October 17th: Video Clips, Release Dates
October 1st: Video Clips, Release Dates

Release Dates

Subject to change.

14th - USA, UK
21st - Finland
22nd - Japan
27th - Singapore

23rd - Belgium, France
24th - Netherlands
25th - Sweden, Finland

1st - Australia
9th - Estonia
25th - Denmark
29th - Austria, Germany, Hungary

5th - Iceland
12th - Israel
19th - Czech Rep.

Promotional Video Clips

AOL Moviefone - Behind The Scenes
IGN FilmForce
E! News, E! Entertainment 23/11/04 (5Mb)
E! News 23/11/04 (KK-only edit of above) (700kb)
BBC Liquid News, BBCi 23/2/05 (1.2Mb)
Entertainment Now!, ITV1 15/3/05 (1.7Mb)
MTV Screenplay, MTV UK 4/5/05 (1.6Mb)
Richard & Judy, Channel4 15/7/05 (8.8Mb & 5.5Mb)
ET, Sky One (KK talks bum double) 30/9/05 1.3Mb
Access Hollywood, Keira's bum 3.1Mb
NBC Extra, Domino preview, Keira int. 1.6Mb
Lapdance scene - RopeOfSilicon 
Stake-Out scene - FilmForce
Various clips - Yahoo!
Keira and Brian Austin Green - UGO
Entertainment Tonight: Domino feature 8.4Mb
E! News: Weekend box office review 1.2Mb
ITV At The Movies: Domino profile 7Mb
Celebrity Extra: Domino profile 2.3Mb

EXCLUSIVE Domino Clips:
Ed introduces Choco 1.4Mb
Bounty Hunter of the Year 1.4Mb
US premiere feature 1.2Mb
Keira interview, MSNBC 4Mb

Tonight Show With Jay Leno a) 9.5Mb - b) 9.6Mb

Recent US show segments:
Domino review Access Hollywood 2.3Mb
Domino premiere Access Hollywood 2Mb
Domino premiere Entertainment Tonight 1.1Mb
Domino premiere Extra 700kb
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Promotional Material

Official Production Notes


various - Keira Knightley
MovieWeb - Keira Knightley
About.com - Richard Kelly
CHUD.com - Ian Ziering
FilmForce - Mena Suvari
Edgar Ramirez - LatinoReview
Keira - Calgary Sun
Keira - TeenHollywood.com
Keira - New York Post
Keira & Tony - mingSoon.net
Richard Kelly - creativescreenwriting


About.com - FAQ
LatinoReview - Set Visit
Richard Kelly.net - Kelly Statement
LA Times - Domino Harvey bio




Coming Soon

Main Cast and Crew

Keira Knightley - Domino Harvey
Mickey Rourke - Ed
Jacqueline Bisset - Sophie Wynn
Macy Gray - Lashindra Daivs
Lucy Liu - Taryn Miles
Edgar Ramirez - Choco
Mena Suvari - Kimmie
Christopher Walken - TV Producer

Director - Tony Scott
Producers - Tony Scott, Samuel Hadida


Writer - Richard Kelly, Steve Barancik
Screenplay - Richard Kelly

Production Companies - Scott Free Productions, Domino 17521 Inc.
Distributors - New Line Cinema, Summit Entertainment

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Domino Harvey Biography

Born on August 7th 1969, Domino - named after one of Ian Fleming's Bond heroines - was the daughter of actor Laurence Harvey and Vogue model Paulene Stone. After spending some time with the Ford model agency, she took to running a nightclub and being a ranch hand in the San Diego mountains, and at the same time began to love the independence from her mother's money, and the look and feel of firearms. She then worked with the San Diego Fire Department before joining the Celes King Bail Bond Agency in 1994 as a bounty hunter, getting paid 10% of the captured bail bond from drug dealers. On May 4th this year, after a multi-state FBI operation, Domino was arrested and charged with possession of $2m of meth- amphetamines. She was released on $1m bail awaiting possible extradition to Gulfport, Mississippi where the arrest took place. On Monday June 27th 2005 the woman hired to mind Domino while on bail called paramedics from Domino's home in West Hollywood. Domino was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center around 11pm where she was pronounced dead. A post-mortem took place two days later, the findings of which were released on September 3rd. The coroner's report stated that death was due to 'acute fentanyl toxicity'. Domino had died from a heart attack caused by an accidental overdose of a powerful painkiller. The cause of death was 'Accidental'. Domino Harvey was 35 years old.

Contrary to headline-making stories in the press, Domino was not a lesbian and was never opposed to the movie being made. The film was planned by Tony Scott 12 years ago and Domino gave her blessing to it even then. She visited the set in 2004, contributed to the screenplay and the movie's soundtrack. She was close personal friends with the movie's star Mickey Rourke, and the director Tony Scott. She also helped Keira Knightley prepare for the role, and attended the movie's wrap party in Las Vegas in December.


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Box Office

The Numbers

Movie Timeline

August 1st 2004. Project announced by Variety: "Tony Scott will direct and Keira Knightley will star in "Domino" for New Line. Penned by "Donnie Darko" writer-director Richard Kelly, "Domino" is based on the true story of Domino Harvey, the daughter of actor Laurence Harvey. A former Ford model, she rejected her life in Beverly Hills to become a bounty hunter. Scott and Samuel Hadida are producing the picture, which Hadida is financing. Principal photography is scheduled to begin Oct. 4, with shoots in Los Angeles and Las Vegas." The project was first taken up by Scott in the late 1990s, with Sharon Stone to play Domino.
September 12th. While still filming Pride and Prejudice around England, Keira attracts press attention by sporting an extremely short-cropped hairstyle, in preparation for Domino.
September 28th. Mena Suvari is added to the cast list.
October 4th. Principal photography begins.
October 6th. Christopher Walken, Lucy Liu, Mickey Rourke, Macy Gray, Jacqueline Bisset, Edgar Ramirez, Mo'Nique and Shondrella Avery are confirmed as co-stars.
November 25th. Filming moves to Las Vegas for scenes in the Stratosphere Tower and Valley of Fire State Park.
December 10th. Keira is burned by a shell when it ricocheted during a scene in which she fired two guns simultaneously.
December 16th. Legendary singer songwriter Tom Waits is to appear in a cameo role as a wandering soothsayer in the movie.
February 7th 2005. It is reported a body double will apparently be used in the sex and lap-dancing scenes, a claim Keira later denies.
April 7th. The initial reports of an April release are quashed with the news that it is moved to August 19th.
May 4th. Domino Harvey is arrested - see biography, left.
May 11th. The official movie web site goes online.
May 22nd. Release date moved out to November 4th.
May 23rd. Reshoots take place in the Los Angeles area.
June 27th. Domino Harvey is found dead in her West Hollywood home.
June 28th. Release goes back another three weeks, to November 23rd.
June 30th. The movie's screenplay writer Richard Kelly issues a statement settling the rumours about Domino's involvement with the movie, and the rife press speculation that the movie's ending would be changed.
July 11th. Release moved to October 14th.


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