to be published. They're all now in but there wasn't a lot to say about Keira's performance among the critics. Most of the reviews had too much else to say, mostly about Johnny, and the duration, and the subplots. But having read as many as I have today, a pattern formed quite early on - critics hated this movie. Ironic really, considering it went on to break every box office record in the book. All they had to say about Keira was that she was under-used, gave a better performance than in the first film, and that her and Orlando were virtually superfluous, and were only there to help the box office. Ouch. Plaudits.

July 20th
If you'd like to get Keira in your bedroom, go here :-)
Thanks Colin at

Those interested in visiting Keira's filming locations can pop along to her latest location, Stokesay Court in Shropshire, as there will be a special open day on Sunday August 6th. Stokesay will be seen in Atonement. Email me for more info.
Thanks Tim of Shropshire Council

Keira attended the after-show party for Lily Allen's recent London concert. KeiraSeduction has the pics. Lily is the daughter of actor Keith Allen. She's currently the UK's No.1 artist with the song 'Smile', which Keira chose as part of her playlist for her DJ stint on the 6th.

July 19th
Today's Daily 10 on E! says that Scarlett Johansson has been cast alongside Natalie Portman in The Other Boleyn Girl, so that's one period piece Keira's managed to escape.
Thanks Troy

July 18th
Keira to play Jordan ? The British, er, model, er, celebrity-type person has said she would like someone like Keira to play her in an apparent forthcoming movie of her life. Even more amazing than the thought of Keira playing such a person is the thought that filmmakers are actually interested in turning her life story into a movie. For those who don't know who Jordan is (or Katie Price as she now likes to be known), just think Paris Hilton with silicone implants. Yeah, she really is that uninteresting to most Brits.
Article - Photo (may be distressing to some viewers).

Here's two very different fashion criticisms on Keira's latest outfit. The Daily Mail call it a 'curtain' while Hello! magazine are much kinder. They must still be waiting for Keira to agree to a photospread from inside her flat :-)

July 17th
We finally have some pics from the set of Atonement, albeit pap snaps. And there's some more details about costumes etc. from last Friday's Daily Mail.
Thanks Amo, KeiraSeduction

There's a couple of new interviews with UK teen mags on the Magazines page.
Thanks David

DMC continues to make new records in almost every country it's opening in. ScreenDaily has the following figures from the current overseas performance of DMC:
Opening in Russia, the picture plundered the biggest industry debut in history on $10.4m from 530 screens. Sweden generated a top three all-time launch on $3.4m from 125, as did Denmark on $2.6m from 80. Pirates 2 took $2.3m from 114 in Holland, $2m from 100 in Norway, $1.5m from 150 in Turkey, $1.8m from 65 in Singapore, $1.4m from 49 in Finland, and $1.1m from 70 in Malaysia. $1m from 125 in the Ukraine was enough to set a new industry mark there. In its second weekend the picture added $12m from 514 in the UK for $50m, $5.5m for $17.2m in Australia, and $4.4m for just shy of $16m in South Korea.

July 16th
KeiraPictures has the text of the August Elle feature.
Thanks Amo

Pirates DMC has taken $62.2m at the US office this weekend, a drop-off of 54% but still enough to keep it at No.1. Its 10-day gross was another record, $258.2m.

The latest E! countdown is now online: 'Sexiest Red Carpet Divas'. Keira was No.13 - 2.8Mb

July 15th
First week box office for DMC in the US was $196,019,502

Another UK premiere special is now online, with brand new interviews and different scene footage: Part One 14Mb - Part Two 14Mb

July 14th
Variety reports that Pirates DMC is well placed to break more records this weekend. Its daily drop-off in takings is currently far less than those of Spider-Man 2, all the Harry Potter movies and all of the Star Wars prequels.

There's a lot on the newswires at the moment about Keira's breasts which were enlarged for the US version of the King Arthur poster. God knows why that's a story again all of a sudden. After the last week's you-know-what rumours, it's either a reparation by the media, or more likely an attempt to find more proof for her 'apparent' problems.

July 13th
KeiraDaily has the August Elle scans. Always a nice shoot in Elle.

E! has another 'Sexiest' countdown to fire at us - 'Sexiest European Stars'. This time, Keira has the top spot.
Thanks Kieu

July 12th
Keira is interviewed in the next US issue of Elle, according to this article. That's the second time recently she's talked about having a good cry occasionally (she also mentioned it at the Radio 1 interview). It's unusually personal for Keira, but with last week's comments about her family's history of anorexia only serving to dig herself into a deeper hole than was necessary in front of journalists, it's probably the last time she'll talk about anything personal in her life...

...and if she's seen this week's issue of celebrity gossip rag Closer, I wouldn't blame her:
Cover - Scan 1 - Scan 2
This is the same mag which last week declared Keira as having the third 'most desirable body'. Hypocrites. A week is a long time in celebrity gossip. The next issue of USWeekly has a similar story about the 'craze for being thin' in Hollywood featuring Keira, Kate Bosworth and Anne Hathaway. Their headlines shout "Kids getting 'thinspiration' from dangerously skinny stars". Only if they believe the crap they read in your shitty magazines, guys.
Thanks David, Troy

E!'s latest 'Sexiest' countdown premieres in the UK this Sunday evening, with Keira as No.13 on their Red Carpet Divas show.
Thanks Geoff

July 11th
Head of Disney Bob Iger issued a press release congratulating cast and crew on the record-breaking performance of Pirates DMC. He thanks Keira nightly, apparently. Lucky man. Read.

ITV's UpClose section has an interview with Keira, put together from the red carpet and the press conference.

There's a lot in the press about Keira donating her UK prem Gucci dress, but the earliest source I can find for this is the ever-unreliable I'll eat my words if it turns out to be true, but I've said that quite often in the past about stories emanating from that web site.

July 10th
Pirates DMC took $46.6m outside of the US in its three-day opening, according to ScreenInternational. It says:
Pirates took $25m in the UK on 514 screens, some 258% better than the 2003 original; $9m in South Korea on 350 for the biggest Hollywood launch in industry history fared 248% better than the original; and $8.1m in Australia on 281 that was 111% bigger than Curse of The Black Pearl. Elsewhere it grossed $1.9m from 18 in Taiwan, $1.4m in Thailand, and $1.2m on 72 in New Zealand. Results for Uruguay were unconfirmed at time of writing.

Meanwhile ChinaDaily confirms the movie will not open in China due to the cannibal scenes.

There's a couple of spoilerific articles about Pirates 3 here and here.

KeiraPictures now has the scans from August's US edition of CosmoGirl with Keira on and inside. Interview and pics are all old stuff though.

There's a genuine director's chair from DMC up for grabs on eBay signed by Keira, Johnny, Orlando, Naomi, Stellan, Bill and Jerry. All proceeds go to children's charity Variety, so take a look and place your bids.

July 9th
The figures are in... and four records have been smashed this weekend by Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest at the USA Box Office.
1. $132,028,000 - highest-ever 3-day opening.
2. $55.5m on Friday alone - highest ever 1-day takings.
3. $100.2m Fri/Sat - first movie to break $100m in two days.
4. $31,945 - highest per-cinema takings for an ultra wide release (4,133 screens).
Variety has the breaking news, available now on the KeiraWeb Newsletter.
BOP has an analysis of the figures.

A couple more full shows from the last few days. First is ITV's coverage from the UK premiere, with red carpet interviews and behind the scenes stuff (10Mb each):
Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four

Next is a behind the scenes show from UK movie channel eatCinema. This is similar to the Starz and Sky programme but features more interviews, longer scenes and extra making-of footage:
Part One 11Mb - Part Two 6Mb - Part Three 9Mb - Part Four 9Mb

And here's a couple of features from Friday's E! News. First is a report from the French premiere on Thursday in Paris (1Mb), and then a segment on the cast confusion from filming both sequels at once in the Caribbean (3Mb). Don't forget you can see all the DMC clips on the Pirates DMC promotions page.

IMDb have finally added the details of my submission for Keira's next movie, The Best Time Of Our Lives. See the entry here.

Today's Independent On Sunday has a profile of Keira. While the Glasgow Mail reports on the apparently increasing acrimony between Keira and Rupert. May be some truth in it, maybe not, but if recent quotes from Keira are accurate there seems to be some definite cooling in that relationship.

IMDb's StarMeter rankings, based on who's looking at what on IMDb, has Johnny at No.1 this week, and Keira at No.2

Keira is No.3 in a Closer magazine poll to find the 'Most Desirable Body'. Article.

BoxOfficeMojo has an interview with Pirates scribes Ted and Terry.

July 7th
- Attention now turns to the box office figures for Pirates DMC. Today's Variety has a very insightful preview article, which you can read in full on the KeiraWeb Newsletter. The movie will open at a record 4,133 screens across the US, with online tickets sellers reporting double the sales for Superman Returns, and hailing its pre-sales as its largest so far this year. Experts predict DMC could beat the record for a three-day opening at the US box office, currently held by Spider-Man 2's $114.8m.
- The World Cup final on Sunday has intervened to stop the movie opening as wide internationally as it would otherwise have done. It opens in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, the U.K. and Uruguay today, but will compete with Superman Returns in all those countries except the UK (where Superman will open next Friday). Then next weekend, it opens in Holland, Malaysia, the Philippines, Russia, Scandinavia and Singapore. On July 21st, it opens in Brazil, Mexico and Japan and then launches in Germany on July 28th, followed by France the following weekend.
- Interestingly, the article also states the Pirates 3 subtitle as being "At The End Of The World", rather than "At World's End". This is the first time I've seen this particular wording, and Variety is rarely, if ever, wrong.
- In the table above you will find daily updates on the worldwide box office tallies for Pirates DMC. First US figures are due on Sunday evening, with international counts due on Tuesday.

Edit: Since writing the above this morning, British media are reporting that Pirates DMC has already broken the first-day opening record for UK cinema, taking £2.3m in preview screenings yesterday. It opens officially today. This beats the previous record of £1.57m for Spider-Man 2. Advance ticket sales in the UK were in excess of £1m.

Here's the Keira interview from yesterday's CBS Early Show. Nothing new if you're keeping up to speed with the other interviews.

This page has a diary from a cast member on DMC (possible spoilers).

July 6th
The anorexia story rumbles on, even to the extent that a betting web site (which I won't honour by naming), is taking money on Keira being admitted to an anorexia clinic before the end of this year. E!'s gossip show The Daily 10 had the rumours as their No.1 story today (1.7Mb). Keira mentioning her family's history of the disease was perhaps a faux pas, as it has lead to headlines such as 'Keira Knightley has first-hand experience of anorexia', from which only one conclusion can be drawn unless you read the full story. While everyone is currently airing their own 'guides' as to what constitutes being anorexic and therefore whether Keira is or isn't a sufferer, I have had emails from real sufferers giving me their opinions, and I'm more inclined to take note of their observations and comments. They are happy that anorexia is once again in the news, as Keira suggested at the press conference. The bottom line is this: Keira has told the world that she is NOT anorexic, and that should be good enough for her fans, and everyone else.

- Keira pre-recorded a radio show this week at London's Capital Radio. The station's owners, GCap Media, also own a network of local radio stations around the UK. The show was broadcast on many of those stations at 1pm on Thursday 6th. See some images from the recording here. Keira answered questions and telephoned two people live on air to ask for their questions. She also chose her own playlist, which was as follows:
Britney Spears - Toxic; Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out; Lily Allen - Smile; James Brown - Papa's Got A Brand New Bag; The Killers - Somebody Told Me; Christina Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man; Gnarls Barkley - Crazy; Scissor Sisters - Laura; The Police - Roxanne; Dido - White Flag.
- Some of the reasons for choosing those songs included: Britney because it's a favourite at her girlie nights in; Dido because she's British; James Brown because "anyone who can wear lycra and a cape is cool", and The Police because "it's about the only song I know all the words to!" She spoke about her privacy, some beauty tips, being starstruck and being nude!
- Download the interview here: Full show (mp3) 32Mb
Three parts (wav): One 7.5Mb - Two 7.5Mb - Three 6.3Mb
Huge thanks to Edward for the split parts

Here's a video taken by my friend Isabella of Keira signing autographs at the UK prem. Isy's failure to turn the camera after Keira has gone past is due to her shock at Keira recognising her from previous encounters and saying a special 'Hello!' to her. She has that effect on people :-)

Keira is one of 120 people invited to join AMPAS, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the organisation which hosts the Oscars). Previous years have seen a much larger number join annually, but this year the 120 are a final shortlist of "exceptionally qualified names". Article.

Keira may be running a mile in July 15th's Sport Relief mini marathon. But this was reported in the Daily Star, so it might be rubbish. She helped to launch the 2004 campaign.

Here's a BBC interview with Keira. Nothing new really.

July 5th
Here's Keira at the DMC press conference yesterday, talking about the anorexia rumours: 1.8Mb

Here's the edited version of E!'s Red Carpet show from the DMC US premiere, showing the main cast interviews only: 9Mb.
And a report from Children's BBC Newsround: 2Mb
Good Morning America had an interview yesterday (see Hot Topics).
Thanks AF

Yesterday's E! News had a profile of Keira, which promised a guide to her early career but only started from BILB. Ah well, better than nothing: 4Mb

Here's Keira's waxwork at Madame Tussaud's in London, part of their POTC exhibition. Looks more like a cross between Shakira and Jennifer Saunders.
Thanks Amo

If anyone can rip streaming radio, I'd be grateful if you can get tomorrow's radio show at 1pm BST (8am EDT). I can only get it if it was on a Sky radio station, which it isn't.
Stations list (not all are participating - look for special Keira link on each site).

Today's Daily Mirror reports on some less than affectionate comments from Keira and Rupert towards each other. Article.
While the couple make Tatler's Top 10 list of fantasy dinner-party guests. Article.
Thanks Amo

July 4th
The big story flooding the newswires right now is Keira's denial that she's anorexic. She was asked at the DMC press conference in London today what it was like to be called anorexic by the media, and she said she was unaware that she was. While she did admit that she never reads what's written about her, I DO, probably more than anyone, and it's news to me too that she's been called anorexic. It can only have been sparked yesterday evening by the dress she wore to the London premiere. Her naturally thin arms and chest coupled with her small bust may well have sparked the rumours. She's posed in these types of plunging dresses before and they've never flattered. She doesn't have the figure of Salma Hayek or Scarlett Johansson, and perhaps Keira and her stylist should have considered this.
Every movie has a 'hook' news story which keeps a star in the papers during a promo run, and if it's sensationalist, the longer it stays alive. Keira's no exception. There was Kaz James for Pride & Prejudice; her bum double in Domino; getting drunk before the love scene in The Jacket, etc. It looks like this story is going to be the 'hook' on which the world's media will hang Keira's promotions of Pirates DMC. That's fine, as long as they report her denial (which so far they have). Articles: BBC - Washington Post

More premiere and DMC promo clips...
Studio interview with Keira 5.5MB
GMTV#1 6.2Mb - GMTV#2 2.5Mb - LK Today 7.7Mb
This Morning 9Mb - Five News 3.4Mb

US prem: Star! Daily 1.6Mb
DMC features: MovieEntertainment 4Mb - ET Canada 3.6Mb
DMC Canada TV Spot 600kb
Thanks Sherri

Article round-up: People - Hello! - BBC - Empire - Times
Pics: Premiere - Radio 1

UK TV reminder: Pirates UK premiere special on ITV2 Friday at 8pm, repeated on ITV1 Saturday at 12.40pm. The E! special from the US premiere is on E! UK Sunday at 12noon and 7pm. See also the TV guide for more DMC features.

July 3rd
Keira joined Johnny Vaughan's breakfast show on Capital FM this morning. Listen to the interview here, and see some pics here. She then visited Jo Whiley at BBC Radio 1. Listen here.

Here are the first pics from the UK premiere tonight.
Videos: BBC 4Mb - ITV 2.6Mb - Sky News 4Mb

I'm informed the French premiere (as part of the Paris Film Festival) will take place at the Champs Elysees Gaumont on Thursday 6th. Johnny, Orlando, Jerry and apparently Keith Richards will attend.
Thanks Tim

July 2nd
Keira will be popping in to chat to Johnny Vaughan on his Capital FM breakfast show tomorrow morning, between 6 and 9am. Johnny and Keira presented the Comic Relief programme When Johnny Met Keira in 2005. Listen here.

Keira will be on the CBS Early Show on Thursday 6th, the same day as her DJ stint in the UK, so one of them must be pre-recorded - but which one ? Answers on a postcard...
Thanks AF

Here's a couple of Keira interviews from the New York Daily News and Belfast Telegraph. And a brief article about the WaterAid shoot in today's Sunday Times.

