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December 31st

The KeiraWeb Review of 2005 is now online.

You can vote now in the Empire Magazine Movie Awards. Keira has twice been nominated for Best Actress in these awards, so it does make a difference. Registration is required.
In the new issue of Empire Keira is No.142 in their survey of '200 things that rocked our world'.
Thanks Jess

Keira is one of the BBC's Faces of 2005.

This list gives March 14th as the North American release date of the P&P DVD, and May 9th for Pure. Meanwhile the BBFC has running times for some of the P&P DVD bonus material.

Here's some New Year light relief: Ken & Barbie do Pirates of the Caribbean.

December 30th

More mentions for Pride & Prejudice in End of Year Top 10s and reviews:
USA Today: Mike Clarke, Claudia Puig - Entertainment Weekly - FoxNews - Roger Ebert - Mr. Skin

The BBC holds Keira as "hot competition" in an Oscar race article.

Vote for Keira in Hello!'s Most Attractive Woman poll.

Keira hs been voted "most likely to succeed" in Parade magazine's Fantasy Celebrity 'Survivor' poll.

December 29th

With the promotional frenzy now over for Domino and P&P in the UK and US, it's easy to forget that the movies are still to open in quite a few countries. Domino opens in Germany, Hungary and Austria today, with Iceland, Israel and the Czech Republic in January. Pride & Prejudice has still to open in a dozen countries in January and TWO dozen more in February ! It would be great to see P&P top $100m worldwide (latest figure $75m) so check the revised release dates on the promo pages (see links above right) and go to see the movies if you can.

December 28th

Next week sees the nominations for the SAGs, the Screen Actors' Guild Awards. Keira attended a SAG screening of P&P on August 28th following which she conducted a friendly Q&A session. Last year's SAG Best Actress winner Hilary Swank went on to repeat the win at the Oscars. Also next week are the nominations of the Writers Guild, Directors Guild and Producers Guild awards.

The Disney site says filming has resumed on Pirates DMC.

December 27th

As I reported on December 4th, the Daily Mirror have named Keira Actress of the Year in their 3am gossip column. All their winners were pictured in today's paper, and will be in the Scrapbook section soon.
Meanwhile you can read the text here.

December 26th

Plenty of End Of Year Best Movies reviews coming in now, with quite a few mentions for Pride & Prejudice. Here's a sample:
Jam! Canada - Lansing State Journal - Glasgow Herald - Arkansas Democrat - Dallas Star-Telegram - Boston Globe - E! Online

Keira's house-hunting friendhas been identified as either her P&P co-star Rupert Friend (Mr. Wickham) or Goblet of Fire star Robert Pattinson. You decide.
Thanks Marie, Elaine

December 24th

The KeiraWeb 2005 Christmas Quiz can be found on the Puzzles Page. See how much you remember ! I'll post the answers on January 1st. The Review of the Year will also be here on New Year's Day.

To all visitors to, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

December 23rd

The name Keira continues to increase in popularity in the UK, rising to No.38 in the Top 100 list of baby names, up from last year's No.51.

Keira has been spotted visiting estate agencies in London with friends. The Sun assumes it's Keira who's looking for property - how they can conclude that from a few photos I've no idea - and go on to give a reason: the split with Jamie, even though the very same photographers have snapped both of them regularly over the last month or so. Hello! have more pics.

Further to yesterday's mention of the 100 Favourite Family Films, the Top 10 has now been revealed ahead of its broadcast tonight, and Pirates is at No.4, surprisingly.

December 22nd

The London Critics Awards nominations have only just hit the press, including Keira's nod for Best Actress, even though I reported on it six days ago (see below). The news about the Pirates DMC web site launch is also on the newswires today, first reported here on the 10th.
Not boasting, just saying :-)

In tonight's countdown of The 100 Favourite Family Movies Bend It Like Beckham ranked No.71 - see the segment on the right. Pirates will appear in the Top 50 in tomorrow's programme.

Pride & Prejudice made No.12 on the list of highest box office takings from UK cinemas this year. Article.

Site News: I have a ton of Keira pics from newspapers and snippets in magazines which I've never scanned in and put online, so I'm planning a new section called Scrapbook to put them all in. If Father Christmas brings you a shiny new scanner for Christmas please bear this in mind next time you turn the pages to find that familiar face staring back at you.

December 21st

Keira is No.8 on the aggregated StarMeter poll from IMDbPro. StarMeter ranks 70,000 people from the movie and TV industries based on page views of their filmographies by more than 30 million users. Keira is down from last year's No.4, but out of a list of 70,000, that's not too bad !
Thanks Laurie

December 20th

I have received an email today from Michael Pitt's manager to confirm that Michael will be playing the lead in Silk, Herve Joncour, opposite Keira. The director saw his performance in 'Last Days' and immediately offered him the part. Michael is said to be "thrilled" at landing the role and is looking forward immensely to working with Keira. Official confirmation of the casting of both roles is due to appear in Variety after the holidays.
Thanks Carolyn

The Asprey site has been redesigned to incorporate the latest photoshoot of Keira.

The March issue of Vanity Fair is due to be the Hollywood issue featuring nude photos of Keira, Scarlett and Rachel McAdams, photographed by Annie Liebovitz. Although nude shoots usually mean naked but with strategically-placed arms, hands or props, this photo shoot is rumoured to leave nothing to the imagination.

Daily News columnist Jami Bernard names P&P in her Top 10 movies of 2005. again has props for Keira in its latest Oscar Watch column.

December 19th


EXCLUSIVE: As revealed earlier tonight on the Newsletter, I can confirm, thanks to Keira's agent, that Keira WILL be starring in Silk, adapted from the novella by Alessandro Baricco. It is likely she will play silkworm trader Herve Joncour's wife Helene, as stated by the Daily Mail story which first mentioned the role last week. The movie will be directed by Francois Girard who has redrafted Baricco's original screenplay. Filming is set for mid 2006, inbetween Pirates DMC and final work on Pirates 3.

Read a synopsis of Silk here. There is a detailed analysis of the novel here (beware spoilers). Or you can buy the book from the Store.

History of Silk:
1996 Seta (Silk) by Alessandro Baricco published in Italy, instantly becoming a bestseller.
1997 Silk published in English, again becoming a bestseller despite being barely 100 pages long. It has since been translated into 27 languages.
29 Oct 1999 - Miramax options the novel for producer Domenico Procacci at Fandango Pictures. Baricco himself is writing the first draft of the screenplay.
01 Nov 1999 - John Madden interested in directing the movie, after his Oscar-winning Shakespeare In Love.
13 Mar 2005 - Director Francois Girard (The Red Violin) is now attached to the project as director, and has redrafted the screenplay. Co-production will come from Fandango, Niv Fichman and Nadine Luque.
16 Dec 2005 - Daily Mail announces Keira may be in the role of Helene with Michael Pitt (The Last Days, The Dreamers) possibly in the lead role of the husband Herve Joncour.
(sources: Bookdata, Variety, Daily Mail)

P&P forum have a petition online for a Director's Cut of the movie to be released on DVD at some point in the future, following the initial release of the disc in February. You may sign the petition here.
Thanks Sandra Platt

KeiraSeduction has a nice gallery of pics from a photoshoot taken at the BIFAs on November 30th.

December 18th

This weekend starts the slow winding down of P&P at the US box office. It has been playing at its widest this last week, 1,335 cinemas, but the Saturday/Sunday figure is 1,141 screens. It has still taken over $1.5m again this weekend, making a new US total of just over $29m.

In an article regarding the promotion of Bob Nugent to Senior Vice President of E! Entertainment, today's Variety has this:
"His credits include overseeing casting of skeins "Filthy Rich" and "Party at the Palms" and securing Jessica Alba, Keira Knightley and Zach Braff, among others, as hosts for "Specials" and the "101 Entertainment Countdown" series."
This would suggest Keira has or will record a guest presenter slot on some kind of show - probably a countdown - for E! television. North American fans keep your eyes peeled, as UK shows on E! are usually a month or more behind.

December 16th

Keira has received another Best Actress nomination for Lizzie Bennet, this time closer to home from the London Film Critics. Joe Wright, Brenda, Ros and the movie itself feature prominently in the nominations. And no Reese Witherspoon in Keira's category this time ! Winners will be announced on February 8th.

Today's Daily Mail newspaper in the UK has an article stating, kind of, that Keira will play Helene in the movie version of Alessandro Baricco's short novel Silk. It tells of a married French silkworm trader who obsesses over a beautiful European woman he sees while in Japan. The article says Keira will play the man's wife (not the beautiful woman?). This role remains to be confirmed but what is certain is that the screenplay HAS been written and casting IS underway. Sometimes the press get wind of which scripts have been sent to which actors and tend to report it as a done deal for one actor when in fact they may be one of several actors on a shortlist. When it appears in Variety you can believe it. John Madden was once set to direct the movie (as he was Tulip Fever) but now Francois Girard is to direct.
More about the novel here.

December 15th

Keira has conducted her most unusual photoshoot yet - underwater in the Paddock Tank at London's Pinewood Studios. She is the first in a number of celebrities who will hold their breath in aid of charity. WaterAid aims to raise funds to ensure Third World countries have the most basic of human needs - clear, unpolluted running water.
I have posted some behind the scenes pics in this message at the KKW Forums, taken from this story in today's Sun newspaper, who is backing the campaign. You can donate to WaterAid here. The photoshoot was conducted on December 5th by underwater photography specialist Candice. WireImage has exclusive pics from the shoot. No doubt the high-res versions will appear online soon.
Keira will visit Tanzania next year to see how WaterAid's funding is helping to change the lives of so many people.

December 14th

Keira has won her first award this season. The New York Film Critics Online (NYFCO) awarded her Best Actress for Elizabeth Bennet in Pride & Prejudice. The winners were announced on December 11th. Meanwhile her WAFCA nomination for Best Actress - see December 9th news below - fell to Reese Witherspoon for Walk The Line.

The full set of pics by Tony Marsh, taken yesterday at the Soho Hotel in London to accompany the media's Golden Globe nomination coverage, can now be seen here in high-res. Many papers chose to use P&P UK or US prem pics though.

If you want to see The Kiss in slow motion (and if you've just arrived from another planet that's the Pride & Prejudice exclusive US ending scene), you can see it in extreme slow motion here.
Thanks Christina

December 13th

Keira has received a Best Actress nomination for her performance of Elizabeth Bennet in Pride & Prejudice at the Golden Globe Awards. The nominations were announced this morning at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. Pride & Prejudice is also nominated for Best Motion Picture: Musical or Comedy.

Many congratulations to Keira, and I have sent an email to her via her agency on behalf of all of her fans and supporters.

Best Performance By An Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy:
Judi Dench - Mrs. Henderson Presents
Keira Knightley  - Pride & Prejudice
Laura Linney - The Squid and The Whale
Sarah Jessica Parker - The Family Stone
Reese Witherspoon - Walk The Line

You can watch the nominations announcement and UK news coverage here:

Nominations announcement:
E! News 800kb - Sky News 850kb

News reports (first three with Keira interviews):
Sky News 700kb - Five news 600kb - E! News 600kb - CBBC 600kb

Working Title have issued a press release regarding Keira's and the film's nomination.

Keira's reaction. More articles here, here, here and here.
A new set of photographs were taken for the press to accompany the story in tomorrow's papers.

Meanwhile, the announcement of Keira winning Best Actress at the New York Film Critics' Circle awards was jumping the gun after all (see 11th news below). The award actually went to Reese Witherspoon for Walk The Line.
Thanks Gemma

Pirates of the Caribbean premieres on Irish TV channel RTE1 on Christmas Day at 6.40pm. Last year RTE beat BBC1 to the terrestrial premiere of Bend It Like Beckham, which the Beeb showed just after New Year's Day. So it looks like Pirates might be the New Year blockbuster for BBC1 this year.

Keira is fourth in a poll to find who people want watching over them as Guardian Angel ! Sean Connery topped the poll, conducted by financial group AXA's British members.
Thanks Josh

December 12th

The Boston Society of Film Critics nominated Keira as Best Actress in their annual awards, but she lost out to Reese Witherspoon for Walk The Line. Fingers crossed for the Golden Globes nominations, which will be announced tomorrow.

UK Gossip mag Grazia have placed Keira at No.9 in their Best Dressed Women of 2005 poll. Kate Moss was voted No.1. The list is in this week's issue, out Tuesday.

Keira may - or may not - appear tastefully nude in a future issue of Vanity Fair magazine, along with Scarlett Johanssen and Rachel McAdams among others in their annual Young Hollywood edition. There's a bit of a story surrounding the shoot though, so you can believe it when you see it. Read all about it.

December 11th

Keira has apparently won Best Actress for Lizzie Bennet in the New York Film Critics' Circle Awards. Details here say she's won already, although according to their web site the winners will not be announced until tomorrow night.
Thanks Corey, Carolina

Another nomination for Keira as Best Actress has just been announced. The BFCA (Broadcast Film Critics Association) have nominated her in their Critics' Choice Awards. She will be up against Reece, Charlize, Dame Judi, Joan Allen and Felicity Huffman. Winners will be announced on January 9th. Article.

Pride & Prejudice falls only two places to No.8 in the US box office this weekend, despite Aslan & co. roaring to the top spot. The US tally of $26.4m now pushes the global figure over $69m.

Variety had an article on Keira in Friday's issue:
Having appeared in five films over the past two years, Keira Knightley might seem older than her 20 years -- but it's simply not the case. The British-born thesp already has 14 feature films to her credit, not including extensive television work, it's only the beginning of what looks like a lengthy career...
The full article can be read on the newsletter.

Do I take it that nobody States-side capped the Isaac Mizrahi Show with Keira ? Pity, that. It looked like a fun interview. Please get in touch if you know someone who has it.

Online now is a clip of Keira's dad Will Knightley in his first ever TV role. This was an episode of suave writer/detective Jason King, from the episode 'Variations On A Theme'. He plays a waiter in a Viennese hotel, and was filmed in 1971, just two years after meeting Sharman Macdonald and a full 14 years before Keira came along. 1Mb

December 10th

The Pirates DMC web site is now live at
Thanks Adam, Angel

December 9th

Keira has received another nomination for her Lizzie Bennet. The WAFCAs (Washington Area Film Critics Association) have shortlisted her as Best Actress. Also nominated is Brenda Blethyn for Best Supporting Actress, Deborah Moggach for Best Adapted Screenplay and P&P itself for Best Ensmble movie. The winners will be announced on the 12th December. WAFCA is comprised of DC area film critics for newspaper, television, online and radio outlets. Winners are chosen from among Academy Award eligible films. Full list.
Thanks Corey and Carolina

Amazon UK have now added details to their listing for the DVD of P&P, and it does include the alternate US ending. Mutiny averted. It can now be pre-ordered here.
Thanks Carolina

UK TV: For some unknown reason ITV have pulled parts 2 and 3 of Doctor Zhivago and replaced them with Agatha Christie movies. On the plus side, Bend It Like Beckham gets its second terrestrial airing on BBC1 on the 22nd at 9pm.

December 8th

The old rumour about the Pirates 3 subtitle seems to have resurfaced. 'Uncharted Waters' is apparently the working title of the film. This, and 'World's End' and 'Calypso's Fury' were first mentioned on July 27th. (See News Archive). Now that these names are in the public domain it cannot be the actual title for legal reasons, just as Treasures of the Lost Abyss was touted as a title for Pirates 2.

December 7th

SITE NEWS: I've added MSN Groups to the choice for the KnightleyNews newsletter. I never use that site so I didn't even know they did groups. Not sure if they work the same way as Y! or Google, but I guess I'll soon find out. Newsletter

December 6th

Just in case you didn't spot it (!) you are all cordially invited to join the newsletter KnightleyNews. It's an idea I've been toying with for a while. I've no idea how successful it will be, so I'll wait till there's 50 members on board before I start posting messages. You can have emails as they happen or in a single-email digest. It doesn't matter if you only have a Yahoo! account or a Google account - all messages will be posted to both groups. But it's so much more than just an extension of this News Wire column. I have big plans for it, so with your help we'll see how it evolves. Visit the Newsletter page for more info and joining instructions.

Keira at the BIFAs will no doubt feature in most of this week's gossip mags in the UK. She's on the cover of Grazia for a start. Talking of mags, the US Vogue scans are now online.

Keira told Variety that upon receiving news of her Personality of the Year award, she took an online personality test and was relieved to discover she was "completely normal".

December 5th

Keira has once more got her hands dirty in the name of charity. She joined many celebs courtesy of Celebrity Handprints to leave her mitts in the mud. The prints will be sold off in 2006 to raise money for BBC Children In Need. More info at their site.
Thanks Amo

More new pap snaps of Keira out and about. Put your bra away, you Jezebel !

Variety's Monday awards buzz has more kudos for P&P and Keira:
Variety weighs in on a dozen independently financed contender heavyweights that could find themselves in the kudo mix:
IN SHORT: Debut feature helmer Joe Wright's take on the saga of Jane Austen's 18th-century Bennett clan has stood out among the fall specialty releases, grossing nearly $20 million so far in platform release.
PROS/CONS: Star Keira Knightley stands a solid chance of being nominated, with possible notice for supporting thesps Judi Dench, Brenda Blethyn and Donald Sutherland. Period setting bodes well for craft mentions. But with this year's deep list of major category contenders, "Pride" is a long shot for picture or director noms.

And The Boston Globe mentions Keira in an article on the female contenders for the upcoming awards season, or lack thereof.

December 4th

Keira has pulled out of the carols concert I mentioned yesterday, due to Pirates filming. The same happened in 2003 when she had to pull out for King Arthur reshoots.
Thanks Lizzy

Keira appears to have won another award, this time from the Daily Mirror entertainment section 3am, according to this pic at KKDaily.  She won their Woman of the Year last year and was presented with it at another awards ceremony. This year she seems to have received their award at Wednesday's BIFAs. No point spending money on your own awards ceremony if you can gatecrash someone else's !

P&P finishes at No.6 in the weekend chart for the US. It has taken another $4.6m for a new US total of $22.6m.

December 3rd

Keira is due to read a Lesson at a Carols service in London this Thursday 8th, along with Alison Steadman and Rosamund Pike. It takes place at St. Paul's Church in Knightsbridge, from 7pm. The proceeds from the admission fee will go to Breast Cancer Care.

The latest daily box office figures for the US put Pride & Prejudice at No.4 with total takings now just over $18m in the US.

Online now is the Pirates teaser from Entertainment Tonight and E! News' preview of Keira's appearance on the Isaac Mizrahi Show, to be aired on Monday 5th on the Style Network (Ed: a grateful reminder to States-side capturers, along with E!'s P&P show please).

Pirates cast and crew have returned to LA for about another week of shooting before breaking up for Christmas. Filming resumes in the Caribbean in January.

Here are some new high-res scans of Keira at Superior Pics. Returning home with her brother here and swordfight training here (check out those abs!)

Brits don't forget to catch Keira on ITV1 Sunday afternoon at 3.45 in Doctor Zhivago, However it will most likely be heavily edited for a broadcast at that time.

December 2nd

Keira's first performance-related nomination of the awards season was announced today. The International Press Academy have nominated her in their Satellite Awards in the Best Actress - Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy category for her Lizzie Bennet. The ceremony will take place at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills on December 17th. See the nominations list here (pdf) or their web site here. Jacqueline Durran is also nominated for Costume Design in Pride & Prejudice. Talking of which, KeiraWeb regular Lizzie took this photo of Keira's dress at Chatsworth House (Pemberley in the film), where an exhibition of props and costumes recently took place.
Thanks Cassie, Lizzie

The BBC have a very nice long profile of Keira in their online Magazine this week. Pity they get her age wrong in the first sentence though.
Thanks Amo

Here are the extras which will appear on the P&P DVD from a spokesperson at Universal:
Politics of dating featurette; Stately homes of P&P documentary; The Bennets; The life and times of Jane Austen; On set diaries; Audio commentary with Joe Wright; Galleries of the 19th Century; P&P family tree.
It doesn't mention 'Alternate Ending' but after the fuss it's caused they'd be fools to leave it off.
Thanks Alice

December 1st

Well here we are in December and what promises to be a quieter period for Keira and KeiraWeb, after a solid THREE MONTHS of promotions. Sometimes it's felt like three years but I've had such fantastic feedback from my efforts and made new friends and connections, so it's been great fun. It all started back on September 5th with my trip to the Pride & Prejudice world premiere in London, followed by the British TV promotions for the movie, including the GMTV interview and the two in-demand behind the scenes documentaries. Then came the exclusive clips from the marketing company and the link on the official British web site for the movie. October was Domino month, with Jay Leno, Access Hollywood and the premieres on both sides of the Atlantic. Then it was back to Pride for the US promotions, with Jon Stewart, Conan and all of the fabulous reviews. My news archive for this year is the biggest yet, and the biggest it's likely to be for a couple of years I reckon. Since early September KeiraWeb has had 130,000 visitors, and is getting close to its millionth hit.
Thanks to all the contributors over the last three months, all of the people who have linked here from message boards and sites, and to my mysterious financial benefactors who have helped to fund the site and expand the bandwidth allowances. Without whom, etc.
Now back to business.

I've put up the two clips of Keira from TV reports of the BIFAs. See right.
More high-res pics here.
And some BIFA articles from Sky, M&C, BBC, Evening Standard and Hello!

The Pirates DMC trailer is now officially online. See it here. Hardly seems worth BVI's trouble getting it offline just for a few days. Serena from BloomKnightley has some screencaps from ET's play of the teaser here. And some screenshots plus the concept art can be seen here.
Thanks Serena, Kyle and Carolina

E! News seemed to have a slightly different version of the teaser on its show tonight. 2.5Mb

Ye Olde Kaz James rumour seems to be selling Domino down under, if articles like this and this are anything to go by. Well he is Australian, even if he is a liar.

