Keira Knightley


Written, produced and directed by Colin Spector.
Co-starring Stephen Mangan, Amit Lahav, Philip Herbert, Bohdan Poraj.

Running time: 18 minutes.
Premiered at the London Film Festival on 18th November 2002.
First broadcast: on Sky Movies in 2003.

Trivia: Funded with £20,000 of the director's own money. The cast and crew agreed to receive no pay for their services. Shot on 35mm celluloid.

Featured on the short story compilation Stories of Lost Souls, released through America Video and premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2005.

The story takes place on December 31st in the final hour before the New Year.

Two single men attend a New Year's Eve party and invite their taxi driver. The story introduces characters from all social backgrounds and we learn a little of their luck - or lack of - when it comes to love. 

Keira plays Leah, a flirty 15-year-old pretending to be a palm-reader and psychic to win the charms of David (Steven Mangan). She also pretends to be 17. Heads start to turn when David succumbs to her charms and he is asked to leave.

Keira was 17 years old at the time of filming.


Special thanks to Mike Warnke who sent me the Region 1 DVD from the US to the UK free of charge as a thank you for my efforts on It is very much appreciated.

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