DMC cast and crew interview at CinemaBlend, and more at RopeOfSilicon. A Gore interview at the Boston Globe.
Thanks AF

July 1st
Here's a brilliant DMC behind the scenes show premiered on Sky Movies this evening, hosted by Pintel and Ragetti. It's in four parts, although my hardware recorded it in mono for some stupid reason, so I'll cap it again in stereo when it repeats. It's called 'Secrets of the Dead Man's Chest' and it will probably be on the DVD:
Part One 14Mb - Part Two 12Mb - Part Three 11Mb - Part Four 9Mb

You can now submit your questions to Keira for Thursday's radio show by clicking on your local station from this list, then click Ask Keira and fill in the form. Keep your questions general rather than local, and don't bother with anything TOO personal ! Many of the stations have a 'Listen Live' audio stream if you can't tune in or if you're outside the UK.

As well as visiting Jo Whiley on Radio 1 on Monday, Keira may also be popping in to Capital FM round the corner from Leicester Square. I'm trying to get this confirmed. reports a 20% increase in advance bookings for DMC compared to that for CBP in 2003.

June 30th
"You're listening to Keira Knightley FM" !
As part of her promotions for Pirates DMC, Keira Knightley will be hosting her own radio show next Thursday across the UK, between 1pm and 2. The exact stations are still to be announced but is likely to include most if not all of the ones in this network of local stations.  Keira will be answering questions and playing her favourite songs. Makes a change from Jay Leno, doesn't it ?! It has been arranged between BVI (Pirates DMC European distributors) and GCap Media, owners of the stations. Depending on the participating stations, a live Internet stream may be available. More details soon hopefully. Article.

Today's Daily Mail has Keira's first interview about Atonement.

Tuesday's GMTV will have a special feature on DMC, as will This Morning on ITV1. Hopefully there'll be nothing on Monday as I'm planning on being in London for the prem. E! UK has the 30min US premiere show on July 9th. Full dates and times on the right.

Keira is on the cover of the US edition of August's Cosmo Girl magazine.
Thanks Trisha

June 29th
One more vid - Tuesday's Enterainment Tonight US: 3.4Mb

June 28th
At last ! Some Keira interviews:
E! News: 3Mb - Entertainment Tonight Canada: 3Mb - Extra: 3Mb
US premiere, Entertainment Tonight: 3Mb - Tonight Show With Jay Leno: 800kb
Thanks Sherri

Report on kissing both Johnny and Orlando, Sky News: 900kb

Pirates booty:
- Naomie Harris interview from DarkHorizons, and from ComingSoon (spoiler about ES).
- Orlando interview from ComingSoon.
- Pirates 3 update from IGN: 70 days of filming left.
- Johnny-focussed clips from premiere reports.
- Premiere diary at MiceAge, report in Variety and video from Reuters.
- Article on Pirates vs. Superman.
- Early reviews... all good, even Rolling Stone. All of Keira's plaudits as Elizabeth will be on this page.
Thanks Amo, AF

Keira will be a guest of Jo Whiley on next Monday's show on BBC Radio 1, the day of the premiere. She did a same-day interview with her for P&P too, while I was at the studios and from which I took this pic. You can listen in from around 11am BST here, or at the Listen Again link after broadcast.

Working Title have an update on Atonement here.
Thanks Amo

More on Keira's Elizabeth Swann waxwork.

June 27th
Pirates stuff:
- New DMC videos: A couple of clips from the premiere. More to come: E! 3Mb - Daily 10 2Mb
Short version of UK TV Spot commercial: 700kb
Johnny Depp interview: ET 3Mb  - 'Captain Jack' featurette: 4.7Mb
- Keira is finally getting a waxwork tribute by Madame Tussauds in London, but only as part of their POTC tie-in feature. See scan from this week's Heat magazine.
Thanks Amo
- Keira is interviewed by ET today or tomorrow, as per this article. The UK has a 2-day broadcast delay on Sky One.
- There's a new featurette on the filming locations here.
- After what seems like centuries of he's in/he's out regarding Keith Richards' role in Pirates 3, it would now appear to be confirmed that he WILL be playing Mr. Sparrow Senior. Better film his scenes quickly, Gore, before he falls out of another tree.
- An article on the DMC tie-in books about to hit the shops.
- You can buy tickets to any of the regional UK premieres on July 3rd from here.
Thanks Amo

Here's the Jamie Dornan interview from last night's 'Summer Season' show on BBC1 Northern Ireland: 5Mb

June 26th
Pirates DMC - US premiere round-up:

Two UK clips from the premiere: GMTV 2Mb - Sky News 3Mb

Articles: Hello! - USAToday - ITV - ET - Insider - MickeyNews

The usual suspects in the US will have TV coverage - E!, ET, Insider, Extra. If anyone can put the E! Special onto fileshare I'll host it here, otherwise I've been offered a DVD-in-the-mail, but that could take a week or more.

We await the reviews avalanche. The reason there's been none so far is because Disney hadn't finished the CGI for the closing scenes so rathr than distribute DVDs or offer screenings of a 95% complete film, they said they'd wait till it was done. I predict most critics will still say it's too long, and that the ending lets it down anyway. Of course, this film doesn't tie up all the loose ends as it needs to lead into Pirates 3, but critics will conveniently ignore that.

Promo interviews: Johnny - Gore Verbinski - Ted & TerryVarious cast & crew

June 25th
Keira once again wore white to the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean, but this time it was a stunning white chiffon Chanel dress which seemed to glide over the red carpet. KeiraDaily has some nice pics here. And Keira Seduction has a seductive gallery too, as does WID. Celeb photo forum Superior also has HQ pics.
No TV coverage here in the UK as of yet, and very little online mentions. The only showbiz story today has been the marriage of somebody called Nicole Kidman. Here's a page on the premiere from the BBC, from Children's BBC and another one here. But the LA Times reports on the apparent disorganisation of the event.

ITV have just shown a "Book Tickets Now!" TV Spot for DMC showing new footage, including Will Turner getting his face slapped from the same Tortuga girl Scarlett as Jack did in CBP, and quite a bit of new stuff with Elizabeth.

June 24th
Keira is on the cover of Sci Fi magazine (US only).

YouTube has a video from the photoshoot for the new InStyle issue. You can download it at and play it with VLC.
Thanks Andrea

And JDR has some Johnny interviews. There's a brief Keira interview in the ET segment.
Thanks AF

June 22nd
If you're planning on collecting all Pirates DMC-related merchandise, you might want to read this article.

KeiraPictures has the InStyle scans (better inside than out, thankfully). And KeiraDaily has the first snaps from the set of Atonement.

MSN have announced they will webcast the DMC premiere live, from 7pm PDT (midnight EDT, 3am BST).

June 21st
The July cover of InStyle I mentioned yesterday is now officially the worst image of Keira Knightley EVER. Well not officially but if you read some of the Keira and even non-Keira forums, there's not one person who actually thinks it's a good picture. Comparisons range from Toy Story Woody to Barbie to (gulp) Scarlett Johansson. Doesn't the magazine's cover go to perfectionist editors for approval before it gets printed ? It annoys me when they airbrush out her beauty spot, but this....

Meanwhile, E!'s gossip show Daily 10 has the mag promotion in its No.3 slot today. 1.5Mb

MSN have a new interview feature called Inside Look: Jack Sparrow, with a couple of comments from Keira. See it here, or download it from here.
Thanks Fliss, Yo

Variety reports that Natalie Portman is to play Anne in 'The Other Boleyn Girl', opposite Eric Bana. No word on who will play the other sister, Mary.
Thanks Amo

June 20th
Keira is cover girl and is interviewed in the next issue of InStyle magazine (US edition, possibly others). On sale 23rd. Fire the airbrush artist, though. Article & cover.

Atonement update:
- Filming is now underway at Pinewood-Shepperton Studios in London, and at Stokesay Court, Onibury, near Ludlow in Shropshire (until July 18th, pre-war scenes). Filming moves to Redcar (Dunkirk scenes) in late July until early August.
Thanks to an Atonement 'insider'
- Monday's Variety confirmed a few more details: "Brenda Blethyn, Vanessa Redgrave and Romola Garai have joined the cast of helmer Joe Wright's "Atonement," which started shooting in the U.K. last week. Pic stars Keira Knightley and James McAvoy, with a script by Christopher Hampton adapted from Ian McEwan's novel. Newcomer Saoirse Ronan will play a 13-year-old who damages the lives of all around her when she accuses her sister's boyfriend of a crime he did not commit."

Pirates update:
- Bill Nighy is interviewed by Time Out magazine here.
- Kevin McNally (Mr. Gibbs) helped Gethin build a model Black Pearl on BBC1's Blue Peter tonight. Always a show perfect for Keira publicity in my opinion, this is probably as close as we'll get. If you want to make the model ship, go here.
- Sky Movies have a behind the scenes show, premiering on July 1st. Check the TV Guide on the right for dates and times.
- Zap2It have a DMC swag bag up for grabs here.
- Orlando tells Top of the Pops magazine that Keira is a great kisser. Article.

Jamie Dornan talks to TV presenter Eamonn Holmes on next Monday's 'Summer Season' series, exclusive to BBC1 Northern Ireland, but available on channel 973 if you have Sky Digital. Eamonn has been good friends with Jamie and his respected doctor father for many years. Not sure what Eamonn thinks of Keira though, as he wrote in his newspaper column that she completely ignored him when he and JD walked into a Belfast cafe a couple of years ago !

June 19th
Pirates bits:
- There's been a lot of confusion lately about the Disneyland premiere. Phone calls have resulted in people being told they won't get to see the premiere, etc. My guess is that what people mean by the premiere is the red carpet arrivals, whereas Disneyland staff refer to the actual movie screening as the premiere (which is ticketed invitations only). If there were no fans for the red carpet event, it would be the quietest, most boring world premiere in the history of cinema ! MousePlanet have now published a page with all the details of Saturday's events.
- US TV: E! will have a special 30-minute show from the premiere on Sunday 25th at 6pm EDT, and the TV Guide channel has a special show too. Again, I'll post the show here if anybody wants to cap it for poor old me in the UK. Oh, and Johnny Depp joins Letterman on the 29th (30th in the UK).
- There are whispers of a French premiere of Pirates DMC at the Gaumont Champs Elysees in Paris on July 6th. Although officially a preview screening, I'm informed that a member of the cast normally attends such an event, especially as it will take place during the Paris Film Festival. Let me know if you hear anything more. There's also a Tokyo premiere, apparently.
Thanks Cassie of knightley-infos
- Kellogg's UK has launched a similar tie-up with Pirates DMC as they did in the US. See their site for more info. Or buy some special Keira-pictured Cornflakes packets.
Thanks Adam Reed

Time Out reports on the start of Atonement filming, with the additional name of Romola Garai in the cast list. Article.

Keira is helping restore the church in Rupert's local village by offering her signature at an auction to raise funds for the restoration. Article.

June 18th
Here is Keira's segment from E!'s 'Sexiest Movie Stars'. This is not the same show as the 'Sexiest Red Carpet Divas' shown recently in the US. 2.3Mb
Thanks Geoff

Voting for the 2006 Teen Choice Awards is now open. Nominees include Keira, P&P and even Pirates DMC as the voting stays open till August 20th, by which time everyone will have seen it. Vote here.

Johnny's on the cover of and interviewed inside the next issue of Newsweek. See cover. Read interview.

Here's an interview with Keira's Atonement co-star James McAvoy from earlier this week.

June 17th
Early heads-up for Pirates DMC on US TV:
Orlando on Leno June 23rd; E! Special June 24th/25th; Orlando on Conan June 29th; A&E June 30th/July 1st; Bravo July 2nd. If someone Stateside can put together a full list of definite/likely coverage over the next week I'll put it online like I did with the Oscars.

Congratulations to Bend It... director Gurinder Chadha who has been awarded an OBE in the Queen's birthday honours list. Watch BBC video.

June 16th
Disney have just issued the official press release for the US premiere of Pirates DMC, confirming Keira will be there, and the movie's rating as PG-13. Read it here.

Some new DMC-related scans are online - a feature from last weekend's Sunday Times magazine, and a Johnny v. Orlando article from the Sunday Mirror. See them in the middle column of the Pirates DMC promo page, under Newspaper/Magazine Scans.
Thanks Tamise for the ST scans

There's a spoiler or two about Pirates 3 here. And a very good preview of DMC from one of Harry Knowles' regular reporters.

Bend It... came in at No.3 on MTV Screenplay's Top 10 Football Movies. 2.2Mb

And Keira is No.35 on's Top 99 Women poll.
Thanks 'Sig44'

UK TV: - The Jacket premieres on Sky Movies 2 Sunday night.
- E!'s 'Sexiest Movie Stars' countdown on Sunday night includes Keira (somewhere).
- Pride & Prejudice comes to Sky Box Office from the 21st and plays every hour.
- Check the TV Guide on the right for the latest, especially over the next six weeks.

June 14th
The first screening of Pirates DMC in the UK will be on June 27th in London's West End. It will be a private screening but FilmFactory are giving away tickets. Click here, answer the question, then register for free.
Thanks Amo

The new TotalFilm magazine has a feature on DMC, with a short interview with each of the cast. Here's the cover, and Keira's page.
Thanks David

June 13th
Today's newspapers abound with photos of Keira returning home from shopping barefoot. It even made the front page of the Daily Express. Must be a slow news day. One or two also happened to mention that she was with Jamie, not Rupert. Will the world survive such a revelation?  Article/pic.

Here's the Pirates DMC clip shown on the MTV Movie Awards at the weekend. And the US Starz network series On The Set has a new one from the set of Pirates DMC, starting June 23rd. Check the US TV schedule for dates and times. We don't get that in the UK so if cappers can oblige I'll host it here.
Thanks Vini

June 12th
COMPETITION: If you're attending either Pirates premiere (US or UK), you may be interested in this competition. And there's money at stake, people !!!!

Twelve clips have been added to the Video Gallery.

ComingSoon has a Bill Nighy interview today.

Keira attended the launch party of new fashion magazine Luna at the weekend, according to the Daily Mirror. Must've been a low-key launch as there aren't even any photos from the event. Perhaps it's so good they want to keep it a secret.

June 11th
Atonement filming is due to take place this week in Ludlow, Shropshire and the nearby Stokesay Castle.
Thanks Lina

The Pirates talk show circuit schedule has started to appear, but it's Orlando who will be chatting to Jay Leno (on the 23rd) and David Letterman (on the 29th). So perhaps Keira WILL be covering the Europe circuit after all ? I'll try to find out.

Volvo's tie-up with Disney to promote Pirates DMC continues with another competition where they have buried a car - if you find it, it's yours! Details here. Meanwhile, the New York character lookalike contest has moved venue to FAO Schwarz if you need to know.

Today's Sunday Times has a two-page interview with Jamie Dornan in which he denies 'Only On The Outside' was written about his relationship with Keira.

June 8th
Just when you thought E! couldn't come up with any more celebrity countdowns, along come two new ones featuring Keira. 'Sexiest Red Carpet Divas' and 'Sexiest Action Stars' both have Keira in the Top 20, although her position in each needs to be confirmed as different people have given me different numbers. They'll turn up on E! Europe in a few weeks time I expect.

Still quiet on the Pirates promo front, isn't it ? Less than three weeks to the US premiere, and even less than that to hear what the critics have to say.

If anyone knows where in Shropshire Atonement is to be filmed, do let me know. I might just pop along. I don't think I'll be as covert as this chap, though - makes me laugh every time, this vid.

Anne Hathaway insists she's below Keira, Natalie and Scarlett in the pecking order for the best young actress roles, according to this report. Is that your excuse for Havoc, Miss H. ?

June 7th
Atonement starts filming next Monday, the Working Title site reports. The Matthew MacFadyen rumour appears to be unfounded, but Brenda Blethyn does reunite with Keira after Pride & Prejudice. And director Joe Wright of course.
Thanks Isy

June 6th
There's more DMC pics online here.

June 3rd
You can view the Elle interview and pics here at KKW.
Thanks Andrew

June 2nd
The first of no doubt several covers and interviews with Keira will be the next issue of Elle UK, which also has a new photoshoot by Gilles Bensimon, photographer of this greatly admired 2003 shoot. See cover and press article.

May 31st
Such is the box office expectation of Pirates DMC that, not only have all distributors steered clear of a July release for their films, but Warner Bros. have now pulled forward by two days the release of Superman Returns, so as to get some extra mileage out of it before Pirates dominates theatres for probably the whole of July.

Here's an article on Pirates merchandise, and discusses the possibility of Pirates 4 and beyond.

May 30th
The weekend tabloids picked up on two sets of pap snaps, one featuring Keira shopping with her dad then one out on the town wearing the same outfit on both occasions. Big deal. Article.