Keira's cheekbones contribute to Teen People's perfect celebrity body.

Respected movie journal ScreenInternational had this to say in its Golden Globes preview today: "Keira Knightley should comfortably secure a nomination for her surprisingly good interpretation of Elizabeth Bennet in Joe Wright's Pride & Prejudice. After a string of feisty pretty-girl roles in Pirates Of The Caribbean, King Arthur and Love Actually, Knightley finally demonstrated her acting chops..."

At the end of a fantastic year for the woman, this pic really says it all, don't you think ?:

November 30th

Tonight Keira collected what is, with any luck, the first of many accolades this coming awards season. She was in London at the British Independent Film Awards to be handed the Personality of the Year award, chosen by the movie industry bible Variety.

Keira's agency has asked me to say thank you to ALL of you who kindly sent in your congratulations, via KeiraWeb, to Keira on the winning of this award and your comments should soon be read by Keira herself.

Keira's award was accompanied by a cheque for $10,000, which she has donated to Comic Relief. In March this year she co-presented a comedy clips show as part of Comic Relief's telethon event Red Nose Day. This followed a personal visit to Ethiopia in 2004 to see how the charity's money was helping to change people's lives.

KKDaily has gathered together some images from Keira at the BIFAs tonight. Hi-res pics will be online there as and when they come in.
Thanks Fliss

Amazon UK tonight lists February 6th as the release date for the Pride & Prejudice Region 2 (Europe) DVD. This would make it the same day as Domino.
Thanks Carolina

E!'s P&P Behind The Scenes show airs in the US at these times. There's also the Isaac Mizrahi show on the 5th (on Oxygen TV). If anyone can capture either or both I'd be grateful.

A couple of paragraphs near the bottom of this article would appear to confirm the location for the premiere of Pirates DMC next June - the same place as the first one, Disneyland California.

November 29th

Domino will be released on Region 2 DVD (UK & Europe) on February 6th and Region 1 (North America) on February 14th. See a cover shot of the widescreen US edition here. All editions will feature:
- Dolby Digital 5.1-EX and Stereo Surround 2.0
- English DTS-ES 6.1
- English & Spanish subtitles
- Audio commentary #1 with director Tony Scott and writer Richard Kelly
- Audio commentary #2 with script notes and story development from director Tony Scott, executive producer Zach Schiff-Abrams, writer Richard Kelly and actor Tom Waits
- Deleted and alternate scenes with optional commentary by director Tony Scott
- 'I am a Bounty Hunter' featurette: A look at the life of Domino Harvey with optional commentary from writer Richard Kelly and Domino Harvey
- 'Bounty Hunting on Acid: Evolution of a Visual Style' featurette: A look at Tony Scott's visual style starting with his award-winning Marlboro ads through the gritty styling of Domino
- Theatrical trailer
- Teaser trailer
Please be kind enough to order or pre-order through the KeiraWeb Store. Thank you !
Thanks Adam Reed

Both the Hollywod Reporter and ComingSoon today have Golden Globes and Oscar buzz for Keira, respectively.

Final figures for this weekend's P&P performance are now in:
$7,158,119 across 1,299 screens, giving a $5,510 per-screen average, and a total of $16,032,282 in three weeks.

The Pirates DMC teaser will 'premiere' on Wednesday's Entertainment Tonight, because it went online rather prematurely apparently. That didn't stop everybody downloading their own copy before it was pulled though ! And Dark Horizons has been sent a couple of sneaked pics of Davy Jones' impressively-barnacled ship.

Who the hell is Keira Knightley ? No, it's not a touch of amnesia but the title of this nice little article, providing a resume of her career so far.

November 28th

Movie industry bible Variety has today published a new batch of articles in its Awards Central supplement. No less than nine articles mention P&P as award material, and five mention Keira.

Entertainment Tonight in the US is due to have a report from the Pirates DMC set in its Wednesday programme.

November 27th

Pride & Prejudice finished at a very decent No.7 in the US this weekend. On Friday it expanded from 1,182 screens to 1,299 (still less than half of a wide release) giving a weekend gross of $7,027,000, and a total of $15.9m since opening across the US. The important figure now it's in wide release is the per-screen average, and it's still an excellent $5,409 per screen. Latest global figure is $56m.

The Pirates DMC teaser may no longer be officially online, but that didn't stop several people copying it while it was up. If you haven't seen it yet you can download it from here (wmv), here(avi) or here (zip).
Thanks Elaine and Serena

November 26th

Premiere magazine have added their voice to the recommendation that Keira gets nominated for an Academy Award on January 31st. Article.

The LA Daily News published a new interview with Keira yesterday.

Site News: Coming December 1st is a brand new service from KeiraWeb which I hope will prove popular, and new sections will also be added to the site throughout December.
Four new video clips have been uploaded today from the Archives.

November 25th

The US version of P&P is playing at selected cinemas in the UK from today. To see where it's playing near you, go to this page and fill in the form.

P&P took $1.14m on its first wide day in the US, playing on 1,182 screens. Its US total is now $7,664,000 pushing its worldwide tally to very nearly $48m.

November 24th

The American P&P behind-the-scenes show from HBO, First Look, is now online.
Huge thanks to Andrew who airmailed the show on disc from Chicago foc in gratitude for KeiraWeb. What a guy !

The Jacket will premiere on Sky Box Office in the UK from December 14th.

Here's more on today's Keira Knightley horse race, and the other Asprey-sponsored races.

Everyone's favourite ex-con Martha Stewart is running a poll to decide whether to call her new cat Polaris, Electra, Mira or, er, Keira Knightley. Vote now.

Talking of polls, vote for P&P as your film of the year in the BBC Film2005 poll.

Disney have today denied production was halted after burglaries from cast and crew on the Bahamas. None of the 'major' cast were affected as their quarters are under 24 hour security patrol, and the person said to be a Disney spokesperson is actually an extra on the set. Article.

The DMC teaser has been removed already from the Black Pearl Racing site, but you can view it by scrolling down this page.
Thanks Rachel

November 23rd

As expected, the first Pirates DMC teaser is now online. Go here and click on 'The Movie'.

Trouble in paradise: Filming on the Pirates sequels has been halted after a spate of thefts targeting cast and crew on the Bahamas. Article.

You know you're famous when you get a horse race named after you. London jewellers Asprey, of whom Keira is celebrity face, is sponsoring six races at the Nad Al Sheba racecourse in Dubai tomorrow. One race is the Bond Street Challenge (Bond St. is the site of the London flagship store), and another is called the Keira Trophy.

November 22nd

It would appear LatinoReview have had to remove their Pirates 3 script review which I linked to yesterday. No surprise, really. I was asked to remove the Treasures of the Lost Abyss rumour when that first appeared.

UK viewers can enjoy Keira at her very best (in my opinion) on Sunday afternoons from the 4th December at 3.45pm when Doctor Zhivago returns to ITV1 in three weekly parts.

Pride & Prejudice opens wide (ish) from tomorrow in the US. Please support Keira and the movie by travelling across America and seeing it at EVERY cinema. Well Ok, just your local theatre will do. The much-publicised Rent also opens tomorrow so P&P needs all the receipts it can get. Meanwhile, Domino opens in France and Belgium tomorrow, the Netherlands on Thursday and Finland and Sweden on Friday.

November 21st

Pride & Prejudice was the seventh most popular search term on Google last week, according to their statistics service Zeitgeist.

Today's Variety has its first ever article just about Keira Knightley. Of course, her Personality of the Year award she will receive on the 30th is sponsored by the leading trade journal of the movie and entertainment industry. You need a subscription to read Variety but you may be able to read this article for free here.

November 20th

Pride adds another $2.1m to its limited run in the US, remaining at No.10. From BoxOfficeProphets tonight:
Tenth goes to Pride and Prejudice from Focus Features. Out to only 221 venues, the period piece grossed $2.1 million, down only 26% from last weekend. Not including Pride, the average drop this weekend was 58%, so you can see how positive this weekend's score is for Keira Knightley flick. Pride now sits with a domestic total of $6 million, and has already earned over $40 million overseas. Not bad for a film that cost its studio only $28 million to make.

Here's a new interview with Keira regarding P&P.

The Jacket will premiere on UK TV in December. The channel is yet to be confirmed, but is likely to be one of the cable or satellite Box Office channels, or possibly FilmFour. Pirates is coming to the end of its run on Sky Movies, and will premiere on BBC1, possibly at Christmas. King Arthur should also premiere on Sky next month or in the New Year.

SITE NEWS: The KeiraWeb video clip archives are back. See right. A taste of things to come. I was astonished to discover I've got over 2 Gigabytes of clips. I think it's about time the long-awaited Video Gallery was born...
Thanks to all who sent in your messages for Keira. If you've yet to pass on your congratulations for her award, you've got another day left before I put them all together and send them off. See white box above.

November 19th

There's a short-notice casting call today in Orlando, Florida for men to be used as extras in the Pirates sequels. Details here. Meanwhile, the soon-to-be Hurricane Gamma is due to pass North of the Bahamas late Monday (cast and crew are currently on the central cays called the Exumas). It may yet turn South and head straight for the islands.

ScreenInternational is hinting at BAFTA nominations for Keira, Joe Wright and P&P at next year's ceremony on February 19th at the Odeon in London's Leicester Square. Since changing its date a few years ago the BAFTAs have become similar to the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild awards in terms of 'predicting' Academy Award nominations. There's no doubt P&P will bring many awards this season, and hopefully Best Actress for Keira at all ceremonies.

ScreenInternational said of the BAFTAs: "...By the end of October, the lobbying was already at fever pitch. Scores of screenings have been set up and talent present for awards Q&As have included Keira Knightley and Joe Wright for Pride And Prejudice..."
Variety also had this earlier this week on the Academy Awards: "...The lead actress list is filling up quickly as well... Keira Knightley is being compared to a young Audrey Hepburn in early reviews of "Pride & Prejudice," and could contend for Oscar's heart in a newcomer slot..."

Awards diary:
December: 13th - Golden Globe noms
January: 5th - SAG noms; 16th - Golden Globe awards; 18th - BAFTA noms; 29th - SAG Awards; 31st Academy noms
February: 19th - BAFTA awards
March: 5th - Academy awards

November 18th

Tulip Fever is back on !
Today's Variety reports that the project has been refinanced but scaled down financially, notably filming in Eastern Europe rather than London. The original $45m budget grew to $62m before the UK government closed a tax loophole in February last year which was the last straw for the project and it folded just weeks before filming was to begin. Director John Madden has been replaced by Peter Chelsom (Shall We Dance; Funny Bones) and funding will come from BBC Films and the UK Film Council among others. The story, from the novel by Deborah Moggach (currently receiving acclaim for her screenplay of Pride & Prejudice), concerns Sophia Sandvoort, a beautiful young woman who marries a wealthy merchant in 17th Century Amsterdam. When an artist, Jan, arrives to paint their portrait she's smitten and they plan for a future together by putting their money into the highly speculative tulip market, in which certain flower bulbs were worth huge sums. The film is still to be distributed by DreamWorks and produced by Ruby Films. Tom Stoppard wrote the original screenplay, which is now being revised by Peter Flannery. Article.
NOTE: The original cast of Keira, Jude Law and Jim Broadbent is NOT yet confirmed to be returning, and no start date has been scheduled. Keira has said she will still be filming the Pirates sequels until late summer next year. Watch this space...

Proof that people power really does work - P&P's production company Working Title have tonight posted this press release on their web site:
"Following the US release of Pride & Prejudice, there has been a phenomenal wave of British press and public interest in the slightly extended ending being screened there. As a result, UK cinemagoers will be given the opportunity to take a look at what audiences have been seeing across the water when the US version is released in a limited number of cinemas in the UK on November 25th. Details of where screenings will take place will be available in local press next week..." In Full.
Thanks Carolina

Though there have been many pointless comparisons between the new P&P and the BBC version, the one on this site is interesting because they have provided screencaps of both versions for comparison.
Thanks Christina

November 17th

If you have a few grand to spare you might want to bid on a couple of Keira-related items to raise money for BBC Children In Need. There's a signed Love Actually script and a limited edition P&P promotional book.

November 16th

The fuss over The Kiss is really getting some press now. Check the New Online section on the right for reports from Sky News and Channel 4 News. Plus two new videos from Focus Features with testimonials from fans of the book and fans of Keira - both clips have The Kiss at the end. There's also a special Entertainment Tonight mention of P&P's excellent box office debut and a sneak peek at Keira's Wizard Of Oz Vogue shoot. Also online are new improved quality versions of Conan, The Early Show and Regis & Kelly.

The Kiss petition is here should you wish to sign it.

P&P now totals $3,345,000 after 5 days, that's $669,000 per day, or $15,500 per cinema. Worldwide box office is now over $41m.

Keira will be a guest on a new talk show (another one ??) on the US networks Oxygen TV and StyleTV called The Isaac Mizrahi Show. It will air on December 5th but has (possibly) already been pre-recorded as Keira Seduction has some snaps of her and Mother Knightley leaving the studios recently.

Here's a cool article about Keira and her career.
Thanks Cassie

November 15th

"I don't think we're in Mayfair anymore, Toto!" See the wizard Vogue scans at

Today's Daily Sport, a British newspaper (though I use the term loosely) had an apparently-nude photo of Keira all over its front page with the headline "Keira Knightley Naked Photos Fury". Inside you could, as the rag is fond of saying "See The Lot!" It turned out to be a photo they'd mocked-up themselves, with a brief mention of the fake nude pics from the Pirates US premiere - with her white Valentino top mysteriously missing (and I've seen far more explicit fake pics of Keira than those anyway). There was no mention whatsoever of "Keira's fury" as their front page proclaimed. So just an attempt to get Keira's name in big letters to sell more papers. No change there then.

Forget Bend It Like Beckham 2, it ain't gonna happen folks! Gurinder Chadha had this to say today: "Am I completely insane to go back to ...Beckham? My dear, that train left the station long ago. There's absolutely no reason for me to return to it. I think the rumour started when this silly journalist from a British paper asked me at a party what I wanted to do next. I told her that I was writing, that I wanted to return to my roots, and that ...Beckham was part of my roots. The next thing I knew they had announced a sequel. They even put up stories on the website about Keira Knightley being in it. Poor thing! I'm just not interested in ...Beckham any longer.”
So there you have it - a shame for some (four fifths of you who voted in my poll were in favour of a sequel), but a relief to others. Bloody journalists. Article

The Conan O'Brien and Regis & Kelly appearances are now online. See the New Online section. The quality is not perfect as they're from a Canadian recording, and NTSC never captures as well as PAL for some reason. There's nothing new in the conversations really that we haven't heard over the past couple of months. There's also a couple of Entertainment Tonight Canada clips, and the scans from the December Esquire UK edition are also online.

As revealed here back on October 5th, Keira will not only have a brand new photoshoot (with a Wizard of Oz theme by Annie Leibovitz) in the December US Vogue, but will also be cover girl.
Thanks 'Vendettav'

November 14th

Good news and bad about P&P in the US: Its small but significant debut is making waves in the trade press (see below), but BoxOfficeMojo quotes Focus Features as saying its wide release on the 23rd will only be to 1200-1500 theatres, not the 3000 of a wide release. Even 2000 would have been better.
Variety: Focus Features can take a lot of pride in the robust opening of "Pride and Prejudice," which landed in 10th place despite bowing on just 215 screens. Jane Austen adaptation made $2.8 million, for a per-screen average of $13,043. It's the biggest opening for a pic playing between 150 and 275 screens since "Terms of Endearment," according to Focus. "It speaks to the confidence exhibitors can have that this movie can succeed as counter- programming against everything," Focus distrib chief Jack Foley said.
ScreenInternational: Focus Features' Pride & Prejudice was perhaps the most notable of the weekend's openers, taking in a magnificent $2.8m on 215 sceeens for a rock solid screen average of $13,041. Buoyed by excellent reviews the familiar period drama is expected to prosper in the weeks ahead.

There's a whisper the first Pirates DMC teaser will be shown ahead of The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe in US theatres this Christmas. I think it should be online before then though.

Newsweek has a short interview with Keira in this week's issue, in which she talks about learning to drive among other things.

If there's anybody States-side who can capture the P&P behind-the-scenes show on HBO this month I'd be grateful.See near the bottom of this page for times and dates.

Don't forget this is the final week for contributions re: Keira's award. I'm collating them this weekend and will post them Monday. Please see the above left-hand box if you still wish to contribute.

November 13th

Pride & Prejudice has debuted at No.10 in its first weekend at the US box office, taking $2.8m across just 215 screens, that's a fantastic $13,000 per cinema, more than twice the per-screen average of some of the other debut movies above it on the chart which are on wide release ! Figures.

If you still need convincing to go and see P&P, I've added tons more praise for Keira's Lizzie Bennet on the Plaudits page.

November 12

Box office estimates for Friday in the US put P&P at $970,000 in its first day, with a very respectable $4,500 per screen. Saturday/Sunday should be even better.

Listen to this interview to hear the Jane Austen Society's mixed thoughts about the new P&P.

Bend It Like Beckham has been voted the second best football film ever in a poll of 4,000 visitors to Escape To Victory topped the poll.

November 11th

''I love what I do, but feeling like I'm living in a fishbowl isn't doing it for me. So you've got to know what your limits are and when to walk away. It would be a hard decision to make, but if it went too far, I'd have to because I couldn't take it."
These are the words of Keira Knightley in an interview to the Boston Globe earlier this week while talking about the inexorable thirst for photos that comes with being an actress. She was speaking in particular about the British paparazzi, but it's the first time she's spoken out publicly regarding her personal feelings about the business she's in.

After being detained in traffic for more than an hour, Keira arrived at the Loews Theatre in New York and dazzled the waiting media (apparently not very publicised, there were more press there than fans). She popped out of her specially-designed low-cut Calvin Klein dress and black fur stole at least once. Also present were Matthew, Brenda, Donald, Ros and Joe Wright. An after-show party was held at the Loeb Boathouse in NYC. See high resolution pics here, and more here. KeiraWeb regular Erandika was there and took this close-up photo.
E! News had a short clip and chat on tonight's show.

Keira popped in to chat with CNN's A J Hammer during her promotional tour of the networks on Wednesday. She talks about hurricanes, corsets and that Kaz James person... Watch.

Uber-critic Roger Ebert said Keira would get an Oscar nom for P&P even while reviewing Domino. Now he's reviewed P&P and this is what he had to say.

If you're in North America and Pride and Prejudice opens near you this weeknd, PLEASE go and see it ! Even if it's not normally your type of movie (and it wasn't mine) I guarantee you'll love it. Let's get Keira back in a talked about movie for all the RIGHT reasons, after the drubbing Domino got. The American and Canadian reviews have been ecstatic, and rightly so. And you're getting that kiss at the end too ! If you want to be the next Roger Ebert you can send me your review of the movie and I'll put up a page if I get enough.

Kathy has three copies of the beautiful P&P soundtrack CD to give away to US residents at her Keira site WalkingInDaydreams.

November 10th

There's a six minute P&P Q&A with Keira, Matthew, Brenda and Ros here.
Thanks Carolina

And Keira's appearance on the CBS Early Show can be viewed here.

Keira is on the cover of December's UK issue of Esquire, with the photoshoot and interview as per the recent US issue.
Thanks Josh

You can read an early draft of the Pirates CBP script here.

November 9th

Keira has added the Early Show to her promo junket for P&P this week. See her on the CBS show on Thursday.
Hopefully I'll have the Regis & Kelly video within 24hrs - my source is on the West coast and I'm in the UK so the time difference is a pain. If anyone else has it in the meantime, please send it over. The more the merrier.

Good news for non-US P&P fans - in an interview published today, director Joe Wright says The Kiss WILL, apparently, be on the DVD.

"...[T]his is certainly a performance to shut up the “She’s just a pretty face with no talent” naysayers..." So says one of Harry Knowles' pack of reviewers at AintItCoolNews. The long review, with some strong language, can be read here.

Keira has donated one of her many pairs of shoes to help raise money for Breast Cancer Scare. See them here. And a BCBG Maz Azria dress she wore will soon be sold for an AIDS/HIV charity from the link on this page.

We have another case of the disappearing question mark, folks! When I submitted to The Sun newspaper yesterday the news that Gurinder was writing a sequel to Bend It Like Beckham, the story appeared, this morning, with the headline 'KeiraTo Bend Again?' Within hours the story had been picked up around the world and had become 'Keira To Bend Again'. Statement. It may well turn out to be true, but it ain't fact yet. And at least Dark Horizons bothered to credit me.

Keira is No.2 in this year's Most Eligible poll by magazine Tatler. Article.

E! Entertainment are lining up an Extreme Close-Up: Keira Knightley for sometime this month in the US. They did one for King Arthur which was basically an on-set report, so I'm guessing this will be from on the set of P&P. The UK's E! schedule is a few weeks behind.
Thanks Vini

November 8th

Comingsoon has an interview with Keira today.

US people, don't forget Keira on Regis & Kelly Wednesday morning, then later there's the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

November 7th

P&P racked up another $1.9m in its current markets over the weekend, bringing a new global box office of $37.3m. This includes a UK total of $25.6m after eight weeks.

Michael Singer, the Unit Publicist for the Bahamas studios where Pirates is currently being filmed, has said this weekend that fiming will continue in the Caribbean until February, but with a break for Christmas. Read more and see pics of the sets and ships here.