Pirates toys are due to hit the UK stores on June 10th.
Thanks Adam Reed

This snippet says a casting call is being held in Shropshire today for Atonement. Keira lookalikes are apparently required.

And Vogue have a feature on the celebrity WaterAid campaign, with one of the Candice pics of Keira from December.
Thanks Andrew

May 28th
Keira's pout is a big turn-off for British men, according to a new poll for National Smile Week. I've always thought so - she doesn't need it. She's a long way behind the 66% of men annoyed with Jordan's pout, however. I'm surprised 66% of men looked higher than her chest to notice it. Poll.

It turns out Mackenzie Crook was the only Pirates actor to turn up at Portsmouth for the in-port races of the Volvo Ocean Race today.

May 27th
Some pap snaps here would appear to show Keira back in London, at least for the weekend. I can confirm this from an independent source too, but I'm not allowed to divulge details further. See March 27th news for a clue.

The first stirrings of the KeiraWeb Video Gallery have been uploaded here. The Pirates promotional rollercoaster may force this section onto a back burner over the next six weeks but keep checking the New Online column whenever I've added more stuff.

The official Pirates DMC web site is now fully online.
Thanks Adam Reed

Old news: Sir Trevor Nunn says Keira is not on his shortlist for a new stage/screen version of My Fair Lady. A pity, that.

May 26th
Pirates DMC news:
- It may be just a coincidence, but there always seems to be a calm before the storm when Keira has promotions about to get under way. That certainly seems to be the case at the moment. I read somewhere that Keira will be 'doing Europe' with Pirates promotions, and Johnny/Orlando doing North America. But somehow I don't think Leno, Letterman et al can resist having Keira back again :-). But it would be nice to see her on Jonathan Ross and Parkinson on this side of the pond for a change.
- The new issue of Empire has a preview of DMC.
- LA business leaders have predicted that Pirates DMC will be the winner at the summer box office. Article.
- Request: Due to changes in UK broadcast times, can someone States-side please let me know if E! News or ET feature Pirates/Keira segments over the next six weeks, preferably on the day they are broadcast. I will be able to capture them when they are eventually broadcast here in the UK. Thanks. PS: Anyone else think E! News has gone down the pan since Ryan Seacrest joined ? It now seems to revolve around his celebrity pals and his radio show. Oh, and footage of non-entity Paris Hilton. And that's only because E! won the rights to show the next Simple Life season.

Here's more on Redcar's impending transformation into Dunkirk for Atonement. Article.

Here's some info on Sons Of Jim, including forthcoming London appearances.

UK TV: The Jacket will premiere on Sky Movies on June 18th, where King Arthur is still playing. You can now also see both Domino and Pride & Prejudice on pay-per-view.

May 23rd
The manufacturers of the Pirates DMC merchandise, Zizzle, are holding a Jack, Will and Elizabeth lookalike contest in Times Square, New York on June 13th. There's a brand new Volvo up for grabs and a treasure chest full of official POTC toys. They have sent me the press release which can be read here.

There's a new set of official DMC stills at this site, too.

I found a fantastic site at on which you can see KeiraWeb when it was a baby - take a look. Some of you may remember the shocking news on this page !

May 21st
The official UK Pirates DMC site is now active, awaiting full launch.
Thanks Adam Reed

Pics: KeiraDaily has some new ones of Elizabeth, and WID has the full set of new Silk snaps.

May 19th
What seems to be turning into the weekly Keira Knightley column in Friday's Daily Mail has more this week on The Other Boleyn Girl, specifically the row over whether UK or US actresses should be up for the roles, with Keira and Natalie both front-runners. So no casting decisions yet, which was the status Keira herself gave us during the webchat back in February. Article.

Sky Movies News should be having a Pirates DMC profile in this week's show. Check the TV Guide for times and channels. And next week's People mag in the US will have a double-page feature on DMC. has what looks like the first official pic from Pirates 3, showing Captain Jack in Oriental costume. We know the story takes place largely in the Far East, where Jack meets China's Captain Sao Feng, played by Chow Yun Fat. Some of the secretly taken pics from the Bahamas set showed Chinese junks and fighting ships.

Kingdom Hearts II will be out in Europe this Autumn, the distributor has confirmed today. The only relevancy now seems to be the POTC World, as the general consensus from North American players is that the Elizabeth character is not voiced by Keira after all.

May 18th
Here's Keira's text entry into Premiere magazine's Power List. And if you're hoping for a new photo to accompany Keira's No.9 position in Maxim's Hot 100, you'll be disappointed. It's this one (although that's hardly a disappointment!).
Thanks Ana Gabriela

According to these pics and these, Keira is still filming Silk, despite earlier reports that she'd finished. Note the change of hair from short and curly in previous pics to a long straight wig, possibly to denote the passage of time between Keira's scenes. Today's Variety says that the movie is now shooting at Cinecitta's Dino Studios in Rome.

May 17th
The song Jamie wrote about his relationship with Keira, called 'Only On The Outside' can be heard here - see what you think. His band Sons Of Jim will be supporting webcast singer Sandi Thom on her first big gig at the Islington Academy tomorrow.
You can see Jamie in the trailer for Marie Antoinette at this page.
Thanks Huang, Jordain

Looking at the box office calendar it seems that Pirates DMC will have its biggest competition in the form of Superman Returns. The Man of Steel returns to the big screen the week BEFORE Pirates in the US and the week AFTER Pirates in the UK. Distributors have wisely avoided releasing any of their hopefuls around these two films.

Keira's search engine standing has increased by 279% recently, according to this press release about the Lycos 50.

Keira now appears in all sorts of forgettable polls, but she might be happy to know she's in the Top 10 'Most inspirational figures in the creative arts' (movies, music etc.), in a survey of 4,500 16-25 year olds. Article.

The ever-unreliable ContactMusic is reporting that Keira has joined the bandwagon of cult religion followers of Kabbalah, as she has been spotted wearing a bracelet worn by their members. I'm not religious but I pray this is not true. Even airhead Britney Spears has 'seen the light' and given it up as a passing phase. It's her life, of course, and none of my business, but Keira has never been one to follow like sheep, which is all 'celebrity Kabbalahists' are ever treated as. No good can ever come of being involved with religious cults, however well-endorsed by A-listers they are. Just my opinion.

May 15th
Another movie/musical rumour was sparked by the Observer newspaper this weekend, claiming that both Johnny Depp and Keira are lined up to play sixties singer Billy Fury and his girlfriend Lisa Voice in a biopic of their lives. This presumably would be based on Bill Kenwright's mid-90s West End musical biography The Sound Of Fury, but there's no more details at present, and certainly not regarding casting. The film has been in the works since the play was running, with Ewan MacGregor touted to play the lead. With Johnny apparently mulling over the project, an insider has said: "Johnny and Keira love working together and he was the driving force behind her involvement." Quite often these 'insiders' never exist. But it would be cool to see J & K in a non-Pirates project, I'm sure you'll agree.

Keira is this year's No.9 on Maxim magazine's 'Hot 100' list. She was No.18 in 2004, but dropped to No.53 in 2005.

The P&P DVD will be available in Italy from June 6th, and in Spain from the 28th.

Keira is one of AOL Moviefone's 'Action Babes of Summer' list. View.
Thanks Butherus

The press seem to be putting Keira's ex Jamie Dornan together romantically with Kate Moss, after their recent Calvin Klein ads together. But if they cared to read the Belfast Telegraph's interview with Jamie in Saturday's edition, they'd have known the truth. Still, with his band Sons Of Jim releasing an album and single at the end of this month, all publicity's good publicity.

May 13th
When Disney reported in March last year that they would be sponsoring a yacht to promote Pirates DMC in the Volvo Ocean Race they also announced that the stars of the movie would hopefully be making appearances during celebrations at some of the in-port races around the world - including Keira in the UK. Well, the yachts arrive in Portsmouth next weekend but there's no mention of Keira on the programme of events (the in-port races take place on Bank Holiday Monday the 29th). I'm making enquiries into whether she will be there so I should know later in the week.

Meanwhile, the North American sales of the Pirates DMC toy figures is rocketing, with the Elizabeth doll selling fastest of all. If you want one, get it now. They'll be on sale in the UK from June 7th. There's already an incredible amount of goodies on eBay for the collectors out there.

May 12th

Today's Daily Mail confirms that Keira has fitted in a part in The Best Time Of Our Lives, the true story of the turbulent life of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, from a screenplay written by Mother Knightley herself, Sharman Macdonald. Filming will begin in January, and the paper reports Keira will play Dylan's wife Caitlin. Article.
More about Caitlin Thomas here and here.

Keira is now back in London after completing the Italian shoot of her scenes for Silk. I'm sure she's taking a well-earned break before embarking on what is bound to be the most intense promotional campaign of her life for Pirates DMC. Meanwhile, Silk's French-Canadian director Francois Girard and its producer Niv Fichman, are interviewed in today's Toronto Star.

May 11th
My copy of the Keira Knightley biography arrived today, and I must say I'm very pleased with the amount of research and the level of detail of the biographical text. I really was expecting more pics than text, but this is certainly not the case. The author has done a very good job and I recommend it to all Keira fans ! Buy your copy from the link above.

A fuller version of the official Pirates site is now online.

The full range of Pirates of the Caribbean toys will be in UK shops from June 7th, available at Woolworths, Toys-R-Us, Argos and Amazon.
Thanks Adam Reed

May 10th
Disney have confirmed that its partnership with McDonald's Happy Meals will end this summer after the Pirates DMC figures have been released, one of which features Elizabeth Swann and will be available from late May/early June. Article.
Thanks Addam Reed

Keira's ex Jamie Dornan tells the Daily Mirror today about a song he has written about their break-up, and about coping with Life After Keira. Article.

Screenwriter Andrew Davies, who adapted the Keira/Hans Matheson version of Doctor Zhivago, is interviewed in today's Daily Telegraph. Despite winning numerous awards he has none on show at his home, and no mementoes of the people he has worked with - except one: this photo of him with Keira on the set in Slovakia. Article.

May 7th
I now have the InStyle scan online, and the location of the Chateau Marmont Hotel in LA allows me to pinpoint the event to the week of the Oscars. Keira was staying at the Chateau for the duration of the Academy Awards and the Dior Dinner took place just a few days before the Awards.
Thanks David

Keira has made it onto Teen People magazine's annual '25 Hottest Stars Under 25' poll, as the Hot Import. See this page and this one. And there's more on the hotel room poll here, conducted by Travelodge.
Thanks Jennifer

May 6th
Keira has once again offered a helping hand to charity, or more precisely her handprints. Breast Cancer Awareness charity Get Hands On is auctioning t-shirts featuring the prints of a number of celebrities. You can bid for Keira's t-shirt here.
Thanks Robyn

Keira has made it onto her first 'Hollywood power list'. Premiere magazine's annual power list has Keira in the poll for the first time at No.45. Article.

Keira and Ray Winstone have topped a poll to find the two celebs most people would like to share a hotel room with. Not sure who conducted the survey or why it had to be a hotel room ! Article.

The current issue of InStyle magazine (Audrey Tautou cover) has a pic of Keira at the Dior Beauty Dinner. Anyone know when or where this was ? It seems to have slipped under the radar by most media. A scan too please if you can oblige.
Thanks Fliss

There's a couple of Pirates DMC segments now on YouTube from this week's Extra and ET shows.
Thanks Vini

May 5th
The glorious P&P soundtrack has finally won an award, as composer Dario Marionelli picked up the Classical Brit Award for Best Soundtrack yesterday. The ceremony can be seen on ITV this Sunday from 4.45pm.

Keira's Bulgari Oscar necklace is following her dress to Chicago. It will shortly go on display in the Windy City's Bulgari store.

May 4th
As you can see in the box above, the long-awaited 128-page Keira Knightley pictorial biography is out now, and KeiraWeb visitors can get 30% off. The publishers ship internationally.

The full Pirates DMC trailer is now online at Yahoo! Movies.
Thanks Butherus

She might be their No.1 but Keira did not attend the FHM Magazine Awards Party last night. She doesn't care too much for polls such as this, and is certainly not a celeb to turn up to a free party just for the sake of being there and getting her photo in the paper. Article.

Oxfam have now published their own press release regarding the Oscar dress auction closing price.

Keira's Chanel contract made the pages of the Asian edition of Time magazine, with a photo from the BIFAs. Scan.
Thanks Angel in Taiwan

May 3rd
Entertainment Tonight had a Keira-focussed preview of Pirates DMC last night. See it on Youtube here.
Thanks Andrew

May 2nd
The dress auction is getting massive press today. It was won by a bidder from Chicago, apparently. There's a short news item from Sky News now online. The Pirates DMC trailer, also shown today on Sky News, is now online too. See the New Online section >

May 1st
SITE NEWS: A very Happy May to all KeiraWebbers ! April saw another 1.6 million visitors to the site, and May promises to see an expansion of KeiraWeb with the long-awaited Video Gallery. It'll be going online a bit at a time, so check the New Online column for updates. This is because even with my new massive server I doubt if I could put my entire collection of 2Gb worth of clips online and still stay online, so I'll have to monitor the bandwidth usage as we go along.

The first proper Pirates trailer is imminent. UK viewers can see it tomorrow morning at 7.45am on the Sky News showbiz report, but it may well appear online before then. There's a rough copy of it here.
Thanks AF, Andrew

Filming on Pirates 3 resumes this week outside of LA. Not sure if Keira will be involved in that, but the Silk filming in Italy was due to finish at the weekend, and as those were the scenes set in France (the only scenes Keira's character is in, at least in the novel), she may well be done and dusted for her scenes as Helene. Rumour has it filming of Herve's journey now moves to the Toronto area.

Keira's Oscar dress auction ended this evening, with a last-minute flurry of bids taking it up to a closing price of £4,300. Another press release today reminded potential punters of the auction's end.

April 30th
Keira made a statement regarding her Chanel contract. She said: ""(I am) really proud to have been asked to work with such an iconic house as Chanel, and thrilled to follow the extraordinary women who have been associated with it before."

The England football team look to lose their biggest hope for the start of the World Cup, as Wayne Rooney has broken a bone in his foot. This is an exact re-run of events four years ago before the last World Cup when David Beckham was at risk of being out of the whole competition with the same injury. Keira was promoting Bend It Like Beckham at the time, and gave David this advice.

A Rupert Friend fan site has some galleries of pap snaps, new and old.
Thanks Andrew

April 28th
The UK premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is confirmed for Monday July 3rd at the Odeon in London's Leicester Square. The US premiere will be at Disneyland on June 24th.
Thanks Amo

Read much more about the Pirates DMC storyline here, but beware of spoilers.

And ET are doing some kind of segment on DMC in tonight's show (Monday or Tuesday in the UK).

South Shropshire is the first filming location outside of North East England to be announced for Atonement, according to this story in a Shropshire paper. It also confirms the rumours that Matthew MacFadyen will once again co-star with Keira.

Here's the winning page of FHM UK's World's Sexiest Women poll. Methinks they'll be asking her for a new photoshoot soon, that photo's getting a bit old now.
Thanks David

April 27th
The auction for Keira's dress has been extended by one day. Also, the media marketing company responsible for the publicity surrounding the auction have very kindly added my Special Page about the dress to their 'landing page' about the auction. Press release.
Thanks Marina

April 26th
Chanel have officially announced that Keira will take over from Kate Moss as the face of their fragrance Coco Mademoiselle. Keira will start a contract of TV commercials and print advertisements in 2007. Vice president of Chanel Fragrance said: "What makes Keira exceptional is that she shows strength and independence through the film roles she chooses to play. And she certainly has a vein of irreverence that is similar to Mademoiselle Chanel herself." They point out that Kate is not being replaced by Keira: Kate's contract was due to end at the end of this year, before her trouble with the drug scandal that has lost her several contracts (yet gained her even more). Read the full article here.
This is the first global endorsement campaign Keira will be involved in. The Asprey ads were exclusive to high-end glossy mags and no commercials or billboards. Her Lux commercials are broadcast only on Japanese TV. So those few parts of the world yet to know who Keira is won't have long to wait before they find out.

Keira has been voted the No.1 Sexiest Woman by two million readers of FHM magazine's UK edition. She received a similar accolade from Empire in 2004 and Esquire in 2005. Keira was No.18 in last year's FHM UK poll and was No.5 in FHM's US poll this year. Article.

April 25th
Back on December 5th we reported that Keira had donated her handprint to raise money for Children In Need. That auction is now online here. It's a print of the handprint and signature, in a limited edition of 250.
Thanks Dave

Here are some different pics from the WaterAid photoshoot, coincidentally shot on December 5th last year.
Thanks KKDaily

Domino premieres on Sky Box Office in the UK on May 10th.