November 6th

Director Gurinder Chadha announced on Wednesday she is writing a sequel to Bend It Like Beckham. Speaking at the after-party of the TCM Classic Shorts Awards she said: "I am making a sequel to Bend it Like Beckham. But I see it more as a continuation of the characters than an actual sequel. The first film was based on me when I was growing up, whereas this next one is going to be about my life afterwards. I'm busy with another project at the moment, but after that I'm really looking forward to getting started on it." Article
So, while it's quite possible that Parminder Nagra will be back as Jess, it doesn't necessarily follow that Keira will be back as Jules. But the companies funding the movie may well have other ideas, given Keira's current 'bankability'. It's difficult to remember - especially for the press - that it was Parminder's movie as Jess Bhamra: her story, her conflicts and her struggles to overcome prejudice. However, the fact remains that it was Keira's presence in Pirates which kept BILB afloat in the US box office for twice its expected duration. Buena Vista capitalised on Keira's sudden popularity by rescreening it at 1,000 theatres in the last week of July 2003 while Pirates was at No.1. BILB had a production budget of just $6.5m yet went on to take in more than $76m worldwide. Would you like to see a Bend It Like Beckham 2 ? Vote on it.

Keira is interviewed in the Boston Globe today about P&P, with Matthew in the Herald Tribune, Donald in Canoe, Brenda in the Seattle Times and director Joe Wright in the San Francisco Chronicle.

There are more than 1,500 screencaps from a pirated copy of P&P on this Jane Austen fan site.
Thanks Christina

November 5th

I have extended the deadline for submissions of congratulations to Keira on her award nomination. I figured more people in North America may want to send one in over the next couple of weeks after they get blown away by the splendour of P&P and the strength of Keira's performance. Closing date is now Sunday 20th. I realise this is still before the film goes wide on the 23rd, but I would like Keira to have your messages before the Awards night on the 30th. See the top of this column for submission info.

A student of media studies doing a project on Keira has emailed me to ask just what it is that I and others like about Keira, and I thought this would be a great opportunity for everyone to write in and explain why it's so great to be in orbit around Planet Keira ! Is it her talent, her looks, her charm, her accent, her so-not-Hollywood-ness ? Do tell ! All contributions will be made anonymous and I'll make a page of them if I get enough. Please write in here.

The first of several TV spots for American TV is now showing, and you can see it here. The difference between it and those outside of the US is the short, but rather important scene at the end - The Kiss.
Thanks Nicole

Canadian magazine Tribute have a short interview with Keira here.
And Canadian entertainment news show Star! have a great 3 minute profile of Keira directly here (streaming) or from the site here.
Thanks Cassie

MSN have their Pirates set visit report online.

November 4th

The US premiere of Pride & Prejudice will be held at the Loews Lincoln Square Theatre, 1998 Broadway (at 68th Street) in New York City on Thursday November 10th.

Keira was featured on E! News last night with some clips from P&P. See the segment here.

November 3rd

Keira will be a guest of Regis & Kelly for the first time since the Pirates promotions on Wednesday 9th. (I'd be grateful for the video from States-side capturers as we don't get that show in the UK. TIA).
So, to recap so far for US viewers:
9th - Regis & Kelly and Daily Show with Jon Stewart
11th - Conan O'Brien
various - P&P First Look on HBO (see TV Guide, left)

Here we go with the P&P reviews and exclusive clips. MovieFone have kindly sent KeiraWeb an exclusive clip - the Judi Dench/Keira dinner scene - which you can watch by clicking here.

Rolling Stone magazine, never afraid to speak their mind, has a glowing review of Keira's Lizzie. Meanwhile there are clips online at Yahoo!, and M&C, including one of mine from last year I notice. And here's a profile of pianist Jean-Yves Thibaudet, who plays Dario Marionelli's beautiful score for the film.

I'm selling my VHS copy of The Treasure Seekers on eBay at the moment. UK bidders only please.

November 1st

Keira will pay a visit to the Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Wednesday 9th. It shows on Comedy Central in the US and has just started showing with a one day delay on the new More4 channel here in the UK.
Thanks Cameron

Now here's a poll Keira's never appeared in before - Celebs Lesbians Would Most Like To Marry. Keira came out (if you'll pardon the pun) third in a poll conducted by UK gay radio station Gaydar FM. First was Ms. Jolie, second was Jodie Foster. Keira has a huge following among lesbians and female bisexuals, probably from her 'sexy tomboy' role in Bend It Like Beckham which ironically was originally to feature a lesbian storyline between Jess and Jules.

Home-grown British films have bucked the trend among Europe's box offices this year, according to figures out today. While some countries' figures were down by between 12% and 22% on 2004, the UK was down by only 3%. This was put down to the popularity of Brit flicks such as Wallace & Grommit, Nanny McPhee and of course Pride & Prejudice.

The official US P&P web site is now almost fully online. And very nice it looks too.
Thanks Erandika

October 31st

Although Pride & Prejudice didn't open in any new country over the weekend it still took another $2.7m in its existing markets. The movie has now grossed $34.2m, exceeding its $28m production costs, and probably well on its way to covering its marketing costs too.

KeiraWeb is gearing up for the big US P&P push with plenty of new promotional stuff now online: buttons, complete production notes and credits which were only previously available as a pdf, a huuuuge poster and the official Focus trailers. And finally both half-hour behind-the-scenes documentaries are now online, plus the return of some UK promotional clips which I had to remove for bandwidth reasons. See all the goodies in the middle column of the P&P Promotions page

Keira has spoken for the first time about the Oscar buzz surrounding her Lizzie Bennet: "I can't deny that it would be lovely to be nominated,'' she said, ''but I've just started in this business and there will be other, better-known actresses coming in films that haven't opened yet." Ever modest, that girl.

The Pirates of the Caribbean yacht team's web site is now online, ready for the start of the round-the-world race this weekend. The site will also have info on Dead Man's Chest such as release dates and the first, eagerly-awaited teaser trailer, which is due to premiere online in November. Keira, Johnny and Orlando will be on board promoting the film and the boat at various in-port photo opportunities during the eight month race.

October 30th

Keira has been voted second most sexiest voice, behind Sir Sean Connery, in a poll by the UK's Royal National Institute for the Blind, commissioned to celebrate 70 years of their Talking Books service.

October 28th

Keira is one of many celebrities who have designed a corset which will be auctioned by lingerie retailers Fredericks of Hollywood. All proceeds go to RAINN - the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network. Sorry I don't have a bigger pic, unless someone with a photowire account can oblige.

I seem to have omitted to mention here that the apparent God of movie critics Roger Ebert is convinced Keira WILL get an Oscar nomination for her Lizzie Bennet (call it not wanting to tempt fate - although I have quoted his words in the Domino reviews). Roll on January 31st (the day of the nominations) and March 5th (the ceremony itself). Before then, and usually held to be a good indication of Oscar noms, is the Golden Globes which have its nominations announced on December 13th, and its ceremony on January 16th. The Globes will take place at the Beverly Wilshire, where Keira collected her Hollywood Breakthrough Actress award last October - a good omen possibly ? Ebert's full review of Domino is here.

October 27th

I read a new phrase today, and it shocked me. The KKK - Keira Knightley Klan. It relates to a story which I still hold to be false, but which started a retaliation that accelerated very rapidly into a nasty, evil truth. I would like to state here and now that I am not a member of this KKK, and neither is anyone I know who comes to this web site. The chain of events that transpired has compelled me to dust off my long-forgotten blog to write about it, exactly a year to the day since my last entry.
Read the entry here.

Keira is one of many celebs who have donated a pair of shoes for auction to raise money for Breast Cancer Care. See Keira's shoes here, and read more about the project here.
Thanks Anna

HBO in the US have a 15 minute First Look at P&P throughout November. Look out for many more such shows and segments on ET, Access Hollywood, E!, Extra, etc. Check the US link on the TV Guide, left.

Here's a couple more pics of Elizabeth Swann in the Kingdom Hearts II game: one, two.

October 26th

EXCLUSIVE: KeiraWeb can reveal the first batch of US cities which will launch Pride and Prejudice on the 11th November. They are: New York,NY - Chicago,IL - Boston,MA - Washington DC - San Francisco - Portland,OR - Philadelphia - Minneapolis - Los Angeles - Dallas,TX - Seattle,WA - Houston,TX - Miami,FL - West Palm - San Diego,CA - Atlanta,GA - Baltimore,MD - Denver,CO - Detroit,MI - Palm Springs - Phoenix,AZ - Sacramento - St. Louis,MO - Salt Lake City - Milwaukee,WI - Hartford,CT - Kansas City - Austin,TX - Tucson,AZ - San Antonio,TX - Buffalo,NY - Albany,NY - Charlotte,NC - Cincinnati,OH - Pittsburgh,PA - Indianapolis,IN - Memphis,TN - New Orleans - Oklahoma City - Cleveland,OH - Tampa,FL - Las Vegas,NV - Columbus,OH - Nashville,TN - Orlando,FL - Omaha,NE - Santa Barbara.
Thanks Kate

Everybody and their (sea)dog seems to have visited the Pirates DMC set recently. Here's another one at CineCon.

All the props and sets have apparently survived Hurricane Wilma's visit to the Bahamas. More than 100 homes were destroyed on the islands, and sadly a baby boy lost his life in the storm surge.

The press are wetting themselves again over recent pictures of Keira out with Jamie. It was even stated - hold the front page ! - that they were seen... wait for it... holding hands ! Why it's such a big deal when, as all regular KeiraWebbers know, they remain very close friends and the whole Kaz James thing was nonsense from the outset - I just don't know. But all publicity is good publicity (for Keira and the papers I guess). And the British press are picking up on the Variety award too now, so that's OK - see here, here and here.

UK viewers don't forget to watch baby Keira, complete with ringlets, tomorrow night on Channel Five, in a clip apparently from The Treasure Seekers. See TV Guide, left. You can view the DVD gallery from this children's drama here, or watch Keira's entire appearance here (5Mb)

October 25th

Keira will receive the Variety UK 'Personality Of The Year' Award on November 30th at the British Independent Film Awards, it was announced today. The ceremony will take place at the Hammersmith Palais in London.
From the press release:
Announcing its decision to honour Knightley this year, Variety’s Executive Editor Stephen Gaydos says: “There's no brighter star in the world today than actress Keira Knightley, who's gone in a few short years from breakout success in Bend It Like Beckham to blockbuster hits like King Arthur, Pirates of the Caribbean and Love Actually. This year, Knightley has demonstrated an impressive range, getting gritty in Domino, dark in The Jacket and solidifying her leading lady status in the critically-acclaimed Pride and Prejudice, while also joining the gangplank again for the much-anticipated Pirates II & III. That's why Knightley is Variety's UK Personality of the Year, an honour she will receive on-stage at the British Independent Film Awards in London on November 30.” Press release.

If you'd like to pass on your congratulations to Keira, send an email here and I'll see that she gets them.

FilmForce have the second of two Pirates set visits in as many days.

This Friday, Santa Monica residents can get a sneak peek of Pride & Prejudice followed by a Q&A with Mr. Bennet himself Donald Sutherland, at the American Cinematheque.

October 24th

Keira is the 12th most searched for term on Google this week according to their statistics service Zeitgeist, with Domino Harvey at No.3.

From ScreenDaily:
Domino, which was picked up by Universal for Latin American and Japan, opened on $90,000 in Mexico and $450,000 in Japan.
Pride And Prejudice added $4m for Universal from 989 sites in eight territories for a $29.6m international running total and has 47 territories still to open. The picture opened top in Australia on $1.6m from 221 sites.
Ed: Never quite sure how they get their figures as their latest box office chart for Australia says P&P debuted there LAST week at No.5 ???

A whole range of Pirates DMC toys will be in the shops for next summer's release, according to a press release from their manufacturer today. And have a set visit report from the LA studios of the movie.

October 23rd

Domino fell to No.11 in the US this weekend, taking another $2.4m, for a new total of $8.7m. There's no doubting the critics have torn this movie to shreds. Keira's performance has barely been criticised in the abysmal reviews for this movie, and only then to say that she is not suited to such a kicking-ass type of role (ie. compared to pretty roles like Pirates and Love Actually). Most of the negativity is for Tony Scott's editing, making an already confusing storyline just plain indecipherable. I actually thought it helped the fast pace of the story, but was unnecessary in a couple of places. Many critics have praised Keira's performance, and you can read a vastly-expanded collection of them on the Plaudits page.

October 22nd

Keira and the rest of the Pirates cast left the Bahamas on Wednesday ahead of Hurricane Wilma, which is due to pass over Florida and North of the islands on Monday. But Tropical Storm Alpha is also predicted to head North towards the islands later in the week.

October 21st

A few interviews: Keira on Domino (Singapore Electric Paper), Joe Wright on P&P (RopeOfSilicon), and again (FilmJournal), Keira on life and acting (New Weekly).
Thanks Eva, Sarah

October 20th

Leno got the Domino promo, and now channel-mate Conan gets the P&P chat. Keira will be a guest of Conan O'Brien on Friday November 11th, the start of the movie's slow-release in North America. It should be on CNBC Europe on Wednesday 16th. This is Keira's first visit to Conan in New York and she will be joined by Nicole Richie, Steve Irwin and Green Day. What a line-up!

Three new magazine scans are online. See right. Keira is also on the cover of the new Spanish Harper's Bazaar and Quick LA magazines.
Thanks KK Daily

October 18th

The interview with A A Gill in London which I referred to back on August 10th has finally appeared in today's New York Times style magazine, T. Kathy has the pics at WalkingInDaydreams and I have the interview as it's a subscription site.

October 18th

Domino debuted at No.7 in the UK this weekend according to Reuters, behind two strong new entries from Wallace & Grommit and Lords Of War. It took £481,000 across just 275 screens. Pride & Prejudice fell one place to No.3, taking another £600,000 and is still playing to 400 screens in its fifth week.
This is the first time since 24th May 2002 that Keira has had two movies in the UK Top 10. Back then, Bend It Like Beckham was in its seventh week when Thunderpants wafted into theatres.
Note: ScreenInternational has P&P still at No.2 and Domino in at No.6. I hope to clear this up shortly.

October 17th

Role-playing game Kingdom Hearts II will feature characters from Pirates, including Jack and Elizabeth. It's released on December 22nd in Japan, and here's a magazine preview.
Thanks Yui Seta

Keira is featured in People magazine's 'Day to Night Makeovers' section.

October 16th

Domino has debuted at No.6 in the US with $4.7m, according to preliminary figures. Final figures will be released Monday, and UK figures will be out Tuesday night.

Keira is at No.2 in today's new StarMeter chart on IMDbPro, only kept off the top by the new Bond Daniel Craig.

Access Hollywood have their own photo gallery from the Domino premiere.

Here's a fascinating article on the digital enhancements used in P&P.
Thanks to its author Ian Failes

October 14th

BBC Radio 1 movie reviewer Jamie King spoke to Keira (on the phone) on his Thursday show about Domino. Click here, then press the Fast Forward buttons until you get to 30 minutes in.
Thanks Angel

The new Tatler photoshoot and interview is now online, as well as some new clips including exclusive Domino clips. See right.
Please can I ask for anyone who can scan me the following Keira features: Glamour UK (Mariah cover), Arena UK, TotalFilm, InStyle, US Vogue, this Sunday's New York Times beauty feature. Thanks.

October 13th

It's here at last - Keira's appearance on Monday's Tonight Show With Jay Leno. See the New Online section on the right.

Keira's squids in in the Pirates sequel. She tells MTV she has just recorded a scene where she is mauled by a CGI giant squid.

Check out the Domino reviews so far from the external links on the Domino promotions page, and praise for Keira's performance on the Plaudits page.

Here's a look at Keira on the cover of the new Tatler.

October 12th

Apologies for the delay with the Leno video. I may have to wait until we get the show in the UK tomorrow. However, all good things come to they who wait - I'll be putting Keira's previous two Leno visits online too.

ComingSoon has an interview with Keira and Tony.

Check out the pics from the Domino premiere here, here and here.

The Smoking Gun have Domino's death certificate, if you're into such things, plus the coroner's report and mortician's report.

Keira has announced that Miss Swann will no longer have the cleavage she did in the first Pirates movie, as the make-up department don't have time to paint one in ! Article.

A writer for the Independent paper speaks today of her new role model. Not Keira, but her mum Sharman. Article.

October 11th

ScreenInternational seems to have jumped the gun with their box office figures yesterday. Final figures out today show that Serenity did in fact knock P&P off the top spot. Serenity took £960k, and Pride added another £907k. Oliver Twist came in at 3, starring Keira's Pure co-star Harry Eden as the Artful Dodger. Article.

Another Domino clip is online, this time at UGO. Oh, and the 'exclusive' lap dance scene has now appeared on at least six movie sites - some exclusive that turned out to be !

In keeping with the kick-ass role being promoted, the press are enjoying reporting that Keira likes to swear. Golly gosh, whatever next ? Example. Still, at least it's selling the film more appropriately than the non-existent boyfriend story that sold P&P last month.

Domino's premiere takes place tonight at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Still no news on the UK prem, if there will be one at all. Apart from a few mags, cinema trailers and the occasional billboard poster, you'd hardly know the film was out here in three days' time. What a difference from P&P. Let's hope we get an avalanche of promos starting soon.

October 10th

Don't miss the highlight of tonight's Jay Leno show on NBC... 'Headlines'. Oh, and Keira ;-) I should have the interview online tomorrow.

Pride & Prejudice is blowing away all criticism here in the UK after staying on top now for its FOURTH consecutive week, beating off new entries Serenity and Night Watch. It added another $1.6m, giving a new total for the UK of $20.5m. Only one previous Keira film spent four weeks at No.1 - Love Actually. Even Pirates and Star Wars have been slayed by Miss Bennet !
Pride also stayed top in the Netherlands for its third week. So far, the movie has grossed $21.8m worldwide. It opens in Belgium this week, then New Zealand, Australia, Austria and Germany next week.

Yahoo! Movies has some more clips from Domino online.
Thanks Butherus.

There's a 15-page interview with Keira at, but only because there's one paragraph and a million ads per page.

Another new interview from the New York Post here...

And one from Canada's Canoe network here.

October 9th

Proof she's everywhere.. Ontario-based chain of beer stores, imaginatively titled The Beer Store, have Keira in the latest issue of their company magazine Chill. Read it here.
Thanks Cassie

October 7th

The Belfast Telegraph had an interview with Keira's ex Jamie Dornan yesterday. His band Sons Of Jim premiered their first single Fairytale on Irish talk show Gerry Kelly last night. See it in the New Online column.

The autographed PuchiBag on eBay only has a few hours left (depending on when you read this, of course). Bid here.

And you can now pre-order your Elizabeth Swann action figure from this site. Click on the image to view it full length.
Thanks Simon

My neighbourhood has received its first taste of culture for many a year, with this billboard a couple of streets from my house. It's the first one I've seen on my patch for any of Keira's movies.

Article round-up:
'I have a J Lo bum' - The Sun
Keira didn't like guns - MTV
'I'm my own worst critic' - Irish Examiner
Keira misses her Bennet sisters - Irish Examiner

October 6th

Pride & Prejudice has had its release pulled FORWARD by a week in North America. It still starts limited and gets wider week by week, but that will now start on the 11th November instead of the 18th. This is due to the huge success of the film in the UK, and no doubt its attempts to steal a march on Harry Potter, which is still due to open on the 18th.

A nice article here from Canada's National Post. Keira is a bit concerned people are talking about 'the next Keira Knightley', as if she's now past it. I think, rather, they are referring to the next talented, young, beautiful actress to be thrust into the limelight seemingly overnight. It's still often thought Keira was plucked from school and straight into Hollywood. I hope this site does its bit to help correct that view, especially this section.

DarkHorizons has a P&P interview with Keira here and Brenda here.

RopeOfSilicon has an apparently leaked copy of the Domino lap dance scene here. Get it while it's there. All that fuss over a bum double and you'll miss it if you blink !
Thanks Alan

October 5th

According to this college newspaper in the US, Keira will be featured in December's Vogue (presumably US edition).

Domino has been rated '15' in the UK, according to the British Board for Film Classification. It has apparently not been cut, and has a run-time of 127 minutes - the same as P&P in the UK (the International version is longer, but that's a moot point).
Thanks Jack

"...This is for Keira what Alien was for Sigourney Weaver, what The Terminator was for Linda Hamilton..." so says a Domino reviewer over at Ain't It Cool News. Read it in full here. I think he liked it.

October 4th

ComingSoon has an interview with Keira, mostly about Pirates.

Here's a few insights into Domino from an attendee of a preview at the Alamo Downtown cinema in Austin, Texas.

Keira will be gracing her second Tatler cover in November. The last time the upmarket mag featured Keira as cover girl was July 2003, although she's been inside the glossy pages more frequently.

Here's a Sunday Times interview from last weekend.
Thanks Tia

October 3rd

Keira has recorded her third TV commercial for Japanese TV, promoting Lux hair styling products. Called '3 Days Magic' and recorded in Los Angeles, it advertises Lux Super Styling mousse and features Keira in a 'Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall' storyline. Click on the image here to watch it in wmv, or go to the site to play it in QuickTime. This follows her two previous commercials for the company 'Ready To Go', recorded in 2003 in Majorca, Spain and 'Timeless Princess', recorded last year in Los Angeles. I've made some still captures too, listed in the New Online column.
Thanks Natalie.

Pride & Prejudice remained at No.1 in the UK for a THIRD WEEK this weekend, bringing in another $2.7m for a running total of $17.1m and fighting off new football movie Goal! in the process. It has also tallied a respectable $600,000 in the Netherlands in just 11 days. The film's income is now well over half way towards its expenditure of $28m, and it's hardly opened anywhere yet ! There'll be talk of a sequel at this rate :-)

Here's a Guardian article today praising P&P's depiction of 'England's green and pleasant land'.

IGN FilmForce have an exclusive Domino clip.

US viewers can see some more Domino talk show promotions when Mickey Rourke chats to Jimmy Kimmel on the 12th and Ian Ziering talks to Tony Danza on the 14th.

October 2nd

Today's Sunday Mirror claims to have tracked down the woman who owns Keira's stand-in bum in Domino. Their article pretty much duplicates what I originally reported on back in December from the Las Vegas Review Journal (see December 14th news) about Vegas pole dancer Roberta Lorincz. However, it appears to be nonsense, for two reasons. The original article said she doubled for Keira's desert sex scene, which we know to be false as Keira recorded that herself. This story later got mangled - as they often do - into Roberta doubling for Keira's bum in the lapdance scene, NOT the desert scene. Secondly, Keira denied Roberta's involvement at all in an interview with The Times back in May. She said: "...I did the top half, but a girl called Tarin did the bottom. Another girl appeared in the paper saying it was her, but I’d never seen her in my life. I’m sure she’s got a great arse — but not in my film.”

Gore Verbinski talks a little about the Pirates sequels in this new interview.

October 1st

WireImage now have lots of thumbnails from the Domino press conference which took place on September 17th. Better late than never.

Yahoo! Movies has an exclusive Domino clip and a storyboard feature with Tony Scott.

And this site has some P&P trailers and clips which might be new to some.

The new UK issue of Arena magazine has an interview with Keira, talking about Domino.
Thanks Tom

September 30th

Between October 1st and 8th on, you can bid on a PuchiBag dog carrier signed by The Jacket stars Keira, Adrien Brody and Jennifer Jason Leigh. All proceeds from the auction will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation which raises money for breast cancer research. Even if you don't want to win, just bid a little to bump the price up - it's all for a good cause ! See this page for a preview, then see the Items For Sale link throughout next week.
Thanks Joslyn

September 29th

AOL's Moviefone has a fantastic new behind-the-scenes feature from the set of Domino, with interviews from Tony Scott, Keira and Mickey, and footage of the late Domino herself. It's well worth a look. See it here.

And Access Hollywood has an article about Keira's bum deal here.
Thanks Cassie.

September 28th

KeiraWeb today celebrates the 50th anniversary of the UK's first independent commercial channel ITV, with three idents Keira recorded in late 2002 around the time Doctor Zhivago was being promoted and broadcast. Over the year a large number of ITV personalities were filmed by a panning camera to be used simply as an alternative to showing the channel logo on screen while the next programme is introduced by the voiceover. Three were made featuring Keira and you can see them all for the first time in New Online >>>

US readers with Cinemax can see a 15-minute Domino promo throughout October featuring interviews with Keira and Jacqueline Bissett, who plays Domino's mother Sophie Wynn (this is a pseudonym as Domino's real mum Paulene Stone did not want her name used in the movie). See the US TV Guide link on the left for dates and times.

There's a new selection of interviews with Domino cast and crew at iFilm.

September 27th

Keira will be paying her third visit to Jay Leno on Monday October 10th, promoting Domino. The episode will be shown across Europe on CNBC on Thursday 13th at 10pm.

You can listen to a couple of songs from Sons Of Jim at their official site, ahead of their publicity stint and a couple of live gigs.

September 26th

Pride & Prejudice has held on to its No.1 place in the UK Box Office for a second week, adding another US$3.5m and fighting off strong new entries from Revolver and Land Of The Dead. It also opened well in the Netherlands, taking US$275,000 across 50 screens. Total tally is now US$12m in just two countries in just 10 days. The movie opens in Iceland, Switzerland and Italy this weekend. Press release.

Today's Telegraph has an article on Keira's style.

The official site for Disney's Pirates DMC promotional Black Pearl yacht in the Volvo Ocean Race will soon be online here.

September 25th

There's a whisper Keira and Donald Sutherland will be at tonight's screening of P&P at the Montreal Film Festival. Strange, seeing as Domino was cancelled because of the unavailability of the cast. Perhaps P&P's distributor Focus are more persuasive than New Line.

Here's a web site promoting the locations used in P&P.

Movie site RopeOfSilicon have a Domino mini-site online.
Thanks Alan

September 23rd

There's a quick online video interview with Keira regarding her bum double on the Entertainment Tonight web site.

An Andy Gotts photo of Keira is on the cover of October's issue of Professional Photographer magazine, and an interview with the photographer inside. It's this photo, as their web site has yet to update.

There's a bit of a storm brewing across Europe regarding the Mr. Benent ending of P&P instead of the kiss. It seems people demand the kiss ! The kiss is only being included on the International copies of the movie, not the European reels. I'm sure it will be on the DVD as it's perfect 'Extras' material, but if you want to add your voice to an online petition so that Europeans definitely get to see it on the DVD, if not in cinemas as well, sign here.

September 22nd

KEIRAWEB EXCLUSIVE: I was recently sent the entire video of the P&P Toronto press conference which took place at the Sutton Place Hotel in Toronto on September 11th. It's not brilliant quality, but I've edited the Keira bits together into two 10Mb files. I've also rotated the P&P behind the scenes documentaries, putting the ITV programme online. Downloads, as always, in the New Online section >>>

The crew of Pirates have now moved to Grand Bahama for a tightly-scheduled 80-day shoot at the brand new film studios there, which includes a state-of-the-art water tank for the underwater and maritime scenes - no doubt including Jack's wrestle with a Kraken.Article.

David Alexander, the other half of Jamie Dornan's duo Sons Of Jim, says in an interview today that Jamie and Keira are still good friends. Sons Of Jim's first single, Fairytale, is due out in a few weeks. Article.

Although Montreal will retain its Keira content for its latest film festival - Pride instead of Domino - Variety reports today that none of the cast will be present to promote the event. Of course, the film premiered across country in Toronto last week.

September 21st

The Daily Mirror today has the hilariously wrong story that Kaz James (remember him?) has dumped Keira !!! He was seen smooching with someone else at a party recently and they've concluded from that that Keira must have messed him about (what with trying to keep him and Jamie apart at the P&P prem - not!). The reality is Keira told the Daily Mail a couple of weeks ago that he was a liar and she'd never even met the man. You'd think newspaper people would read each other's rags every now and again, wouldn't you ?

Arse news: It looks like the "Keira's bum double" story will be the one to sell Domino in newspapers over the next few weeks. Keira's cheeks - or not as the case may be - have been all over the papers today. At least that's better than the bullshit boyfriend story which 'helped to sell' P&P here in the UK.

The Domino promo machine is really getting into gear now Stateside. On top of all that posted yesterday (see below) we have a video interview with Keira today. Today's National Post newspaper in Canada reports that the hole left by the withdrawal of Domino from the Montreal Film Festival will be filled by... Pride & Prejudice.
Thanks Cassie

Bend It Like Beckham has helped to sell Britain in China, a report out today finds. The movie, plus Harry Potter, helped influence Chinese people to visit the UK.

September 20th

Working Title have issued this press release celebrating the No.1 debut of P&P.

Domino news:
- Domino's world premiere at the Montreal Film Festival has been cancelled as none of the major cast will be available to promote it. Article.
- The US premiere on the 11th is still on. I'm awaiting details of the UK premiere. There's a chance it will be a small-scale private affair, as was The Jacket's London prem, but hopefully not.
- You can now read the official Domino production notes online here.
- And there's an interview with Edgar Ramirez here. He plays Domino's boyfriend Choco.
- FoxLife has a good preview of the movie, and early praise for Keira.

September 19th

Pride and Prejudice has debuted at No. 1 in the UK in its first weekend, taking $4.6m which is around £2.6m. This is now the SIXTH movie starring Keira to come straight in at No.1 in the UK, after Star Wars, Bend It Like Beckham, Pirates, Love Actually and King Arthur. It opened at 398 cinemas, providing takings of £6,500 per cinema from Thursday to Sunday - Keira's fourth highest per-cinema takings, but of course the highest for a movie with her in the lead role.

There's a six minute P&P promo video with clips and interviews here, from (RealPlayer).

Irish media organisation RTE have a video interview with Keira and a radio review of the film online.
Thanks Angel

And the media website waytoblue have the forthcoming movie companion book online here.
Thanks Rachel at waytoblue.

London24 has an interesting interview with Deborah Moggach today, screenwriter of P&P and author of Tulip Fever.

September 18th has the October Esquire scans in HQ.

Keira was apparently in the director's box at Saturday's West Ham away game at Fulham. If she was, she proved a lucky charm as her beloved team won 2-1.

Pure will be released on Region 1 DVD (North America) on March 1st. Cover shot.
Thanks Kyle

September 17th

There will be a 'making of' book to accompany P&P. No details of when this is coming out, but you can win a signed copy at the Working Title site and view an online preview (under Links). You can also download the P&P screensaver there.

September 16th

KEIRAWEB EXCLUSIVE: Working Title have released a final batch of four video clips through the media web site to be distributed exclusively to just four web sites, and I'm proud to announce KeiraWeb is one of them. It's a profile of The Bennet family, from The Pride & Prejudice Diaries.
Windows Media: Low - Medium - High
RealPlayer: Low - Medium - High
QuickTime: Low - Medium - High

There are also four more TV clips and two audio clips online now. One audio clip is from the BBC's Newsnight programme where four critics get together to talk over the week's releases. It's the first time I've ever known all four panellists agree positively about a subject ! In the other audio clip, the very intelligent Donald Sutherland talks about the novel's subtext regarding Mr. Bennet and primogeniture, plus how the editing of this movie is so different from its contemporaries. All clips are online now in the New Online column >>>

In nearly three years of monitoring the world's media regarding Keira's career I have never seen such glowing praise for any of Keira's performances as I am currently seeing for her Lizzie Bennet. Reviews have been at least 95% positive, and ratings are never lower than 4 out of 5 for the movie. The big news will come on Tuesday night when the UK Box Office figures are released for the first weekend of the movie across the UK and Ireland.
Here is a round-up of reviews so far, from both public and newspapers.

Two endings: Simon Seligman of Chatsworth House (used as Pemberley in the movie) has said on local television this evening that two different endings were filmed for Pride & Prejudice. The British and European ending is as per the novel, featuring Mr. Bennet with the final line. The international version will feature the happy couple on the balcony. See the report here.

Daily Mirror interview with Keira today in their entertainment section The Ticket.

If someone Stateside can oblige me with the October Esquire scans, I'd be most grateful. My local WHSmiths didn't have it tonight. Grrr. Most of the UK celebrity gossip mags had pics from the London premiere in this week's issues. But ALL OF THEM had the Kaz James story, and the crap about Keira having to keep him and Jamie separate at the party. I refused to buy any of them on principle. Double grrr.

September 14th

Have you seen Pride & Prejudice, or are you gonig to see it over the weekend in the UK ? Send me your review, good or bad. If I get enough I'll put up a page of reviews. I need your name, town and county, plus your overall marks out of ten (you can split it into acting, cinematography, music etc. if you wish).
Send to me at

A new interview with Keira and director Joe Wright is online >>>

More pics from the Esquire magazine shoot here.

There's a few P&P clips here - one or two might be new to some.

Rumour time again: Someone at the wonderful database that is Wikipedia has edited Keira's filmography entry to state that she will be playing Agent Joanna Dark in a movie version of the computer game Perfect Dark. I have found no other trace of this game being turned into a movie - perhaps she's just voicing a new version of the game ? Or perhaps someone's just getting confused. It seems a similar character to Domino, and in the Lara Croft mould. Wikipedia is, like IMDb, publicly updated. Mistakes creep in. I hate to start idle speculation, but Keira did come top of a poll last year to replace Angelina in any subsequent Tomb Raider movie. And a new project announcement for Keira is, I believe, expected before end of year.
Thanks Julia

Here's some lovely pics of Keira at the Toronto screening of P&P (if you've got curves, wear stripes!), and a snippet from a Canadian newspaper.
Thanks Martin

September 13th

Jonathan Ross gave a very favourable review of P&P in Film2005 tonight.
See New Online >>>

The Black Pearl, the Walt Disney-sponsored entry in the Volvo round-the-world yacht race, was christened today in Southampton. It will serve as promotion for the Pirates sequel. The race starts in November and ends just a few weeks before Pirates DMC hits theatres on July 7th. Article.

September 12th

Keira is on the cover of, and presumably has a photospread inside, the October issue of Esquire magazine (US/Canada edition). Definitely worth buying if the cover is anything to go by !
Thanks to Si

Edit: Another pic from this shoot has surfaced. Brace yourselves, gentlemen ! Pic.
Thanks Chewie.

Here is another behind the scenes P&P documentary, shown on ITV1 this afternoon. Lots more footage and completely different interviews:
Part One 10Mb - Part Two 11Mb - Part Three 11Mb - Part Four 9Mb

And Celebrity Extra had a quick report from the London premiere, despite the last bit of nonsense about Kaz.

Keira has raced back into the Top 10 at IMDb's StarMeter, compiled from who's clicking on who on the movie database. She's at No.7 from tonight, and was last in the Top 10 in January. The database has 1.6million people in its database, and is accessed by millions of people every week.

Friday's Daily Mirror had a comparison of various adaptations of Pride & Prejudice.

There is a profile and interview with Keira in today's Sunday Times, starting here.

Keira is interviewed in this month's US issue of Marie Claire magazine. The scans can be found here, and the interview can also be read here.
Thanks to Lisa.

Keira was in Toronto today for the showing of P&P at the Film Festival. There are some images from the press conference at Getty, just search for Keira.

The Jacket DVD goes on sale tomorrow in the UK, featuring a making of documentary and deleted scenes.

September 10th

The first behind the scenes documentary from the set of P&P is now online. It's a delightful insight into the making of the movie. Called 'The Pride & Prejudice Diaries' it was shown on Sky Movies, and will be repeated at the times show opposite in the TV Guide. It features interviews with all the cast, and the director, producer, screen writer, and even voice coach and choreographer:
Part One 13Mb - Part Two 11Mb - Part Three 11Mb - Part Four 8Mb

September 9th

Keira has killed the rumours about her and Kaz James in an interview with the Daily Mail newspaper. She says she has never even met the man and says he "...sounds such a sad loser." While the Daily Mail cannot always be trusted in its Keira stories, I doubt they would be as irresponsible - or slanderous - as to misquote Keira's comments, especially with regard to such an 'exclusive' revelation as this. Nevertheless, he WAS at the London prem on Monday, so perhaps he just got tickets and kept his fingers crossed all night ! And so much for the news story about him going back to her hotel instead of the after-show party. And so much for her friends saying they were close. Tabloids, dontcha just love 'em ? Article.

Keira is now back in LA filming Pirates. She will head over to Toronto on Sunday to join Brenda Blethyn for the North American premiere of Pride & Prejudice. It is these two actresses that prompted distributor Focus to delay the US release until mid-November in the hope of catching the eye of the Oscars committee. The movie deserves a Best Picture nom, if nothing else.

The US premiere of Domino will take place at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood on Tuesday October 11th.

Tickets are now on sale at UK cinemas for preview screenings of P&P next Thursday, as well as general release showings from Friday 16th.

September 8th

Here is the first batch of interviews and promotions from UK TV this week. Much more to come. Most of them contain clips from the film which I've left in as I don't think some of the scenes appear in the trailers. Donald Sutherland couldn't speak highly enough or soon enough about Keira, and the delightful GMTV interview with Keira was recorded on Monday and shown on Wednesday, as she's wearing the same top I photographed her in later in the day !
Many thanks to my mum for agreeing to tackle my PC and TV card to record the Monday clips while I was in London for the prem !

ITV News. Interview with Keira and Rosamund - 4Mb
MTV UK. TRL show with live Keira interview from the premiere - 4Mb

GMTV. Donald Sutherland live interview - 13Mb
GMTV. Report from premiere - 4Mb
Sky News. Report from premiere and film preview - 5Mb
LK Today - Report from premiere - 9Mb

GMTV. Exclusive interview with Keira - 12Mb

Some articles about the premiere: Sky - Daily Mirror - BBC - Hello!- Hollywood News

eBay UK has some press passes on auction from the London prem of P&P.

The New Montreal Film Festival has landed a scoop with the world premiere of Domino on Sunday September 25th. This would confirm, at long last, that the US release has now settled on October 14th. About time too. Article

There's a new casting call for Grand Bahama residents who want to appear in Pirates 2 and 3. Article.

September 6th

Yes, I saw her and yes, I'm a happy man :-)
It was a fantastic day, and well reported in the British press. There's a lot of TV clips already which I'm editing now during a 'catch up' period. A pity the Brit press seemed to focus more on the appearance of 'are they/aren't they?' Kaz James at the premiere, rather than Keira's big night. Still, all publicity's good publicity.

My pictorial premiere diary is now online. If anyone else has pics from the London prem, please send them in at the address above. Thanks.

September 3rd

The Los Angeles County Coroner's Office has revealed that Domino Harvey died from an accidental overdose of a powerful painkiller called fentanyl. Article.

GMTV will have a different P&P star each day for three days next week. Brenda Blethyn (Mrs. Benent) will be live on Monday, Donald Sutherland (Mr. Bennet) will be chatting about his role on Tuesday, and Keira graces the sofa on Wednesday 7th.

September 2nd

Keira will be a guest of Jo Whiley on her Monday show on Radio 1 from around noon BST. You can listen live here, and the show will be archived there a short time later at the Listen Again link.
Thanks to Stu at Radio 1.

September 1st

Win tickets to the UK premiere (which is now being called the World Premiere, so Toronto lost out there after all!).

Keira is featured in and on the cover of October's Elle magazine (UK edition). Scans are online now.

For what it's worth (probably nothing if you read this column regularly), the US Domino date has gone back to October 14th after being at November 4th for a couple of weeks. Strangely, IMDb is now listing the UK release also as October 14th, even though this had been apparently settled at November 24th.

BBC1's flagship movie show Film2005 returns for a new run on the 12th with a feature on P&P and romantic films.

August 31st

First the bad news. I will not be at home on Monday to record live coverage of the Pride & Prejudice London premiere on the TV networks, as I have done for previous Keira movie premieres. The good news is that I will not be at home because I will be AT the premiere !!! I read this article from my PC in my office today and managed to purchase two tickets. I can only update this site from home so apologies for not passing on the details in time (damn this day job!) - I doubt there's any left now, but you can always try ringing the number and speaking to the contact. I have no idea if the tickets are for 'Access All Areas' but at least I should be able to get some decent photos ! I have never met or spoken to Keira so if I get the chance on Monday I'll be a VERY happy man.

In other news, the third, and presumably final release, poster for Domino is now online at JoBlo.

Keira will be a guest on the first of a new series of TRL on MTV UK next Monday at 6pm. This is virtually next door to the cinema where the premiere will be held a short while later. If anyone in the UK is in a position to capture this show or the premiere coverage, please get in touch. You'd only need to send me the files, I'll host it of course.

August 30th

Keira gave a Q&A following a Screen Actors Guild presentation of P&P in Hollywood on Sunday. Read reviews here and here. All good reports, though one of them does say Pirates 3 will be filming until NEXT October !!!?
Thanks to Idle at KKW.

The UK P&P official site is now fully online. And a very nice job it is too (especially the links at the bottom of the Jane Austen page!).
Thanks to Erandika.
And the soundtrack CD by Marionelli is out on the 19/9, available from the Store.

Keira is No.3 in a poll of who British 16-34 year olds wished they looked like. It accompanies a programme on Channel 5 next Tuesday at 7.15pm. ITV will also have a Making Of P&P documentary on Sunday 11th at 3.30pm, and there's more preview shows now listed in the TV Guide.

August 29th

Hopefully by next weekend the new-look will be online. More sections and more detail than ever before - stay tuned.

More poster news: Pirates DMC and Domino.
Thanks to Adam

New Line's Domino date has gone back to October 14th again. <despairing sigh>.

A couple more pics from the new Asprey set, here and here.
Thanks to Keira Daily

August 28th

Today's Sunday Mirror has an article about Keira 'secretly dating' Australian music DJ Kaz James of the band Bodyrockers (on the left in the photo). It says they have been seen out at restaurants together but are trying to keep the relationship 'under wraps'.  Keira Knightley in a public restaurant with anyone other than Jamie is not what I would call 'trying to keep it under wraps'. And I'm not aware of Keira attending any Vanity Fair party this year either, which the article states. All just Sunday tabloid gossip at the moment. Make of it what you will.

PM Media Review have Keira at No.8 in their Top Ten Sexiest Women of Film.

August 26th

Keira has leant her celebrity to encourage the children of America to read a good book, in a new promotion for the American Library Association. A poster, bookmark and key fob are available to buy.
Thanks to Austenblog

There's no less than THREE new mags scanned and uploaded to the Magazines page: next week's Hello!; a whopping 10 pages from FilmReview; and a great behind-the-scenes feature and rave review from October's Empire.

And a Domino poster, or at least a flyer, has appeared. But is it genuine ? It has the New Line logo, but I'd have expected there to be more credits, and more prominently displayed. Nice mouse mat picture, if nothing else!
Thanks to Adam

Some more location details of the Bahamas Pirates set here, from the Boca Grande Beacon.

Keira will be a guest on ITV1's breakfast show GMTV on Monday 5th, the day of the UK premiere.

August 24th

The Toronto Film Festival gala screening of P&P is now scheduled for Sunday 11th. As promised two days ago (see below) I now have definite confirmation that the London premiere is on the 5th. There is limited free admission to nationwide screenings on the 4th around the UK if you follow the instructions on this page.

A P&P behind-the-scenes exhibition will be held at Basildon Park from September 17th, which was used as Netherfield Park in the movie. More here.

US crime and justice channel CourtTV has linked up with Domino's distributor New Line to promote the movie and the company's other upcoming crime-related movie 'A History Of Violence'. This will include New Line sponsor ads used as intros and outros of programmes such as Forensic Files and The Investigators, and TV spots for the movies during the ad breaks. So now you've got an excuse to watch CourtTv !