Pirates DMC has its own MySpace. More here.

April 23rd
UK digital viewers with NTL or Telewest can see P&P on their FilmFlex service. It started on April 6th.

This month's Vanity Fair Letters Page has (mostly) positive praise for Tom Ford's photoshoot.
Thanks David

April 22nd
Keira Seduction has the May Vogue scans online. Nothing really new in the interview.
Thanks Marilynka

April 21st
The auction is now live and bidding is high already. Click here to view. Press release.

Keira is the No.1 female box office hopeful this year, in a poll by US cinema booking web site Fandango. Pollsters were asked "Which stars are you most looking forward to seeing in a movie this summer?" and the results were split into male and female. Johnny Depp was No.1 male. Article.

In this Sunday's annual Sunday Times Rich List, Keira is No.11 in its 'Under-30s' filtered list of the main 1,000 listings of the most wealthy Britons, with a reputed £10m per year earnings. Article.

April 20th
The Vera Wang dress worn by Keira to the Academy Awards, and which is being auctioned beginning tomorrow (Friday), is now on display at the Vera Wang boutique on Madison Avenue, New York City. The auction commences at 12noon EDT, 5pm BST. The link will, of course, appear here as soon as possible. The link to the auction will also appear on this page. Please visit the KeiraWeb special page promoting the dress and the cause.
Thanks Marina for the pic, right, at the US store

April 19th
Aint It Cool News has some new cgi artwork of a couple of Davey Jones' mutant crew Macchus and Hadras.

POTC: The Legend of Jack Sparrow is another tie-in computer game, due out in July. Article.

If you ever see first-person profiles, eg. on MySpace, purporting to be Keira's own corner of the web, ignore it. This one came to my attention today, and it's pretty obvious from the text's inaccuracies that it's not Keira, but I was more struck by the photos of the apparently mature, intelligent adults who are obviously gullible enough to believe that it is actually her. Don't waste your time with them, and NEVER agree to meet 'Keira' because it won't be her. Most people set these up as a bit of fun, but you never know which ones are written with darker motives in mind.

April 18th
E! in the UK are premiering the Isaac Mizrahi Show, starting May 1st. The first episode is the one with Keira as guest, and goes out at 12.30pm. You can still watch it here: Part One (11Mb) - Part Two (11Mb)

April 16th
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is being re-released on Region 2 (Europe) DVD on May 22nd, just in time for what promises to be Keira's biggest ever promo push. The date for the UK premiere should be announced within the next couple of weeks.

Former 'Posh Spice' Victoria Beckham wants the Bulgari necklace Keira wore to the Oscars, according to this article. Perhaps she'll bid on the dress too.

Pride & Prejudice composer Dario Marionelli has been nominated as 'Soundtrack Composer of the Year' at the Classical BRIt Awards, to be held on May 4th.

April 15th
Previews of the May Vogue pics have appeared online already. See them here: Cover - One - Two - Three
I have to say I think I preferred the pap snaps (with the possible exception of the one on the right). I hope there's more than these in the mag.
Thanks Andrew

And the current issue of Grazia has a funny interview with Keira's Pirates co-star Jack Davenport (Commodore Norrington). One - Two
Thanks David

April 14th
E!'s new celeb gossip show The Daily 10 has just shown this pic of Keira and Michael in wedding attire from the set of Silk. A deviation from the novel, I believe. Perhaps a scene-setter for the beginning of the movie, as she is already his wife before his journeys begin. Today's Daily Mirror also has a few pics from this scene, with the front page's eyecatching headline 'Keira Weds'.
Thanks David

Here's a French interview with Silk director Francois Girard, which Uncle Google has translated into English here.
Thanks Rayna (Michael Pitt fan site)

April 12th
Some more Silk pics have come to light. See them at WalkingInDaydreams.

Gamers may be interested to know that Disney are developing an MMO RPG based around Pirates of the Caribbean. Read the press release if, like me, you want to know what the hell an MMO RPG is.

Rumours abound regarding new Calvin Klein model Kate Moss and Keira's ex Jamie Dornan. Both are about to appear in a new series of ads, and gossip mags say they've been getting cosy lately. Surely an improvement on Pete Doherty, anyway. Meanwhile, Jamie's band Sons Of Jim will make their live debut in June, reports the Belfast Telegraph. Their only public outing to date was on the Gerry Kelly talk show (9Mb).

April 11th has the first pics of Keira on the set of Silk. Cassie from has uploaded them here.
Thanks Cassie

Sophia Myles talks about being friends with Keira in this Daily Telegraph interview.
Thanks Amo

Keira is the No.4 most wanted figure among Grazia magazine's female readers, its new issue reveals. Kelly Brook was No.1, followed by Kate Moss and Catherine Zeta-Jones. See scan.
Thanks David

April 9th
Today's Sunday Telegraph has an article stating that Keira is in the front-running to play Eliza Doolittle in either a new stage or movie version of My Fair Lady. Producer of the latest London version Sir Cameron Mackintosh is said to have approached Keira about the role and sent her a script while in the Caribbean. Keira is said to be desperate to do a musical and theatre would be a new medium for her. As a life-long Audrey Hepburn fan I've written a new blog entry giving my thoughts on this news.
Thanks Daivd, Andrew

Sky News did a report on the Oscar dress from the Oxfam store on Saturday. 3.4Mb

This page has a number of P&P related files, including an apparent shooting script from 2004, when the film was recorded.
Thanks StarsButterflies

April 8th
Here is a full-page article from today's Daily Mirror on Keira's dress on display in London.

I have added a Legal Notice to this site following the discovery of a web site which copied not just the News column but the entire site - Filmography, Biography, Awards, FAQ - the lot. While it's an honour they chose to duplicate my site it's still blatant plagiarism. This will not be tolerated and the site has now been forcibly removed.

April 7th
The Oxfam press release regarding the dress has now been published. The dress itself is currently on show at Oxfam's Notting Hill store. From the 19th to 30th it will be on display at the Vera Wang Flagship store on Madison Avenue in New York City.
Thanks Marina

April 6th
There's more on the Oscar dress auction here, with a quote from Keira herself.

Keira's birthday bash is featured in this week's Hello! magazine (April 11th issue), including pics of her parents and Rosamund Pike. Scans are online now. has reignited the Pirates 3 subtitle rumours with the old chestnut about 'World's End'. We know this was the working title on set - it was printed on the front page of the script - but for legal reasons any title in the public domain before the official announcement cannot now be the actual title, even if it was intended to be that title. 'Uncharted Waters' and 'Calypso's Fury' are two other titles that surface from time to time. Article.
Thanks Amo

The same issue of NewWoman magazine that features a Keira cover this month has a poll of the all-time most beautiful women. Keira comes in at No.35 while my ultimate definition of beauty Audrey Hepburn is quite rightly No.1. Article.

Boobs are out and hips are in, according to April's Esquire magazine. Keira is cited as one of the celebs to spark the change in fashion styles. Article.

Further to yesterday's news regarding Redcar becoming Dunkirk for the filming of Atonement, it appears that Keira won't be in town as Cecilia is not involved in those scenes. But then again the screenplay doesn't have to follow the script !
Thanks Anna, Josh

A couple of interesting notes from Jake in Australia. That Vanity Fair issue is finally published there now, so Aussies can see for themselves what all the fuss was about. And Jake has received a couple of photos back from London signed by Keira. There was a time when Keira was out of the UK for long periods and her agency used an autograph rubber-stamp, featuring just Keira's name and an 'x' below it. Jake's pictures bear the personal dedication and 'Best Wishes' message that Keira usually writes before signing her name, so it seems personal autographs are now back up and running.
Thanks Jake

April 5th
EXCLUSIVE: Ahead of a formal announcement next week, I have been given the information that Keira has arranged for the burgundy taffeta silk Vera Wang dress which she wore to the Oscars to be donated to Oxfam. It will be auctioned off on eBay from April 21st and 100% of the proceeds will go towards relief of the ongoing devastating drought in East Africa. The dress was voted the best on the red carpet by many journalists and fashion editors. See the March 6th news and video clips on the News Archive page.
Please bookmark this page - the link to the auction will appear there when it starts. Please also save a copy of this button , hyperlinked to this page  and place it on your web site/forum to help promote the auction.
Thanks Marina

The North American DVD release of Pure may have been pushed back to July 18th according to some sources, although others still list May 9th.

The North Yorkshire town of Redcar may well become part of the film set for Atonement, according to this article. I've yet to read the novel so I have no idea if the planned Dunkirk scenes involve Keira's character Cecilia. I'm sure some kind soul will enlighten me.

The Spanish issue of Marie Claire has a Keira feature this month. See the Magazines page for scans.
Thanks Maru

April 2nd
The profile in today's Mail on Sunday 'You' magazine is now online.

Pym from the Koji Yakusho fan site has found another Japanese behind-the-scenes page from the filming of Silk, which is now complete in Japan. Scroll down for short videos from the locations.

An employee of Vogue posted a forum message recently telling the world who the cover girls were going to be for the next few issues. I would guess they are now an ex-employee of Vogue, but they did say Keira was on the May cover, which means it should be out within the next 10 days if true.

April 1st
As you can see I have refrained from an April Fool's trick this year, after several people nearly died last year when I announced that Keira was pregnant :-)

The monthly review of events from this month in Keira's career is now up - and now with multimedia !! Wooo.

March saw a new record number of visitors to KeiraWeb. Possibly thanks to the Oscars on the 5th, the site saw 2,064,000 hits for the month, averaging 67,000 hits per day. And that's without a forum, photo gallery or video gallery - I must do something about that this year.

March 31st
Keira is now in Rome for rehearsals and filming of Silk in various parts of the country. Pics.

The Daily Mail reveals more about Atonement today, stating that James McAvoy has been cast as Robbie Turner, Keira's eventual love interest and a major character in the story. Kristin Scott Thomas, Emily Watson, Daniel Mays, Benedict Cumberbatch, Nonso Anozie and Juno Temple are all rumoured to be attached to the project.

March 30th
Keira is on the cover of, and interviewed inside, the May issue of NewWoman magazine. New interview, old pics. Here are the interview pages: one - two. I'll add it to the magazines page when I get the cover.
Thanks Amo, David

There is a French interview with Michael Pitt about Silk here (Google translation here), and a gallery of production photos here. It's looking quite the epic already.
Thanks Pymmik

Working Title have amended their casting call relating to Atonement to say that Keira will be playing Cecilia (as originally announced by the Daily Mail), and not Bryony as the WT article first said.
Thanks Amo, Corey

British ISP has Keira in its 'Star Shoppers' segment today.

March 29th
Off-topic blatant promotion: I am proud to announce that I am now a fully-fledged affiliate of Ticketmaster, the world's leading box office for music and event tickets. My brand new site is now online and I would be very grateful if you lovely people would help spread the word :-) In a climate of fluorishing eBay ticket reselling and ticket touts ripping people off on their own sites, I hope it will help people to get the tickets they want at the genuine price from an official source and from an easy-to-navigate web site. Promotion is now the key to making the site well known so anyone with professional contacts in advertising/marketing please get in touch.
Thanks muchly !

Incidentally, I see no reason at present why the maintenance of the new site will interfere with the maintenance of KeiraWeb, so it's business as usual here.

March 28th
The Independent has this to say about what I presume was only part of Keira's birthday celebrations:
Keira Knightley's 21st birthday celebrations on Sunday night went off with a bang. The actress spent a reported £35,000 on a shindig held in the Grill Room at Café Royal. The dress code for the evening was movie stars from the 1930s, though I'm informed the evening wouldn't have been out of place in 19th-century Paris. Guests were apparently treated to some erotic dancing throughout the night by a series of topless burlesque performers, one of whom appeared from out of a giant egg to wish Ms Knightley a happy birthday. "Keira jumped on stage to join them at one point," says one party-goer. "She then announced she'd treat us all to a striptease of her own. "Sadly she backed out by making an excuse that she was wearing a horrendous pair of 'granny' knickers."

More apparent party insights from the Daily Mirror, and details here of Rupert's birthday treat of a month-long booze cruise around the US. When she'll fit that in, God knows.

And E! News featured one of the piggy pics just before their segment on the FHM Top 10 countdown - 2Mb

March 27th
Keira spent most of her 21st birthday at her London home with family and friends. In the evening she left for a fancy dress ball at the Paper and Glass Club in Piccadilly. It was a 1920s themed evening, with Rupert Friend dressed as a Chicago-style gangster and Keira as his moll. Some pics here, here and here. Just as well she had some knickers on! She left the party early this morning wearing a pig's face mask. Presumably she was rat-arsed as well as pig-faced :-) Sky News have a different pic.

My lovely Italian friend Isabella - the (second) most dedicated Keira fan in the world - spent all day outside Keira's flat yesterday, waiting to give her a present, standing around with about twenty paparazzi. Keira's mum Sharman came out on the afternoon and took the present on Keira's behalf. When Keira and co. left for the party at around 9.30 the paparazzi went into a frenzy, nearly knocking poor Isy to the ground. Keira took hold of her hand, thanked her for the present and for staying out in the rain, and gave her a big hug (that's her in the white coat crying her eyes out !). Awww. The kind gesture even got Isy a mention in the Daily Mail today. After the taxi had left, Sharman spent a good few minutes talking to Isy, revealing that Keira will be flying out to Italy later this week for Silk rehearsals. As you can imagine it was a magical day for Isy and she'd like to thank both Keira and Sharman for their kindness. What other celebs would have done that in the middle of a throng of pap snappers ?

Keira has been placed at No.5 in FHM US' annual 100 Sexiest Women magazine poll, up from last year's No.11.

Keira's feature in the Mail on Sunday's You magazine will be next Sunday, despite London posters saying it was yesterday.
Thanks Tamise, David

March 26th

Raise your glasses to

Dame Keira Knightley who turns

21 today !!!

Happy birthday wishes from KeiraWeb, on behalf of her many thousands of fans all around the world.

As a (kind of) birthday present, I have put online for the first time the current collection of the "I Like Keira Because..." project. I hope a friend of Keira's who comes to KeiraWeb can print them off and pass them on to her.

March 25th

Here's an interview from around October/November which is quite insightful for a change.

Keira is due to be cover girl for tomorrow's You magazine, free with the Mail on Sunday newspaper in the UK.
Thanks Tamise

March 23rd

Costumes and props from Pride & Prejudice are on display at Basildon Park, in Berkshire, which was used as Netherfield in the movie. More.

P&P will be one of the first ever batch of movies to be made available for legal permanent download from Universal. Article.

Some London pap snaps from yesterday. And the same site has super high res versions of the mirror photos from Sarah Maingot's 2003 shoot.

March 21st

Innocent Lies, otherwise known as Halcyon Days, is on US channel Stars 5 Cinema today at 3.30pm EST and again on the 25th at 11am and 6.40pm. This is one of the few 'baby Keira' movies that hardly anyone has seen, so if there's any capture-capable people with access to that channel, you know my email address !

Keira features on the cover of Disney's annual financial report.

And finance portal Motley Fool has an article on Disney and the imminent Kingdom Hearts II release, featuring the voice of Keira as Elizabeth Swann.

Ailing jewellers Asprey & Garrard, of which Keira is celebrity face, have been rescued from bankruptcy by a US consortium. Article.

This week's UK gossip rag 'Now!' has a photo of Keira with Michael Pitt, her co-star in Silk. Guess what the story claims ? I really don't need to tell you, do I ?!

Here's some Bend It Like Beckham clips. Because I felt like it :-)
1.5Mb - 1.8Mb - 2.2Mb - 1.1Mb - 1.8Mb

March 20th

Hold the front page ! Keira and Rupert spotted buying rhubarb. That'll get Iraq out of the news ;-)

There's another news story about Keira and Rupert doing the rounds at the moment, and the above pap pic may well be indicative of why it's come about. As it concerns their living arrangements it won't be reported on KeiraWeb, true or not.

March 17th

A bit more info on Atonement has emerged today, with a casting call from Working Title, and a cast update from the Daily Mail. Note the former says Keira will play the adult Briony, while the latter says the previously announced Cecilia.
Thanks Cindy

March 15th

It's the calm after the storm here at KeiraWeb, Dame Keira just mooching about in London this week with Rupert. Some school photos have appeared online, some of which the Sunday Mirror used recently in its feature about Keira's schoolfriends. See both the London snaps and the school pics here.

You must read Joe Wright's acceptance speech for his Empire Award, Best British Movie. This is the story he told to those of us at the P&P world premiere in London last September. Very funny.