August 23rd

Keira has now returned to the United States for the long haul of filming, travelling and promoting until the end of January:-
- Pirates 3 started filming last week in LA, plus any reshoots of Pirates 2 and tons of DVD material, no doubt.
- Keira will resume filming Pirates tomorrow in LA until mid-October when the whole circus moves to Grand Bahama for an 80-day session filming the on-board scenes and sea battles. Filming is due to wrap in late January.
- In the middle of all that will be the Toronto Film Festival premiere of Pride and Prejudice in early September and the London premiere on September 5th (most of the UK promotions we're about to see will have been recorded already, except for any live shows nearer the 16th such as GMTV).
- Late October will be the time for Domino's promotions in the US, with the premiere around the end of the month (assuming a November 4th release). We may get details of Keira's next project around this time too.
- Then it's saturation promotions again in the US from early November, this time for P&P, prior to the North American release on November 18th, plus the US premiere a week or two before. At the same time will be the UK promotions and premiere of Domino, prior to its release on the 24th !
- February may well see a new project begin for Dame Keira. But will it be a comedy, a biopic or her West End debut ? One thing's for certs, it won't be 'I Dream Of Jeannie' after all. Ms. Alba's about to sign for that one, apparently. Phew! (Though I'm sure Jess'll do a great job).

August 22nd

Yesterday's Sunday Times revealed there are two different endings currently being tried out in P&P pre-screenings. One, pretty much as per the novel, has Mr. Bennet asking for suitors for his remaining unmarried daughters. The other sees Lizzie and Mr. Darcy on a balcony after their nuptials. It also says the cameo in which screenwriter Deborah Moggach appears was subsequently cut by final drafter Emma Thompson. The link is here, but requires subscription.
Thanks to Linsey.

Another P&P site has surfaced here.

From the media web site waytoblue comes a promotional schedule as follows: Week commencing 29th - merchandise competitions; w/c 5th September - Keira and supporting cast interviews; w/c 12th - London premiere and release. The latter is in contrast to the previously announced premiere date of Monday 5th. I'm trying to verify which is correct so check back soon. Running time is 2hours 7minutes.

Meanwhile, a batch of new photos from Pirates DMC have appeared, apparently showing Will and Elizabeth's wedding day going not quite to plan. See them on page one of this gallery, and there's a ton more there too, from agencies and magazines.
Thanks to Lila Chu

August 21st

The News of the World Sunday magazine has an interview with Keira in today's edition. This paper has only occasionally been friends with Keira - it depended on the story. So whether there's any truth in this story, or even the quotes, remains to be seen. See the Magazines page.

August 20th

Here's an interesting article effectively confirming that P&P's US distributor Focus Features have moved the film to November to catch the votes of the Oscars committee.

And the first new photoshoot for a while has been scanned, this time from the US edition of InStyle magazine. Lovely pics - see them over at the KKW forums here.

Domino's distributor New Line have changed the release date again on their site - November 4th now, from October 14th. This will put it just two weeks ahead of P&P's North America release on the 18th.

My hit counter has just topped 800,000 !!!!! I never thought I'd be the author of a web site with 800,000 hits. Thanks to everyone who continues to come here and to everyone who takes the time to write and say thank you for KeiraWeb. It makes the difference. Cheers, guys.

August 18th

The new issue of Now magazine has the first genuine interview with Keira since the split, which has had selected quotes reported in the UK press quite a bit today, such as here and here. The interview is now up on the Magazines page. Strangely, today's press didn't report on the quotes from Keira that the recent media frenzy over the split with Jamie was "total nonsense". What a surprise.
Many thanks to Rachey.

Another KeiraWeb premiere tonight: The first clips from Pure to appear on the Net are now up in the Archives opposite. And I've put the Comic Relief show back up too.

"...this latest “Pride” is an entertaining, un-stuffy version and Keira gives a career-making performance as Elizabeth Bennet..." So said this reviewer in a Philippine newspaper.

Part of the P&P dance scene, in which Lizzie first sees Mr. Darcy, has been made available online. Download it from ComingSoon or Empire.
Thanks to Dorothy, Robyn and Ulrik
There are actually four clips online altogether, available in RealPlayer directly from here, here, here and here.

The new issue of Premiere magazine has a brief write-up of P&P and a short interview with Keira.
Thanks to Caitlin

And the nice people at the official UK site have sent me the final release of the UK poster for P&P. Download it nice and big here.
Thanks to Abigail at CrucibleMedia.

August 17th

A rough teaser trailer of Pirates DMC was screened in the US last month before selected showings of Sky High. For a summary of the teaser's contents, click here.

The official P&P site for the UK is now taking shape here.

August 16th

Both Domino and P&P promo pages have new links (click above). Nice photo gallery link on the P&P page - lots more shots of the supporting cast.

August 15th

Here are the clips from tonight's episode of Shoestring featuring a very rare, and early, acting performance by Keira's mother Sharman Macdonald. Filmed in 1979 when Sharman was just 28, and first broadcast on the 11th November 1979, this episode was entitled 'The Link-Up'. Eddie Shoestring was a private eye with his own weekly radio show. Sharman played Betty Craig, a battered wife living in a 'safe house', who enlists the PI to discover why her late husband, forever broke and committing crimes, was found drowned wearing expensive clothes and jewellery, all inscribed with his initials. See if you can spot any similarities in the style of acting between Mother Knightley and Keira! There's also a young baby in her arms in some scenes - it may possibly be Keira's older brother Caleb, who was born in this year, 1979.
Part One: 4Mb  -  Part Two: 3.6Mb

August 12th

Today's Daily Mirror has an interview with Keira, which they have trumpeted as the first since the split, even going so far as to plaster two-thirds of today's front page with it. Truth is, none of Keira's quotes confirm the interview was conducted this week, it could well have been last week or earlier. It's getting a lot of press on the newswires because she talks about what she would look for in a perfect man - a question she's been asked many times before. As a Pride and Prejudice promotional interview, the angle would originally have been 'Keira's criteria for a perfect Mr. Darcy', but since this week's announcement of course it has magically become 'Keira's credentials for a replacement to Mr. Dornan'. Amazing how real events can make a normal interview into a lucrative one, just by changing the angle.

Here's a first glimpse at one of the saucy new Asprey photos soon to hit the glossy magazines around the world, published in Wednesday's Scottish Daily Mail. She is, of course, promoting the jeweller and leather goods retailer's watches and handbags. Incidentally, back in July 2003 when Keira's contract with Asprey was first announced, it was stated to be for two years, which means it would end any time now. I contacted their press office recently and was told that Keira was still under contract to them, so I hope that means many more photoshoots to come, naked or otherwise!
Thanks to Elle.

Dutch airline VLM has Keira as cover girl in the July issue of their in-flight magazine VeloCity, plus an interview inside. This is the first time I've seen Keira on the cover of an in-flight mag since July 2004's BA Business magazine.
Thanks to Rachey.

Sky News' Showbiz editor Neil Sean has picked up on the quietly circulating rumourthat Keira has been approached to play Audrey Hepburn in a planned biopic. Audrey is my all-time favourite actress and I would love to see Keira have a go - she definitely has Audrey's neck and jawline, bust and figure - but there was a TV movie only a few years ago in which Audrey-fan Jennifer Love Hewitt played Miss Hepburn, for which she received quite a bit of flak. I thought she was great in the role, and a then-unknown Emmy Rossum was even better as the teenage Audrey. It's one of many ideas tossed Keira's way no doubt. We shall see what, if anything, comes of it. Remember Soldier Girl, Jurassic Park IV, Ann Boleyn, Starter For Ten, Bond girl, the next Lara Croft ? Exactly.
The article also says Keira is planning a comedy role after Pirates. I've always wanted her to tackle this genre as she would be a brilliant comedienne, but funny women in Hollywood are such a rarity. Maybe she can set a precedent.
Thanks to Al.

August 11th

Here's a couple of clips on The Split. Sky News (800kb) and E! News (600kb).

Keira and Jamie were snapped in London together yesterday, with three bags full of booze from the off-licence ! Proof to the world they're still close friends. Article.

The day before, and the paparazzi knew there was money to be made from any 'sad looks' on Keira's face as she left her flat. Here she is going to the gym and going to lunch.
Thanks Alex

Domino news:
- A new, extended Domino trailer is now online at Yahoo! Movies. As 'first impressions last', a teaser trailer is supposed to grab you and leave you wanting more. The last teaser didn't seem to do that for a lot of people, but this one is better. It puts more 'meat on the bones' about the plot. Thanks Vini and others.
- A Domino trailer also appears on the intro ads on the Bruce Willis 'Hostage' DVD. Thanks Sherri
- Some more high-resolution pics are now online at KKWavefront.

Pride & Prejudice screenplay writer Deborah Moggach will be giving a talk on the movie and on the art of screenplay writing at the Folkestone Literary Festival on September 21st. It takes place at Goodnestone Park, and clips from the movie will be included (although it will be on national release by then).

Pirates filming returns to the Caribbean in September, according to this article. The Black Pearl is already there, and cast and crew are to spend 80 days on and around Grand Bahama.

August 10th

The Pride and Prejudice tie-in novel and poster, plus the North American version of the 2006 calendar are now available from the KeiraWeb Store. You can see the pics in the calendar here.

Keira had lunch with Sunday Times features writer A A Gill yesterday, so we can expect another article, perhaps a photoshoot over the next few weeks.

There's a new set of Asprey ads about to hit the magazines. One of them sees Keira wearing nothing but a blonde wig, with her modesty covered only by a carefully-placed handbag !

August 9th

The Sunday Express magazine scans are now online on the Magazinespage.

Keira is on the cover of the Fall issue of Cosmo Style magazine (not sure which country though).

August 8th

Keira and her boyfriend of two years Jamie Dornan have split up, official sources confirmed tonight. Jamie's burgeoning career as an actor and musician, and Keira's permanently busy schedule, have forced the couple to spend more and more time apart. A spokesman for Jamie said tonight: "Keira and Jamie have decided to call a halt to their relationship in its current phase but they remain completely committed to each other as friends and will continue to see each other in this capacity." Keira is due to resume filming on Pirates in LA and the Caribbean any day now, which will last until the end of January. Article.
Our best wishes to both of them at this time.

Site stuff:
- A couple of scan requests: Sunday's Sunday Express 'S' magazine, and tonight's London Evening Standard. Thanks if you can help.
- If you run a media or fan site/forum - Keira or otherwise - and you use KeiraWeb as a source for your news/pics/videos, please provide me with the site name and link ASAP as I want to put them all in a special 'syndication'-type section, separate to a Links page I'm working on. It will link back to your site, of course. Thanks

August 6th

Keira was out at Joe Allen's restaurant in London last night with friends.
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

Keira was the 'Look of the Week' in this week's USWeekly magazine.
Thanks to Emily.

British fans get a chance to see a very rare acting performance from Keira's mum Sharman Macdonald later this month. Sharman was an actor on stage and in small parts on television before she gave it up to be a full-time playwright (and mother!). She can be seen at 5pm on August 15th on uktvDrama in an episode of popular BBC detective drama Shoestring. This episode was recorded in 1979 when Sharman was just 28, in the same year her first child Caleb was born, and a full six years before Keira made her grand appearance. Her husband Will Knightley is still a regular theatre and TV actor, including an episode of Rosemary and Thyme, a clip of which featuring Will can be seen here. Later on the 15th, Keira can be seen in The Hole on E4 at 9pm.

August 4th

The UK premiere of P&P is now confirmed for the Odeon cinema in London's Leicester Square on September 5th.

The official Domino web site is now up and running.

August 3rd

All nine Star Wars scenes are now online in the Archives opposite.

Keira is interviewed about P&P and Domino and is the cover girl in September's FilmReview magazine (issue 661). Some of the interview, plus worldwide subscription info can be found on this page. On sale from the 11th.
Thanks to Tom Fox at FilmReview

Keira will also be interviewed in and be the cover girl of next weekend's Sunday Express magazine, August 7th.
Thanks to Rachey.

German fan site has a clip from channel 2DF of Keira's P&P screening attendance in Hamburg. 7.2Mb mpeg.

Here's an articleon last weekend's preview screening in Peterborough for the extras in P&P.

August 1st

The Fast & The Furious star Reggie Lee will star in Pirates 3, his agency announced today.

The Belfast Telegraph today has a guide to the celebrity baby names you should perhaps avoid. For Keira it says : "Keira - Charming, delightful, bright-eyed, clear-complexioned, Home Counties name which everybody, from Vogue magazine downwards, will spell wrong." Well here's proof of that !

Here are the pics from the Sunday Times magazine (not a glossy one). Cover and feature pic.
Thanks to Rachey

July 31st

The KeiraWeb promotions page for Domino is now online. Click here.

Keira was on the cover of the Sunday Times magazine Culture today, with a double-page feature on P&P. The article starts here.
If anyone can send me the scans, please do.
Thanks to Aslam.

The official Star Wars magazine of France has a Keira article in its new issue.

July 29th

AustenBlog has had an update from P&P's distributor Focus Features. The UK release date remains September 16th. The US date is November 18th on limited screens, going wider on the 23rd, and wider again on December 2nd and 9th, much the same as Love Actually did. Never quite sure why they do this with a movie of such potential as this - anybody know ?

Today's Daily Mail has an interesting article about P&P.

Buena Vista Home Entertainment are releasing a double pack DVD of Jerry Bruckheimer productions, Pirates of the Caribbean and National Treasure, on October 3rd. Pre-order.

July 28th

WireImage have some thumbnails from Tuesday's P&P screening in Amsterdam. And Working Title have some pics from the Hamburg screening.

UK cinema-goers can now see the Domino trailer before 'appropriate features'. Not Willy Wonka, then.

July 27th

Well, despite the increasing number of premieres and previews of Pride and Prejudice, it would appear the general release has gone way out to the Christmas season. The official site is now listing November 18th as the release date.

Meanwhile, cries of "That's Me!" will be ringing out in Peterborough this weekend. Working Title is showing the movie to local residents who took part in the Meryton village scenes, filmed in nearby Stamford. Article.

The Keira Knightley 2006 Calendar is now available for pre-order from Amazon, out on September 1st. The cover can be seen here - not the best cover picture I've ever seen but at least there's twelve more chances for redemption inside !

One of the Pirates writers, Terry Rossio, has confirmed that 'World's End' is a working title for Pirates 3, but stresses that it is not the final title, and others are being considered such as Calypso's Fury and Uncharted Waters. For legal reasons, it will probably end up being NONE of these.

July 25th

Ahead of the premiere on Sky Movies this weekend, Sky are running a 'Bonus!' featurette on the movie, of which I've edited Keira's bits into a clip (see TV Guide for schedule). Might be new to some of you. Watching this now, Pirates seems like decades ago. How time flies. 2.2Mb

Here is the segment from VH1's '100 Most Wanted Sexy Bodies'. The Knightley body came in at a measly 97. Don't blame me, I didn't compile it ! 4.5Mb

Keira was in Hamburg, Germany today for a screening (described in the photo captions as the premiere) of Pride and Prejudice, marking the first in a long haul of promotions for Lizzie Bennet. Photo. More watermarked pics here.
Don't forget to keep checking the P&P promotions page at the link above for everything Pride and Prejudice.

Toronto fans can enjoy a free open air screening of Bend It Like Beckham on July 30th at 9pm at the CIBC Stage of the Harbourfront Centre.

July 22nd

Are you fat, hideously unattractive, funny-shaped, look like a serial killer or have missing teeth ? Wannabe in Pirates 3: World's End ? Now you can... well, if you live in the LA area, anyway. A casting call has been posted for the movie here. The scenes required for these characters will be filmed at the LA studios, you won't get a free holiday to the Caribbean !
Thanks to Lila Chu
Notes: Its requirement for "tons of Asian people" would seem to confirm the story takes place in the Far East, hence the apparent title and Yun-Fat's casting. Also of note is the filming period "thru the middle of next year." So January's wrap has been extended - that would still allow twelve months for post-production before the movie is released in the Summr of 2007. It also means (assuming she still has a significant role in Pirates 3), that Keira won't be signing on for anything else until next Summer !

Here's some new pics of Keira doing what women do very well - nattering. Her phone is a Nokia 7610 by the way, in case you were interested :-)
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
Thanks to Captn Llama

July 19th

Variety is listing P & P as having a PG-13 rating in North America.
And the poster is now available - take a look here.
Meanwhile, if you're interested in Jane Austen generally, I captured a feature from BBC2 tonight on Jane's home in the South of England, Chawton House, and a look at some of her personal items and first editions, including Pride and Prejudice. It was captured for my good friends over at, the must-see site for Janeites.
Part 1 - Part 2.

July 17th

KeiraWeb has more exclusive video clips for you to enjoy - none of which have previously appeared online. From Keira's earliest available performance in A Village Affair, to her stunning portrayal of Lara in Doctor Zhivago, these are just three of a huge collection of clips soon to be made available online. See the Archives in the column opposite to view.
Incidentally, if you have trouble viewing WMVs I would recommend the VLC Media Player - it's free and will play any type of multimedia file, even incomplete downloads. I use it everyday.

Bend It Like Beckham distributors Redbus have finally settled a long-running dispute with the film's director Gurinder Chadha and producer Deepak Nayar over their share of the profits from the sleeper hit of 2003. Figures have not been disclosed but today's Variety reports that "...Redbus has agreed to pay a substantial sum to Chadha and Nayar." BILB cost £3.5m to make, of which £900,000 was funded from the National Lottery. It went on to take in more than £45m worldwide, not including video and DVD sales.

July 16th

Pirates Of The Caribbean: World's End is the title of Pirates 3, according to star Marty Klebba's web site. Perhaps a working title only ? We shall see.
- It does suggest a long and dangerous journey for the crew, which would tie in with Chow Yun-Fat's character (a Chinese pirate) being in this movie only.
- The cast do now have their scripts for POTC3, as Keira mentioned on the Good Morning America interview on May 25th. But scripts don't always have final titles on the top of them !
- On the subject of subtitles, the 'Chest' in the title of Dead Man's Chest may not be an actual wooden chest, but possibly the real Caribbean pirate island of that name (long since changed) which inspired Robert Louis Stevenson to write the song that appeared in Treasure Island. See here.

Here's one of the ships you will see in Pirates DMC, The Bounty.

And another rave review of P & P.

Sudoku no.5 is up, plus the answers to no.4

July 15th

Britain's top talk show Richard & Judy had a feature on Domino Harvey on tonight's programme. I've split the segment into two. The first features Domino's godfather Peter Evans talking about her and her life, plus some great photos we've not seen before. It also featured the movie trailer, which I've edited out as you can see that at the official site. The second half features FHM Magazine writer Piers Hernu who spent time with real bounty hunters in Indianapolis. (Amazingly, I'd only just got in from work and switched on to catch the 'coming up after the break' link, and just managed to boot up my PC and plug it into my digital TV box to capture it).
Part 1 (8.8Mb) - Part 2 (5.5Mb).

Here are some screen grabs of the Domino photos (2 and 3 are my faves - they almost seem to hark back to her former life as a model):
1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Don't forget there's a page of Domino promo reel captures still online.

July 14th

Keira flew back from a shopping trip in New York last night to be back in her home, London, for today's two-minute silence, observed by millions around the world. She stood in Trafalgar Square with thousands of other people, in remembrance of the 54 innocents who died a week ago today.

July 13th

US viewers can now see four Keira movies throughout July - check the schedules.

Keira was in New York yesterday, as this People photo shows.
Thanks to Caitlin

July 12th

Pride and Prejudice will be shown at the Toronto Film Festival, it was announced today. The festival runs September 8th - 17th. This will be a few days after the London premiere on the 5th, although the press release below says Toronto will be the world premiere (?). As mentioned here last month, Working Title premiered Love Actually at this fest so there was a good chance it would showcase P&P here too. Press release.

On the TV Guide Channel's countdown of 'Summer Movie Hunks and Babes' Keira came in at No.14.
Thanks to Troy.

July 11th

Bad news (again) for North American fans, Domino is now delayed until October 14th. At least that's what the official site is now saying, as well as the New Line site. The whole point of moving it back to August was to have Keira free to promote it while the Pirates filming is on hold. So the November date for the UK may well be correct after all. Who knows - it's burning my brain!
Meanwhile, the full-length trailer is meant to premiere at the San Diego Comic-Con this week, with Richard Kelly and Tony Scott possible attendees.
And Christopher Walken is due on David Letterman this Friday.

Check this out and spot the stupid mistake.

July 10th

Here are the three latest pap snaps of Keira. I have airbrushed out the street name as it's not far from her home. Some of us respect her privacy, even if you do find the unairbrushed pics elsewhere.
1 - 2 - 3.
Thanks to Captn Llama.

The ever-unreputable now reports that Keira has warned boyfrined Jamie not to get involved with Kirsten Dunst while on-set of Marie Antoinette. Trouble is, the movie finished filming last month. Credibility comes with a little research, I always find.

There's a new poll up on the Polls page. It's the third one down. Just curious.

Pre-production on the bulk of Pirates 3 commences on August 1st in Los Angeles while post-production is underway now on DMC, in time for its release next July 7th.

Promotions should kick off any day for Keira & co.'s big push for Domino. August 19th is still the US release date, although some sites now have an October date. IMDb has November 24th as a UK date, even though this has always been listed as August 19th, even amidst the US shuffles. Bewitched has been moved up to the same weekend here in the UK, so one or the other movie may well be about to move. Of course, most of the interviews are bound to be dominated by the death of Domino Harvey, even though Keira will more than likely be instructed not to speak too much on the subject, and the press too. You know what the media are like - tell them not to ask about something and they'll ask it. I'm sure Keira will tackle them with her usual intellect, initiative and diplomacy.

July 8th

Here is the segment from The Biography Channel's new series Hollywood's Ten Best. Tonight's programme featured the Ten Best 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' Flicks. Keira and Parminder were at No.9. 2.8Mb.

July 7th

It was inevitable it would happen one day, and today it did. I hope everyone's friends and families have not been affected by today's atrocities in London, and our sympathies go out to those who have lost loved ones in the numerous bomb blasts across the city. In terms of Keira's London I cannot say where Keira was today, but geographically the third blast occurred just two blocks North of Keira's apartment in Mayfair, and the bus blast happened three blocks North of Keira's agency offices at PFD.

In other news, Chow Yun-Fat is confirmed for the second Pirates sequel, Pirates 3. He will play Captain Sao Feng and not, as originally reported (Dec 16th 2004 news), Chinese pirate legend Cheung Po Tsai. Filming on the sequels will resume in LA in mid-August, before heading back to the Caribbean (pending hurricanes of course).

July 6th

Variety has its first look at potential Academy Award contenders today:
"The year is half over, but in terms of awards, the fun is just beginning. Only a few serious kudos contenders have so far emerged, such as "Cinderella Man" and "Crash"; the bulk of hopefuls arrive, as usual, in the second half of the year.... Following are some of the July-December openers -- not including animated features, docus or foreign films -- that will be up in a variety of categories, from tech to best pic...
September: Focus Features' "Pride And Prejudice" (Keira Knightley); Miramax's "Proof" (Gwyneth Paltrow) and "The Libertine" (Johnny Depp)..."

Site news: Although I'm working on two other sites at the moment, there are three brand new sections coming to KeiraWeb soon, including a much larger, more permanent home for the medium that sets KeiraWeb apart from the other Keira fan sites - the videos. Stay tuned.

July 4th

Domino screenplay writer Richard Kelly puts the record straight about the reshoots at

A memorial service for Domino Harvey was held in Los Angeles on Friday. Among the mourners was the movie's star Mickey Rourke who said: ""I came today because Domino was such a great girl. The moment we met we really clicked. Something in both our characters mirrored each other. We were the same kind of people. I met her to do research for the film role. She was fun, lively, charismatic. She would ring me up, or I would ring her up, and she would say, 'Come on, let's raise hell,' and we would go out for a few drinks and talk the night away."

Keira's fella Jamie Dornan is due to sign to Sony Records later this year with his band Sons Of Jim. You heard it here first.

With Disney UK's premiere broadcast rights to Pirates now at an end, the movie comes to Sky Movies from the 30th of this month. There will be 15 minute multistarts from 8pm on the 30th across the Sky Movies network. It will premiere on BBC1 at Christmas.

For obvious reasons, Domino has seen a huge climb on IMDb's MovieMeter this week, based on clicks from visitors. It rose from No. 389 to No. 18. Keira's StarMeter also rose from No. 30 to No. 16, her highest position since February.

July 3rd

It's no surprise really but Keira is one of several actresses suggested for the role of American aid worker Maria Ruzicka who was killed in Iraq. Maria herself joked that Drew Barrymore would be perfect to play her if ever a movie biopic were made of her life.

More details here on the investigations into Domino's death and the ongoing investigation before her death.

July 1st

There's a nice collection of personal photos from the set of Pirates on actor Marty Klebba's web site, starting here.

Site news:
- There's a new sudoku puzzle online until the middle of the month.
- As KeiraWeb was the only site with a photo of the real Domino Harvey, it received 420,000 hits in the last two days, compared to a usual average of 40,000 for the same period. 75% of new visitors came from Google Images via a search for "Domino Harvey". Talk about "fame coming after death."

June 30th

Today's Variety has announced that not only will Domino's ending NOT be changed in the light of this week's tragedy, but that New Line have moved it back to an August release so that Keira is available to promote it while the Pirates filming is taking a break.

June 29th

Domino Harvey, the model turned bounty hunter to be portrayed by Keira later this year, died Monday night. She was 35. The cause of her death - whether natural, accident or suicide - is not yet clear. On behalf of all Keira's fans, I'd like to express our deepest sympathies to her family.

The media are quick to jump on the fact that Domino was on bail awaiting trial on drug possession and trafficking charges, hinting at suicide, but Police Lt. Don Mauldin denied any evidence of a gunshot, overdose or other form of suicide. An inquest has been opened into the cause of her death. Media reports also claim Domino hated the forthcoming movie and wanted nothing to do with it. This is totally false. She had been actively involved in the screenplay and soundtrack. Keira met with her prior to filming the movie and said soon after "She is an extraordinary woman, really amazing. It was fantastic meeting her because she's very intelligent and just incredible."

Born on August 7th 1969, Domino - named after one of Ian Fleming's Bond heroines - was the daughter of actor Laurence Harvey and Vogue model Paulene Stone. After spending some time with the Ford model agency, she took to running a nightclub and being a ranch hand in the San Diego mountains, and at the same time began to love the independence from her mother's money, and the look and feel of firearms. She then worked with the San Diego Fire Department before joining the Celes King Bail Bond Agency in 1994 as a bounty hunter, getting paid 10% of the captured bail bond from drug dealers. On May 4th this year, after a multi-state FBI operation, Domino was arrested and charged with possession of $2m of methamphetamines. She was released on $1m bail awaiting possible extradition to Gulfport, Mississippi where the arrest took place. On Monday someone called paramedics from Domino's home in West Hollywood. Domino was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center around 11pm where she was pronounced dead. A post-mortem was scheduled for Wednesday afternoon but cause of death will not be released until the results of blood tests are returned.

The movie's director Tony Scott said in a statement:
“Domino never failed to surprise or inspire me over the last 12 years. She was a free spirit like no other I have ever known.”
Producer Samuel Hadida said:
“We were enormously saddened to hear of Domino’s untimely passing. She and I had been conferring about her music to be used in the film only weeks ago. I know I speak for all of us on the movie’s cast and crew when I say how much we enjoyed her presence on set when she visited. And although our film is not intended as a biographical piece, hers was the dynamic personality and indomitable spirit that spawned an exciting adventure, not just on screen, but in real life.”

Domino Harvey, August 7th 1969 - June 27th 2005.

Here are the KeiraWeb Archive clips from the set of Domino:
E! News (5Mb) - Entertainment Now (1.6Mb) - MTV Screenplay (1.6Mb)

In other news, the UK premiere of Pride and Prejudice is confirmed for London's Leicester Square on Monday 5th September.

June 28th

More bad news for the North American release of Domino - it's been pushed back again, from November 4th to 23rd.

June 27th

According to the Daily Mirror Keira got more than muddy wellies during her time at Glastonbury. This report says she was heckled and taunted by a bunch of drunken yobs until she and Jamie had to leave. Bear in mind this is the 'celebrity gossip' pages of the paper, where the embroidering of facts to make a juicy story is par for the course, but it seems obvious something happened to spoil Keira's day.

There's a short interview with Johhny re: the Pirates sequels here.
And SciFiWire have a longer chat here, including the news that Keith Richards is back on (possibly) and Kevin McNally (Gibbs) has been taken ill.

The Pride & Prejudice official site is starting to stir, with the trailer now online.
Thanks to Trevor/Fiona.

And there's three pages of P&P promo pics starting here.

June 26th

K & J visited the Glastonbury music festival this weekend at the invite of a record company. This pic shows them living the traditional image of Glasto, ie. mud and wellington boots, although the Sunday Mirror reports they spent most of their day snogging their faces off in the hospitality suite. More pics here.

This site proves that not everyone is a fan of Keira. Not many members, though.

Those Brits who are addicted to the KeiraWeb Sudoku, or don't know where to start with it, may want to watch Vorderman's Sudoku Live on Sky One, Friday night at 9pm.

You can view the Pure trailer here.

June 25th

The Biography Channel has a new series for July called Hollywood's 10 Best, each show having a different theme. In the episode '10 Best 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' Flicks' Keira is featured in a segment about Bend It Like Beckham. UK premiere is July 8th at 6.30pm. Othr countries check your listings.

The Jacket DVD will be out on Region 2 (Europe) on September 12th. No details yet of its contents, but most likely the same as the Region 1 disc.

June 22nd

Keira and Jamie were in London's theatreland last night for the opening night of the Wyndham Theatre's production of Shakespeare's 'As You Like It', starring Sienna Miller and Dominic West. Agency photos here.

The new British Film magazine is finally getting some press thanks to its 'Thermal 30' list of hot British movie stars. As previously reported, Keira is No.1 and is on the cover of the magazine. You can buy a copy from the publishers via eBay (as I have) or Amazon right here.

June 21st

Still quiet in Keira land, except a reminder that The Jacket is out today for those of you in North America. There's apparently an integrated featurette/deleted scenes section. You can of course buy it from the KeiraWeb Store.

New Archive contents are online, opposite. It's all videos this week. As it's Midsummer's Day today (at least here in the Northern hemisphere) I thought The Seasons Alter would be appropriate. There's another video below, too. It's midsummer video madness, folks ! Stay tuned to KeiraWeb for some great video clip premieres coming soon - stuff no-one's ever seen online before !

Here is the collected Keira-related footage from BBC3's documentary series Paparazzi. I never captured this on previous broadcasts as there's barely a glimpse of Keira, but several people outside the UK have asked about it, so here it is. Filmed at Burghley House in Lincolnshire in August 2004 near the set of Pride and Prejudice. Burghley will be seen as Rosings in the movie, home of Catherine deBourgh, played by Dame Judi Dench.
It's a good insight into the lengths a paparazzo will go to to get his celebrity snaps. Very funny, if a little disturbing. 6.5Mb

June 17th

A new, longer version of the Pride and Prejudice trailer is now online at the Working Title Films site along with a photo gallery and synopsis page.

Filming of POTC DMC has been suspended (as per its schedule) until August, according to this diary from a Bahamas tourist site. It also has some nice pics of the ships.
And here's a snap of Orlando and Stellan as Will and Bootstrap Bill, together with some other strange creatures.
Thanks to Vini for the links.

The organiser of the annual Jane Austen Festival in Bath told me today that they hope to have the regional premiere of Pride and Prejudice as the highlight of this year's events. This would presumably be after the UK premiere but before its national UK release, which is still stated as the 16th September. Last year they had the regional premiere of Bride and Prejudice, attended by its director, Gurinder Chadha.
Other release dates are: Netherlands 22nd - USA 23rd - Switzerland 29th - Finland 30th - Germany 20th October - Belgium 4th January - Czech Rep. 5th January - Sweden 6th January.

Hello! Magazine has an article on Jamie's movie debut, marking the first time JD has made a news splash on his own.

June 16th

EXCLUSIVE: It's been a long time coming, but I'm very pleased to announce that Keira's 2002 short film New Year's Eve is now online at KeiraWeb. There's a teaser page of DVD captures here.
A two-part compilation of Keira's scenes is available here:
Part One (5.4Mb) - Part Two (4.8Mb).
This is my first attempt at a DVD rip, so apologies for the occasional pixellation!

Keira's boyfriend Jamie Dornan is to make his acting debut in Marie Antoinette, currently filming in France and being directed by Sofia Coppola. It will be released through Sony Pictures and co-stars Kirsten Dunst and Rip Torn. It is based on the biography of the Austrian princess turned French Queen by Antonia Fraser.
Jamie is a client of PFD talent agency, as is Keira, but they do not have the same agent. Press release.

The real Domino Harvey is due to appear in court on June 22nd according to this article in the local paper of the region where she will appear.

There's a brand new su-doku puzzle online to bend your brain, plus the answer to the previous one.

June 12th

Here's the Sunday Mirror's take on "loved-up scruffy couple Keira Knightley and Jamie Dornan". Scan.

June 11th

After what is probably KeiraWeb's longest time without anything to report (a whole five days !), here's a couple of snippets.

Keira is up for Best Actress: Action/Adventure at the Teen Choice Awards, for King Arthur. Please vote here (it demands an email address but you don't have to put your real one in - I didn't).
Thanks to Thais for the info.

The new magazine celebrating British cinema, which featured Keira on the cover of Issue 1 (see April 26th news) is up for grabs now on eBay UK. There's plenty left, as the seller had a thousand copies. Could be collectible in future as it doesn't look like the mag might last very long. The seller told me there's 3 other pics of Keira in the mag, including an article on The Jacket. There's also a full-page Asprey ad elsewhere in the mag, featuring Keira of course.

June 6th

Here's the latest couple of pap snaps of KK and JD, taken last Monday, here and here.
Thanks to Captn Llama.

There's new Archive stuff online, over there >>>>>

US viewers with TMC can catch The Hole throughout June. See the TV Guide, opposite.

The Jacket falls seven places to No.14 in the UK box office for last weekend, with a total tally of £532,765, mostly due to six new entries above it.

June 4th

The official site for P & P will be at
Aren't you glad you don't have to type all that in ?! Nothing there yet, though. And Working Title will no doubt have their own special section, starting from here. There's a preview/article on the movie in today's Daily Telegraph.

June 3rd

Further to the announcement yesterday regarding the brand new Keira Knightley photobook due out in March (see below), I am pleased to reveal a special offer available only to KeiraWeb visitors: a discount of 35% off the retail price !
When the book is published a unique reference code will be published here which you will need to type in when you order the book direct from the web site of the publishers Artnik. So bookmark KeiraWeb today (as if you haven't already!) and put a note in your diary to take up this great offer from Artnik.

June 2nd

The first book to be published just about Keira will be in the shops from March next year. Don't worry, it's not one of those 'unauthorised biographies' containing 99% lies and fiction (though I'm sure there's one of those in the pipeline), it's an 80 page photobook from entertainment publishers Artnik. There's more info here

The person who informed me of the Stories of Lost Souls DVD is now selling a copy on eBay. Click here to bid or to see the cover.

For the first time in a number of years The Winter Guest will be shown on UK TV later this month. FilmFour will air it on June 13th at 8.10pm. Originally a play by Keira's mum Sharman Macdonald, the screenplay for the movie version was written by Sharman and actor Alan Rickman (Love Actually, Harry Potter). This also provided Rickman with his directorial debut. The movie stars real-life mother and daughter Phyllida Law and Emma Thompson. More on the film and some video clips can be found at the official site here. The screenplay book is still available here.

June 1st

Here's the link to the full Pride & Prejudice trailer - a whole 2 and a half minutes, plus a new pic or two from Domino.
Thanks to all who emailed the links.

May 31st

There's a brand new su-doku puzzle online, together with the answers to puzzle no.1.

Congrats to Keira's beloved football team West Ham United who were promoted to the Premiership today after a two year absence.

May 30th

I've been sent some high-res pics of Keira in London last Thursday 26th.
1 - 2 - 3 - 4
Thanks to Captn Llama

Entertainment Tonight on Friday showed a large part of the Pride & Prejudice trailer. We get ET the following weekday here in the UK, so I've captured it today: 800kb.

The mystery surrounding Stories of Lost Souls has been solved. The film is a compilation of six separate short films, of which Keira's is the 2002 short New Year's Eve, directed by Colin Spector. So the bad news is it's not a new Keira performance, although most people have not seen New Year's Eve, which brings me onto the good news - this compilation is already available on DVD ! It was spotted in a Wal-Mart bargain bin in the US over the weekend, despite it not appearing on Amazon or anywhere else. The synopsis on the back of the DVD reads: "In the spirit of The Twilight Zone, Stories of Lost Souls is a hard hitting presentation of six short stories of conquest, desperation and perseverance featuring remarkable performances by an all star cast. Confronted with tragic and mysterious circumstances, six varying personalities from different walks of life must come to terms with the bizarre twists their lives have taken. From an abusive alcoholic husband (Gandolfini) to a seductive temptress at a New Year’s Eve party (Knightley) to debonair swindler (Bettany), all of the characters share one common element – the desperation for redemption felt by all those who live in the realm of Lost Souls."
So there we have it - no new Keira performance, but still one most fans would never be able to see. I suggest a trip to your local Wal-Mart is in order!
Huge thanks to Michael Warnke for this information.

Some background on New Year's Eve:
British film director Colin Spector shot this debut 16-minute film with £20,000 of his own money and all the actors who took part were paid no fee. The movie itself was shot on what is now regarded as 'old-fashioned' 35mm celluloid. In this social-observation cum comedy, Keira plays Leah, a 15-year old seductress at a less-than-swinging party on New Year's Eve, at which people from different backgrounds and with different outlooks on life start to mingle. Co-stars included Stephen Mangan and Philip Herbert. It premiered at the London Film Festival on November 18th 2002 and was entered into the Sky Shorts film contest, organised by Sky Movies in the UK. This allowed several broadcasts of the film on the Sky Movies network in early 2003. Keira's on-screen time totals only about 5 minutes of the 16 minute film.

May 29th

The Jacket climbed one place to No.7 last weekend in the UK, taking a further £121,000. UK cumulative now stands at £411,290. Not a bad move in the face of Anakin and co.

Scotland's Sunday Mail newspaper has picked up on the Domino reshoots but has linked it to the arrest of the real Domino Harvey. This has not been announced elsewhere as the reason for the reshoots. The article states the ending has had to be changed to reflect Miss Harvey's current situation, but the story only follows her life very loosely anyway, so it may be a case of linking two unconnected events purely to make a story out of it. That wouldn't be the first time.

May 27th

Here is the Keira/Orlando Good Morning America appearance.
Part 1 - Part 2 (both 4.5Mb)
Credit: OrlandoLove.

And here is a brand new, albeit six second, peek at Pride and Prejudice. Taken from a promo video for Focus Features, the US distributor of the movie. Choose from a 1.1Mb mpeg or a 260kb WMV.
I've made some screencaps here: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
And some more official stills are out now, too.
There'll be a P & P page up as soon as the hype machine gets rolling in earnest.

May 26th

Marilynka has a nice selection of screen caps from yesterday's Orlando and Keira appearance on ABC's Good Morning America. Dig the hat !

May 25th

The Cannes poster for Stories of Lost Souls was snapped here. It shows Keira apparently around the time of Love Actually (late 2002), if her hair is anything to go by. Another synopsis I found reads: "What defies expectations leads to the unpredictable...Six short stories of conquest, desperation and the will to overcome."
Curiouser and curiouser!

Keira and Orlando appeared on one of the US breakfast shows Wednesday - possibly GMA or the Early Show - keep an eye out for repeats !

The reworked poster for the US release of Pure can be seen here - with Keira now bumped up to first credit, natch.

May 24th


Less than a month since KeiraWeb told you about Villette (see April 28th news below) and her second Lux commercial (May 6th news), another totally-unknown Keira performance has come to light. But this time it's a movie !

Stories of Lost Souls.
A 90-minute movie described as 'six stories of lonely souls in unexpected situations' and 'frantic individuals discover to what extremes they will go to resolve desperate circumstances'. The film co-stars Josh Hartnett, Paul Bettany, Illeana Douglas, Cate Blanchett, James Gandolfini and Hugh Jackman. It was filmed (possibly) in early 2004 and released through America Video, a company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Keira's screen time and number of scenes is not yet known.
With a cast like that, it is to be hoped it will get at least a limited theatrical release. It premiered at the American Film Market in November 2004, and has recently been shown at the Cannes Film Festival. Article.

Little else is known at present. More if I find anything !

May 23rd

More date changes for your diary: The expected April limited release of Pure across North America by Indican Pictures never materialised. It will now be screened from June 10th. Check your area listings, not necessarily your local theatre.

Domino's postponement (see below) may be due to reshoots. A resident living near to where quite a few scenes were shot in October says equipment is being brought back into the area (in LA) which would indicate a reshoot for one reason or another.
Thanks to Bailey for the info.

The Archive opposite only has a new video this week, but it's a biggie - her entire appearance on David Letterman last June. It's 17 Meg but it's worth it.

May 22nd

Domino has been pushed back to a November 4th release in the US. The web sites of the distributor New Line, and IMDb all now list the new date. Strangely, the UK date is still August 19th. So the next Keira movie to hit Stateside may well be Pride and Prejudice, which is still down for mid-to-late September. is reporting that Keira is close to purchasing a property in LA and that she will be 'moving to Hollywood to live'. While it's no surprise that Keira needs a place to call home over there as Hollywood increasingly becomes her 'place of work', it's unfair to say she's quitting the UK completely. She has family, friends and barely-lived in property over here, which I doubt she would leave behind, especially as she has said many times that she couldn't possibly do that.
Two things: never (or very rarely) quote a source for their information, which renders any of their articles (including this one) doubtful until verified. Also, get ready for the hypocritical British tabloid 'Keira quits Britain for Tinseltown' headlines, digging out old quotes where she contradicts such possiblilities.

ScreenDaily (a reputable source of information, unlike the above) states that Pride and Prejudice may get its premiere at the Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy which runs from August 31st to September 10th this year. The UK release of the movie has now been pulled forward to September 16th.

May 21st

The Daily Mirror interview from Friday is here. It was accompanied by a few new photos which I'd not seen before, apparently from a Jacket promotional photo set. Keira still has her long dark hair, so they must have been taken at the time of filming early last year. If anyone can point to this set online, please do.
You'll note in the interview the media's small capacity for distinguishing between two films, as it mentions the 'Keira body double' story as pertaining to The Jacket, instead of Domino. Honestly, why do they bother if they can't get basic facts correct ?

May 19th

How's this for free movie publicity? - Domino Harvey, the bounty hunter on which Keira's next movie is loosely based, is in prison in Los Angeles awaiting trial for possession of amphetamines with intent to distribute! Read the full story here. The trial may possibly affect the August 19th release date. Watch this space.

Keira will be featured in Friday's Daily Mirror movie supplement The Ticket.

Are you a Su-Doku addict ? Never heard of it ? You will do very shortly. It's the simple-looking but fiendishly difficult logic puzzle which is set to do for the brain in this century what the Rubik's Cube did last century - and KeiraWeb has the very first Keira Knightley Su-Doku for you all to pull your hair out over.
Click here - but be warned, it's addictive!

May 18th

The Jacket debuted at No.8 in the UK Box Office today, taking only £176,000 across 100 screens. A 'wide release' in the UK is 420 screens, but it's still a pretty poor turnout for what could be Keira's 'Gigli'.

The OK! magazine interview is now online. In the week The Jacket is released in the UK, what's the interview all about? Yep, Domino.