UK TV: King Arthur is now showing on Sky Movies, and The Hole makes its second appearance on Channel 4 this Sunday, coincidentally on the same day and time as its last showing, which was the terrestrial premiere. 1.3Mb

March 13th

Japanese actress Sei Ashina has been cast from among 800 hopefuls to be the beautiful Japanese woman whom Herve Joncour meets in the home of silkworm baron Hara Jubei in Silk, now filming in Japan. This is another departure from the novel as the woman in the story was of European descent. Jun Kunimura has been cast as Hara's manservant Umon. Miki Nakatani is confirmed as the brothel madam in France.
Thanks Pymmik's site.

So the cast now reads:
Herve Joncour - Michael Pitt
Helene Joncour - Keira Knightley
Baldabiou - Alfred Molina
Hara Jubei - Koji Yakusho
'Brothel Madam' - Miki Nakatani
'Concubine' - Sei Ashina
Umon - Jun Kunimura

Pride & Prejudice won Best British Movie at the Empire Film Awards tonight, and Kelly Reilly won Best Newcomer for her role as Caroline Bingley. Keira was nominated for Best Actress but was beaten by Thandie Newton for Crash. Keira did not attend.

March 12th

Tomorrow's Variety will have a very interesting update on Keira's next projects - including one that's new to us.

We know that Silk is definitely on and that filming has already begun in Japan and Keira's scenes will be filmed around Italy in April and May. She returns to filming on Pirates 3 in August but between May and August, the article reports, there is a potential scheduling conflict between Joe Wright's Atonement which Keira has agreed to do, and The Best Time Of Our Lives, which she is passionate about doing because the screenplay has been written by her mother Sharman Macdonald. This is the true story of the complex relationship between Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, his wife Caitlin, childhood friend Vera Phillips and her eventual husband William Killick. Keira is set to play 25-year old Vera.
Variety reports that neither Best Time or Atonement are yet greenlit, and the currently attached director of Best Time, Mike Radford, is just about to start another movie which may cause another scheduling conflict. Chances are one film will win the summer slot and Keira will return to the other project after Pirates 3 is completed.
You can read the full article on the Newsletter.

Pride & Prejudice was the most searched for Oscar-nominated movie the day before the ceremony, statistics company HitWise reveals.

P&P has now opened in most countries and finished its run in the US. Its global tally is now over $107m, including $38.4m in the US.

Keira has risen to No.3 in IMDb's StarMeter ratings of the most-clicked people in its database, her highest position since October.

March 11th

After an eventful week in Los Angeles, Keira's return to the UK on Thursday was just as eventful after her flight into Heathrow was diverted to Luton due to bad weather. The plane was forced to circle then missed its landing slot and had to land North of London as it was running low on fuel, according to The Sun.

Disney have revealed a few more calendar dates for its upcoming movies, including Memorial Day 2007 (May 28th) for Pirates 3 in the US. This will be Whitsun for the UK, rather than the original date of the summer hols.

This week's Entertainment Weekly has a couple of nice pics from the red carpet here and here.
Thanks AF

March 10th

So we now know the Vogue photoshoot took place earlier this week in Santa Monica, California. I'm guessing the mag will be out nearer the time of the Pirates promotions in May/June. The hair is very Jules Paxton, as several people have commented. But she definitely needs to work on that hunch. Posture, girl, posture ! E! News 600kb

For those who, like me, had never heard of Michael Pitt before his casting opposite Keira in Silk, you can see this interview about his recent movie Last Days. I don't know about you but the guy looks and sounds like a complete junkie! I'll assume he's just tired. He's shattered my reading impression of Herve Joncour anyway :-)
Thanks Pymmik

Rumour Mill: Philip Seymour Hoffman has been cast as Henry VIII opposite Keira in The Other Boleyn Girl. Nothing official yet on either castings.

The official designs for the Pirates DMC cinema foyer 'character standees' are out now. Click for Elizabeth, Will and Jack.

March 9th

The upcoming magazine photoshoot I mentioned on the 6th now appears to be UK Vogue, according to these on-set pics in London. Her hair is short, so the pics may be new this week, following a post-Oscar haircut (in readiness for Silk maybe), or they may be old pics and she may just have taken her Elizabeth Swann extensions out. Photoshoots are normally conducted a good few months before the mags hit the shelves, so we'll see.
Thanks Cassie from Knightley-Infos

March 7th

The usual round of Oscar tittle-tattle seems to have all come Keira's way this year, with stories abounding about her and Jake Gyllenhaal (even though she was with Rupert at all the parties), her and Jack Nicholson (!!! - even though she said the opposite in the interviews on this page), crying on Sienna Miller's shoulder, having to take refuge from paps in the Chateau Marmont Hotel (even though she was actually staying there for the Oscar duration) and God knows what other nonsense.

These are the pics from the incident I mentioned on the 5th about Keira having to leave the rear of the Ivy Restaurant in LA because of the photographers gathering out front. Clearly she didn't manage to avoid the paps out the back either, and this may well have been Rupert's first taste of the level of publicity Keira now attracts anytime, anywhere.
Thanks Marie

There's a couple more video clips online tonight (see right), and still more to come.

P&P is out on DVD in Australia from today.
Thanks Jake

March 6th

Keira was once again darling of the fashion critics at the Academy Awards. She wore a plum-coloured crushed taffeta Vera Wang dress and a priceless Bulgari necklace, previously owned by the wife of the Shah of Persia. Keira was seated on the front row of the auditorium flanked by brother Caleb on her left, and Jack Nicholson on her right ! Sadly, Pride & Prejudice came away without any statuettes, but I have no doubt it was no less memorable a night for Keira. She went straight to the Governor's ball after the ceremony, then changed into a vintage black Missoni dress before arriving at the Vanity Fair party.

Keira as red carpet queen:
NY Daily News - Vogue - ABC News - Orlando Sentinel - News Journal - AP - San Antonio Express - SF Chronicle

Images: Keira Daily - SuperiorPics


Best Actress Profile E! 2Mb

Red Carpet Arrivals: ABC 2.3Mb - BBC 400kb
E! Part One 4.4Mb - E! Part Two 4.8Mb - Reuters 5Mb

Fashion analysis: GMTV 1.3Mb - Sky 800kb - This Morning 1.8Mb

Awards Ceremony: Best Actress Spoof 3Mb - Nomination 2Mb

Post-Oscar Parties: (Governor's Ball) E! 700kb
(Vanity Fair arrivals) BBC 2Mb - GMTV 3.4Mb - This Morning 900kb

More on the Chanel rumours.

Yahoo! gossip columnist says Keira is about to appear on the cover of a 'big' mag, whatever that means. How can it be bigger than VF or Vogue ? TIME, perhaps ? It also speaks of Keira's last December Vogue cover debut, which it wasn't.
Thanks Fliss

March 5th

Today marks the biggest day yet in the young life of Keira Knightley. At just 20 years and 344 days, she will attend the Academy Awards as nominee for Best Actress in a Leading Role, the third youngest in the history of the awards. KeiraWeb will be staying up through the night to bring you all the footage from the arrivals, the ceremony, the post-show parties and the best of the fashion analysis. Some shows are delayed in the UK by a couple of days, so keep checking back to the New Online column throughout the week.

The Mail on Sunday today has an article stating that Keira's contract with Chanel cosmetics is all but done.
Thanks Tamise, Jess

Keira was out shopping in LA on Friday with her mum. Keira Seduction has the pics.
She also had to leave the Ivy restaurant by the rear exit yesterday when paparazzi found out she was in there. Something she's probably used to by now.
Thanks Geoff

The US and World premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest has been confirmed for Saturday June 24th in the New Orleans area of the Anaheim Disneyland park in California.
Thanks JDR via AF

March 4th

Today's Daily Mirror has this article about Keira, with good and bad comments from her former school 'friends'. Make of it what you will, we've read such things before.

Keira comments on her mum's Oscar bet in this article.

Keira attended the Endeavor talent agency pre-Oscar party yesterday, and there's a few pics here, including a rare family shot with her mum, dad and brother. Keira Daily has a few more here.

If you want to ave an Oscar party, the BBC have provided your very own Keira face mask for you to print off !

Talking of arty things, there's a couple of Keira drawings in various newspapers' Oscar previews:
Canada's National Post has this article and this pic. And this weekend's Hollywood Reporter has this one, although I think Keira looks more like Jocelyn Wildenstein in that one :-)
Thanks Cassie, AF

March 3rd


Keira has signed for 'Atonement', adapted from the novel by Ian McEwan. The Daily Mail's (usually reliable) showbiz columnist has this news today and says that filming will be in June/July, which will place it after Silk and before the remainder of Pirates 3. The same columnist broke the news about Silk. BAFTA-winning director of Pride & Prejudice Joe Wright will again direct Keira, who will play Cecilia, and the movie will be produced by Paul Webster of Kudos Films, who also produced P&P.
The publisher has this synopsis of Atonement: "On the hottest day of the summer of 1934, thirteen-year-old Briony Tallis sees her sister Cecilla strip off her clothes and plunge into the fountain in the garden of their country house. Watching her is Robbie Turner, her childhood friend who, like Cecilia, has recently come down from Cambridge. By the end of that day, the lives of all three will have been changed for ever. Robbie and Cecilia will have crossed a boundary they had not even imagined at its start, and will have become victims of the younger girl's imagination. Briony will have witnessed mysteries, and committed a crime for which she will spend the rest of her life trying to atone."
There are more details, including a short interview with Ian McEwan discussing the book here (beware spoilers). The Atonement page of Ian's official web site is here , and a database of reviews and critiques can be found here.

There's a whisper that Keira will be the new face of cosmetics, perfume, jewellery and clothing giant Chanel. This is not confirmed and should be made official by the company in a press release within the week if true (Unless someone can give me proof before then). This will, if confirmed, provide her biggest global exposure yet: on billboards, magazines, TV ads etc. The Lux ads are exclusive to Japan and the Asprey ads are targeted towards the high-end fashion publications, but Chanel is a brand known worldwide. Nicole Kidman is the current face of Chanel No.5, and Mrs. Johnny Depp Vanessa Paradis promoted their perfume in the late 1980s.

UK 'Big Brother' winner Jade Goody said in this week's Now magazine that Keira's breasts and body look like "two aspirins on an ironing board". However, talking about her own boob job she goes on to say: "Keira’s far too classy a bird to go in all for all that business. I think she might look a bit odd with big boobs. She’s a stunning girl and I don’t think she needs to change her shape. If her boobs were any bigger she’d look ridiculous." Article
This might be an appropriate time to mention a recent story in the Daily Star that Keira's friends are clubbing together to buy her a boob job for her 21st birthday. If the Vanity Fair cover didn't lose her her fanbase, I think a boob job just might (but this IS the Daily Star, so it's probably crap anyway).

The second instalment of Pure clips is online tonight, ahead of next Friday's UK premiere on BBC3.
Six: 1.4Mb - Seven: 3Mb - Eight: 800kb - Nine: 4.5Mb - Ten: 500kb

March 2nd

Keira is nominated for Best Actress for Lizzie Bennet at the Empire Magazine Film Awards. The ceremony will be held on March 13th.

LA Times' awards section The Envelope has an interview with Keira today. Nothing new really.

Keira flew back to Los Angeles on Tuesday and attended the 'Diamond Aquifer Mystical Retreat' exhibition yesterday, organised by the Diamond Information Center for Oscar nominees. Keira Daily has some pics here.

More Silk tidbits from Pymmik:
- Another male character has been cast, Jun Kunimura (Kill Bill, Black Rain).
- The actress playing the concubine is yet to be announced, so it's not Miki Nakatani.
- A Japanese newspaper article has a photo of one of the sets in Iriyamabe which is active now until mid-March.
- Italian filming (those featuring Keira) will start in April in Rome, Sermoneta and the Northern region of Piemonte.
Thanks Pymmik

March 1st

Voting is now closed for the Academy Awards. All 6000 ballots have been returned and counting is under way.

David Hinckley of the NY Daily News thinks Keira should get the little gold man on Sunday night, and he's not the only one to create renewed buzz about her Lizzie Bennet, especially since the newly-released DVD arrived in the mailboxes of US critics this week.

Today's Guardian discusses Oscar fashion and speaks to Keira's stylist Rachel Zoe among others.
Thanks Amo

This article from a Bahamas newspaper says that Pirates cast and crew are due to finish in the Caribbean completely by midweek, and that when filming resumes in late summer it will be studio work in LA.

IMDb have removed cast details from their listing for The Other Boleyn Girl.

Variety's February edition of V Life magazine has a photo feature of Keira.
Thanks AF

February 27th

Oscarphiles can now view the KeiraWeb guide to Academy Awards UK and US TV coverage and analysis here.

Pirates co-writer Terry Rossio has updated his blog for the first time in six months.

Meanwhile, Oscar-nominated make-up artist Richard Snell died in his hotel room in the Caribbean on Saturday while working on Pirates DMC. He was 49.

The Belfast Telegraph have published a new interview with Keira's ex Jamie Dornan today, in which he blames Keira's fame for the downfall of their relationship.

King Arthur will premiere on Sky Movies 1 at 8pm on March 11th.

Keira's odds of winning the Oscar have been slashed from 99/1 to 45/1, according to the first bookmaker to offer odds,

Daughter of P&P screenwriter Deborah Moggach writes in The Telegraph about her mother's down-to-earth attitude to attending the BAFTAs recently, even though she was showered with designer clothes and jewellery.
Thanks David

February 26th

Filming of Silk has started in Japan, in the Geibikei valley, the Iwate Nippo newspaper reports, and has a photo of the shoot. This scene is part of Herve's journey up-river to Hara Jubei's residence, after landing in Japan.
Thanks Pymmik

Entertainment Weekly columnist Owen Gleiberman tips Keira for the Best Actress Oscar in this week's issue. Most other 'experts' put her at around a 5% chance of winning.

The first book about Keira has been delayed for a couple of weeks, its publisher told me yesterday. But you will still be able to receive a 35% discount if you order it through KeiraWeb. Details soon.

February 25th

IMDb reports that The Other Boleyn Girl is now in pre-production, with still no confirmation of the casting of Anne. In the recent webchat Keira said that her role was "not confirmed". Variety this week profiled BBC Films and confirms it is funding the project, as it did with the original miniseries. It also says Justin Chadwick is to be the director. He recently directed the successful BBC adaptation of Bleak House starring Gillian Anderson and Keira's P&P co-star Carey Mulligan.
Thanks Butherus

UK viewers with The Biography Channel can see a special documentary Sunday night on the Oscar-nominated films and people up for the awards next Sunday. Race To The Red Carpet starts at 7pm, and is repeated throughout the week. Sky Movies also has a preview of the contenders ahead of its exclusive coverage of the ceremony on Sky Movies 1 on Sunday night. A full UK TV Guide of Oscar-related shows - both previews and post-show analysis - will be online later in the week. Anyone outside the UK who can contribute confirmed TV listings for Oscar preview and post shows in their country are welcome to submit the details.

February 24th

The UK TV premiere of Pure is now confirmed for Friday March 10th at 11pm on BBC3. This Friday and next there will be ten clips from the movie online, all brand new to KeiraWeb. Her role of the pregnant, drug-addicted waitress Louise is one of the three greatest Keira performances in my opinion. The DVD is out now in the UK and out on May 9th in North America. For a full synopsis of Pure and filming details please see the DVD gallery page.
Here are the first five clips:
One: 700kb   - Two: 3.7Mb   - Three: 3Mb  - Four: 3.6Mb   - Five: 4Mb

February 23rd

Proof, for those that require it, that Keira is more than just friends with her P&P co-star Rupert Friend. No doubt plenty more photos will be seen over the weekend. Photo.
Thanks KDA

EXCLUSIVE: Here is the Isaac Mizrahi Show, recorded in mid-November 2005 and broadcast on December 5th.
Part One (11Mb) - Part Two (11Mb)
Thanks again to Andrew for the CDR

There's a good article on the Oscars 'new blood' here. And even Sky News have a decent one too.

Tuesday's Variety had this to say in its critique of Best Actress Oscar nominees:
Though Keira Knightley is no less British, she is 51 years younger than Dench. Yet her youth, which can sometimes work against a performer vying for Oscar, seemed to play to her advantage here. The latest incarnation of "Pride & Prejudice" got solid reviews and Knightley was noted for her charm, which, in a year such as this where the actress field was lean, was more than enough to put her over the top. Her smile, it seemed, proved irresistible. "This is one of my favorite characters in English literature, and I couldn't bear it if I ruined it," Knightley says of Lizzie, who falls for Mr. Darcy.

P&P is still playing in 35 countries and is yet to open in nine. Latest figure is $66.3m internationally.