May 17th

OK, hands up who thought Natalie's hair would ever be shorter than Keira's ? I keep singing Sinead O' Connor's 'Nothing Compares 2U' when I see it :-)

Keira is interviewed in this week's OK! magazine in the UK (issue 469). Scans are online now, interview tomorrow.

Want to know what Keira listens to? Here's a list, posted at KKW.

New Archive material up, opposite.

May 14th

Love Actually is being re-released on Region 2 (Europe) DVD on June 20th. No new extras.

Sky Movies News featured The Jacket in its current show: 1.1Mb

May 12th

Here's a Jacket audio review from BBC Radio 1. Click here then skip 15mins in.
Thanks: Louise.

More UK reviews: ioFilm - The Scotsman - Channel 4

May 11th

Here's the first couple of Jacket reviews. There seems to be more press about Domino at the moment: Islington Gazette - Sky Movies

Talking of Domino, the official site is in place, though there's not much online yet, except confirmation that it will be an R rating in the US.

May 10th

Keira is No.53 in US Maxim's 'Hot 100' women poll. Press release.

I've added Keira's biography to the site. I wrote it for IMDb and never thought to add it to my own site ! Doh !

May 9th

The UK premiere of The Jacket slipped by without notice tonight - just like the film is about to, I fear. Keira attended the screening at the Rex cinema in London's Soho with her mother, director John Maybury and actor Daniel Craig. At least some photographers turned up - see some pics here, and a couple of soundbites here.

New Archive material up - see opposite column.

May 8th

Today's Sunday Times magazine Style has a new interview.

May 6th

Guess who ? Yes, it's Dame Keira. Seriously. She has recorded a brand new TV commercial - her second - for Lux Styling mousse, for broadcast on Japanese TV. Called 'Timeless Princess' and promoting the Lux Super Styling product, it was recorded earlier this year in Los Angeles. This follows her first ad for the company 'Ready To Go', which promoted the original Lux Styling back in 2003. The new ad does not yet appear to be online, but it will turn up on this page when it does.
Thanks to Emma for the heads-up.

Keira pre-recorded an interview for today's Steve Wright In The Afternoon show on BBC Radio 2 here in the UK. To listen, click here, then click Listen Again > Steve Wright Show > Friday and fast forward the audio stream to 2hrs 20mins in. She talks about The Jacket and about her brother who sometimes works as producer on that very radio show. She also says her brother lives with her - now that's one we haven't heard before.
Thanks to Rachey.

May 5th

Keira is on the cover of, and is interviewed inside, the June issue of Marie Claire magazine. Scans are up on the Magazines page.

KeiraWeb has the honour of being the very first 'Site of the Month' at VisionsOfAlexis. Cheers Anna !

In case you're wondering where the middle column has gone, most of it was the Production Update section which is now on its own page. Updates were few and far between and will remain so for this year, so I didn't see a place for it on the homepage. It's up there on the Contents menu if you need it. We shouldn't expect details of Keira's next project until September at the earliest.

May 4th

MTV UK's film review show Screenplay has a peek at Domino in this week's show: 1.6Mb

With Scotland abuzz ahead of The Jacket's UK release (a large part of it was filmed there), Scotland's Sunday Post newspaper had Keira on the cover of their PostPlus supplement this month, with this feature inside.

Keira has again been snapped in London with Jamie, presumably yesterday. Perhaps she's here for The Jacket premiere - she's the only one who knows about it if she is!

As reported earlier, you can now listen to Part 1 of Villette at the BBC7 web site archive here. Keira's main dialogue in this first part is within the first ten minutes. Towards the end of the programme she plays another role, Fleur, in a scene during a school French lesson. Part 2 is broadcast today and Part 3 on Thursday.

May 2nd

A few more morsels about Pirates from this Orlando interview with Empire.

A few Jacket promos:
- BBC Radio 4's The Film Programme talks to John Maybury on Saturday 7th at 5.30pm.
- Irish viewers with RTE1 can see a guest panel discuss the movie on The View, Tuesday 10th at 11.20pm.
- STC (The Soundtrack Channel) is currently showing the full trailer in its 'First Look' programme - Sky channel 241.
General promos are a bit thin on the ground. Let's hope they take off next week, before the movie disappears in the wake of Star Wars a week later.

April 29th

The UK Jacket promotions kick off on May 10th with ITV3's movie show Film File featuring a segment, presumably with clips and interviews. See the TV Guide for times.

Can anybody who wrote to Keira at the above address and have received a reply please let me know, as I want to know if it works and to reassure everyone else that it's still the address to use. Thanks.

French pianist Jean-Yves Thibaudet has composed the score for Pride and Prejudice, according to this interview.

Domino makes the Top 25 big films of the summer in Box Office Prophets' new poll.

April 28th

KeiraWeb is pleased to announce the existence of a previously-unknown performance by Keira from 1999. It is a version of Charlotte Bronte's novel Villette, recorded and broadcast by BBC Radio 4, in which Keira played the character of Polly, known later in the story by her proper name of Paulina. The BBC's digital radio station for classic drama and comedy, BBC7, is repeating the serial in three parts next week, at the times listed at the link below. The main characters of the novel are played by Catherine McCormack and Joseph Fiennes. BBC7 have confirmed to me via email Keira's performance in this dramatisation. Keira was 14 years old in 1999 and it was the year she played Rose Fleming in another literary classic, Oliver Twist.
Each part of the serial is being broadcast at 10am next Tuesday to Thursday, with repeats at 9pm and 2am. Complete listings are available here. Times are BST, so EDT is -5 hours, PDT is -8 hours.
UK listeners can access BBC7 via DAB digital radio, Sky channel 881, Freeview channel 78, NTL channel 866 or Telewest channel 910. Outside the UK you can listen live online here. The broadcast may also be archived here.
The dramatisation is also available to buy from the BBC Radio Collection here.
A synopsis of Villette is available here.

April 26th

The British film industry is launching its own magazine at the end of this month, and guess who's gracing the cover of the very first issue, exemplifying all that's good and getting better about British film talent? Click here to confirm your suspicions.

Disney are planning a Pirates of the Caribbean online role-play game to coincide with the promotions of Pirates DMC next summer. More here.

April 25th

The design of the US DVD of The Jacket can be seen here.

New Archive contents in the right-hand column.

Keira is No.4 on the list of Martini King and Queen of the 21st Century, according to a press release today. "The public were invited to select a modern man and woman who they think epitomise old fashioned vodka martini-era glamour based on icons such as Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn."

April 22nd

BBC3 have today broadcast their annual Essential Top 50, listing all the things to watch in the worlds of entertainment, music, books, places to be seen in etc. Last year, Keira was at No. 39. This year she is at No.10.
You can still view last year's profile here (1.4Mb). This year, she shares tenth place with Orlando Bloom. See it here (1.4Mb).

April 21st

Empire reports Keira's Love Actually co-star Bil Nighy will play the baddest of the bad: Davy Jones himself in the Pirates sequel.

Keira is No.18 in this year's FHM UK's Sexiest Women poll.

Here are some pics of the newly-built Black Pearl, prior to its sailing to the Caribbean for filming (bandwidth may be exceeded).

Keira's beau Jamie Dornan is becoming a BIG personality - at least on posters like this one snapped in Houston.

April 20th

Another day, another part of Keira's anatomy is under the media microscope. Today children, we're taking a look at her nipples.
Oh, purr-lease!
The text says she's after more property, even though she's hardly lived in the one she's got. But why have one 'den of iniquity' when you can afford two ? ;-)

Keira's return to St. Vincent makes her the cover girl of Caribbean World magazine.
Thanks to Cassie.

And the interview in the current issue of Heat magazine is now online. See the Magazines page.

People magazine have one of the Portobello Road pics, too.

April 19th

Tom Hollander, who stars with Keira in Pride and Prejudice, has won a villainous role in both Pirates sequels, according to

Here's a couple of media pick-ups from an AlphaPress gallery of Keira and Jamie in London's Portobello Road: The Sun and Hello!

April 18th

According to my statistics, there seems to be an enormous number of people coming to KeiraWeb looking for the picture of the real Domino Harvey, so here it is.
I've also added a search engine to the middle column which searches the entire site. I hope you'll find it useful.

BVG announce details already of their Pirates DMC tie-in computer game. Press release.

Off-topic-ish: UK Natalie Portman fans may like to know the premiere for Star Wars Episode III will be on May 16th, and Johnny Depp fans can catch Johnny at the premiere of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory on July 17th. Both in Leicester Square, London. I'm not saying either will attend of course, but it's more than likely.

If anyone can provide good scans of recent UK mags featuring Keira, I would be most grateful and will give you credit. I just don't have time to go to the shops lately! Mucho grassy arse.

April 16th

FilmReview magazine puts Keira at No.2 in its list of 'bankable stars', after Orlando Bloom.

The Jacket DVD debuts in North America on June 28th. says it will feature just the usual documentary and deleted scenes.

Novelist Deborah Moggach will be giving a masterclass on her adaptation of the screenplay for 'Pride & Prejudice' on June 3rd and 5th at the Hay Literary Festival this year. She also told me earlier this week she has still not heard of any developments regarding the movie of her novel Tulip Fever, which was to star Keira and Jude Law.

The Guardian has a profile of the chairmen of Working Title Films, with a few mentions of Pride & Prejudice.

And The London Evening Standard had an interview with Keira's Mr. Darcy, Matthew MacFadyen this week.

There's a review of a rough-cut screening of Domino at

April 14th

June 21st is the provisional North American release date for The Jacket DVD.

April 12th

The BBFC states The Jacket will receive a '15' certificate when it opens in the UK on May 13th. This page of their database also features details of two trailers, one suitable for showing before '12A' films, and a longer one suitable only for showing before '15' films.

A very interesting technical article on the making of the 'hallucinatory sequences' for The Jacket.
Thanks to Ian Failes.

April 11th

New Archive content in the right-hand column.

New pics from the Pirates set here, complete with captions suggesting they may be officially endorsed.

April 9th

Here's another capture from Keira's 1995 appearance on The Bill, which is currently being used to promote 'They Started On Soaps', reported on April 5th below. I personally think she has the looks of a young Jodie Foster in that shot.

DarkHorizons has an Orlando Bloom interview with a few more facts about the current Pirates shoots.

April 8th

The Internet Movie Database have accepted and published my vastly-expanded biography of Keira Knightley on its database. Some of the hyperlinks haven't come across properly and I've submitted the corrections, but you can read it now here. It appears below the shorter biography written - incredibly - by my good friend Leanne a few years before we'd even met! Spooky - talk about a small world!

Keira is interviewed in the special 'British Film Elite' issue (no.57, May) of FilmReview magazine, and probably a few more in the run-up to the May 13th release of The Jacket.
Thanks to Tom at FilmReview magazine for the press release.

Today's Variety confirms New Line have moved Domino to an August 19th North American release.

The Sun publishes some more of the Pirates DMC training pics today.

April 7th

Some swashbuckling is called for from Elizabeth Swann in one of the Pirates sequels, as this training photo shows.
Thanks to Vini.

April 6th

Here is the latest pic everyone is talking about - Keira in a bikini, relaxing with Jamie on the St. Vincent & Grenadines Islands. No doubt the photographers were annoyed she kept it on.

April 5th

American viewers with access to SoapNet can see Keira's early role in The Bill on 'They Started On Soaps', premiering this Thursday. More info here.
View The Bill performance at KeiraWeb here.
Thanks to Kiera for the info.

April 4th

American viewers can catch the TV premiere of The Hole throughout April on Showtime, Showtime 2 and Starz 2, while Bend it Like Beckham returns to the HBO network. Complete listings here.

New Line's Domino synopsis page now states August 19th for its US release.

Keira's mum insists her daughter's public outgoing personality is in complete contrast to her natural introversion - she'd rather read a book than go out, according to this interview. No indication of the source for these comments, which is never a good sign for their reliability.

April 3rd

Today's Sunday Mirror has a 'new' interview with Keira. If you've been keeping up with the last month's worth of interview links and video clips at KeiraWeb, you'll read nothing new in it. Should really have been published closer to The Jacket's release date, but that's Sunday tabloids for you.

April 2nd

I hope you're all recovering well from your April Fool's Day heart attacks! Anyway, in an effort to rebuild my reputation for truthful, accurate reporting I promise not to do that again. Until next April 1st.
Back to business.

The UK release of the The Jacket is confirmed as May 13th, as the official UK site is now online.

Domino producers New Line have replaced the previously precise August 12th release date with just 'summer 2005'. Perhaps they're pulling it forward to the 'big July weekend' ? If not, this will be the only summer out of five consecutive years that Keira won't have a July weekend release: 2003 Pirates, 2004 King Arthur, 2006 Pirates DMC, 2007 Pirates 3.

March 31st

Jack Davenport gives little away about the Pirates sequels in this chat with Empire magazine, other than filming will wrap next January.

March 29th

Bit of a catch-up time - I've been busy working on another web site (I know, as if four isn't enough).

A Domino teaser is now online here, and there's a new still here.

Some listings now state May for the limited theatrical release of Pure across the US. Many sources still say early April, so check your local listings.

Keira is in the April issue of Sci Fi magazine (US edition).
Thanks to Jennifer.

Archive section updated (right-hand column).

March 27th

While it's true that Keira is not in the Top 10 FHM 100 Sexiest Babes, she's not far away - she's in at No.11 !! Top 25.

March 26th

On behalf of all visitors to I'd like to wish Dame Keira Knightley a very happy 20th birthday today. Not that she visits this site, but you never know :-)

Keira fan and KeiraWeb visitor Jonno Hardy has made this nice video tribute from clips I've posted over the last year or so. It's a good tribute to the success of the site and the enjoyment people get out of it, as well as a cool homage to the lady herself. 3Mb.

March 25th

Keira flew back into London yesterday, perhaps to see out her teenage years at home with family and friends. Keira turns the grand old age of 20 on Saturday.

Sharman speaks more about daughter Keira in an interview here.

Keira is in the FHM 100 Sexiest Women poll again, but not in the Top10. Exact placing to be advised.

UK Easter viewers can enjoy Pirates and the behind-the-scenes documentary on Disney, King Arthur on Sky Box Office, The Hole on FilmFour and the terrestrial premiere of Thunderpants on Channel 4 Easter Monday.
TV Guide.

Today's Variety previews Domino's competition on its North American release date of August 12th:
Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo (Rob Schneider)
Skeleton Key: (Kate Hudson)
Dark Water: (Jennifer Connelly)
Four Brothers (Mark Wahlberg)

March 22nd

Here is the Doctor Zhivago blooper from ITV1's Alright On The Night All-Star Special. 1.4Mb

Keira helped to raise $11,200 for a gift bag signed by herself and other celebrities at Sundance, the proceeds of which went to the Asian tsunami disaster relief fund. Press release.

Mena Suvari talks about her role in Domino in this interview.

March 21st

Disney are to enter their own boat in the Volvo Ocean Race round the world yacht race to promote Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Some news sources are reporting that Keira, Orlando and Johnny will help man the boat on various in-port - ie. press photo opportunity - legs of the race (Keira's leg will be around the UK, Orlando in the Southern Ocean and Johnny in the Americas). This remains to be confirmed, but the boat promoting the film is confirmed. Reuters says the organisers are hoping to persuade the cast to take part.
Official press release. Apparent artwork for Pirates 2 can also be seen at this link.

March 18th

Regular contributor and now Pirates 2 extra Diane Rooney has submitted an article on the two days she recently spent on the set of Dead Man's Chest in LA. Read it here.

March 17th

Ahead of its London debut, Keira's mum talks about her new play and life with Keira in an interview in today's Guardian.

There's a gallery of captures from Keira's scenes in The Jacket here.
Thanks to Jasmine.

March 16th

The scans from April's Elle magazine are now on the Magazines page. Photos are by Gilles Bensimon, and were taken in a townhouse in Paris, France.

March 15th

New Archive contents - see right-hand column.

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at Domino, from ITV1's late-night show Entertainment Now!: 1.6Mb

The BBC's movie review show Film2005 had a quick preview for UK viewers of The Jacket (out May 13th provisionally) and a brief interview with Keira: 2Mb

Pride & Prejudice will be released on September 23rd in North America. have uncovered the source for the Domino captures, now in this gallery. It is from a 'promo reel' of rough cuts put together by producer Samuel Hadida to help secure international distribution for the movie. The full collection of images can be viewed in a slideshow here. An official trailer is due April 1st.

ITV1 in the UK are repeating the outtakes show Alright On The Night All-Star Special on Tuesday 22nd at 8pm. At the very end of this show is an outtake from Doctor Zhivago where Keira and Sam Neill are together in a carriage. It's the only behind-the-scenes footage you're ever likely to see, unless they repeat The South Bank Show documentary from the set (which is unlikely). Bookmark the TV Guide if you need reminding.

The only talk show booking for The Jacket stars so far is Adrien Brody who will be a guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show this Friday 18th.

March 14th

Here is a gallery of DVD captures from a 'promo reel' of rough cuts from Domino. The reel was used to help secure the movie's foreign distribution. Thanks to the original capper, whoever that is, and to for uncovering the source. Gallery.

Here's a scan from the Sunday Mirror of Keira shopping in LA, with model Helena Christensen and a 'mystery man', probably a bodyguard or one of the stars' PAs.

March 13th

The Jacket has fallen to an estimated No.13 in its second week, taking a further $1.325m. Final figures out Monday.

Kate Winslet has beaten Keira to the Best Actress award at the Empire Film Awards in London tonight.

March 12th

Here is Keira's entire appearances on 'When Johnny Met Keira', from BBC Comic Relief night, Friday March 11th. This is perhaps the first time most of her fans have seen her just being her. She's witty, relaxed and natural in straight-to-camera presenting. As Keira says throughout the clips, please make a donation to Comic Relief if you can. Hit the chad over there in the top right-hand corner.
- First is a quick trailer with footage not shown in the programme itself: 400kb
- And here are all the scenes edited together, minus the TV show clips. These files contain some strong language and adult themes: Part 1 - 6.9Mb - Part 2 - 5.6Mb - Part 3 - 5.6Mb

UK viewers can catch the Empire Film Awards on Five, at 10.55pm this Tuesday 15th. Hosted by Johnny Vaughan. Unlikely Keira will be present, unless she is 'informed' (in the way winners usually are) that she has won the Best Actress award.

Final figures for The Jacket's debut week are now in. The movie is still placed at No.10 in the US Box Office, but the $2.7m estimate is now a $3.65m actual.

March 10th

Disney have advised me of the appropriate address to write to Keira while she is filming Pirates 2:

Keira Knightley - Pirates Of The Caribbean,
Walt Disney Fan Mail
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-5064

Here's Keira and Johnny Vaughan in a publicity still from their show 'When Johnny Met Keira', being broadcast tomorrow night at the end of the Comic Relief telethon on BBC1.

March 9th

The Elle magazine shoot seems to have brought out the punk in Keira, as these preview pics show. The US edition has a Keira cover while the UK gets a Beyonce cover with the photoshoot inside. Larger stationers such as WHSmiths should have the US edition in eventually.

March 8th

Keira was due to perform a live sketch for Comic Relief on Friday's telethon, but has had to pull out due to filming of Pirates in LA. She would have been the damsel in distress saved by 'Spider Plant Man', played by Rowan Atkinson. The sketch also stars Rowan's Blackadder co-star Tony Robinson and Shaun of the Dead star Simon Pegg. The damsel will now be played by ex-S Club 7 star Rachel Stevens.
Meanwhile, When Johnny Met Keira may be back in its originally-billed slot of 1.30am. Matchsticks for the eyes, anybody?

There's new stuff in the Archive if you haven't seen it already - see right column.

March 7th

The Sun continues its coverage of celebrity reports for Comic Relief with an article about Keira's visit to Ethiopia last year. Read it here.

The Jacket's director John Maybury has a go at just about everything in Hollywood, including the marketing of The Jacket. Interview here.

Keira is nominated for Best British Actress at this year's Empire Magazine Film Awards, which takes place on March 13th.

March 6th

The Jacket has debuted at No.10 in the US box office, according to preliminary figures. That's $2.7m across 1,331 screens - a limited release. Triple that (roughly) for a wide release, and it would have come in at No.5. Not bad for an 'indie' film.

I know they say Keira is a 'bankable star', but this is ridiculous.

March 4th

Filming, or at least dress rehearsals, of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is now underway in Los Angeles as these spy snaps show. Many of the people on the ground seem to be looking curiously at the photographer so I'm guessing he shouldn't be there or is at least unwelcome (which paparazzi aren't ?!), and the scene apparently shows a wedding ceremony, possibly Elizabeth and Will's ? Keira still has her short hair, which suggests a dress rehearsal only.

The special edition of the POTC DVD (the one with the 'Lost Disc') is finally coming out on Region 2 (UK and Europe) on April 25th. You can pre-order it from the Store.

I can now confirm that 'When Johnny Met Keira' is indeed the rumoured raunchy bed antics from KK and Johnny Vaughan, and written by Richard Curtis. It's a 90-minute countdown of some of the best comedy clips from both sides of the Atlantic. It is now billed at 1am on the morning of Saturday 12th, half an hour earlier than originally scheduled.

Keira had two movies in the Top 10 VHS sales in the UK for 2004, with Love Actually at No.5 and Pirates at No.8.

Keira will have a brand new photoshoot in the next edition of US Elle magazine, and is likely to be cover girl too.

March 3rd

Keira is interviewed in the current issue of US magazine StarLog. Part of the interview is here.
(Thanks to Emily)

March 2nd

Here's last night's E! News segment from The Jacket premiere in LA - 1.3Mb

Keep an eye on this page and this one for The Jacket reviews.

March 1st

The official premiere of The Jacket took place in Los Angeles Monday night at the Pacific Arclight Theater, with an after-show party at the nearby Falcon Club. Thumbs here. It slipped by almost unnoticed, much like the rest of the promotions for this movie. Compare this with the entire page I had for the King Arthur promotions. Next Monday's box office figures will make interesting reading for Warner Independent.