February 22nd

Online now are two of the three big new videos for KeiraWeb. First up is Ellen Degeneres (14Mb), and a more serious style interview from ABC News Nightline (14Mb). Tomorrow - Isaac Mizrahi.
Huge thanks to Andrew for airmailing the CDR (Ellen).
Thanks to Serena at ESwann (Nightline)

February 21st

Koji Yakusho fan site reports from a Japanese newspaper this week that his character name will be Hara Jubei, not Hara Kei as per the novel. It also confirms that Miki Nakatani will play the Japanese brothel Madam.

KeiraWeb is now settled into its new home on a much bigger server with oodles of bandwidth and disk space :-)

Keira will feature on tonight's edition of ABC News Nightline. The site looks like it will have the video online pretty soon after.
Thanks AF

Keira features in yet another 'most stylish' poll, coming in at No.3 in Grazia magazine's Most Stylish British Woman of All Time, behind Kate Moss (!) and Sienna Miller. Article.

Don't forget, the UK Domino DVD is in shops from today. Promotions seem to surround Keira's sex scene, as there's an alternate version on the disc.

CanMag has what may be the first character poster from Pirates DMC. See if you can spot the difference between this and the first one.

FHM's Sexiest 100 voting is still open if you want to vote for... someone.

Keira Nightmare ? Celebrity gossip rag Star has the story this week that Keira's "massive entourage" on the set of Pirates is causing annoyance to other cast and crew, and that "you can almost hear her head getting bigger". Now it's news to me - and probably everyone else - that Keira has ANY kind of entourage, let alone a "massive" one. But that's gossip mags for you. After spending nearly 12 months on this film set, I'm sure we'd have heard about this before now if it were true. Must be a slow news week. Article.

February 19th

Of six nominations, Pride & Prejudice won one award tonight at the BAFTAs. Joe Wright won 'The Carl Foreman Award for special achievement by a British Director/Producer or Writer in their first feature film'. He paid tribute to Keira, gave a dig to BAFTA for not nominating her, and wished her well for the Oscars. Keira did not attend. 1.4Mb
Joe talks a little more about Keira's BAFTA 'oversight' here.

British coverage of the Academy Awards will be shown live on Sky Movies 1 from midnight on March 6th. Red carpet arrivals will be shown on E! (and probably another 50 times over subsequent days).

February 18th

The Ellen Degeneres Show video is available from this link for now. Coming soon to KeiraWeb is the elusive Isaac Mizrahi Show appearance.
Thanks Serena.

"Vanity Fair" was the fourth most searched for term on Google for the week ending 13th February, according to Google Zeitgeist. KeiraWeb had 142,000 hits on the 8th when the cover photo came out.

An interview with Keira from the Oscars lunch will form part of ABC News' Nightline show over the next week or two. Check here for upcoming details.
Thanks AF

February 17th

The Ellen Degeneres Show should help to Christen the new expanded server over the weekend. Meanwhile, here's a preview from E! News. 1.7Mb

Focus Features celebrated P&P's breaking of its $100m worldwide box office with a very expensive double-page ad in Thursday's Variety.
Thanks AF

Academy Awards round-up:
- The Daily Mail reports today that interest in Keira has tripled since becoming an Academy Award nominee, and also that "she'll mull over several major projects" once Pirates is finished filming. Article.
- CBS News today profilesKeira in its Academy Awards section.
- picks up on the ribbing Keira has had from family and friends.

ComingSoon now has the English version of the Pirates DMC one-sheet poster in its gallery. And there's a DMC poster here which... wait for it... does NOT feature Keira !
Thanks Adam, Vini

February 16th

Award-winning soul singer and Keira's Love Actually co-star Lynden David Hall died on Tuesday aged just 31. He had suffered from the lymphatic cancer Hodgkin's Lymphoma for two years. Credited as 'The Wedding Singer', Lynden serenaded newlyweds Peter and Juliet with 'All You Need Is Love' from the balcony of the church in the wedding scene. Article.
Wedding scene (3Mb).

February 15th

Elizabeth Swann gets her own adventure book this summer when Disney publishes a junior tie-in book called Swann Song. (Completely irrelevant but a coincidence nonetheless, one of Keira's earliest TV appearances was in the police drama The Bill, in an episode also entitled 'Swan Song').
Thanks Natalie

Matt Dillon was blown away by Keira at the Oscar lunch, according to an interview he gave to The Early Show (see video). Some Keira footage too.

There's a whisper Keira's appearance on Ellen has been put back to Monday 20th, but watch Friday just in case ! The Ellen web site still says Friday though, and there's a clip from the interview now online too. Keira reveals a previously hidden talent !

Here is the Vanity Fair photo in high res and without Mr. Ford.
Thanks Jake

ComingSoon have the French one-sheet poster for DMC, as first mentioned here last week.
Meanwhile, Keira reveals she had to climb to the top of a ship's rigging for a scene.
Thanks Adam, Amo

February 14th

CNN interviewed Keira among others at Monday's lunch. 4Mb
And here's another brief snippet from E! News 600kb.

KeiraDaily has the high-res pics from not just the Oscar luncheon but the Kiss For A Cause fundraiser, in which celebs put their pouts on a plate of glass to be auctioned for The Film Foundation and The Hollywood Museum. Sky News also has a gallery.

Keira was one of five female finalists in the first annual Ear of the Year awards, organised by the UK's Royal National Institute for the Deaf. Charlotte Church is the winner (though I doubt British men pay too much attention to her ears, I'm sure!). Press release.

February 13th

ASK KEIRA ! No, it's not another web chat, not already. Internet search engine Ask Jeeves wants to replace its 'helpful butler' logo with something more 'cool' and internationally well-known, as the Wodehouse figure is too exclusively British. David Beckham and Keira Knightley have been suggested ! Article.
As it's half-term hols now, I thought some of you Photoshop experts might want to waste a bit of time by putting Keira's head onto Jeeves' body. You can use either of these images, and send them in to me here. Just a bit of fun - I'll make a page of the best of them.

Keira attends her first Academy Awards Nominees' Luncheon at the Beverly Hilton in LA at noon PST today. ET and probably E! and others will have coverage in their next shows. 17 of the 20 Actor nominees will be present among 100 total nominees.
Edit: Here's the E! News coverage: 900kb. Tomorrow's E! News will have interviews with the main actor nominees.

Pride & Prejudice continues to open healthily around the world. ScreenInternational has some figures today:
Spain: $850,000 from 194 screens; $250,000 from 163 screens in Brazil; $155,000 from 73 screens in Mexico. It also climbed to $835,000 in its second week in Italy, playing on 160 screens.

Sky News has a collection of new and old Pirates filming pics here. Click the word Pictures in the red box.
And official Pirates toys went on show at a New York toy fair yesterday. More details of the merchandise here.

E!'s TV listings in the UK leave much to be desired, but they finally showed the right episode tonight of their 101 Sexiest Celebrity Bodies. Keira came in at No.92, and here's the profile: 4.8Mb

February 12th

Keira conducted a web chat today for the Los Angeles Times awards site The Envelope. It was a great experience for her and us I think it's safe to say ! Thanks to Tom O'Neill at the LA Times for setting it up, and thanks to everyone in the room who sent me very kind comments for my efforts on KeiraWeb (especially Buhda who asked Keira if she ever visited the site !!). There were probably twenty questions a minute coming in, so Keira didn't answer them all. Below is a summary of what Keira had to say, and you can read the entire transcript here.
- She was amazed to be nominated for the Oscar.
- She finds film festivals terrifying, but enjoys the goodie bags !
- She doesn't audition as much as she used to, she'd rather she did.
- She is so unfit she wheezes when she runs upstairs !
- Her scenes for Silk will be filmed in Italy, and starts filming in April.
- She has "no confirmation" on The Other Boleyn Girl, (which would suggest she's on a shortlist).
- She would love to learn another language for a role.
- Her favourite book is War And Peace.
- The Vanity Fair cover made her giggle!
- She has no plans to move from London.
- Don't ever call her 'Miss Knightley' !
- Her favourite dessert is Sticky Toffee Pudding.

I think everyone in the chatroom would agree that Keira was as normal, laid back and friendly as everyone hoped she would be - and the very reason so many people adore her. Perhaps she'll come to my Yahoo! group chatroom next time ?!

Tonight's updated StarMeter poll at IMDb has Rachel McAdams at No.2, Scarlett at No.3 and Keira at No.4 from last week's 6. I wonder why that is ?

P&P has taken another estimated $157,000 at US cinemas this weekend, and is still playing at 219 screens, in its 14th week of release.

A couple of nice Oscar-related polls here:
Internet Movie Awards (login required), and
Thanks Raul, Corey

According to the Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine, the Pirates cast will NOT be providing voices for the POTC World in the new Kingdom Hearts II due to schedule conflicts. See scan here.
Thanks Arlen

February 11th

Ellen's web site has Keira's appearance this Friday 17th, not Thursday as originally reported.
Thanks Cassie

There's a detailed guide to the Domino DVD here, which we're told includes - apart from the expected director/writer commentaries - an alternate audio track, a 20-minute behind-the-scenes featurette, and an alternate sex scene among the 8-minute extra/deleted scenes, all available with optional commentaries. Both teaser and theatrical trailers are also included.
It's out on the 20th in the UK, 21st in North America.

February 10th

Site News: Due to the unprecedented number of visitors to KeiraWeb in the last couple of months and the massive number of video clip downloads, I am happy to announce the site is now about to move to a Dedicated Server. This will allow for a huge expansion of the site, which would not have been possible on Shared Servers. Generous financial donations to KeiraWeb from regular visitors have been instrumental in this decision, as the price of a Dedicated Server is many times the current server cost. Donations are, of course, still very welcome and will be used to make the site even bigger and better.
The file transfers may take up to 48 hours, so the site may be offline periodically during that time.

Web chat update: The Administrator of the forum and chatroom tells me that questions for Keira will not be moderated, so it's basically anything goes. All questions will appear in front of her, so make them interesting and there's more chance she'll answer them. It's the awards section of the LA Times, so I guess there will be a focus to answer more on P&P and its Oscar hopes. Register here.

I have added a gallery of all the Academy Award promotional adverts from movie trade journals these last two weeks. See the middle column of the P&P promo page.
Thanks to AF for submitting them all.

Apologies for using the wrong extension for the Villette clip - it's a wma, not wmv. 1.5Mb

There's a great new batch of articles in Variety about various aspects of P&P, including the score, costumes, the screenplay and the DVD release. I've posted them in full on the newsletter.

Here is a page of Pirates DMC action figures, and the hammerhead man-creature from the teaser trailer is now revealed to be called Maccus, which is Gaelic for hammer.

February 9th

A new premiere for KeiraWeb tonight - Villette. Keira recorded this radio play for the BBC in 1999 when she was 14 years old. It is an adaptation of a novel by Charlotte Bronte, and Keira plays Polly, a young girl who comes to stay at the home of the story's protagonist Lucy Snowe. This audio clip is a compilation of all her scenes. Later in the story, Keira also voiced Fleur, a pupil at a French convent school.
1.5Mb (audio)

And here's Entertainment Tonight's feature from the Vanity Fair shoot. 1Mb

Further to the report a few days ago, it is now confirmed that Keira will be giving a live web chat conducted by the LA Times in Los Angeles this Sunday at 12.30pm PST, (3.30pm EST, 8.30pm GMT). You will need to register to take part. Details here.
Thanks Katie

Keira will be a guest on the Ellen Degeneres Show next Thursday 16th. This is most likely a promo for the P&P DVD, which has been pulled forward to the 28th.
(The usual plea to States-side cappers, please!).
Thanks Cameron

Pride & Prejudice did well at the London Film Critics' Circle Awards on Wednesday, with Joe Wright finally winning an award, for Best British Director. The movie itself was Best British Film and Tom Hollander was voted Best Supporting Actor. Article.
Meanwhile, the ballot papers have now been sent to the Academy Awards voting committee. The deadline for casting and returning of votes is February 28th.

The eagerly-awaited computer game Kingdom Hearts II will be available in North America from March 28th, a press release announced today. KH2 has a Pirates of the Caribbean world, featuring Elizabeth Swann among the main cast, voiced by Keira.

February 8th

I am astonished and appalled at the reaction by Keira's fans to the publication of this arty little photo  - or should I say former fans ? That sound you hear is the sound of suddenly disgusted people jumping off Keira's fanbase.  Presumably these people get the vapours every time they watch certain scenes in The Hole or The Jacket. People are questioning her morals and motives for doing this shoot. Hello?! It's called art. She doesn't NEED to do this shoot to enhance her public profile or bank balance or anything else. This is not Playboy desperation exposure. Anyone would think she's doing full frontal with her ankles behind her ears! Everyone is entitled to their opinion on this, so here's mine. You may think I have a duty to defend Keira. I don't. I speak my mind. I like to deal with facts - it's what KeiraWeb's reputation is founded on. People are forming an opinion of this photoshoot without possession of the facts of its conceptual approach - like judging a book by its cover. Here are the facts.

- Every year Vanity Fair produce a Hollywood issue, this is the twelfth. This year they bring in guest editor Tom Ford, a fashion designer.
- As a concept he decides to envision different facets of the Hollywood industry, to be portrayed by numerous 'stars' of that industry, hence the magazine's front-page leader 'Tom Ford's Hollywood'.
- For "beauty of Hollywood", he makes a shortlist of the three most beautiful women he can think of. When he tells them he wants them nude, two of them are OK with it - given the promise it will be tastefully done, and based on historical artworks (perhaps it should be pointed out here that previous subjects of VF photoshoots have worn flesh-coloured bodystockings, traces of which were later digitally removed). One of the threesome, Rachel McAdams, is uncomfortable with the set-up and backs out (that's why Tom's on the cover, to balance out the picture - nothing else).
- He chooses world-renowned art photographer Annie Liebovitz to conduct the shoot and to agree on the poses from art history. For example, Scarlett's pose is based on this painting of Louis XV's mistress Louise O'Murphy. That's also why they are airbrushed deliberately pale - nudes in classical paintings always were, it symbolised purity.

- Liebovitz recently photographed Keira for Vogue as Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz - and the difference between those pics and this one is....? None whatsoever. Being asked by an art photographer to pose in no costume at all is exactly the same as being asked to pose in this costume or that costume. It's symbolism, it's representation, it's art. Of course it's eyecatching and will help to sell the magazine. So? That's completely irrelevant and nothing to do with the concept of the photoshoot. Of course it's provocative - art is meant to be.
- Was Keira gagging to do a shoot like this? Of course not. Watch the video 2' 00" in as she comes out of the studio room - she looks incredibly embarrassed and small, as if she's petrified of seeing the final result, and for anyone else to see it. I don't think Playboy desperadoes think about that - just the cheque. I dread to think what the reaction among people would have been if this image had appeared in Loaded or FHM. Paradoxically, perhaps that would have been more acceptable ?

- I hope, given the knowledge of these facts, people will change their mind and their opinions about this one, solitary photograph. But if not, then here's one final fact: for every ex-Keira fan who deserted in the last 24 hours (for whatever moralistic and/or misguided reason they have provided) there are plenty more people who will have appreciated the validity of Keira's and Scarlett's participation, the nudity of the image - not nakedness: in art there's a difference - the concept, the visual impact, and the sheer beauty of it, and will greater admire Keira for her involvement in it.

February 7th

Blimey, don't people get excited over a bit of flesh ?!!! The media have really gone to town on the Vanity Fair shoot, of which put some details online today. As always, they issued a news release to AP about their upcoming issue, and it seems to have been picked up by just about every media organisation around the world.
Most of the US celebrity gossip shows have also featured it today, and Good Morning America had an interview with the guest editor who's idea the shoot was, Tom Ford.
The Insider will also have a segment in its next edition as, no doubt, will all of the shows that haven't yet.
There's a short feature at the VF site and a video link, showing the girls in preparation for the shoot (and the omnipresent Mother Knightley!). Some of you have emailed to say you can't download the video as it's streaming media, so I've put online downloadable copies here (RealMedia) and here (WMV). (Get em quick before VF come a-knocking).
A note on the in-store dates. The VF site says February 8th for New York and LA, and the 14th across the US. The UK VF site says February 10th.
KKDaily has a larger version of the cover.

Edit: E! News had a feature on the photoshoot tonight. 2.4Mb
Thanks to all who emailed today.

In other news, what may be the first one-sheet poster for Pirates DMC has been posted over at CanMag. A bit brighter than the first one, Barbossa has been replaced by the Kraken's tentacle.

Here's another Oscar-push ad for P&P from Focus Features, this time from today's Hollywood Reporter.
Thanks AF

February 6th

The Pride & Prejudice DVD is out now in the UK, and it's selling like hot cakes, at least if online stores are anything to go by. HMV, and Amazon UK have it as their bestselling DVD at the moment.

This Friday sees the publication of the Vanity Fair 'Hollywood issue' with the supposedly nude shots of Keira, Scarlett and Rachel McAdams. I'm sure the pics will be online before then, and expect some coverage from E! News, ET, etc. too.

Polls, polls, polls:
Most Elegant Woman - Hello! Magazine
Oscars - Your Favourites - IMDb
Best Superbowl Ad (click 4th quarter) - AOL
Thanks Andrew, AF

Here is the first P&P Oscar ad for the attention of the final voting committee. It appeared in Variety among other movie journals today.
Thanks AF

February 5th

It's video Sunday here at KeiraWeb.

Here is E! Entertainment's 'Behind The Scenes' show from the set of Pride & Prejudice. Presented by Keira herself, it's brand new online.
Part One: 10Mb - Part Two: 10.5Mb - Part Three: 11Mb - Part Four: 7Mb

To celebrate Keira's fantastic Academy Award nomination, KeiraWeb has put online a collection of profiles recorded over the last three years. They are presented below in chronological order. The final one is brand new online. Enjoy:

E! News Live - Keira's breakout year, December 2003: 1.3Mb
VH1 - 100 Hottest Hotties, April 2004: 3.3Mb
Access Hollywood, June 2004: 1.7Mb
BBC3 - Essential Top 50, July 2004: 1.4Mb
E! - Extreme Close-Up (King Arthur), September 2004: 5Mb - 6Mb - 7Mb
E! - Ultimate Blondes, November 2004: 3.5Mb
BBC3 - Essential Top 50, April 2005: 1.4Mb
VH1 - 100 Most Wanted Sexy Bodies, July 2005: 4.5Mb
E! - Golden Globes Preview, January 2006: 3.9Mb
E! - Extreme Close-Up (P&P, Domino), January 2006: 10Mb - 12Mb - 12Mb - 8.5Mb

Keira's Oscar nomination has seen her race back up IMDb's StarMeter rankings from last week's No.28 to this week's No.6.

Here is Keira's write-up in this week's Entertainment Weekly's special feature on the Oscar nominees.
And here's the same feature online at AOL Moviefone.
Thanks AF

There's some lovely hi-res photos from the set of P&P at KKDaily.

Sunday night's box office estimates have P&P racking up another $217,000 in the US this weekend, for a new total of $37,766,000. Global box office now stands at $90.2m.

February 4th

Keira may be giving a live web chat with the LA Times on the 12th. More details if and when it's confirmed.
Thanks Ulrik

Superbowl fans can see a slightly extended Pirates DMC trailer during the game tomorrow. A couple of extra seconds of Johnny, apparently.
Thanks Ulrik

Here are some more caps from The Kiss in P&P. Not long to wait now before it can be viewed frame by frame, if you so desire :-)
Thanks Christina

Here's the two TV commercials for Monday's release of P&P DVD in the UK. I'd have thought they'd have mentioned the nominations, but still... 1Mb

In her column in today's Daily Mirror, Fiona Phillips has this to say about Keira's Lizzie Bennet. Fiona is the anchor of breakfast show GMTV in the UK, and interviewed Keira at the Savoy on the same morning I saw Keira myself, September 5th, the day of the P&P UK premiere. Interestingly, Fiona comments about Oscars being forthcoming right at the beginning of the interview (12Mb). What a psychic !

February 3rd

The North American release of the Pride & Prejudice DVD has been pulled forward from March 14th to February 28th. The UK DVD will be out on Monday.
Thanks Scott

The little-known BBC radio play Villette, adapted from Charlotte Bronte's novel, is repeated on BBC7 next week, Wednesday to Friday at 10am and 9pm GMT. You can listen online here. Keira played the role of Polly.

Thursday's Hollywood Reporter and Variety both carried a double-page spread from Focus Features thanking the Academy for its movies' nominations and congratulating the nominees. Scans: left - right.
Thanks AF

Internet statistics company HitWise have produced figures on which Oscar nominees were most searched for during 2005, with Keira being one the highest - no surprises there. Search queries peaked during the week of July 16th. Keira was the third-highest nominee searched for in the last week of January this year, just before the nominations were announced. Article.

February 2nd

The Times of London had an article today by P&P screenwriter Deborah Moggach, putting forward her case for Keira to win the Best Actress award.

Here is the cover and feature from Wednesday's Academy Awards issue Hollywood Reporter.
Thanks AF

February 1st

More Oscars reaction and news:
- To celebrate Keira's Academy Award nomination, KeiraWeb will be uploading ALL of the profiles of Keira currently on file, including a brand new 30-minute  'Extreme Close-Up' from E! which has not been seen online before. Files will be uploaded before the weekend, so check back regularly.
- Keira's nomination made the front page of today's edition of The Hollywood Reporter. Scans coming soon.
- The people cheering Keira's nomination at yesterday's announcement were reps of Focus Features, obviously as surprised as the rest of us!
- Keira was asleep when the nomination came through, she said today. Cheers from her mum and assistant woke her up, but not for long! Article.
- Working Title chairman Tim Bevan said he felt vindicated for Keira's nomination after BAFTA's snub. Article.
- The BBC, surprisingly, have come out with the inevitable Judi v. Keira comparison regarding their nominations.
- Keira is the third youngest Best Actress nominee, after Keisha Castle-Hughes (13 in 2003) and Isabelle Adjani (a younger 20 in 1975).

The BBC also have online their video interview with Keira from the Golden Globes nomination press call.
Thanks KKDaily

Futerra, the sustainable development organisation who commissioned the Keira Knightley/Cherie Lunghi film The Seasons Alter in 2002, have a new knowledge-base network web site called The Compass Network. The site's front page currently focuses on the short film. Follow the links to download the film from Futerra if you have yet to see it.
Thanks Sarah (Director, Futerra)

Site news: KeiraWeb had 1.2million hits in January, a new record already, from only last month's record 1million hits. Visitors came from 125 countries/domains and although the P&P page proved the most popular for downloads, the biggest non-search engine referrer was Wikipedia's entries on Domino Harvey and the Domino movie.

The Lexington Steele rumours seem to have dissipated, with a recent radio interview announcing his engagement to a fellow, ahem, adult movie actress. Of course, if such photos did exist they wouldn't have stayed exclusive to a French mag for very long - they'd be all over the UK mags too.
Thanks Jason

January 31st 

Keira Knightley today silenced the critics by being awarded a Best Actress nomination at the 2006 Academy Awards. Her role as Elizabeth Bennet in Pride & Prejudice received almost universal acclaim and now the organisers of the biggest movie event of the year have recognized her too. While it's certain either Reese Witherspoon or Felicity Huffman will win the Oscar, just being nominated WILL open doors for Keira. If she wasn't in the 'big league' of movie stars before today (and few would say she wasn't), she most definitely will be now. Even if she never receives another accolade in her entire career, she will forever be 'Academy Award nominated actress Keira Knightley'.

Keira is on location in the Caribbean filming Pirates 3 but told Variety today:
"We spent a glorious summer making this film in lovely England, with lovely, lovely director Joe Wright. It was great news to wake up to after a long night shoot on a pirate ship -- four wonderful nominations! I'm so proud."

Working Title Films have issued a press release about the film's nominations tonight.
Universal have issued a press release about the North American DVD, using Oscar kudos, even though it's not out till February 28th.

There were cheers from the assembled crowd at Academy headquarters in Los Angeles - but only at Keira's name - as its new president Sid Ganis read out the nominations - see the Announcement clip below. Credit must be given to Focus Features, distributor of Pride & Prejudice, who pulled out all the stops to push the movie under the Oscar committee's noses. The company leads the field of independent movie companies, with a total of 16 nominations (Brokeback Mountain and The Constant Gardener are also from the Focus stable).

Personally, as someone who believed in the talent of that young girl as 'one to watch' when I first saw her superb, natural and mesmerising performance in Coming Home, way back in 1998, this almost feels like a graduation day for me. That may sound sickly sweet, but I am so happy for her, and I would like to hope that she is aware of how proud and pleased her fans around the world are tonight.

Incidentally, should Keira defy the critics and win the Academy Award (and let's face it, she defied them today by being nominated), she will become the youngest ever recipient of the Best Actress Oscar. That record is currently held by Marlee Matlin, who won the award in 1986 aged 21. The Academy Awards ceremony will be held on Sunday March 5th at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood.

Video Clips:
Announcement 800kb - Sky News reaction 800kb - BBC British angle 2Mb

Media Reports:
BBC - Reuters - Daily Mail - The Sun - Sky News - The Times

Nominations for Pride & Prejudice:
Best Actress - Keira Knightley
Original Score - Dario Marianelli
Art Direction - Sarah Greenwood (art direction); Katie Spencer (set decoration)
Costume Design - Jacqueline Durran

Keira Knightley: "We spent a glorious summer making this film in lovely England, with lovely, lovely director Joe Wright. It was great news to wake up to after a long night shoot on a pirate ship -- four wonderful nominations! I'm so proud."

Dario Marianelli: "I was in the studio writing a cue for my next film, my mind a million miles away from 'Pride & Prejudice,' when Joe Wright called me with the news. I literally had to sit down, breathless. There's a misguided notion that one has to suffer to do good work, and that just didn't happen on this film. It's been a real blessing."

Sarah Greenwood: "I was with 'Pride's' director Joe Wright and producer Paul Webster having a rather dull budget meeting on our next movie at Working Title when the call came in. Needless to say, we all yelped with joy! I'm over the moon!"

Jacqueline Durran: "When Joe Wright and I first talked about the costumes for 'Pride & Prejudice,' we both agreed to alter the aesthetic of the usual period look, and opted for more provincial, earthy, lived-in and real costumes. I'm so thrilled that our approach has been embraced!"
Reactions courtesy Variety

January 30th

There's plenty of Oscar preview press mentioning Keira at the moment, but we'll have to wait for the nominations tomorrow to see if they're premature. The CBS Early Show and E! will be broadcasting the event at 8.30am EST, and in the UK both E! and BBC News24 will show them live at 1.30pm GMT.

P&P screenwriter Deborah Moggach, currently a BAFTA nominee for Best Adapted Screenplay, has recently returned from a screening of the film at the Israeli film festival, and the Jerusalem Post today has a two-page interview with the author.

Silk has risen 84% on IMDb's MovieMeter this weekend, up from rank number 12,451 to 1,963.

Take a look at this comic-book style cartoon of Keira's career. Nice drawings.
Thanks to Leigh at ParminderOnline.

Does anyone in France have scans from Voici magazine, allegedly showing Keira with American porn star Lexington Steele ? I need to see it to believe it (and so do the rest of us!). All with the aim of dispelling or confirming rumours, naturally. I've heard some rumours in my time, but this one takes the biscuit.

January 29th

Today's Mail on Sunday magazine You has another of those pointless Scarlett vs. Keira comparisons, based on the premise they're both going to be vying for Oscars on March 5th (do they know something we don't?). There are four pics of each actress, but the very first pic of Scarlett says it all for me regarding comparisons. She's walking through a rainy London, and someone is holding an umbrella over her. That's Hollywood - Keira would never be seen being the diva like that. In the ongoing KeiraWeb project I Like Keira Because..., one of the most popular reasons is "...because she's so NOT Hollywood". You can still contribute to the project here. I have a backlog of scans to sort out, of which this will be one.

In related-to-Keira news, Parminder Nagra will be running the London Marathon on April 23rd as part of filming for her new movie Marathon. And P&P director Joe Wright will be at the helm of Gaslight, a remake of the 1944 thriller which starred Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer.

Pride & Prejudice opened in Taiwan this weekend and will see its overseas box office top $50m. It is still playing in the US in its 12th week, although it's now down to less than 300 screens. Estimates are for another $300,000 this weekend, taking its US tally to $37.4m. The film is still to open in at least 25 countries in February, including Italy, Eastern Europe and South America.

Domino is still playing in some countries although none are yet to open now. It has taken $10m in the US and $9m around the world.

"Hollywood's hottest stylist" Phillip Bloch gives his opinion on Keira's and others' red carpet styles in today's Sunday Mail.

There's a Domino feature in the current Australian Vogue magazine (Cate Blanchett cover). If you're able to send me the scans, please do.
Thanks Amo

January 26th

One of Keira's greatest performances gets its UK premiere in early March when Pure is shown for the first time on BBC3. A series of independent films starts on the channel on February 10th and, if they're shown in the order in today's press release, Pure should premiere on March 10th. The channel is also showing Bend It Like Beckham on the 4th and 8th February.

Keira has been nominated for Best Actress as Elizabeth Bennet in's Moviegoer Awards. This is a public vote and you can vote for Keira here. Winners will be announced on February 28th.

Take a look at this fantastic video file of P&P made by Elisha from clips here at KeiraWeb.
Thanks Elisha

January 25th

Keira's entry at IMDb has been added to today with 'The Other Boleyn Girl', which is a blast from the past for old KeiraWebbers. This rumour appeared way back on May 30th 2004 after this article appeared in a local paper in the north of England, where Philippa Gregory, author of the 2001 bestseller, hails from. Nothing was heard of it since - as happens with so many rumours - but now it's suddenly resurfaced. As I continue to reiterate, IMDb is publicly updated and the public sometimes get things wrong, but brand new filmography entries are usually verified at least through one movie trade journal such as Variety (for example, I submitted the data regarding Silk to IMDb before Christmas but they have only added the details since it was confirmed in Variety last week). However, a big-screen $25m version of Boleyn Girl has been in the works for some time, and both BBC Films and Scottish Screen will be funding the project. Scott Rudin and Alison Owen (producer of the recently resurrected Tulip Fever) are said to be producing the movie, but the last mention of it in Variety was last June. Natalie Portman is also rumoured to be playing the role of Anne. The above newspaper report states Jared Harris, who played King Henry VIII in the 2004 BBC TV adaptation will reprise his role in the movie, so maybe this article is the sole source of the information. There's certainly no other mention of the casting or the production other than this. I will try to find out what's happening. Watch this space.
Thanks Kyle

In the meantime, here's another Hello! magazine poll for you to vote in.
Thanks Thais

On the day Google announced its paradoxical agreement to censor access to the free Internet for Chinese people, a quick look at my statistics reveals 4,600 hits from China in December and 3,500 so far this month. I've also had hits from Nepal and Greenland, amazingly. Exactly how many computers are there in Greenland ?

January 23rd

It's all quiet all the Keira front right now except for some nonsense about her being kept away from Scarlett Johanssen at the Globes, and bribing security with packets of crisps to let her friends in to an after-show party.

Some TV news:
- King Arthur is premiering around Europe at the moment, so check your movie channels. It comes to Sky Movies in the UK early next month.
- Keira may be on this Friday's edition of Paparazzi on BBC3, as it covers last year's Glastonbury festival and also the London Bombings and Trafalgar Square memorial, at which Keira was present at both. Incidentally, there's a pic at KKDaily of her signing a book of condolence, which I hadn't seen before.
- Keira will be on the Fashion Police show on The Style Network tonight in the US. Not sure if that's the same show with the same name we get on E!, but if anyone States-side can capture it anyway, mucho gracias.
Thanks Yo

January 21st

Today's Daily Mirror reports that Kaz James has finally admitted he never dated Keira. Article.

You can now pre-order the UK Pride & Prejudice DVD from Amazon UK. And don't forget the first Keira Knightley photobook due out in early March. You can get 35% off the published price if you order through KeiraWeb. More details soon.

There's a nice gallery of hi-res Globes pics at this LiveJournal entry.
Credit: KKDaily, mata

January 20th

ScreenInternational have become the first trade journal to acknowledge Silk today, with much more information, including the casting of Alfred Molina (Dr. Octopus in Spider-Man 2). Filming will take place from late February to late May. The full press release can be read on the Casting page.
KeiraWeb first broke the news about Silk on December 19th.
Edit: Today's Variety now has much the same information, also to be found on the Casting page.

January 19th

To much surprise, Keira has not been nominated for Best Actress at the BAFTAs this year. After a strong showing in the first two preliminary rounds of voting, she failed to make the final five. However, Pride & Prejudice is up for six awards, including Best Supporting Actress for Brenda Blethyn, Best Director for Joe Wright, Best  Screenplay for Deborah Moggach and Outstanding British Film.  The awards will be held at the Odeon cinema in London's Leicester Square on February 19th.

January 18th

Photographs of Keira dominated the UK newspapers today, including many front pages. The shots of her apparently drunk and falling into her mum were popular choices ! Many of their fashion editors complimented her on her choice of dress and accessories. It's ironic - but not really surprising - that Keira should command more column inches in the British press without winning anything than all of the people who did win an award. Isaac Mizrahi's 'Golden grope' of Scarlett Johansson was a good story for the tabloids.