February 27th

More thumbs from Keira's weekend appearances in Hollywood.

The first of no doubt several interviews to appear over the next week or so promoting The Jacket comes from the San Francisco Chronicle.

February 26th

'When Johnny Met Keira' is a 95-minute comedy sketch compilation show to be broadcast as part of Comic Relief night, Friday March 11th on BBC1. I am awaiting confirmation that the Keira of the title is indeed of the Knightley tribe (I'm guessing TV presenter Johnny Vaughan, not Depp). If it is her, this will be the first time Keira will have tried her hand as a TV presenter. Billed as 'a late-night romp', it will air at 1.30am on the Saturday morning. Watch this space for confirmation soon. It's still quite likely that Keira, Richard Curtis and Andrew Lincoln's visit to Ethiopia will be featured earlier in the evening, and the 'Bedful of Celebrities' sketch may also have KK under the covers.

Yahoo! Movies has some clips from The Jacket.

Keira attended a party at the Soho House Oscar Village in West Hollywood on Wednesday, which presented the new range of footwear from Taryn Rose, a leading designer in the industry. Other attendees included Vivica Fox and Selma Blair. Some thumbnails here. Keira was in Hollywood to promote The Jacket last week, so look out for some interviews on the entertainment shows this coming week.

February 25th

August 12th will be the release date of Domino in North America, according to the  distributor's web site. This is still only provisional, but it's the first date from an 'official' source since the April rumours.

Above left is the provisional artwork styling for Domino, from the distributors' site. As you can see, this is the first movie in which Keira's name alone will apparently sell the movie. However, compare this design with the one on the right, seen next to Keira during the interview segment of the clip I posted a couple of days ago. This appears to show the Stratosphere Tower as the letter 'i', the building in Las Vegas in which the climactic scenes of Domino take place. Which is correct? Either way, you saw them here first !!

August may also be the date for Pride and Prejudice, if the December 13th DVD date at is anything to go by. Provisional to say the least.

Uber movie critic Leonard Maltin had Keira on his mind in an article about the rise of middle-aged actresses today:
"When you think of great female talent, there's got to be someone other than 19-year-old Keira Knightley on the horizon. She's good, but she's a kid. Now and then you need a mature woman in the part."

February 24th

A brief clip from the Domino press call interviews. Not sure when this was filmed but we see the movie's logo for the first time and some new footage. This is from BBC Liquid News, which is only quarter-screen size, hence the poor quality. 1.2Mb.

February 23rd

Music news: Pirates soundtrack composer Hans Zimmer is back on board for both sequels' soundtracks, according to this report, and Harry Gregson-Williams will continue his partnership composing for Tony Scott movies with the soundtrack for Domino.

Here's the text of the Talking Movies interview (see Feb 20th news below), and a choice of formats to view the interview, and here is the review of The Jacket.

February 21st

Good news for U.S. fans! You won't have three Keira movies to see this year (Jacket, Domino, Pride) - you'll have four. Indican Pictures have secured a limited release of the 2002 movie Pure, showing in theatres from April 8th. Some sources say April 1st so check your local listings. It's likely it will be rated R, as there's heavy depiction of drug-taking (including by KK herself) and some strong language - but I hope those people who say Keira can't act will go to see this movie, as I think she's superb in it. See it if you can. Here is Indican's site feature, and here is the KeiraWeb DVD captures gallery.

Keira did indeed attend the Edinburgh premiere of mum Sharman Macdonald's new play The Girl With Red Hair on Saturday. Some BigPictures snaps here, here, here and here.

Fresh goodies are up for your delectation in From The Archive (top right of this page).

February 20th

With less than two weeks to go before The Jacket opens in North America, there has been noticeably little promotion, except for the screenings at Sundance. All the more surprising, then, that the first detailed TV review, coupled with a very interesting interview with Keira, should come from the BBC - the movie does not open in the UK until May 13th. This week's Talking Movies (showing throughout the week on BBC World), devoted the first 15 minutes of its 25 minute show to The Jacket, including footage not in the trailer and featuring talks with Adrien Brody and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Never one to ask the 'usual' questions at interviews, presenter Tom Brook is frank and critical in his questioning of Keira, but her immediate and insightful responses prove - more so than in previous interviews - that she has incredible intelligence and extraordinary professional acumen.
Large files, but worth it. Enjoy.
BBC Talking Movies - The Jacket:
Review 8Mb - Keira interview 10Mb

Observer newspaper reporter David Keeps writes about his lunch with Keira and Adrien at Sundance.

Keira did apparently attend the premiere of mum Sharman Macdonald's new play The Girl With Red Hair in Edinburgh on Saturday, according to this report. Pics and hopefully vids coming soon.

February 18th

King Arthur comes to Sky Box Office in the UK from 6th March, playing every 15 minutes. It starts this month, 28th, on other digital platforms such as Telewest.
The Hole returns to FilmFour on 2nd March too. TV Guide.

According to this report, Domino Harvey has rubbished the story about her being upset at the movie not portraying her as the lesbian she apparently was: "I'm not gay, and I couldn't be happier about the way Tony Scott is treating my story." What a surprise. Not.

InTouch magazine readers have voted Keira a having the Best Abs in their celebrity fitness poll.

Advance screenings of The Jacket are up for grabs if you live in Florida. Enter here.

February 17th

Keira made a very rare non-promotional appearance last night, attending the Moet et Chandon Fashion Tribute Award show in London at which her designer friend Matthew Williamson was honoured. Keira and the other celebrity females all wore Williamson dresses for the occasion. (Keira's pink coat in the Love Actually airport scene was also a Williamson creation). The event took place in London's East End at the Old Billingsgate Market - a former warehouse now refurbished as a conference venue. An after-show party, also attended by Keira and Jamie, was held at the Kabaret Prophecy nightclub in the Soho district of London's West End (about 2 blocks from Keira's flat).
Some thumbnails here, here, here and stories here and here.
And if you're relying on KeiraWeb to have some video of the bash, well voila! Here's a couple of news clips I grabbed earlier tonight:
ITV London Tonight: 900kb
Sky News: 500kb

There's a press release here for The Girl With Red Hair, the brand new play by Keira's mum Sharman Macdonald, which premieres tomorrow in Edinburgh. This is from a Sean Biggerstaff fan site, who stars in the play (he played Oliver Wood in the Harry Potter movies). Interestingly, his acting debut was in the film The Winter Guest, also written by Sharman, and directed by Alan Rickman, who also stars in the Harry Potter movies!
The book of the play will be published on April 7th. You can pre-order a copy here.

Journalist Diane Rooney, whose article on the casting of the Pirates sequels was reproduced on KeiraWeb on December 17th, has now submitted another report from the day she attended a costume fitting for the films! You can read both articles (today's first) on this page.

February 16th

Animated-News reports that Keith Richards may not be in Pirates 2 after all, as he was asking for too much money.

A new-design poster for The Jacket has appeared.

February 15th

More here on the Domino Harvey storyline 'anger', this time with her mother adding fuel to the fire and adding Domino wasn't consulted on the script and wants nothing to do with the film. However, insiders claim the real Domino not only WAS consulted on the script, but that she was visited by Keira during her research AND attended the movie's wrap party, AND that she even has a cameo in the film! Whatever the truth, all publicity is good publicity.

Movie industry trade journal Variety has a lukewarm review of The Jacket, with its best praise reserved for Keira:
"...Sticking to a game plan that served him well for his Oscar-winning role in "The Pianist," Brody journeys through "The Jacket" with a look of shock and awe on his face, while most of the rest of pic's stellar cast have similarly been given one note to play. Among the principals, only Knightley, doing a spot-on American accent and projecting sensitivity and warmth beneath her steely exterior, seems to be playing a character with an inner life...."

A new interview with Sharman hints that she MAY have at least the idea for a play to feature Keira treading the boards for the first time.
Performance details for Sharman's new play 'The Girl With Red Hair' are as follows:
Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh from Saturday until March 12, Hampstead Theatre, London NW3, March 23-April 16.

Moviehole reports Jack Davenport will be returning as Commodore Norrington in Pirates 2.

February 14th

Residents of Dominica are angry at the Pirates sequels' storyline for portraying their ancestors as cannibals. Article.

February 13th

Domino Harvey is allegedly angry at her portrayal as a heterosexual in Keira's movie Domino, when she has in fact been a lesbian for many years. Article.
The final sentence about the publicity seems strange, as there has been hardly any so far.

U.S. people with Comcast HDTV can go to Free Movies > Sundance > Festival Daily 1/24 to see an interview with The Jacket cast.

Entertainment Weekly have a profile of The Jacket.
Thanks to Caitlin for the link,

February 11th

Los Angeles residents can see preview screenings of The Jacket at the following times and venues:
Wednesday, February 23 at 4:00pm at the Raleigh Studios, Pickford and 7:30pm at the Interactive Corp , 8800 Sunset Blvd.

Check out the 'RND05' video at the Comic Relief media page. There's a preview of the 'Bedful of Celebrities' sketch, which may be the one the press were referring to as starring Keira (see Feb 2nd news below). No sign of her in this clip, but it looks like a long sketch. Only four weeks left to find out.

Pride And Prejudice has been voted 'most romantic novel of all time' in a new poll by the Romantic Novelists' Association.
Meanwhile here's a very positive review of a pre-screening of the movie.

Men from the English Midlands (where I live) vote Keira 'sexiest woman' in a new survey.

February 9th

Upcoming band The Jane Doe's feature on the soundtrack to The Jacket and played the Sundance premiere's after-show party. Here are some pics of the band with Keira at the gig.
Thanks to the band's acting manager Tyler for the link.

February 8th

Much media lately about Keira choosing a 'botty double' for her lapdancing scenes in Domino. This one is typical of the press attention.

Most of The Jacket official site is now online. Click on 'Enter The Jacket' to load The Jacket Experience, with more clips from the movie.
Tip: On the Jack Starks page you need to place the white hexagon in the hexagonal space and click on it; on the Jackie Price page you need to click on the cigarette ash. The eye icon changes the character profile.
US release is to 1,200 screens from March 4th. This is about one third of a 'wide release'.

February 6th

Another promotional interview with Mother Knightley in yesterday's Scotland on Sunday, and one from today's Glasgow Herald.

Bend It... came in at No.3 in the most-watched films on British TV over Christmas, it was announced today.

February 5th

The Scotsman has an interview with Keira's mum, promoting her new play The Girl With Red Hair, which premieres in Edinburgh on February 18th.

Keira's alleged comments are again coming back to haunt her. Reports such as those here, here, here, here, here and here refer to how she has apparently said she wouldn't know what she would do if she wasn't an actress, and commented on her fears about publicity. They were probably jovial remarks thought up on the spur of the moment in answer to a banal question, but the media love to prey on celebrities' insecurities and so the comments flew around the world in seconds, getting changed and embroidered at each point. She will continue to learn what to say and what to avoid, lest it gets misinterpreted, as these perfect examples show.

February 3rd

Official plotlines for Pirates 2 are out now. Read them at
Release dates are also revised: Pirates 2 in the summer of 2006, Pirates 3 in the summer of 2007. Oh, and the subtitle of Pirates 2 *IS* Dead Man's Chest after all.

February 2nd

The Daily Record now confirms my earlier suspicions (see January 7th news below) that Keira will be part of the BBC's Comic Relief night on March 11th - and not just the report of her visit to Ethiopia last year. Today's Sun newspaper is reporting that Keira has filmed a 'raunchy' scene on a bed for the show, presumably written by Richard Curtis, as he writes most of the sketches. It's not clear if this will be shown in trailers for the show or part of the show itself, but Richard is more than aware of Keira's 'pull' at the moment, from both men and women, so it's understandable she'd get asked to do a funny sketch, and that she'd readily agree to do it. The Sun also exclusively published Richard's Ethiopia report and photographs last year, so presumably they are actively involved in the Comic Relief campaign this year.

King Arthur comes to UK pay-per-view television at the end of February, starting with Front Row on the 28th.

A new still from The Jacket has sneaked out - see it here.

And here's a Sundance interview with Keira from MovieHole.

February 1st

Press materials for The Jacket are now online.

Orlando Bloom is now officially single again. If that's not fuel for the fire of the upcoming Orlando/Keira rumours again while they're off filming, I don't know what is.

January 30th

BBC World's film review show Talking Movies had a special edition from Sundance this week, with this tidbit of Keira and The Jacket. 800kb.

January 29th

Sky News had a quick interview with Keira from Sundance and a preview of The Jacket today. 2Mb.
Note how Sky avoided the press call and accosted her in the street instead :-)

Naomie Harris has now been confirmed as Tia Dalma, the gypsy queen I reported on back on December 29th (scroll down), and Alex Norton is on board as Scottish captain Sam Bellamy.
A preliminary cast and crew list is now online below.

January 26th

In another twist for the Pirates sequels, announce that Bootstrap Bill (father of Will Turner) was not sent to Davey Jones' Locker after all. He will be played by Stellan Skarsgard (Cerdic in King Arthur).

January 25th

First new clip for a while. Here's Keira talking to E! News Live about her 'first Sundance experience'. 500kb

January 24th

The UK release of The Jacket will be Friday 13th May, making an early May premiere likely. Its superstitious release date will be justified the following week when Lord Vader rises to storm the box office in Star Wars Episode III.

There are now mixed reviews about The Jacket, such as this from TimeOut: "...It's also marred by a poor performance from Keira Knightley, who clearly believes she's giving a worthy, down-and-dirty turn as a screwed-up alcoholic...."

Scotland is bidding to host the UK premiere of The Jacket, as it was half-filmed there. If it's as successful as my local Birmingham hosting the prem of Lord of the Rings because Tolkien grew up there, then pigs might fly over Glasgow.

January 23rd

Photos here from The Jacket photocall, and out and about in Park City.

January 21st

First review of The Jacket from Sundance is very promising:
Adrien Brody gives a solid performance in a complex character, but the film’s biggest surprise is an extraordinary performance by a barely recognisable Keira Knightley. Vocally and physically, there is no evidence of the pretty blonde who stole the likes of "Bend it Like Beckham" and "Love, Actually". Encapsulating working class Americana at every turn, Knightley is a revelation here. "The Jacket" is an enthralling and compelling film, both visceral and engaging, daring the viewer to be propelled into an original and unique cinematic world."

Tulip Fever author Deborah Moggach gives her thoughts in The Guardian on the tax break removals which has effectively mothballed the project indefinitely. Entitled 'Gordon Brown Killed My Movie' (Gordon Brown is the UK's government money man), it comes almost a year after Tulip Fever's producer Alison Owen wrote an equally damning piece for the SAME newspaper entitled 'The Tax Man Killed My Movie'. Hmm, some more creative headline writers required at The Guardian, methinks.

Keira was snapped with Jamie in London recently, which this scan from Thursday's Daily Mirror shows, accompanied by this story in a full-page feature.

January 20th

Another chat with Geoffrey Rush regarding the Pirates sequels.

Keira spent the weekend with her boyfriend's family in Northern Ireland, according to the Belfast Telegraph. Earlier this week they were seen in London's West End watching a performance of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

Here are some modelling shots of Jamie.

January 16th

Better quality, and downloadable, versions of The Jacket trailer are now available from this link or this page.

Here are some quick screengrabs I made from the trailer:
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9

The Sunday Times for Scotland has a rare interview with Keira's mother Sharman Macdonald today.

The full interview from the Pirates sequel press conference in Hollywood last week.

January 14th

The trailer for The Jacket is now online.
Thanks to Ulrik for the info.
In case you're wondering, yes that IS Keira with an American accent. It's supposedly a Vermont dialect, and she was trained by 'voice coach to the stars' Julie Adams.

My partner in crime 'Frankie' has put together a cool wallpaper featuring Keira in scenes from The Jacket. Download your size preference: 1024x768 - 800x600 - 640x480

We've seen Keira on screen and her mum on photos, but what about her actor father Will? Here he is in crime drama Rosemary & Thyme, shown on ITV3 this week. Daddy Knightley played a recovering heart attack victim who was later found dead in the local park. 600kb

January 13th

The Jacket's first posters are now online at RopeOfSilicon. See Keira's and Adrien's. Spooky.
Thanks to Sarah for the info.

This week's trashy celeb mag Zoo in the UK has Keira in its 'Rude Archive' section, with pics from Zhivago and The Hole (no prizes for guessing which ones), plus three clothed pics. For completists only. You can still catch the video clips if you scroll down to December 14th news.
Thanks to Ashley for the info.

IMDB is listing September 23rd for the UK release of Pride and Prejudice. A long way off, and therefore subject to change before then.

Here's an interview with Domino co-star Ian Ziering.

January 9th

Pirates of the Caribbean: <see update below> is a new title that's appeared online for the first sequel. Time will tell whether this is accurate, and if it is it may only be a working title.
(January 15th: Subtitle has been removed for legal reasons)

January 8th

Here's a great studio still from Domino which will no doubt form part of the first photo set in a month or two. This was sent out as an autographed 10x8.

Keira's earlier roles continue to get a well-deserved airing on British TV. After Oliver Twist, The Treasure Seekers, The Bill, Love Actually and Bend It Like Beckham, the wonderful Coming Home is on ITV1 next Saturday at 3.10pm. Here's the DVD gallery.

Vote for Keira and King Arthur in the Sony Ericksson/Empire Awards.

And Keira is up for Best Female Action Movie Star in the People's Choice Awards.

January 7th

The charity telethon Comic Relief will air on March 11th this year on BBC1. With Richard Curtis the main writer and arranger of content, it's virtually guaranteed that his, Andrew Lincoln's and Keira's visit to Ethiopia last year will be featured prominently.

Bend It star Jonathan Rhys-Meyers was arrested last night on charges of assaulting his girlfriend. Story.

January 5th

Get ready to hear the patter of tiny Keiras. No, she's not pregnant, but Keira's name had a huge rise in popularity among new baby names in 2004. According to figures out today, Keira rose 100 places to No.53. The alternate spelling of Kiera (which Keira NEVER had) was also up 30 places to No.92.

Details are out on the premiere of The Jacket at the Sundance Film Festival at Park City, Utah. Screening times and a brief blurb can be found here. More interesting for me is the news that Brian Eno has composed the score! Now I'm really looking forward to this movie. Of Keira's three upcoming films, I think it is The Jacket that is the more likely material to be considered for Golden Globe, and therefore Academy Award, consideration.

There's an interview here with Mickey Rourke, in which he talks about working with Keira on Domino.

And a set report here from Latino Review, with screen caps from Access Hollywood (the US edition, so I don't have the video. Sorry.). has Domino as their Movie of the Day for today.

With the New Year generally a 'slow news day' period, magazines and media appear to have unearthed some old stories about Keira. Some of the old chestnuts currently doing the rounds again include:
- Mum lets Keira pierce belly button. Today - Original 17th November 2003
- Keira to be a bricklayer if she quits acting. Today - Original28th March 2004
- Keira's paparazzi terror. Today - Original (top right) September 2004
- Keira denies eating disorder. Today- Original (6th para up) 3rd July 2004

January 4th

The UK TV premiere of Bend It Like Beckham on Monday night trounced all other network viewing figures, according to data published today. ITV's new multi-million pound drama Uncle Adolf had 3.5 million viewers, while Parmy, Keira & co. pulled in 7.1 million. Article.

The first results of last month's Domino photoshoot are out, with this nicely toned shot of the main cast.

An Italian magazine has published a photo of Keira from the set of The Jacket. The decor certainly suggests it is an ex-British health service hospital, as was Bangour Village Hospital, where the asylum scenes were filmed.

As I reported on Christmas Eve (scroll down to read), after speaking to Keira's agent that day, I was told of Keira's plans for the holiday period. For privacy reasons I withheld the location, due to the paparazzi's 'no expense spared' attitude to getting exclusive snaps. I'm happy to announce that Keira and her family spent the festive period in the tropical sunshine of Kenya, in East Africa. Kenya's foreign visitors either hit the safari trail in the national parks or stay in the many coastal resorts along the Indian Ocean. Last week's catastrophic tsunami *did* reach the shores of Kenya, causing coastal damage, but only one local resident has been reported killed. I trust Keira and her family had a great time and are safe and well (I'm sure we'd have heard otherwise by now).
Thank you to those who clicked-through from the links at the top of this page to donate to the aid relief. The links will stay there for the foreseeable future. Though the headlines will fade, the suffering will remain.

Hello! Magazine are once again pitting celebrities against each other in their 2004 poll. You can vote for Keira here. Some of you (especially those who frequent forums) may remember the incredible fuss made over a similar poll last year, when Keira's fans were locked in keyboard combat with those of Aishwarya Rai. It even got to the ridiculous stage of people emailing Keira's agent to intervene in the possibility that the poll was rigged. Well there's the link above, people, and I'll say no more about it! Vote, or don't - in the Grand Scheme of Things, it's hardly important.

January 2nd

Keira has given her first Domino press interview, conducted in December. have a great FAQ on Domino, featuring interviews with most of the cast.

Here's Keira's full appearance (two scenes) as Princess Beatrice in The Treasure Seekers. Keira was 10.

January 1st 2005


The KeiraWeb Review of the Year for Keira's 2004 is now online.

Here's Working Title's synopsis for Pride & Prejudice:
Pride and Prejudice follows the adventures of the five Bennet sisters, including the strong-willed eldest Lizzie and the youngest Lydia, and their attempts to find husbands. When a wealthy new bachelor and his circle of sophisticated friends take up summer residence in a nearby mansion, the Bennets are abuzz with hope that potential suitors wil be in full supply. But once Lizzie meets up with the darkly handsome and snobbish Mr. Darcy, what seemed at first like a match made in Heaven quickly becomes one of the most classic battles of the sexes ever portrayed in literature.

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