Both Isaac Mizrahi on E! News (see clip) and Koji on ET hailed Keira as Best Dressed, as did many publications around the world.

The BAFTA nominations will be announced live on BBC1's Breakfast programme tomorrow morning. Keira has a very good chance of receiving another Best Actress nomination.

Celeb gossip mags are finally identifying Keira's mystery companion as her P&P co-star Rupert Friend, amid renewed gossip about how close they are and where Jamie Dornan fits into the picture now. Here's a typical example. KeiraWeb steers clear of idle gossip and speculation other than to report it as 'Keira news in the media', but serious Keira fans know she has more male friends than female and several of them apparently living in her London flat. Until there's a picture of them playing tonsil tennis, the media will just have to let Rupert live up to his name - Friend.
Thanks Amo

January 17th

Reese Witherspoon won the Golden Globe for Best Actress today. Keira's nomination still got plenty of TV coverage in the UK though on Monday:
BBC News 700kb - ITN 1.7Mb - Sky News 1.2Mb

And here are two reports from E!'s Red Carpet coverage:
Best Actress nominee 3.9Mb - Arrival/interview with Isaac Mizrahi 6.8Mb
It was an ordeal for many guests to think of a suitable answer to Isaac's stupid and sometimes rude questions (he asked Eva Longoria if she'd shaved her pubes!), but Keira handled him with her typical humour and quick thinking. Any other Brits think he looks like a gay Tommy Cooper ? :-)

New Tonight: NBC's Coverage: Red carpet - 500kb
Awards: Best Actress, Best Movie - 6.2Mb

Getty have some images of Keira in her Valentino dress and vintage Cartier ear-rings, and there's some hi-res here.
Keira Daily will be adding more pics as they come in too. and E! Online visitors all voted Keira as Best Dressed at the Globes.
Thanks Brent, Emily, Carolina

An 'insider' who has read the current screenplay of Silk has emailed me to say that the concubine will be a Japanese woman, and not a European as per the original novel.

Thanks to the original source, the complete P&P Press Conference in Toronto from September is now back online. Click here, then click the Free button at the bottom of the page and wait until prompted to download.

January 15th

Online from tonight is the Movie News Archive. This is basically this column and the 2006 archive, but sorted into news about Keira's four current movies: Pirates 2 and 3, P&P and Silk. I figured some visitors might be more interested in one than another, and people searching for a specific older news item on a movie would now be able to find it much quicker.

We now have a translation of the Japanese newspaper report about Silk. They say it has a budget of Y2.2bn (around $20m) and that it will be released through New Line Cinema (as was Domino). However, it states that the lead, Mon. Joncour, falls in love with a Japanese woman while in Japan, not a European woman as per the novel. Perhaps this is Miki Nakatani's role ? More here.
Thanks Pym

You can download a full-screen version of the Pirates DMC teaser from this page. If you use the VLC Player you can slow it down to one-eighth speed, always useful for spotting things you'd otherwise miss.
Thanks Fliss

Another nomination for P&P has come from ACE, the American Cinema Editors, in their annual awards nominations. It's up against Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Walk The Line and Wedding Crashers in its Comedy or Musical category. Winners will be announced on February 19th.
The BAFTAs will be held on the same date, and their nominations will be announced this Wednesday 18th.

P&P has now topped $80m worldwide, $35.5m in the US and $45.5 internationally.

January 14th

Here's one of a set of pics of Keira in Rome recently for a meeting about Silk. The guy in the specs is the movie's director Francois Girard.
Credit: Paul Burgman

There's a new interview and/or feature in the new Cosmopolitan mag, according to this article.
- Edit: Here's the scan already - just a quick snippet but a great example to me of what a fantastic network of contributors KeiraWeb now has. Same-day delivery !
Thanks Amo

KeiraWeb will hopefully bring you full coverage of Keira's attendance at the Golden Globes on Monday night - arrivals, ceremony, post-show and news reports. Clips should be online Tuesday night GMT, as we don't get the ceremony broadcast till then.

Here are scans from the printed edition of Variety on Friday with their Golden Globes nominations guide. Keira - Best Actress, P&P: Best Movie, and a full-page ad from Keira's US agents Endeavor to all their clients who have been nominated.
Thanks AF

January 13th

More information on the filming of Silk has been uncovered. The webmaster of a site dedicated to Japanese actor Koji Yakusho reports that a Japanese newspaper announced he and Miki Nakatani (Chaos, The Ring) will be starring in the movie and that it will be filmed in Sakata City from March 20th. Koji will likely play the silkworm baron Hara Kei, but Miki's character is less clear. The concubine, although living in Japan, is a Western woman. The only Japanese woman is a brothel madam living in France, but I, at least, interpreted her character to be of at least middle age, certainly not as young and beautiful as Miki.
I confirmed with Keira's agent earlier this week that Keira will be playing Helene Joncour, the stay-at-home French wife of the travelling silkworm smuggler Herve (and not the concubine, as had been variously rumoured). Although three-quarters of the novel is set in Japan - hence the decision to film in authentic settings rather than build a set in London or LA - none of Keira's scenes are, so they may be filmed elsewhere, as had the internal scenes. IMDb now has brief details, and includes France as a filming location.
Thanks Corey, Pym

Bit of confusion over this Variety P&P press book. Some eBay descriptions say it's 92 pages, others say 30+. Some say it was published in December, some say last week. I know some of you already own it/them, so please let me know for clarification what you have ! Thanks.

Today's Variety has a movie-by-movie guide to the Golden Globe nominees. For Pride & Prejudice it says:
Pride & Prejudice
How it got here: This is the first theatrical version of the classic Jane Austen novel since 1940. Filmed with a light touch by first-time feature helmer Joe Wright and starring Keira Knightley alongside such vets as Judi Dench, Brenda Blethyn and Donald Sutherland, the movie gained surprising box office traction, generating more than $75 million worldwide. "They saw it in London, and I know quite a few who went to see it more than once or twice. They loved it. This is a real contender to win," says an HFPA source.
HFPA is the Hollywood Free Press Association, the organisers of the Globes.

January 12th

Jerry Bruckheimer has given an update to Comingsoon on the status of the Pirates sequels. He mentions a break in filming between March and late Summer, which will of course include the DMC premiere in late June at Disneyland, but also likely the filming of Silk for Keira.

There's quite a few of those P&P promotional books I mentioned yesterday on the US eBay already (do a search for P&P Variety promo etc.) . It's a hefty 92 pages apparently with previously unseen pics, and quotes, reviews etc. With such a limited print run it's sure to become a Keira collectible.
Here's part of one of the large ads in the magazine featuring The Kiss.
Thanks Carolina, Gigi.

AOL Moviefone have a rather snazzy Golden Globes mini-site, with 143 pics from P&P.

The March 'Hollywood Issue' of Vanity Fair, featuring Keira, Scarlett and co., will be on sale on February 10th.

January 11th

Sky News have good and bad on Keira today. They give her a special mention in their Golden Globes preview, although Keira's comments in the clip appear to refer to a premiere rather than the Globes as the interview seems to be from before the nominations were announced. 1Mb
Meanwhile, they also have the story that Keira's non-existent boyfriend Kaz James is apparently upset that she called him "a sad loser" when he claimed she was his girl even though she'd never met him. Kaz' more recent ex and, er, celebrity Sophie Anderton (remind me again what she's famous for ?) has called Keira "revolting" for treating him that way. Article.
You can read Keira's original denial of the romance here.

The LA Times have a Golden Globes preview today with Keira in their Gallery.

Last week's printed edition of Daily Variety had a glossy pull-out supplement from Focus Features dedicated entirely to Keira and Pride & Prejudice, available in all of its 27,000 print run. This could go some way towards the Oscars committee's decision on the 31st, at least in terms of nominations.
Thanks Geoff

January 10th

Keira did not attend the Critics Choice Awards last night as she was tied up in the Caribbean filming Pirates 3. Both E! News presenters were desperate to speak to her and they used her image in their opening titles graphics. Never mind. Reese won Best Actress.
Here's how Keira creates interest without even being there - 2Mb. (The first clip on KeiraWeb without Keira being in it, but it's got Giuliana Depandi so it's Ok :-).
The other Keira-nominated awards whose winners were announced last night, the Chicago Film Critics, chose Joan Allen as Best Actress for The Upside of Anger.

Keira's agent has confirmed to me today that she WILL be at the Golden Globes next Monday at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. This is the first time Keira will have attended any awards ceremony as a nominee. E! will be live on the red carpet from noon EST/5pm UK, and the ceremony will be broadcast on NBC from 8pm EST. In the UK the ceremony is on LivingTV2 the next day the 17th at 8pm, and their main channel LivingTV the following Sunday 22nd at 7.30pm. See TV Guide left for clarification.

People magazine's style 'expert' Susan Kaufman has a prediction for what Keira will wear at the Golden Globes - "...will likely don a va-va-voom gown...".  Erm.... ok. Thanks for that insight.
Thanks Carolina

January 9th

As Disney lost out completely on merchandise tie-ins for the last Pirates movie, they're certainly making up for it this time. There's no end of things about to appear to help sell the movie, stuff you'd never think possible. How about some Kellogg's Pirates of the Caribbean breakfast cereal, for example ?

With the promotion rollercoaster kicking off already, I've decided to write and put online the Pirates DMC promotions page now.

E!'s Behind The Scenes episode from the set of Pride & Prejudice comes to E! UK on Saturday 21st at 8am.

January 8th

Keira was in Rome last week for a meeting with her future Silk co-star Michael Pitt and the movie's production company Fandango Pictures, who are based in the Italian capital.

Readers of Empire film magazine seem to concur with Coming Soon about the most eagerly awaited movie of 2006 being Pirates DMC.

There's a new poll online regarding movie genres for Keira, and I've reset the Favourite Film poll to include more recent releases.

Final figures for UK box office receipts in 2005 put Pride & Prejudice at No.13, with £14,562,448. The UK bucked the trend of a global decline in attendances with a rise of 1%, more if Ireland's decline is taken out of the figures.

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland California closes March 16th to around June 16th this year for major refurbishments. New attractions, props and elements from both Pirates movies are being installed and the ride will get its grand reopening on the day of the Pirates DMC premiere, once again to take place in the New Orleans Square section of the Anaheim park in the second half of June. The Magic Kingdom Pirates ride at the Florida site will also be updated to coincide with DMC's release.

Awards round-up:
- Keira was nominated for Best Actress in America's National Society of Film Critics, but guess what ? She lost out to Reese Witherspoon for Walk The Line.
- ScreenInternational reports that P&P is through to the second round of BAFTA voting with six nominations, including Best Actress for Keira. More eliminations are expected, however, as the voting rounds progress. The final nominations will be announced on January 19th. The BAFTA Awards will take place in London's Leicester Square on February 19th.
- Still to come this month are the Academy Award nominations on the 31st. The ceremony is on March 5th.
- Nominations for the Sony Ericsson Empire Film Awards will be announced in early February. Keira was nominated for Best Debut in The Hole in 2002 at the Empires and has been Best Actress-nominated every year since.

January 7th

The Broadcast Film Critics Awards (also known as the Critics Choice Awards), for which Keira has received a Best Actress nomination, will have its ceremony on Monday at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. It will be shown live on the WB channel in the US and also on E! at 7pm EST, midnight UK.

Keira has also received a Best Actress nomination from the Chicago Film Critics Awards, alongside Reese Witherspoon (the clear favourite among awards committees so far), Felicity Huffman, Joan Allen and Naomi Watts. Joe Wright has received a nom for Most Promising Director. Winners of those awards will also be announced on Monday.
Not surprisingly, 2005 has surpassed any other performance year for Keira award nominations. The full list can be seen on the Awards page.

January 6th

The cover and screen menus of the US P&P DVD can be seen here, but no mention of Deleted Scenes - perhaps they're saving them for a Christmas re-release. It does have the HBO First Look show, which you may already have seen on the KeiraWeb P&P promo page.

There's been a lot of buzz since New Year about Pirates DMC being one of the films with the greatest expectations for 2006, and now ComingSoon confirm that it's the movie most moviegoers are waiting for too, in their new poll.

January 5th

KEIRAWEB IS ONE MILLION HITS OLD TODAY !!!  Here's to the next million !

Neither the Screen Actors Guild, Directors Guild, Producers Guild or Writers Guild provided any nominations for Pride & Prejudice or its cast and crew today.

There's a new interview with Keira in Canadian fashion magazine Flare.

And there's some old and new pics in French magazine Score.

Disney's Movie Surfers show had a quick interview with Orlando recently and showed some non-teaser footage from DMC. There's two quick glimpses of Elizabeth in her tricorne hat. 15Mb avi.
Thanks Serena at BloomKnightley

And AOL Moviefone have a new feature on Pirates DMC here.

P&P screenwriter Deborah Moggach will be a guest of the British Film Festival in Israel later this month, where presumably P&P will be among the screenings of UK movies. More info.

So it would appear that Keira may well be providing the voice for the Elizabeth character in Kingdom Hearts II. Thanks to those who answered my query .It's already out in Japan with voiceover artist Saori Yumiba as Elizabeth. Check out this site and its forums for the latest info.
Thanks Silver, Thais and Alex

You can give Keira a makeover at Change her makeup/hairstyle, and her clothes here or here. Of course, you can always undress her afterwards ;-)
Thanks Helen

January 4th

A camcorder copy of The Kiss scene from P&P is now online. Picture quality is not fantastic but at least those outside of the US now know the dialogue of the scene. 3.2Mb
Thanks kreidy

Here is the UK cover for the Pride & Prejudice DVD. Hopefully it will be updated with some 'award-winner' text, or at least a sticker, by the time it comes out on February 6th.
Thanks Adam

I finished reading Silk today and it's going to be very much Michael Pitt's film, the two women in the story are not very prominent at all. The story itself doesn't appear to be 'meaty' enough for a movie, so I'd guess the screenplay has 'padded out' the story somewhat.

Does anyone know if Keira does actually lend her voice to the Elizabeth character in the Kingdom Hearts II computer game ? IMDb has it listed in her filmography but that may be based on the assumption that she would because she did so for the official POTC game, which of course is a completely different matter, contractually. Computer games are not my forte, however, and I'd be happy to be corrected.

The Sun predicts Keira will be one of the Sexiest Babes of 2006. What's new ?

January 3rd

The UK E! channel has an Extreme Close-Up on Keira in P&P and Domino on January 16th at 11.30am. They did one for King Arthur and was basically just a behind-the-scenes show with more interviews with Keira than anyone else. In the US, The Jacket premieres on Cinemax on January 28th to 30th. See TV Guide, left.

January 2nd

Pride & Prejudice has now withdrawn from more than half the US cinemas it was playing this time last week - 556 instead of 1141. However, it still packed them in this holiday period, with an average $4000 per cinema according to the latest figures. The per-theatre figure for Walk The Line is barely half that. The latest chart has P&P at No.9 taking another $1.15m for a US total of $32.7m. It opens in Denmark, Greece, Sweden and Malaysia this week.

Keira is No.4 in a poll by The Sun of which celebs they'd like to see on their famous Page 3, ie. topless.

Here's a pleasantly mature, considered opinion of Keira on a message board. Several people I know share the opinions presented here, especially with regard to Pirates and yet, paradoxically, it's Pirates that has brought Keira to the attention of the majority of her fans.

Also on IMDb is another poll, this time vote for your own mini Oscar contenders.
Thanks CaptainStigmata

January 1st

ScreenInternational has a look at Oscar contenders in the Best Actress category this week, with the following:
Leading the pack is the indomitable Judi Dench, giving an outstanding performance in Mrs Henderson Presents. But she is, ironically, competing with several actresses under the age of 30 - Reese Witherspoon, Claire Danes, Keira Knightley (who shared scenes with Dench in Pride & Prejudice), Zhang Ziyi and Q'Orianka Kilcher among them.

In its Top 10 shortlist it has:
Keira Knightley, Pride & Prejudice
Few would have thought the sexy star of King Arthur and Pirates Of The Caribbean could see awards talk this year, but that is exactly what the 20-year-old English actress is generating for her surprising performance as Elizabeth Bennet in Pride & Prejudice. Knightley brought contemporary vibrancy to the part but was never out of keeping with the period milieu or the Austen drama itself. If the film wins favour with voters as it has with audiences, recognition for Knightley could be part of the equation.

The newsletter has a more detailed look at SI's analysis of Pride & Prejudice's chances in other categories.

And today's Sunday Mirror says: "Keira is definitely on radar for 2006 - she's already a star but this year she's going to be massive."


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